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The American League defeated the National League 5-2 in the 91st MLB All-Star Game at Coors Field Tuesday evening, which, whatever, this game is for fun and who wins doesn’t really matter, although the AL has now won eight in a row and 21 of the last 24. Weird.

A few random thoughts about the events in Denver:

  • Kris Bryant came to bat twice with the bases loaded, once in the sixth inning, again in the eighth. Out of all that, only one run scored, on a passed ball during KB’s sixth-inning at-bat, which ended up in a strikeout. In the eighth, Bryant smacked a line drive to left on which Jared Walsh made this slick sliding catch [VIDEO].

If Walsh doesn’t make that grab, the ball probably gets by him for a bases-clearing double and it’s a different game.

  • The other Cub in the game, Craig Kimbrel, retired two of the three hitters he faced and allowed a double to Adolis Garcia.
  • OMG those uniforms. We were warned before the game even began:

Tyler Kepner was absolutely correct:

The uniforms, which either looked like umpires (dark blue) or the ice-cream truck guy (white) looked like they came from an eighth-grade design class using Microsoft Paint.

Yes, I know. Nike got a multi-year, big-money contract to provide MLB uniforms and by gum, they are providing more uniforms than anyone ever wanted, between these and the City Connect series. Some of the latter are good, some not, but really, no one wanted these. Not even the players:

Heck, they made better uniforms for the Futures Game!

And Jomboy Media created something better, too:

I am fervently hoping this is a one-year experiment. MLB has created All-Star uniforms for more than a decade — and players have, up to this year, worn them for the Monday workout day and Home Run Derby, then gone back to their team uniforms for the All-Star Game itself. Let’s hope they return to that for the 2022 ASG, which will be at Dodger Stadium. I’m not alone in that thought. From a former MLB player:

  • The time of the game was exactly three hours. This was a pleasant surprise and 10 minutes shorter than the length of an average game so far in the 2021 MLB season.

This happened even though inning breaks are longer in games like this to shove in more national commercials. Inning breaks are supposed to be 2:55 in “jewel event” games like this, but I timed a couple of them and they were 3:25, which is 1:20 longer than the inning break in a regular-season game. That’s 80 seconds and there were 17 such breaks, which is about 23 minutes... so with the “normal” inning break, this year’s All-Star Game would have run about 2:37. There have been 1,149 nine-inning games played in MLB so far in 2021. Of those, 66 (5.8 percent) have run 2:37 or shorter.

Yes, I know, the All-Star Game is an exhibition, players just stand in the box and play, there’s none of the fooling around, stepping out, pitchers taking longer between pitches, etc.

I’d like to know why players can’t play this way all the time. The pace of the ASG was refreshing.

Two more days remain in the annual MLB midsummer break until the Cubs resume play Friday evening; there will be one game (Yankees/Red Sox) tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the break until baseball resumes.

Sours: https://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/2021/7/14/22576816/2021-all-star-game-thoughts-awful-uniforms-kris-bryant-fast-pace-of-play
With the MLB All-Star Game happening in a couple weeks, the league released event uniforms and, of course, Twitter absolutely ripped them

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  • The MLB All-Star Game will occur July 13 in Denver’s Coors Field
  • The event already gained attention earlier this year for being moved from Atlanta, but it’s getting even more eyeballs this week due to the awful uniform designs
  • Naturally, Twitter couldn’t hold back its feelings about the All-Star Game unis

The MLB All-Star Game is always a fun summer event, giving baseball fans a chance to see their favorite players show out in the annual exhibition. From the Home Run Derby to the Celebrity Softball Game to the main event, MLB’s Midsummer Classic has always brought some amazing memories. The 2021 version should be no different.

With the game now being held on July 13 from Denver’s Coors Field — a swap which occurred earlier this year after initially being planned for Atlanta — the event already had a lot of attention. But the whole thing seems to be blowing up even more this week after MLB released the uniforms for the event, which, well, are horrendous.

Don’t believe me? Lay your eyes on these MLB All-Star Game uniforms and ask yourself if you’ve ever seen an uglier sports uniform.

What the hell are these things? Whoever’s in charge of design at MLB needs to be called into his/her bosses office and be reamed out immediately, because these are ugly AF. From the purple star beneath red team logos on the hat, to the abbreviated team names down the left side of the jersey and the weird design on the sleeves, these particular MLB All-Star Game uniforms should probably just be donated to some random country like they do with unused championship shirts. Yes, that’s how bad they are.

Considering these MLB uniforms are an absolute sartorial nightmare, it didn’t take long for fans on social media to speak out about the disaster. Take a look at some Twitter reactions below.

I’m not saying I always look stylish. I’m not saying I always match my top with my bottom or my shoes with my belt. But I am saying that I could’ve done a better job designing the MLB All-Star Game uniforms. Yes, that’s how bad these things are. It’s even worse that MLB’s breaking tradition and having players wear these during the Midsummer Classic — rather than their respective team uniforms.

It seems like MLB has a history of really messing up uniform designs, so these MLB uniforms for the All-Star Game seem to be the latest example. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see something better at some point in our lifetime… but that may be too optimistic.

(H/T The Big Lead)

Sours: https://brobible.com/sports/article/mlb-all-star-game-uniforms-twitter-reactions/
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MLB All-Star Game uniforms: How the Twitter world reacted to the players’ jerseys

As Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game descends upon Denver Tuesday, the reactions have been less than stellar for the players’ uniforms.

Here’s a look at how people have reacted on social media:

Some are disappointed that the players aren’t wearing their team’s jerseys during the game:

One of the very best things about the MLB All-Star game is the players wearing their teams' uniforms.

(sigh) https://t.co/F3S3lHOzu5

— Ralph D. Russo (@ralphDrussoAP) July 13, 2021

These uniforms are another swing and miss for @MLB. Seeing 30 different uniforms mixing it up on one field made the All-Star Game magical. I took pride in seeing my team’s uniform represented among all the others on that stage. #AllStarGamepic.twitter.com/Vh98gMLLRN

— Jason Klein (@ByJasonKlein) July 13, 2021

My favorite part of the All-Star Game, every year since I was a kid in the 80’s, was the introduction of the players wearing their team’s uniform. A gathering of the best players in the world. The game itself was good, but secondary. It was the fact that they were all there. #MLB

— Tom Ackerman (@Ackerman1120) July 9, 2021

Looks like puke. All players should wear their normal game uniforms like they always did before. Those looked awesome.

— Chuck Kelly (@ChuckKellypbp) July 13, 2021

Others are not pleased about the design of the uniforms:

I'm not much of a jersey guy, but these All Star uniforms are pretty vanilla.

They look like softball uni's.

— Vic Lombardi (@VicLombardi) July 14, 2021

Prediction from warm-ups at Coors Field: When the All-Star Game hits the airwaves tonight, your timeline will be filled with tweets about how the uniforms look even worse than you thought.

— Tyler Kepner (@TylerKepner) July 13, 2021

Excited for the All-Star Game! Not excited for these abominations that they’re calling uniforms. pic.twitter.com/fsslEBZ8NZ

— Brent Maguire (@bmags94) July 13, 2021

[email protected] these all-star uniforms look HORRIBLE. Bring back players wearing their team’s uniform for the all-star game. Way cooler. pic.twitter.com/mYNA7cYmru

— Jack Vita⚾️🇺🇸 (@JackVitaShow) July 13, 2021

All these players opting out of the All-Star Game so they don’t have to wear that horrific-looking uniform.

— Dylan Heuer (@dylan_heuer) July 11, 2021

Still a bad uniform. Colors don't match the location and the logo overlaying the words is messy/too busy

— Panic Baker (@PanictheRaptor) July 13, 2021


— Ksmitty (@KaleSmith8) July 13, 2021

Looks like it was designed by someone who worked at Z Cavaricci in the 90s.

— Pokecheque (@Pokecheque) July 13, 2021


— DavidMc (@dmcnamee13) July 13, 2021

Sours: https://www.denverpost.com/2021/07/13/mlb-all-star-game-uniforms-reactions/
Throwback NBA All-Star Game 1996. East vs West - Full Game Highlights HD

All-Star Game: Players, Coaches Wear Jersey No 44 To Honor Home Run King Hank Aaron

Players, coaches, pitchers donned jersey No 44 at Coors Field in Denver to pay tribute to one of the best players in baseball history Late Hank Aaron. The legendary baseball player who passed at the age of 86 in January this year played 23 years for the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers and is second on Major League Baseball's all-time home run list with 755 homers.

This is the 91st edition of the All-Star game and also the first game since the former home run's king death. To celebrate his inspirational life and legacy MLB announced all the players participating in Monday's Home Run Derby to wear No 44 to honour, as No 44 was the jersey number of the legendary baseball player.

According to a statement issued by Major League Baseball, "The world lost the great Henry “Hank” Aaron upon his passing in January 2021, but his inspirational life and legacy will be celebrated at Coors Field during All-Star Week on Monday, July 12, and Tuesday, July 13. Aaron’s wife, Billye, and other members of the Aaron family will attend Gatorade All-Star Workout Day (Monday) and the 91st MLB All-Star Game presented by Mastercard (Tuesday) as the Baseball Family honors one of the game’s all-time greats. Today during Workout Day, including the T-Mobile Home Run Derby, all MLB players will wear uniform #44 in honor of Aaron, who retired as the MLB".

Aaron’s wife, Billye, and other family members were also invited at Coors Field in Denver, as all All-Star participants will also wear Aaron's No. 44 during Monday's workouts for Tuesday's All-Star game. Los Angeles Angels designated hitter and MLB home run leader Shohei Ohtani is the betting favourite to win Monday's derby. Players were seen wearing their usual team uniforms, with 44 replacing their usual number. They even posed in the uniforms for team photos.

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Hank Aaron's legacy

Hank Aaron or fondly called "Hammer" was Known as baseball’s former home run king, a first-ballot Hall of Famer, and one of the greatest sluggers to ever walk up to the plate, Aaron produced a historic career. 

In his career spanning for two decades, Aaron had bagged many prestigious awards and honors, including an MVP, a World Series title, three Gold Glove awards, two batting titles, and an All-Star Game selection in every one of his seasons except his first (1954) and last (1976).

In 23 seasons Major League career, Aaron hit 755 home runs, surpassing the 714 hits by Babe Ruth, earning him the title of baseball’s all-time home run king until Barry Bonds surpassed Aaron in 2007.

Meanwhile, this year's All-Star Game festivities, the Home Run Derby will take place on Monday and the game will take place on Tuesday at Coors Field in Colorado.

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Sours: https://www.republicworld.com/sports-news/basketball-news/all-star-game-players-coaches-wear-jersey-no-44-to-honor-home-run-king-hank-aaron.html

Uniforms all 45 on star

Mike Trout wears No. 45 to honor Tyler Skaggs during AL’s All-Star game win

Reporting from CLEVELAND — 

When he emerged for Tuesday night’s All-Star game at Progressive Field, a red number 45 emblazoned on the back of his white jersey, Angels star Mike Trout felt a sense of duty.

Not to himself but to the memory of teammate Tyler Skaggs, who died suddenly and inexplicably at 27 years old last week. Unlike Trout, who has been selected to eight All-Star games, the Angels’ late left-handed pitcher never received an opportunity to attend the sport’s midseason festivities.

Trout and first-time honoree Tommy La Stella longed to pay tribute, and they did on a night the American League beat the National League 4-3. They wore Skaggs’ jersey number 45, days after the league agreed to honor Skaggs on a national level.

The memorial morphed into something bigger. A moment of silence in Skaggs’ memory was held before Tuesday’s game. Other all-stars wore No. 45 patches during pregame festivities. Most, such as Chicago White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito, sported it throughout the game. The patches, which were not sewn on, fell off the jerseys of others.

The Angels’ Mike Trout (wearing No. 45 in honor of Tyler Skaggs) bats against the National League during the All-Star game Tuesday night in Cleveland.

(Gregory Shamus / Getty Images)

“It was special,” said Trout, who was hitless in two at-bats. “Obviously, felt him out there with me. If there’s any all-star game for me to go 0-for this is it — cuz Tyler’s a pitcher. He would wanna go out there and throw some scoreless, hitless innings.”

A year ago, Skaggs could have joined Trout on this stage. The starting pitcher had just assembled the best first half of his career. Despite carrying a 2.57 earned-run average through his first 17 starts, Skaggs was not selected to the American League team. A groin injury derailed the rest of his season.

The snub and the injury pushed Skaggs during the offseason. He worked out with mobility coach Sarah Howard in Los Angeles and consulted with renowned strength coach Eric Cressey in Florida. Skaggs wanted to become a reliable member of the Angels’ starting rotation for an entire season, not just for one part of it.

He never had the chance.

“He always wanted to be an all-star,” Trout said, “and tonight he was, for sure.”

Angels infielder Tommy La Stella wears the number 45 of late Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs who passed away last Monday, as La Stella is introduced before the start of the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday in Cleveland.

(John Minchillo / Associated Press)

Skaggs, a Santa Monica native like Giolito, was found dead in his Southlake, Texas, hotel room July 1, one day after he coordinated a Western-themed trip to Texas with his teammates, who had back-to-back series against the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros to close out the first half.

The local police ruled out foul play and suicide but did not release the cause of Skaggs’ death. It may not be known until the results of an autopsy are made public in early October.

Skaggs’ death rocked the baseball world. Players around the league saluted Skaggs by etching his initials and jersey number onto their hats and into the dirt on mounds. Teammate Andrew Heaney opened his start in Saturday’s loss to the Astros by throwing Skaggs’ signature curveball.

“I got it right here,” Giolito said as he pointed to the number 45 he had drawn above the bill of his hat before Tuesday’s game. “Tyler was a really good friend of mine. Just still it’s so fresh and it doesn’t feel real at times. I just feel for his family. He was just getting started, coming into his own in this league.

“For us, we lost a brother,” he added.

Trout expressed the same sentiment when the Angels played their first game after Skaggs’ passing. He and Skaggs were draft-mates, selected by the Angels 15 picks apart in 2009. They lived together during the early years of their careers, first in Tempe, Ariz., then in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A 2010 trade of Skaggs to the Diamondbacks separated them, but they were reunited four years later when the Angels reacquired the pitcher ahead of the 2014 season.

The transaction relaunched a friendship that grew deeper as the years passed. Their affection for each other reared its head when Skaggs heard that Trout had agreed to a 12-year, $426.5-million contract with the Angels this spring. He told reporters he launched a FaceTime call to congratulate Trout.

“He’s going to go down as the best player ever, and he’ll go down as an Angel in the Hall of Fame,” Skaggs raved at the time. “Greatest Angel of all time. Mr. Angel. Mr. Everything.”

Trout didn’t need to be pushed to dedicate his latest All-Star appearance to Skaggs. He reveled in the opportunity, glad to have Skaggs with him in spirit.

“We thought it would be a good way to show some love and respect for Tyler,” Trout said. “And I know he is looking out over us tonight.”

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Sours: https://www.latimes.com/sports/angels/la-sp-mike-trout-tyler-skaggs-number-all-star-game-20190709-story.html
Top 10 All-Star Jerseys of All-Time - The Starters

Angels All-Stars Mike Trout, Tommy La Stella wear No. 45 to honor Tyler Skaggs: 'This is all for him'

CLEVELAND — The baseball world rallied together at the All-Star Game on Tuesday night, showing an outpouring of support for late Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs, who passed away on July 1.

The Angels’ All-Stars, Mike Trout and Tommy La Stella, wore No. 45 jerseys for the game. Progressive Field observed a moment of silence before the national anthem and almost every player had a “45” patch on their jerseys.

“This is all for him. He always wanted to be an All-Star, and tonight he was,” Trout said.

La Stella was injured and didn’t play in the game, but proudly wore the 45 on his back during pregame introductions.

Trout wearing his No. 45 jersey before the game.

“It was special. I felt him out there with me,” Trout said. “In order to represent him, what he meant to us, on a stage like this, it’s unbelievable.

“I've had a couple guys come up to me (this week) and said ‘thank you for doing this.’ He made a big impact on my life, on their lives, and a lot of guys showed their support.”

Trout, an All-Star for the eight time, went 0-for-2 on Tuesday, the first time he’s gone hitless in the Midsummer Classic. He had been 7-for-15 entering this year's game.

“If there was any All-Star Game for me to go 0-fer, this is it,” Trout said with a smile. “Tyler as a pitcher would have wanted to throw some scoreless, hitless innings.

The Angels return to action Friday against the Mariners, the team’s first home game since Skaggs’ death.

“Getting back to the team, in front of our home fans on Friday, it’s going to mean a lot to me, our team and obviously the family,” Trout said. “It’s just been an emotional, crazy couple of weeks.”

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Sours: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/allstar/2019/07/09/mike-trout-tommy-la-stella-angels-tyler-skaggs/1688756001/

Now discussing:

Major League Baseball today unveiled the uniforms that players will be wearing during the 2021 All-Star Game to be held next month in Denver… and yes, I said “worn during” the All-Star Game. We’ll get to that bit of news after we take a look at the designs.

Despite the fact this game was relocated from Atlanta to Colorado at the last minute, they were still able to work in at least a few references to the game being hosted by the Colorado Rockies though it does seem that a few references to Atlanta may have been leftover when it comes to the colours chosen.

The New Era caps will be dark navy blue with each team’s logo on the crown re-coloured red, white, and blue, behind the logo is a purple star with a white mountain peak worked into each point of the star. The 2021 All-Star Game logo is on the right side:

And now a look at all 30 teams:

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Every team wearing the same navy blue crown with a red and white logo. Why red and white? To better match the jerseys I’m betting, because despite the fact the caps were able to work in a purple mountain for Colorado, the Nike jerseys look to be in the same colour scheme as the now unused Atlanta All-Star Game logo.

A look at the jerseys:

Two button batting practice style. National League in white, American League in navy blue. There’s a floral pattern in the cuff, which I’m still waiting to hear about, will update when I get an explanation for it – the 2021 All-Star Game patch on the left sleeve and an American flag on the right. Not pictured is the back of the jersey which will include stars under each player number to note the amount of appearances the player has made in the Mid-Summer Classic.

Here’s the National League:

And now the American League:

Carrying on the tradition of 2021, yes, there’s an American flag on that Toronto Blue Jays jersey.

SHOP: 2021 MLB All-Star Game caps, jerseys, shirts, and more!

Unlike the past 90 or so All-Star Games, these jerseys will actually be worn during the game itself, (and not during the Workout Monday and the Home Run Derby – players will wear their usual caps for those events). This will sadly end the tradition of seeing all those different clean, crisp, colourful uniforms all lined up together down the baseline during player introductions or meetings on the mounds and in the annual All-Star team photos. Personally I also enjoyed seeing my favourite players wearing my favourite team’s uniform on the worldwide stage, so a bit of a bummer seeing this change happen.

LINK: The complete history of Major League Baseball All-Star Game logos

The 2021 MLB All-Star Game will be played on July 13, 2021.

Sours: https://news.sportslogos.net/2021/06/24/2021-mlb-all-star-game-uniforms-unveiled-will-be-worn-in-game-for-first-time/baseball/

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