Dollar tree christmas light necklace

Dollar tree christmas light necklace DEFAULT

Christmas House Light-Up LED Necklaces, 7.25x1.25 in.

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Stick to Your Christmas Budget at – Decorations and Supplies for $1

Christmas is coming soon, and I just can’t wait! (I know it’s not an original opinion, but Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday!) As you get ready for Christmas, know that you don’t have to bust your budget shopping for decorations, ornaments, treats, and/or party supplies. has a wide variety of $1 specials to make your Christmas absolutely delightful. There are several bonuses to buying online at vs. shopping in the store:

1) No fighting the crowds – I hate crowds, especially around the holidays!
2) You’re buying in bulk, so you’re guaranteed to get as many as you need – no worrying about the store running out of stock
3) There are lots of ideas online for how to use Dollar Tree’s products to make your Christmas magical!

Here are some of their Christmas supplies that are catching my eye:

Crafter’s Square Paintable Clear Plastic Christmas Balls, 4 in.: $1 each (great for crafting!)

Have a ball decorating your own ornaments! Clear plastic Christmas balls are ready to be filled or painted for a personal touch. Perfect for a family activity, or for the kids to do on their own. These treasured keepsakes can be kept for yourself or given away to friends and family! You can use them to make these fun and easy Hard Candy Ornaments!

Christmas House Solar-Powered LED Window Candles, 6.25 in.: $1 each

Enjoy the tranquility of window candles without creating a fire hazard and without running up the power bill! Solar-powered candles are the perfect accent for window sills during the holiday season… plus, there are no cords to trip over. Also ideal for weddings, and as craft projects to decorate wreaths or centerpieces.

Christmas House Battery-Operated Large 6-Bulb Christmas Light Necklaces: $1 each (aren’t these fun?!)

Trees and wreaths are not the only place to hang Christmas lights! These fun necklaces have 6 HUGE colorful plastic Christmas bulbs, while the back of the necklace contains a module that holds the small included batteries and an on/off switch. Turn the necklaces on, and the LED lights turn you in to a well lit Christmas decoration. They make great Christmas party favors or stocking stuffers. also has some interesting Christmas craft project ideas, like this Christmas Candy Cane Wreath or these Poinsettia and Apple Bouquets. What Christmas decorations and supplies do you stock up on at Dollar Tree?

Get Halloween Decorations and Supplies for $1!

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Get the look of vintage Christmas bulbs with a Dollar Tree light up Christmas bulb necklace.

Who's ready for another Dollar Store DIY?

I stopped in our local Dollar Tree the other week and was excited to find a necklace made of large Christmas bulbs.   They instantly took me back to my childhood, when my parents would wrap the front bushes with these large glowing bulbs.   Although the Dollar Tree necklace wasn't quite the real thing, I knew I could give them a vintage inspired makeover to fit my modern farmhouses style.

Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday

Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday


affiliate links have been used

- Christmas bulb necklace (Dollar Tree)

- Mirror Effect

- Craft wire

- Brushed Pewter craft paint

- Small paint brush

- Painter's tape (or Frog tape)

- Needle nose pliers


You may notice that I used pretty much the same supplies that I used for the Dollar Tree candy jar ornaments.   It made this project super affordable since I already had all the supplies on hand.  All I needed to buy was the $1.00 Christmas bulb necklace from Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree light up necklace before
Dollar tree christmas bulb necklace before
I started by wrapping the top of the bulbs and the wire with painter's tape so they wouldn't get sprayed with the Mirror Effect.
Covering bulbs with painter's tape,Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday

Mirror effect,Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday
As I was spraying the bulbs with Mirror Effect I realized real quick that I wouldn't be able to achieve the look I was going for.  I used the same technique I did for the Christmas bulb jars (spraying a mixture of vinegar and water over top the bulbs), but due to the fact that these bulbs were colored plastic and not clear glass the Mercury glass look I had hoped to achieve totally flopped.

I still liked how the paint looked, so I kept going until the bulbs were completely covered.
Spraying bulbs with mirror effect,Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday
After they were dry, I used metallic Pewter craft paint to cover the cord and top of the bulbs.  Craft paint easily chips when applied over plastic, but since I was going for a vintage look I liked the idea of some of the paint chipping off to reveal the original green wire.  If you are wanting better adhesion you may want to use ORB spray paint instead.
Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday
I cut enough wire to wrap around the top of each bulb (remove the outer layer to reveal the rustic wire underneath) then added another light coat of paint over top.
Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday,
You can leave the strand as a necklace (it lights up, but the colored lights will shine through), but I decided to cut the necklace, so I could string the lights around a tree or use them as a garland.
Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday

Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday

Pine tree / felt garland / olive bucket /  Christmas Tree Farm Sign (similar)

Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday

Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday

Dollar Tree, christmas bulbs, vintage, christmas lights, holiday

Even though they didn't turn out exactly as planned, these little vintage inspired Christmas bulbs still made the perfect addition to our Christmas decor.  

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Dollar Tree vintage inspired Christmas Lights, Dollar tree, christmas
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Dollar Tree Light up Gift Christmas Decor

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