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Sew-on patches and iron-on patches have been a fashion statement and form of expression for generations now. They signify a lot of things about one’s personality, interests or beliefs, and of course making your own clothes is a fun hobby! Here are the best websites to order iron-on and sew-on patches from when you can’t find any in stores (or if you can its a craft store, and they’re cheesy and generic). 

1. Wish

Wish is a shopaholic on a budget’s dream-come-true. You must download and purchase in-app from Wish if you’re on a mobile device, but you’ll have so much fun scrolling through the endless cute products they have. 

Wish has a great deals-amazing deals actually-on products that are practically free, and usually pretty good. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and sometimes you get lucky and get something actually pretty nice. Especially with patches and pins, which Wish has in spades, and a variety from band logos, to cartoon characters, to cute, funny off-beat political-feminist statements like cow giving the middle finger and saying “leave my tits alone.” 

The only downside to Wish is having to wait forever, or like 2-4 weeks for you order to arrive. But for $1 that’s a steal. Plus their patches are super sassy, like the one below. 

Best Sites To Buy Sew-On And Iron-On Patches From

2. Etsy

Many crafters and creators sell their art on Etsy, where you can find tons and tons of patches. Because these patches are often not being made in a factory, and they’re handmade by sole individuals the quality, craftsmanship and design are pretty spectacular. Most creators have what you’re looking for. 

Pretty much all of my beloved horror movie iron-on and sew-on patches have come from Etsy and I’ve found several small shops worth supporting, whose work I adore through this platform. The only major downside I really see to shopping on Etsy are the exponential shipping costs. I’m sympathetic but $8 for a patch and $8 for shipping? Really? 

But seriously this Vegan Things patch by VeganPowerCo on Etsy is adorable and a NEED! 

Best Sites To Buy Sew-On And Iron-On Patches From

3. Depop

Depop is another app that is basically the online second-hand store (you know, after eBay). But you can score some great deals through Depop, and it’s really easy use. Because this a second-hand store and people are selling their unwanted stuff you won’t always find what you’re looking for, but every so often you’ll stumble upon something you didn’t know you needed and that saying “one’s man trash is another man’s treasure”, couldn’t be truer. 

This Betty Boop patch sold by bellazhang is so cute! 

Best Sites To Buy Sew-On And Iron-On Patches From

4. eBay

Like Depop, eBay consists of searching and scrolling until you find what it is you hope to find. But they have been known to sell some cool patches, enamel pins, t-shirts and other fun stuff, especially if you’re looking for band merch. Best Sites To Buy Sew-On And Iron-On Patches From

5. Too Fast

Too Fast has some cute, spooky sew-on patches, so if that’s the aesthetic you’re going for look no further! All their designs seem to be screen printed on black canvas, and sew on nicely with a machine or by hand, for whatever your project is. They have black cats, skeleton hands, tombstones and bats for all you basic witches out there. 

Best Sites To Buy Sew-On And Iron-On Patches From

6. Strange Ways

Strange Ways works directly with artists and designers to bring their customers unique statement pieces, usually in the form of patches and pins. They offer clothing and other accessories but focus mainly on smaller pieces that can be added into your wardrobe, like sew-on or iron-patches. These designs are said to be one-of-kind, and many of them have a tattoo look to their design and colors. 

The patch below is a truly unique design, that can only be found on Strange Ways website (or in their store), and any purchases you make from them help support independent artists. 

Best Sites To Buy Sew-On And Iron-On Patches From

7. Hot Topic

This chain once use to cater to all the weirdos out there, but is pretty mainstream in its products now:all about pop culture and Disney and such. But Hot Topic still has a pretty decent patch selection, although this seems fairly new as I don’t recall them having these 10 years ago.

Nonetheless they offer patches that are exactly what you’d expect from Hot Topic: Disney, super heroes, sarcastic and witty millennial humor like “everything sucks” or “you’re the worst” or “in memory of when I cared”, showcased in bright colors and rainbows for that extra bit of irony. Oh and gay pride patches too of course. 

Best Sites To Buy Sew-On And Iron-On Patches From

Did you find these websites helpful when shopping for sew-on patches or iron-on patches? What are some other websites not included here that have a great selection of patches? Tell us in the comments!

Featured Image Source:https://www.pinterest.com/pin/417779302932680851/

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Custom & Embroidered Patches

Shop cool patches at extremely affordable prices. We have a collection of embroidered patches for you to choose from that will fit anyone's style. At RebelsMarket, we believe that any article of clothing can be made better by using affordable custom patches for clothes. On a budget and don't know how to stretch the life of your favorite pair of skinny jeans? No problem! We'll even teach you how to iron cool patches onto your old jeans to give them that vintage look or badass patches to put on that motorcycle jacket. If you are looking for a detailed look, we recommend woven custom back patches; otherwise, embroidered could work too.

Patches for clothes can come in any shape, size, and style that you can imagine. Not a fan of today’s patches? You can easily bring back that 90’s flare with embroidery from the '90s that deserve to be brought back into the limelight. Not only do they help you to retain your favorite cheap jeans, but they can also help you to reclaim that badass edge that you thought you lost back in your Junior High dance.

Custom sewn-on patches don’t have to be expensive to fit the bill, cheap custom velcro patches for jackets or cool iron-on patches can definitely earn you some brownie points while you push the limits of your boring everyday fashion that can be found at your local clothing store. Even if you don't have any old discount clothing you'd like to spruce up with some patches, you can find affordable edgy clothing at RebelsMarket that will help you set the bar a little higher on your everyday wardrobe.

RebelsMarket caters to even the most frugal of budgets, allowing you to express yourself with fun patches for clothes that fit your style. Whether you're looking for a way to cover the hole that was torn in your favorite denim or to spice up your fall jacket, we’ve got cool patches for you.

Our custom patches are handpicked from the best alternative brands and stores from around the world. Embroidered to perfection, our custom badges will let your outfit stand out from the crowd.  We stock sports teams, motorcycle clubs, scholastic awards, funny and slogan embroidered patches that come in different styles, from velcro, rubber, woven, or iron and double-sided backings. Our collection is either over-locked, laser-cut, or heat-cut.

What do Jem and the Holograms, Beavis and Butthead, Archie, and the Simpsons all have in common? They were all turned into amazing patches that were worn on the lapels, breast pocket, or backs of our favorite jackets back in the '90s. Not a fan of those oh so familiar cartoons? Maybe you were the grunge punk that wanted to rock patches that are a little edgier like the rock fist, peace sign, or a smiley face that spent a little bit too much time behind the building smoking.

Regardless of your personal preferences, custom embroidered patches have held a strong place in all things punk rock and gothic for years. They helped style that perfect edgy outfit that told everyone around us that it's okay to be unique and different and stand out from the crowd. From skulls, rainbows, pot leaf designs, band patches that help to show your devotion to your favorite music, to anarchy patches, you are free to truly express who you are through fashion.

Wouldn't mom buy you that amazing leather jacket with the sewn on motorcycle patches? Who cared, when there were affordable patches to choose from that could be added later. Unique custom patches have always been a way to insert a little extra creativity into your everyday look for a heavily discounted price.

One of the reasons patches have remained so popular over the years is that anyone can use them. Whether you prefer a cool iron patch, custom Velcro patches, or even sewn on patches, no matter your skill level, anyone can attach a patch to their favorite jeans, jacket, or bag to add a little bit more life and personality to them. Chances are, if you are cut from a cloth very different from the "norm," you'll find that cool custom patches are the right fit to upgrade any of those old worn-out clothes in your closet.


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How To Apply Iron On Patches

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