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Made to Order

We don’t cut it till you order it.

Wood letters are custom cut to your specifications. You choose the font. You choose the size. You choose the thickness. Then we cut them. Just for you.

* Font shown is Libre Baskerville Italic

Just Your Size

We cut our Baltic Birch Wood Letters in a wide variety of thicknesses.

Laser Cut

Letters that are 3/8 inch and thinner are cut with a laser, which leaves a dark smooth edge.

Router Cut

All other thicknesses are cut with a router, which leaves a clean edge.

How big is a letter?

Letter sizing is complicated. In most fonts, different letters have different heights, especially lowercase letters.

We size everything proportionally to an uppercase “A”. Because of this, some letters may be shorter or taller than the height you select.

These letters are both sized to 4 inches.

* Font shown is Clarendon Bold.



Go big and bold with large wood letters. We custom cut each large wooden letter from Baltic Birch plywood, a sturdy, furniture grade, material. Big wood letters can be cut from your favorite letter style, feature a wood grain face and visible ply layers on the sides.

To hang the large letters, we recommend large framing strips such as Command strips that support heavy pieces. We do not recommend hanging these big wooden letters over a crib in the chance they could fall.

  • Baltic Birch
  • Sanded before shipping
  • Ready to Paint
  • Laminated layers are visible

The letter height you order is based on the uppercase letter "A" of the font you specify. Depending on the font, some uppercase/lowercase letters may be shorter or taller than the height you specify on the order form so they will look proportionate to each other. Therefore, you may receive some of your lettering in different dimensions than the letter height ordered. If all lettering is ordered in lower case, we still scale the lettering to an uppercase "A" which will make most of the letters smaller than what was ordered. Please contact us if you would like to size your lettering differently from our standards. Please see examples below.

  • Characters ,.;':"- are free
  • Hanging Strips & Paper Template Mounting is $4.50 more per letter
  • No Mounting - Paper Template Only Mounting is $1.00 more per letter
  • Flush Stud Mount Mounting Hardware is $4.50 more per letter
  • Projected Stud Mount (1/2 inch) Mounting Hardware is $4.50 more per letter
  • Paper Template is $1.00 more per letter

Choose a Finish to view prices:

Unpainted Products Price Table

Height1/2 inch3/4 inch1 1/2 inch2 inch
6 inch$ 5.31$ 6.46$ 11.09$ 13.09
7 inch$ 6.29$ 7.68$ 13.41$ 15.80
8 inch$ 7.37$ 9.01$ 15.95$ 18.77
9 inch$ 8.44$ 10.34$ 18.56$ 21.82
10 inch$ 9.51$ 11.68$ 21.25$ 24.93
11 inch$ 10.63$ 13.07$ 24.09$ 28.22
12 inch$ 11.77$ 14.52$ 27.05$ 31.66
13 inch$ 12.96$ 16.01$ 30.15$ 35.24
14 inch$ 14.12$ 17.47$ 33.26$ 38.83
15 inch$ 15.31$ 18.98$ 36.49$ 42.57
16 inch$ 16.58$ 20.59$ 39.92$ 46.52
17 inch$ 17.84$ 22.18$ 43.39$ 50.51
18 inch$ 19.13$ 23.82$ 46.95$ 54.62
19 inch$ 20.43$ 25.48$ 50.61$ 58.82
20 inch$ 21.73$ 27.13$ 54.30$ 63.08
21 inch$ 23.13$ 28.92$ 58.24$ 67.61
22 inch$ 24.49$ 30.67$ 62.15$ 72.10
23 inch$ 25.83$ 32.39$ 66.05$ 76.58
24 inch$ 27.26$ 34.22$ 70.16$ 81.31
25 inch$ 28.66$ 36.02$ 74.27$ 86.01
26 inch$ 30.08$ 37.82$ 78.43$ 90.78
27 inch$ 31.52$ 39.69$ 82.68$ 95.66
28 inch$ 32.95$ 41.52$ 86.93$ 100.54
29 inch$ 34.43$ 43.44$ 91.33$ 105.58
30 inch$ 35.93$ 45.35$ 95.76$ 110.66
31 inch$ 37.40$ 47.25$ 100.18$ 115.72
32 inch$ 38.85$ 49.14$ 104.61$ 120.79
33 inch$ 40.41$ 51.14$ 109.24$ 126.09
34 inch$ 41.90$ 53.07$ 113.77$ 131.27
35 inch$ 43.43$ 55.04$ 118.37$ 136.54
36 inch$ 44.98$ 57.03$ 123.04$ 141.89
37 inch$ 46.51$ 59.01$ 127.69$ 147.20
38 inch$ 48.08$ 61.04$ 132.42$ 152.63
39 inch$ 49.62$ 63.02$ 137.10$ 157.99
40 inch$ 51.17$ 65.03$ 141.82$ 163.37
41 inch$ 52.67$ 66.98$ 146.45$ 168.67
42 inch$ 54.26$ 69.02$ 151.26$ 174.17
43 inch$ 55.83$ 71.05$ 156.01$ 179.62
44 inch$ 57.36$ 73.04$ 160.71$ 184.97
45 inch$ 58.92$ 75.06$ 165.45$ 190.41
46 inch$ 60.47$ 77.05$ 170.18$ 195.81
47 inch$ 62.02$ 79.06$ 174.89$ 201.20
48 inch$ 63.56$ 81.06$ 179.59$ 206.59
49 inch$ 65.10$ 83.04$ 184.26$ 211.92
50 inch$ 66.63$ 85.03$ 188.92$ 217.26
51 inch$ 68.17$ 87.01$ 193.54$ 222.55
52 inch$ 69.69$ 88.97$ 198.14$ 227.82
53 inch$ 71.21$ 90.93$ 202.72$ 233.05
54 inch$ 72.71$ 92.87$ 207.24$ 238.23
55 inch$ 74.20$ 94.80$ 211.73$ 243.38
56 inch$ 75.69$ 96.71$ 216.18$ 248.48
57 inch$ 77.17$ 98.61$ 220.58$ 253.52
58 inch$ 78.63$ 100.50$ 224.94$ 258.51

Painted Products Price Table

Height1/2 inch3/4 inch1 1/2 inch2 inch
6 inch$ 9.11$ 11.10$ 17.00$ 20.22
7 inch$ 10.78$ 13.16$ 20.45$ 24.27
8 inch$ 12.58$ 15.39$ 24.21$ 28.70
9 inch$ 14.38$ 17.62$ 28.06$ 33.24
10 inch$ 16.18$ 19.85$ 31.98$ 37.84
11 inch$ 18.04$ 22.17$ 36.11$ 42.68
12 inch$ 19.97$ 24.56$ 40.40$ 47.73
13 inch$ 21.93$ 27.03$ 44.89$ 52.97
14 inch$ 23.87$ 29.45$ 49.37$ 58.20
15 inch$ 25.85$ 31.95$ 54.01$ 63.63
16 inch$ 27.96$ 34.58$ 58.92$ 69.36
17 inch$ 30.04$ 37.20$ 63.88$ 75.15
18 inch$ 32.16$ 39.86$ 68.95$ 81.08
19 inch$ 34.31$ 42.58$ 74.15$ 87.14
20 inch$ 36.45$ 45.29$ 79.40$ 93.25
21 inch$ 38.76$ 48.19$ 84.99$ 99.77
22 inch$ 41.00$ 51.03$ 90.52$ 106.22
23 inch$ 43.20$ 53.83$ 96.03$ 112.62
24 inch$ 45.54$ 56.79$ 101.85$ 119.39
25 inch$ 47.85$ 59.71$ 107.63$ 126.12
26 inch$ 50.17$ 62.65$ 113.48$ 132.93
27 inch$ 52.53$ 65.66$ 119.48$ 139.89
28 inch$ 54.87$ 68.63$ 125.46$ 146.83
29 inch$ 57.30$ 71.72$ 131.63$ 154.02
30 inch$ 59.74$ 74.82$ 137.85$ 161.25
31 inch$ 62.14$ 77.88$ 144.05$ 168.45
32 inch$ 64.54$ 80.92$ 150.26$ 175.65
33 inch$ 67.07$ 84.16$ 156.74$ 183.19
34 inch$ 69.50$ 87.26$ 163.07$ 190.54
35 inch$ 71.99$ 90.42$ 169.52$ 198.02
36 inch$ 74.52$ 93.64$ 176.05$ 205.60
37 inch$ 77.01$ 96.82$ 182.55$ 213.15
38 inch$ 79.57$ 100.08$ 189.18$ 220.83
39 inch$ 82.07$ 103.28$ 195.72$ 228.43
40 inch$ 84.59$ 106.50$ 202.31$ 236.07
41 inch$ 87.05$ 109.63$ 208.77$ 243.57
42 inch$ 89.64$ 112.93$ 215.49$ 251.37
43 inch$ 92.19$ 116.18$ 222.13$ 259.08
44 inch$ 94.68$ 119.37$ 228.69$ 266.68
45 inch$ 97.23$ 122.62$ 235.32$ 274.37
46 inch$ 99.75$ 125.83$ 241.91$ 282.03
47 inch$ 102.27$ 129.05$ 248.50$ 289.67
48 inch$ 104.80$ 132.27$ 255.08$ 297.30
49 inch$ 107.30$ 135.46$ 261.60$ 304.88
50 inch$ 109.80$ 138.65$ 268.11$ 312.43
51 inch$ 112.30$ 141.84$ 274.59$ 319.95
52 inch$ 114.77$ 145.00$ 281.03$ 327.42
53 inch$ 117.25$ 148.15$ 287.42$ 334.85
54 inch$ 119.71$ 151.28$ 293.78$ 342.22
55 inch$ 122.16$ 154.39$ 300.07$ 349.53
56 inch$ 124.58$ 157.49$ 306.31$ 356.78
57 inch$ 126.99$ 160.56$ 312.49$ 363.96
58 inch$ 129.40$ 163.60$ 318.60$ 371.06

How to Hang Wooden Letters on a Wall

  • 1

    Make marks on your wall where you want your letter and ribbon to sit. Press your letter onto the wall at the spot you want to hang it from. Adjust the letter until you’re happy with the placement, then mark the top center edge of it with a sticky note or pencil. Using the same method, mark the position directly above your letter where you want the top of your ribbon to sit.[13]

  • 2

    Find the distance between the 2 marks. Using a tape measure, find the distance between the ribbon mark and the letter mark. The tape measure should go from just below the letter mark to just above the ribbon mark.[14]

  • 3

    Cut out a piece of ribbon just over twice as long as your measurement. With your tape measure as a guide, stretch out a piece of ribbon that is twice as long as the distance between the 2 marks. Before cutting, pull out an extra 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.1 cm) to account for the fact that you’ll be attaching the ribbon to the back of the letter, not the top edge. Then, cut the ribbon off the spool using scissors.[15]

  • 4

    Fix the ribbon to the back of your letter using hot glue. With a glue gun, place 2 patches of hot glue on the back of your letter. Make sure the patches are spaced evenly apart. Then, press the ends of your ribbon onto the glue, creating a loop. Let the glue dry for 1 to 2 minutes.[16]

  • 5

    Hammer a nail into the ribbon mark. Grab a nail strong enough to hold your letter; for most letters, a 4D or 6D nail will be more than enough. Then, place it directly over the ribbon mark and gently hammer it into the wall. Leave a portion of the nail exposed so you can hang your ribbon from it.[17]

  • 6

    Hang your ribbon from the nail. Place the center of your ribbon loop over the nail. Let it sit for a few minutes to make sure both the hot glue and nail are sturdy enough to hold your letter. If the letter doesn’t hang where you want it to, try adjusting the ribbon or moving the nail. If the nail can’t support your letter, try replacing it with a strong screw or wall anchor.

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    DIY Wall Letters

     This letter wall decor makes a stunning statement piece without the expense of buying them or the struggle of finding ones to match your home decor! These DIY wall letters make the perfect addition to your nursery, home office, classroom or playroom! 
    Sometimes you just want a letter wall decor as a statement piece without the added price for making them pretty or the struggle of finding wants to match your home decor, which is why I'm sharing these DIY wall letters! They make the perfect addition to your nursery, home office, classroom or playroom! 

     Make custom large letters for your Wall with Simple Tools and Easy DIY Process!

    We moved a total of 5 times in the first 8 years of our marriage. In some ways, I had the whole moving thing down: what to pack together, the nook and crannies to use for breakable items, how to best label boxes {which involves not letting Bryan do that job}, and what boxes need to unpacked first.
    In other ways, you are just never prepared.
    By the time we settled into the 5th place and our home for four years, I had zero motivation to decorate until about 5 months in when I decided my office needed a decorative letters on my wall.
    This letter wall decor was my first home projects since having my own place, and the first project I ever shared on this blog almost 5 years ago! It has continually been one of my most popular diy projects and posts!
    We didn’t have space for this letter wall in our current apartment after we moved, but I still have the letter L-O-V-E on my bookcase as a keepsake.
    The apartment I made these large letters for was part of campus housing due to my husband’s job in student affairs, which means we were stuck with white walls.
    I’ve come to love white in decor, especially white kitchens, but I do still need color in my life.
    These DIY letters were a great option for apartment decor because it added a great pop of color to stark white walls and could easily be hung up without permanent holes in the wall.
    It’s a big win-win for apartment dwellers or less than savvy home dwellers, too, since no one likes having to patch walls.
    We are now settling into our house, and I definitely have plans to make a new wall letters. This time I’m thinking colorful wall decor for a playroom. Wouldn’t that be so sweet?
    How to Make Large Letters for Wall Decor - These diy letters require s simple crafting process without the need for expensive tools but make a big impact! Gorgeous wall decor your will love!


    The first thing you will need to decide is which type of letters you would like to use for your DIY wall letters: paper mache letters or wood letters. Here are a few things I would keep in mind when deciding:
    • WOOD LETTERS: If you are decorating letters to sit on a shelf and not a wall or to be a new baby gift keepsake, I recommend wood. They are sturdier and will hold up over time better.
    • PAPER MACHE LETTERS: If you are going to solely use these DIY letters to hang up on a wall, then paper mache is usually a less expensive option and will work just fine. 

    There are a LOT of letter shapes available these days from craft stores, including pre-painted letters, and any of them will work for this project. The more intricate the design, the more challenging it is to cut out the design. 


    I strongly recommend using Matte Mod Podge because it will provide you with a very clean look without a lot of glare, which is especially good for making wall decor. 

    However, any type of Mod Podge will work. Glossy will definitely give you more shine and glitter could be a fun addition to DIY Letters for a little girl’s room! 


    Over the years, I’ve become a bit of a scrapbook paper collector. While you don’t need to buy a collection, I recommend it if you are wanting to choose different patterns or colors.

    Using a collection will help you ensure the papers selected are coordinated and therefore look cohesive together. 

    Here are a few collections I’ve loved over the years:

    Make a Big Impact in your Home Decor with these DIY Wall Letters! These decorative paper mache or wood letters are easy to customize for your gallery wall, office, nursery, or playroom.


    While easy, making these letters is a slightly time consuming DIY project. So what do I mean when I say easy.

    The skills used to make these diy letters is basically tracing, cutting, and painting. Attention to detail is beneficial for seeing if the paper is sticking to the letter or the paint layer was consistent, but that’s it. 

    I truly believe everyone can make this letter wall decor. Even my husband can make these, which is usually one of my tests for how difficult things are. 

    However, I would say it takes maybe on average 20 minutes a letter. If doing a name, I would say the project would take around an hour of active crafting time. It needs more time in between for drying though!  



    If you do not like the natural color of the letters, you can easily paint the letter. I recommend painting the entirety of the letter and not just the visible sides. Otherwise, you are likely to see where the paint starts and stops under the paper. 

    Make sure they dry completely before moving on to next steps. Wet paint will interfere with Mod Podge. 

    For time management, I would paint your letters after you traced all the letters onto the paper. Doing so will allow the letters to start drying from the paint while you cut out the paper. 


    When you are tracing the shapes of the letters onto the paper, you will want the front of the letter to lay on the back of the paper. 

    Additionally, you will want to trace your design onto the paper without angling the pencil. If you hug the letter too closely with your pencil, your paper cut out will mot likely be too small. 

    The same advice can be said when cutting out your paper for your DIY letters. Do not hug the inside of the line. You can always trim off extra paper but you can’t add more on after. 

    When cutting out the inside of any letters like the A or Q, you will want a sharp precision knife and a cutting board. Using a dull knife with make a sloppier cut out. 


    Use even medium layers of Mod Podge. Adding too much will make “wet” looking bubbles that has a hard time drying and too thin will make it hard for it to stick. 

    After the paper has tried after the first layer of Mod Podge, go back and check the corners. Use the corner of your foam brush to tuck more Mod Podge underneath and then press down for a minute. The extra glue and pressure should fix the issue. 

    This letter wall decor makes a stunning statement piece gallery wall without the expense of buying them or the struggle of finding letters to match your home decor! These DIY wall letters make the perfect addition to your nursery, home office, classroom or playroom! | THE LOVE NERDS #diyhomedecor #wallprojects #nurseryart #playroomdecor


    Since we were apartment living when I made these letters, I became obsessed with 3M. I still am!
    When hanging these letters and most art work to this day, I used a pair of 3M Velcro Hangers for each letter. The letters are super light, so a pair of small hangers will work great.
    1. They are so easy to use. There is no need to measure or guess where the nail needs to be to catch the hanger included, which is especially tricky if it’s a wire hanger.
    2. It’s easy to make adjustments after they’re up on the wall. I hate putting a hole in a wall just to realize it’s hanging wrong and then have to do it again! I hang almost every single thing in our house with these.
    3. It’s easy to hang things, like paper mache letters, that don’t come with a hanger included.
    4. After making the first investment, you only have to add one new Velcro strip to rehang the letters or a picture again. This is great if you are moving soon or are redecorating often. 


    Sometimes you just want a letter wall decor as a statement piece without the added price for making them pretty or the struggle of finding wants to match your home decor, which is why I'm sharing these DIY wall letters! They make the perfect addition to your nursery, home office, classroom or playroom! 


    Difficulty: Easy but little time consuming

    Make your own DIY Wall letters are less expensive than buying and easy to customize to your home decor!

    Perfect to use for making a whole letter wall in nursery or play room as well as first names in a kid room! Great gift idea!


    1. Choose your paper for each letter. If you want to visually test how they look for bigger projects, cut out squares big enough for your letters to fit and lay them out as they will hang. 9x9 squares worked for me.
    2. Place each letter flipped face down onto the back of the paper. Trace any outside edges. When tracing, don't angle in your pencil and hug the letter too closely or you will cut out your paper too small. Better to trim later than not have enough.
    3. PAINTING: If you are going to paint your paper mache letters, this is a great time to do it. It will allow the paint to dry while working on the next step with the paper. Paint the entire letter because you will otherwise see a color difference under the paper where the paint stops and starts. Allow them to completely dry. I let them sit out overnight.
    4. Cut the outside shape of the letters using scissors. Again, don't cut too closely or inside of the lines. Better to trim more later than not have enough to cover the letter.
    5. After you cut the outside shape and the paint is dry if you painted, place all of the letter shapes onto your paper mache letters. Do a final check that you're happy with pattern distribution and that no letter needs to be recut. THEN, using a precision blade and a cutting board, cut out any inside parts of letters, like the A, B, and Q. HOW TO MAKE DIY WALL LETTERS
    6. Put a medium, consistent layer of Mod Podge on the top of the letter using a sponge brush. Line up the paper onto of the letter, and starting from the top or the bottom, slowly rub the rest of the letter down. Allow the letters to dry completely before touching them further. HOW TO MAKE DIY WALL LETTERS
    7. After your letters are dry, check for any letters that need trimming. Use your precision blade and cutting board to trim off scrapbook paper that is overhanging your letter.
    8. Check the edges of each letter. If the paper is coming up on the edges, put a little Mod Podge under the paper and press down for a minute. 
    9. Lastly, put a thin layer of Mod Podge on top of each letter. The Mod Podge will be white at first, but it will dry clear. Let dry for at least an hour. HOW TO MAKE DIY WALL LETTERS

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    10 DIY 3D letters Decor ideas for any occasion at home and for home decor

    Wooden Letters Wall Hanging (K) Curlz Big Wood Letters Wall Hanging

    These wood initials come unfinished.  Our cheap wooden letters for crafts are crafted of a high quality cabinet grade MDF. All wooden wall letterws are cut in-house on our CNC routers and are hand-sanded, smooth to the touch. We recommend using an acrylic paint on our craft shapes and letters. These paints can be bought at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and other stores. A keyhole mount is provided for items 12" and larger. We recommend command strips for smaller cut-outs. All wooden letter cutouts cut on 1/4" HDF are weather resistant and suitable for outdoors. We love taking custom orders! Any sign or logo can be custom made for your business or home.  Call 1-855-992-7677 or email [email protected] for more information!

    Wholesale is available and we can drop ship. Call 1-855-992-7677 or email [email protected] for more information! 

    If you find our door initials satisfactory please spread the word! Tell someone, put us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram and tag us using #buildacross and #weworkforjesus, and follow us on twitter @buildacross!

    All proceeds go to support our ministry, Freedom Challenge. We are a 1 year, in-house faith based, drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. We appreciate you allowing us to serve you! Be Blessed!


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    How to Hang our Wall Letters

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