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Badger Sports Park is Northeast Wisconsin’s premier family entertainment center, located on Appleton’s Northeast side. 23,000 sq ft of indoor fun that includes a huge Game Room, a Lasertron Laser Tag Arena, Escape Rooms, Hologate Virtual Reality, Inflatables, Mini Bowling Alleys. Outdoors we offer an 18-hole Miniature Golf Course, GO Kart Track, and batting cages. Most importantly, we have a 1st class group of team members here to make your trip memorable!



Hologate VR is now open! Hologate is an award winning virtual reality attraction that takes gaming to a new dimension. When you put on the VR headset, you are immediately transported to a new world.



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Our giant 2-story laser tag arena plays like a competitive team sport and is very fast paced. Offensive and defensive strategies are required for effective team play. Special CHIPS “Competitive Human Interactive Player Software” are used to maximize team strategies. 30 people can play at one time.  



Badger Sports Park is a family owned entertainment center located on Appleton’s Northeast side. We were founded in 1993 and operated in the town of Buchanan / Darboy until 2006 when we moved adjacent to the Badger USA sports complex. We now cover 5.5 acres offering outdoor attractions including a Nascar Go Kart Track, 18 Hole Wisconsin Themed Championship Mini Golf Course, and 8 Stall Batting Cages. We also offer a 23,000 indoor entertainment complex with a large arcade, 2 story world class laser tag, inflatables, 4 mini bowling alleys and most importantly a 1st class group of team members here to serve you! Our organization’s mission and goals are stated below!

  • MISSION – At Badger Sports Park, we want to offer you, our guest, a safe, clean and 1st class entertainment experience at a value that keeps you coming back. We want to keep you as a regular guest and would like you to happily recommend us to your family, friends, and business associates. Simply stated, we believe in life that “Fun Motivates” people. Come and check us out!
  • COMMUNITY – We want to maintain a presence in the community where we actively give back whenever possible.
  • RELATIONSHIPS / CULTURE – We are also continuously striving to become a true servant leadership organization where we value our relationships with our team members, guests, and vendors at the very highest level and lead by example and not words. This relationship development is fostered in part by our friends at Festival Foods who directed us to the teachings of Jim Hunter. He has written two books that deal with leadership. The Servant, subtitled A Simple StoryAbout the True Essence of Leadership and The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle: How to Become a Servant Leader. We would recommend that anyone who wants to be a better leader at work, at home, or in the community read these books. This focus on culture development and leadership has made all of us more accountable to each other in our relationships and much stronger as an organization.
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When you visit us at Badger you can play 2 different ways.

LOAD n GO -You can load dollars onto our Fun Card and go play. Dollars are debited off as you play. You can register this card and take it home with cash and e-ticket balances. E-tickets are put onto the card by our Redemption Arcade games.

UTOPIAS – (not available winter weekends) are time play cards available in 2 & 3 hour increments. With a Utopia card you can play any attraction as much as you want during your allotted time purchase (Laser Tag reservation are recommended and are not available in back to back sessions)

Load n’ Go

Everything in our park works on our “Rechargeable Fun Card”. LOAD money on your card and GO play!

Get Bonus Value added to your card each time you add the following amounts. Bonus is good for any attraction and all video & arcade games. (Bonus does not include food, promotions, or group rates)

Load $30 to $59 and get a $10 bonus
Load $60 to $199 and get a $25 bonus
Load $200 or more and get a $100 bonus


  • Laser Tag Session (30 mins) $15.00 
  • Virtual Reality $8.00 per play
  • Mini Bowling (10 frames) $3.00
  • Inflatable Fun Pass (Good all day) $8.00
  • Go Kart Race (Must be 54″ to drive / No extra charge for double seater) $5.50
  • Mini Golf (11 and up) $8.00
  • Mini Golf (10 and under) $7.00
  • Batting (14 pitches) $1.50 
  • Laser Maze $2.50
  • Game Room $.25 – $1.00

Utopias – Unlimited Attractions!


  • LASERTRON Laser Tag
  • Mini Bowling
  • Inflatables (10 and under)
  • Non ticket giving Arcade Games – ticket giving games are not included.
  • Go Karts
  • 18 Hole Miniature Golf
  • 8 Batting Cages

Utopias available everyday Spring – Summer – Fall.

All Day = $49 – 3 Hour = $37 – 2 Hour = $32 – 1 Hour = $25

Utopias do not include redemption e-ticket games, laser maze and cannot be purchased with a Fun Card.

we went to the Badgers sports Park I was on a go-kart

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First Lap on the Go Karts of 2015

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