Saratoga horse show results 2020

Saratoga horse show results 2020 DEFAULT

Saratoga Results

The most recent Saratoga results are below. You can also access other historical race results by selecting an alternative date.

Saratoga Results - September 06, 2021

Saratoga Race Results

September 06, 2021September 05, 2021September 04, 2021September 03, 2021September 02, 2021September 01, 2021August 29, 2021August 28, 2021August 27, 2021August 26, 2021August 25, 2021August 22, 2021August 21, 2021August 20, 2021August 19, 2021August 18, 2021August 15, 2021August 14, 2021August 13, 2021August 12, 2021August 11, 2021August 08, 2021August 07, 2021August 06, 2021August 05, 2021August 04, 2021August 01, 2021July 31, 2021July 30, 2021July 29, 2021

Saratoga Race Course Information

Saratoga Race Course is a horse-racing track in Saratoga Springs, New York, United States. It opened on August 3, 1863, and is the oldest organized sporting venue of any kind in the United States. It is typically open for racing from late July through early September.

Saratoga Race Course Track Info Thoroughbred Racing
267 Union Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY   US


The HITS Saugerties Series welcomes equestrians for nine weeks of events, $3 million in prize money, bi-weekly Grand Prix, qualifiers for the HITS Championship, USEF Premier and National-Rated Hunters, 5* and 6* Jumpers, and the new Wilmington Trust VIP Club. The majestic Catskill Mountains provide a sweeping backdrop to this exciting series, that has made its home at HITS-on-the-Hudson since 2004. In the fall, the HITS Championship caps the HITS Saugerties Series with hunter and jumper finals and the HITS Saugerties Grand Prix.

With an eye on the health and safety of all of our exhibitors, we have developed a Protocol for all of our sites. 


HITS-on-the-Hudson I - National / 5*, FEI CSI2*May 25-29 Entry  |  Schedule
HITS-on-the-Hudson II - National / 5*, FEI CSI2*June 1-5 Entry  |  Schedule
HITS-on-the-Hudson III - National / 5*, FEI CSI2*June 8-12 Entry  |  Schedule
HITS-on-the-Hudson IV - National / 5*, FEI CSI4*July 20-24 Entry  |  Schedule
HITS-on-the-Hudson - Tuesday I - Local Rating Entry  |  Schedule
HITS-on-the-Hudson V - Premier / 5*, FEI CSI4* July 27-31 Entry  |  Schedule
HITS-on-the-Hudson - Tuesday II - Local Rating Entry  |  Schedule
New York Horse & Pony Show (VI) -  Premier / 5*FEI CSI4* August 3-7 Entry  |  Schedule
HITS-on-the-Hudson VII - National / 5*, FEI CSI 2*Aug. 31 - Sept. 4 Entry  |  Schedule
HITS-on-the-Hudson VIII - National / 6*, FEI CSI 5*September 7-11 Entry  |  Schedule
HITS ChampionshipSeptember 11Entry  |  Schedule
M&S Insurance League National FinalsSeptember 14-18
GAIG / USDF Region 8 Championship & HITS Open DressageSeptember 22-25


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Health RequirementsCredit Card Form

HITS Saugerties is now Livestreaming!

Enter online using Show Management System

Find everything you need here to make your trip to HITS smooth as can be

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 Stay, Dine, Celebrate at Diamond Mills Hotel & Tavern

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12/7/2019-12/8/2019: High View Farm 
Prize List 

11/10/2020-1/12/2020 - Lehman Farms
Prize List

1/24/2020-1/26/2020 - Lehman Farms
Prize List

2/1/2020-2/2/2020 - High View CANCELLED

3/7/2020-3/8/2020 - High View CANCELLED

3/21/2020-3/22/2020 - Lehman Farms

4/4/2020-4/5/2020 - Spring Into April

4/22/2020-4/26/2020 - Syracuse PHA CANCELLED

5/1/2020-5/3/2020 - Saratoga Springs I

5/7/2020-5/10/2020 - Saratoga Springs II

5/14/2020-5/17/2020 - Saratoga Springs III *NEW*

6/5/2020-6/7/2020 - June at Lehman Farms
Prize List
Liability Waiver
Virus Note

6/10/2020-6/14/2020 - Saratoga Classic I *NEW*


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