Cat lady box january 2021

Cat lady box january 2021 DEFAULT

CatLadyBox sends monthly boxes for cat ladies and their cats! This cat subscription box offers two types of boxes: the Crazy CatLadyBox that contains cat-themed items for you and your cat, and the CatLadyBox which contains things just for you. Each curation might include cat-themed shirts, jewelry, home decor, accessories, art, and more – all delivered in a box your cat can keep. Cat Lady Box topped the list in our 2021 readers’ choice picks of best subscription boxes for cats!

This is a review of the CatLadyBox without the cat toys.

Everything arrived in a brown box with a Cat Lady Box branding. There’s also an information card with a cute cat artwork by the featured CatLady artist, Kae Hutchens.

The other side of the card has a list of all the items with their retail value and a brief description.

Everything in my CatLadyBox, with the theme PURRFECT PANTRY BOX!

Kitty Sandwich Bags ($6.99) The sandwich bags arrived in their own box to make storage easier.

These bags feature colorful cat prints and they are fun to use for packing sandwiches and other kinds of food. They are also resealable!

Chilly Kitty Ice Packs. The box also includes a couple of ice packs shaped like cat heads, which can help keep snacks fresh while you’re on the go!

Just throw them in the freezer and when you need them, place them on the sides of your lunchbox or juice to keep it nice and cold. I like this because it’s reusable! Just put it back in the freezer and you can use it again!

Treat Dealer T-Shirt. This is such an awesome t-shirt for cat ladies, who are also “treat dealers”! The base color is dark gray, and the print in front looks simple but cute in white. The fabric itself is soft and breathable, making it great to wear whether you’re hanging out at home with your cats or taking a trip to somewhere with your feline friends.

Floral Cat Foldable Backpack. This foldable backpack is great to bring when traveling, in case you’d next extra storage for your belongings.

Instructions are printed on the card stock packaging.

When it’s not in use, it doesn’t take too much space and when you need it, it’s easy to take it out and unfold.

I love the floral and kitten prints on this toile-reminiscent print!

There are mesh pockets on the side where you can keep things you need to access easily.

Aside from the main compartment, there is also a small outer pocket in front!

The material used is light and thin so it’s better to use for carrying things that are not too heavy!

And, here’s the missing item from last month’s box (shipping delay!):

Felted Wool Dryer Balls. Lastly, here are some dryer balls. They came in a drawstring packaging and I love the vintagey print in front.

Each dryer features a paw print! Some of the paw prints are in yellow while the others are in orange. You can throw these in the laundry and it will help with softening the clothes and lessening the wrinkles naturally.

I love the variety of cat-themed items in this month’s Cat Lady Box! It includes a cute tee, some sandwich bags I can use for preparing snacks, ice packs to keep the snacks fresh, a foldable bag that can serve as extra storage, and the set of dryer balls missing from last month. It’s hard to pick a favorite because all of them are useful for me! If you love cats or you collect anything cat-themed, this subscription would be up your alley. In case you want to get some goodies for your favorite feline friend, Cat Lady Box offers a box with cat toys as well!

What do you think of this month’s box?

Visit Cat Lady Box to subscribe or find out more!


The Homespun Chics

CatLadyBox is the first-ever monthly subscription box “purrfectly curated just for cat ladies”! Each box contains 3-4 unique cat-themed items for the modern day cat lady (jewelry, clothing, tchotchkes, art, home décor, and more) and if you upgrade to the CRAZY CatLadyBox, your felines will also receive 2 delightful gifts to tickle their whiskers.

CatLadyBox donates 5% of all profits to a different cat rescue organization each month plus supports independent artists and small businesses with their box contents.

The cost of the subscriptions: (the value will always be much more than what you paid)

The Regular CatLadyBox – $34.99/month
Includes 3-4 items for cat ladies. (No items for your cats.)

The CRAZY CatLadyBox – $39.99/month
Includes 3-4 items for cat ladies, PLUS 2 goodies for your cats!

With either of them, you can sign up month-to-month or with a 3-month or 6-month plan where you prepay for that many boxes at a time. “The more you pay for ahead of time, the cheaper per box! The regular CatLadyBox can go as low as $33.83/month and the CRAZY CatLadyBox can be as low as $38.33/month.” You can cancel any time or just skip a subscription period if you want.

The Homespun Chics received this subscription box for review. All opinions are 100% our own.

January 2021 Crazy CatLadyBox

Theme: Mew Year 2021

Featured Cat Lady Artist:Sara Gontero

Mew Year 2021 Shirt ($19.99)

Ahh! This is the year we have been waiting and hoping for. Goodbye 2020!! This t-shirt is 50/50 cotton & poly, soft and perfect for the new year. Note the kitty face on the number!

Brilliant Cat Glasses ($29.99)

These gorgeous low-ball tumblers are heavy duty pressed glass with cat faces all the way around. Very subtle and classy, but unmistakably cat lady proud!

Fluffy Snowball Cat Pen ($5.99)

Here is a very cute pen with a fluffy kitty top to start off your journalling for the new year! You won’t lose this one so easily!

Petie the Penguin Catnip Toy ($5.99)

Petie is a plushy catnip toy for your kitty to play with on a wintery day.

Furry Snowballs Cat Toy ($6.99)

I don’t know about your cats, but mine are totally addicted to these interactive chasing toys! This one has 3 puffs to catch – a great way for kitty to stay warm and work off a bit of the winter’s extra ounces!

The retail value of the January 2021 Crazy CatLadyBox came to $68.95, quite a good value for the cost of the monthly subscription. I love the shirt and will be wearing it quite a lot this year as I work on my to-do lists and journal without having to go hunt up a pen! Plus the tumblers are not only cute but very good quality kitchenware. The cats always love their toys and it is handy to get a couple of new ones in the mail every month. CatLadyBox has consistently remained one of my favorite pet subscription boxes for quite a number of years now!

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Reviews (94)

Loved both my boxes, might renew my subs

2 days ago
Rosalie C.
Subscribed for 2 months

Great box for cat lovers. Love everything that I got on Both cat lady for September 2021 & October 2021 black cat box! I absolutely think it is worth every penny. Would recommend this box to any cat lover!

Verified Purchase

Love my surprise

4 days ago
Roseanne C.

3 Reviews

Subscribed for 20 days

Love my kitty cat kit. My babies are loving on their toys and snuggling with my sweatshirt. I love mystery boxes. A Christmas present each month!

Verified Purchase

Just Wonderful

7 days ago
Patti M.

1 Review

Subscribed for 20 days

I love this box. I have two black cats and as soon as the box was inside my home my older cat was sniffing the box and trying to get in to it. He could not wait to get to the surprise toys in side. Both cats just love their new toys and I love all the other things. They came just in time. I was looking for a new sweatshirt and the planter is just perfect for my cat's grass since they broke the last planter. I am looking forward and can't wait to for my next box.

Verified Purchase

Excellent box!

7 days ago
Nicole M.

1 Review

Subscribed for 21 days

I just got my first box and it was adorable! My cats adored the toys and the people goodies were just as awesome!

Verified Purchase

September 2021 Purrfectly Purple

Sep 09, 2021
Tammy B.
Subscribed for 18 days

My only problem was the Iridescent Purple Cat Mug has pit marks on it. I was going to take a picture so you can see but there is a glare when you take a picture. There are roughly 15 to 20 marks all around the mug.
The two kitty toys my girls loved so that was great.

Verified Purchase

Cat lady box is Purrfect

Aug 28, 2021
Carrie S.
Subscribed for 4 months

Cat lady box is the best. In August I marked the wrong box and didn't receive toys for the kids. Sue from Cat lady box sent the toys to me right away. Don't change a thing pure Purrfection

Verified Purchase

Great Gift for Cat Lovers

May 19, 2021
Laraine P.
Subscribed for 23 days

I gifted a 3 month subscription to my mom and her first box was the Cat Mom's Day Box in May. The products included were amazing! Looking forward to see what arrives for her in the coming months.

Verified Purchase


2 days ago
Jolene D.

3 Reviews

Subscribed for 5 months

Not a huge fan of the sweatshirt style, although the decal is adorable! The bat toy is adorable and I love the planter!

Verified Purchase


4 days ago
Amy D.

1 Review

Subscribed for 1 month

I would have liked a few better houseware items, like in previous boxes I’ve seen - like the black cat throw or fancy wine glasses. But overall it was a fun box with good items.

Verified Purchase

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January 2021 \

Best product Cat Lady Subscription Box January 2021 cat shirt size medium NEW Counter display processing specials

Best product Cat Lady Subscription Box January 2021 cat shirt size medium NEW Counter display processing specials

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Box january 2021 cat lady

CatLadyBox sends monthly boxes for the cat ladies and their cats! There are two types of boxes: the Crazy CatLadyBox that contains cat-themed items for you and your cat, and the CatLadyBox which contains things just for you. Each curation might include cat-themed shirts, jewelry, home decor, accessories, art, and more – all delivered in a box your cat can keep.

This is a review of the CatLadyBox without the cat toys.

The items were wrapped in black tissue paper.

It was also sealed with a Cat Lady sticker.

One of the items was packed in plastic.

The information card features a cute cat artwork by the featured CatLady artist, Sara Gontero.

At the back, there’s a list of all the items in the box with their retail value and a brief description.

Everything in my CatLadyBox with the theme MEW YEAR 2021!

Mew Year 2021 Shirt ($19.99) This month’s featured wearable for cat ladies is a black tee! It has a 2021 print in front and I find it really cute. The color makes it easy to pair with any outfit and I also like how light and airy the material is.

The 0 on the print even has cute cat ears, nose, and whiskers! It’s a subtle yet fun design!

Fluffy Snowball Cat Pen ($5.99) This cat pen is so cute! The topper features a white cat smiling brightly and its body is made with a soft fur ball.

This is good whether for jotting down notes or for journaling!

Brilliant Cat Glasses ($29.99) The pair of cat glasses came in a box to make sure they’re protected during transit.

The glasses are clear and they have an embossed cat face along with some fireworks! The design is nice but you would have to look closely to see it.

Here’s a good look of the sides as well as a top view. They’re really nice! I’m actually thinking of putting them on display!

Cat Lady Box helps us celebrate our favorite feline friends by sending cat-themed items, ranging from apparel to home ware and more. My favorite item this month is the t-shirt. I like its simplicity, as well as the quality of the print. It would be great to wear not just for the New Year but all year round to show your love for cats! The glasses were also nice and versatile as you can use them for drinks or even display them in your home. If you’re a cat lady who can’t get enough of cat-related items, this subscription would be worthy of a try! They send items that you can actually use and they often send exclusive items as well!

What do you think of this month’s box?

Visit Cat Lady Box to subscribe or find out more!

Unboxing 📦 - Cat Lady Box ~ January 2021🐱

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