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Among companion animals, boxers are unmatched in their devotion, loyalty and friendship to humankind. Anyone who has ever loved a boxer can attest to its hundred-fold return. The excitement your boxer shows when you come home, the wagging tail at the sound of the leash being taken from its hook, the delight in the tossing of a tennis ball, and the head nestled in your lap-those are only some of the rewards of being a boxer owner.

Owning a boxer is not just a privilege, it's a responsibility. These animals depend on us for, at minimum, food and shelter, and deserve much more. If you are considering taking a boxer into your life, you need to think seriously about the commitment that boxer ownership entails. If you already have a boxer, you need to consider if you are fulfilling all your obligations as its owner.

The ABC Breeder Referral is provided as a courtesy to potential buyers. The ABC does not recommend, guarantee, endorse, nor rate breeders, their kennels, or their stock. We also do not examine individual dogs. Buyers beware in all instances. Buyers should be certain to check all matters relating to registration, health claims, awards or certificates, Boxer quality (adult, puppy or otherwise), stud/puppy agreements with the breeders, sellers or stud owners before making any decision.

For more information on puppies available in your area, contact our Breeder Referral Chairman:

Fran Illuzzi      Email: [email protected]      Phone: 631-680-0568


Find a Responsible Breeder
     Excerpt from the AKC article Thinking of Buying a Puppy? Find a Responsible Breeder

  • To find a responsible breeder, go to a dog show or visit the breed's Parent Club for additional resources and contact information.

  • Don't be put off if a breeder isn't immediately responsive. Hobby breeders often have full-time jobs and they don't always have available puppies. Be selective. Find a breeder who is knowledgeable and make sure you're comfortable with them.

  • Visit the breeder's home or kennel and ask to see at least one of the puppy's parents. Get an idea of what the future holds for your dog in terms of temperament and appearance.

  • Observe the premises. Is the house/kennel clean? Odor-free? Dogs and puppies should be clean, well fed, lively and friendly. Look for signs of malnutrition such as protruding rib cages or illness such as runny nose/eyes, coughing, lethargy and skin sores.

  • Pay attention to how the dogs and puppies interact with their breeder. Does the breeder appear to genuinely care for the puppies and their adult dogs? Both dogs and puppies should not shy away from the breeder and should be outgoing with strangers.

  • Find out about the health of your puppy and its parents. Breeders should be honest about the breed's strengths and weaknesses and knowledgeable about the genetic diseases that can affect their breed - including what's being done to avoid them. Breeders should be willing to share proof of health screenings such as OFA and CERF certificates with potential buyers.

  • Establish a good rapport with the breeder. He/she will be an excellent resource and breed mentor for you throughout the life of your puppy. You should be encouraged to call the breeder if your dog has a crisis at any stage of its life.

  • A responsible breeder may ask you to sign a contract indicating that if specified conditions of care are not met or you become unable to keep the puppy, he/she will reclaim it.

  • Don't expect to bring home the puppy until its eight to 12 weeks of age. Puppies need ample time to mature and socialize with its mother and littermates.

  • Breeders should be willing to answer any questions you have and should ask many of you as well. Breeders will want to make sure their puppies are going to good homes, with people who know what to expect and have made all the necessary preparations.

  • Don't leave the premises without the appropriate documentation of the dog's pedigree, a.k.a. "papers". The words "American Kennel Club" as well as the AKC logo should be clearly visible. You'll need to send in this application form to register your dog with the AKC. Be wary of a breeder who refuses/hesitates to give you papers, wants to charge you more for AKC papers, offers papers from a registry other than the AKC, or tells you he/she will mail them to you at a later date.

Sours: https://americanboxerclub.org/Breeder-Referral.html

Phone:+1 (501) 300-3788

Jaclyn – Jan 07, 2021

I found this website and saw their beautiful puppies. We lost our boxer in July from cancer. My husband and I were interested in getting 2 puppies for $999. When going through our corresponding emails, I thought it seemed odd that they wanted payment through Zelle Pay or Western Union. (first red flag) I asked them for their phone number, cause I wanted to speak to them directly with some questions I had, they did sent me a phone number and I had my husband call. My husband called and put it on speaker and the guy that answered clearly had a Middle Eastern accent. (second red flag) I was the only one that read the e mail, not my husband, so he asked him about the purchasing process. The guy kept saying it’s all in the email, just read the e mail, just read the e mail. (third red flag) Finally we said we would come to where the puppies are, and bring cash with us and once we see the puppies and purchase one we will hand him the cash in person. He said ok, so we ask for their address and at that time the guy said that we needed to give them $500 in order to hold the puppies and for them to give us their address. (all bells and whistles are going off now. And to be completely honest, we both kind of knew this was probably a scam as soon as we heard this man’s voice) My husband said if your a repairable breeder why are you asking us for money before giving us your address. They said that’s how it works. We realized right then and there they were scammers and we hung up with them. I found another breeder (with a phone number, address, directions, a website, etc) and as I was explaining to her the events that unfolded withthe other person, she said that no breeder would ever ask for money beforehand to give a customer their address and would definitely not ask them to pay through Zelle Pay or Western Union. She said the only money a breeder might ask you for is a small deposit to hold the pup your looking at and the deposit goes towards the purchase price. And she said it doesn’t matter if another litter of puppies was coming in the following month, no boxer would go for $600. She sells hers for $2500-$3000. That’s the going rate. And much of the research I saw, the pups were anywhere between $1500-$3000. That’s why I thought a boxer for $600 or 2 for $999 was a great deal.
I’m so sorry for the ones that were duped. These scammers are despicable and vile human beings that have no problem taking our hard earned money. After reading some of these horror stories, I see that they are trying to swindle even more money for shipping and crate costs and other expenses, and you don’t even get the pup. Sorry again if you were a victim. I hope my review and others on here will spare another persons money and heartache.

Jerome – Jan 06, 2021

Sadly we were a victim of this scam too! We have the same story as most people who have commented. We paid the $600 and then received an email asking for an additional 1080 for shipment/crate. And then received ANOTHER email asking for 1399. None of this made sense. And these people should truly be ashamed of themselves for doing this to others.

Sheena – Dec 27, 2020

After reading these I wanted to add to the information. My experience was similar but didn’t send money because I didn’t trust them and began researching. Told them I’d need to come in person first. Here is the individual’s number who has been text messaging me +1 (786) 588-8087 and the website is same as listed! She said they were based in Miami, Florida.

Steven – Nov 22, 2020

First, I want to thank all of you who shared their experience with this fraudulent people. I reached out to them yesterday and just like you all said, they responded quickly. They told us they had puppies for 50% off and a puppy nanny that would deliver the puppy to us. I did provide my cell number, email, city and state then did my research. I am blessed to have found all this information on them. I believe what happened for me is the passing of my boxer early last year left me devastated. My heart still hurts today when I think of her. All my husband and I; who are retirees, wanted was to provide our love to another boxer. Although it was disappointing to find out this company was scamming people out of their hard earned money during their most venerable times, we will now take our time by going directly to the AKC website. I learned, when it sounds too good to be true, run! So again, thank you.

Andres – Nov 21, 2020

We had the same situation as the other people…

Calvin – Nov 18, 2020

We lost our second boxer to cancer in less than a year. Made the big mistake of giving money to Certified AKC Boxer Puppies Breeder Club for two boxer puppies to fill the void in our lives. After giving them $1,030, looked into it further because right after sending the money we got an email requesting $980 more for shipping to us. Found out it was a fraud and now we are completely heartbroken because not only did we lose our fur babies, but the excitement that we had is now crushed. Will be filing as many complaints as we can to get these jerks shut down!

Leslie – Oct 20, 2020

Same exact thing just happened to me about 4 hours ago they had already got my money so don’t know if I will get it back or not (censord) scammers should be put in jail for this!

Derek – Oct 15, 2020

This [censored] stole puppy pictures as well as my reviews off of my website. www. beyondbeautifulboxers.com is my website. You can see where he changed my name to his in all the reviews. I don’t understand why this website is not taken down yet

Haley – Oct 08, 2020

I came very close to doing business with these frauds. The red flag to me was after doing quite a bit of internet research looking for a boxer that could fill that empty spot after losing my best friend (boxer) to cancer. The pricing didn’t match the quality of the puppies shown .From what I’ve been seeing these puppies would sell from between $3,000 to $3,500. Thankfully I though it best to check these sad [censored] Thieves out .Pretty sad good people have to keep there guard up to protect themselves against low life trash..

Carrie – Sep 28, 2020

I’ll try to keep this short. This site looked so legit. We decided to “shop” for a boxer because our attempt to adopt went horribly wrong. I wanted to transfer the website from my laptop to my cell phone. Did it old school by typing the name of the “club” into my Google search bar. Google, ever so helpful, popped up a number of “predicted” words to complete my entry. The word “scam” was among them. Clicked it and was lead to several sites, including “Puppyscam.com” showing this to be a definite scammer website designed to steal money from unwitting boxer puppy shoppers.
I had just sent my reply email telling about our living situation, knowledge of the breed, location, and phone number. Fortunately, I did not give them our address. Only city & state. They do have my husband’s cell # and email address, but… they DON’T have our money!
I wish there was a way I could help catch these fraudsters by staying in contact with them and alerting the police.

This “seller’s” email is [email protected]

Donna – Oct 06, 2020

I have been in contact with many different breeders. One of the breeding companies that I had been in contact with them and they were contacting us at weird hours of the night. However, I found some reviews on him and blocked his number stopping all communication. I would post it but I no longer have any of his information. Fast forward, a couple weeks down the line, my dad found this website certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club selling their puppies for half off, saying they needed to get rid of their puppies because they had a new liter coming at the end of November. They said that the dog would be put on a flight and sent to us for free if we were willing to pick him up at the airport, or we could pay $80 to have the puppy brought to our house. When my dad continued contacting them, I wanted to continue researching to see what I could find about Kevin Booze, the person who was “selling” the dog. When I proceeded to look for information of the company, let alone him as a person I come to find numerous comments saying this website is a fraud. I can confirm that the email is [email protected]

Nina – Aug 16, 2020


Unfortunately,I too, must join this list. After months of looking I thought I finally found a puppy how that is what I was looking for. After explaining my 25 years experience as a boxer owner the sellers got back to me saying that they carefully selected me And have decided to sell a puppy to me. They then sent me a SPA explaining how they were protecting my money as well as protecting their property and that this contract was definitely in the interest of both parties. I thought this was going to be legit since none of the other sites I came across were offering this SPA. When I read the SBA and saw tomorrow’s delivery date, Of course I got excited that this was not going to be a drawn out process so I agreed to the terms and sent my $600 and my service charge of eight dollars to send the payment. Within minutes after making the payment and sending the breeder the reference number, They got back to me saying they received payment and they will be sending the dog to the shipper and the shipper will confirm times with me through an email.
The following morning, delivery day, I wake up to two emails from the shipper saying that he has a dog and they need $980 of which $950 would be returned to me with the puppy in the airport. I also received one email from the seller stating that I would have to pay a dog caution fee, and rent a crate from airline or shipper. They mentioned nothing about this prior to receiving my money.After emailing the shipper and asking why it needed to be Western Union only I got a reply that said “this is how it’s done“. I then explained that the breeder/seller told me no additional charges ,and the shipper told me that since the paperwork is now in my name as the owner that if I did not pay him they would not ship the dog and I would be abandoning the dog in his facility.
I told him to send pictures proving that he was in possession of the dog and I got a reply that said we send photos once the payment is made and when the dog is boarded. I told him that if the paperwork says I am the owner I need photos and videos before I make any payment. When I called his number told me I need to pay this money or I’m not giving the dog and that I should not call him anymore because he doesn’t want to talk about it. He said“ Why do you have a problem this is the process and nobody else complains they just pay“.
I then emailed the seller who told me earlier that they would be in and out all day and they would have a tough time replying. I told them that the only way this transaction could go through is if they picked up the puppy from the shipper and I drove across the country to pick the dog up from them personally. Since that’s where it looks like the communications ended from them to me. My final email to them was stating that since they were not replying and we’re not willing to tell me they were refunding my money that I am now forced to contact the Arkansas Better Business Bureau and the Little Rock Arkansas police to file complaints.
I understand the due diligence was my responsibility, And that it was my fault that I didn’t add the word “complaints”into the Google search of certified boxer puppies breeding club prior to sending any money. Even after sending a copy of the SPA to an attorney, And then getting too excited to move forward without waiting for the attorneys advice, I still felt confident about this when I went to bed last night.
Maybe if I waited another couple of hours to hear the attorneys advice then I would not have had to pay $608 just to post a complaint on a website.

Jenna – Sep 25, 2020

Thank you for the info, I’ve been scrolling through the complaints and it seems like a shady operation. I’d be curious to see if anyone actually has seen there dogs in person.

In any case, I’ll keep looking for my dog.

George – Aug 12, 2020

Victim Location 33611

Total money lost $1,620

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had contacted this company about purchasing a puppy through their website. I immediately received an email from the email mentioned above. After some email communications regarding the puppy I agreed to purchase the dog. I received what looked like a contract between the seller and me and she advised that once all the paper work was completed then I would be receiving an email from her. I short time later she emailed me to say the paperwork is completed and that I would be receiving a email from the Pet Department regarding the shipment details of my dog. I received and email from Pet Customer Transportation Department advising I would need to pay $980 for a vented crate and that once I receive the puppy then they would immediately refund me $950 back and my only expense would be $30. After sending the $980 thru Western Union then I get another from the same company saying I would need to pay and addition $890 for pet insurance and it was required before they could ship the puppy. I called the number listed on the email and a man with a heavy accent said it was required and that I would be getting it back once the puppy arrived. At this point I knew I was scammed and told him he was a scammer and I would not be sending him another penny. /

Adam – Aug 10, 2020

I too am one of the many scammed by these people. I sent the $600 through zelle. Right after, I got the email to send the $980 to somebody named Jake at the airport, supposedly refundable on the puppy’s arrival. Contacted the airport security and found it was a scam. I have reported the incident to police, FTC, FBI, Go-daddy etc but no help getting the site taken down. It did teach me to do due diligence before, not after.

Caleb – Jul 15, 2020

Stay clear from “Jamie Brown” with greenergrass00
Everything felt legit until she put me in contact with an airport that wanted me to zelle them $980 to get a puppy to my airport and then hand me cash refund. Once I questioned the payment situation and sudden fee, both the breeder and airport email got quiet.
Avoid at all costs. Even with the contract. It’s all bull[censored]

Tyrone – Jun 23, 2020

Scammer’s phone (501) 300-3788

Scammer’s website Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club

Scammer’s address Little Rock, Arkansas

Scammer’s email[email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I was searching for boxer puppies online and ran across this website. Looks very legit. Contacted them through email about a specific puppy, and they responded immediately with information and additional pictures. Again very legit. Asked me to fill out a questionnaire (kind of like an interview for rehoming approval), so I did. They emailed me saying they were comfortable with us getting the puppy, so, I needed to agree to terms and condition and fill out a sales contract, then send a screenshot when payment was sent. So I did all that and my cash app refunded money as soon as I sent it “for my protection” RED FLAG ALERT! I should have known the discounted prices and free shipping for AR with a travel Nannie was too good to be true. I had my heart set in that pup too! I’m highly upset😡 oh and they stopped responding to my email as soon as payment was rejected. Now, I’m worried sick because some crook has my address!

Nicole – Jun 25, 2020

I’m glad I read this first, I got the same email back with puppy pics. I was getting ready to send them my questionnaire, but figured I should do some research on this place first. Pretty disappointed that it’s not legit, they had a really nice pup my wife was wanting for her birthday. I guess we’ll keep looking.
Thank you for the review.

Gloria – Apr 24, 2020

Victim Location 68137

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went online looking for a boxer puppy and their website looked legitimate to me. There wasn’t any address or names of the owners, however which should have tipped me off. I filled out my contact information and they emailed me almost immediately. They asked me to fill out a questionnaire which I did and then they said they felt comfortable selling the dog to me. I filled out what I thought was a contract which I gave my home address and phone number. After this they said that the dog would be shipped to me from North Carolina by plane with a companion and I would need to pick him up at the airport. they then asked me to download the cash app or zelle for payment of six hundred dollars which I tried to do but the cash app denied it and I got my money refunded. I then did some research and others have claimed they have actually lost money by this fraudulent website.

Renee – Jun 23, 2020

Same thing happened to us

Gabriel – Apr 17, 2020

Victim Location 75063

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We were searching online for a boxer puppy and noticed this website: https://certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club/ We replied requesting info about available puppies. We immediately received photos of multiple puppies along with their name, age (mos), and date available. We found one we really liked and priced at a discount, claiming they were expecting another litter soon. We replied expressing our interest and were sent a form to complete requesting info about us, our home environment, etc. which we completed online and returned. Upon receipt they sent us an email back expressing their approval along with a Sales Agreement for us to review, sign and return. This is when the first red flags surfaced!! The "Sales Agreement" included typos, misspellings, and what appeared to be a fake notary signature. The "Agreement" conveyed that for the agreed sales price they would transport the puppy by air, at no charge – since they had free airfare coupons. They would also include free toys, dog food, info about how to care for the puppy, etc. The puppy was to be personally delivered to our home address from the airport.

It was stated that they preferred payment via Zelle Pay or Cash App. Another pay option was for me to purchase an American Express gift card for the $600 sale price and email them a screen shot of the gift card (showing card number) along with the sales receipt. At this point I called the telephone provided on the "Sales Agreement". The phone was answered hello" by a male voice with a Hispanic accent. When I asked whom I was speaking with he asked for my name. I went ahead and gave it to him, curious as to what he would say. He paused for a moment and then said, "oh yes, we have your puppy ready to fly to you today, just awaiting payment". I asked about the specific flight the puppy would be arriving on and was told it would be emailed to me once the payment was received (by screenshot) of the opened gift card. RED FLAG!! I then searched online for puppy scams and found one listed by their name!

Sours: https://shackfeel.com/certified-akc-boxer-puppies-breeder-club/
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Who are Akcboxerpuppiesbreeder.club?

AKC Boxer Puppy Breeders

AKC Boxer Puppy Breeders, http://Akcboxerpuppiesbreeder.club, www.Akcboxerpuppiesbreeder.club

Email used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
Phone number used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
Names used: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
Physical address used*: NOT KNOWN, Please add to comments below
*Scammers use a physical address to appear more legitimate. The address will have no connection to the actual scam as they will be an innocent third  party

The trouble with a purchase like a puppy is that the internet is the most common place to look.
No-one wants to support cruel breeding farms, and most legitimate breeders have websites and also advertise online.
Criminals take advantage of this by creating their own websites and paying for advertising using stolen credit cards.

These scammers have multiple websites which sell other puppys besides boxers. They normally go for the most popular breeds as they can find the most victims.

If you enquire about one of their puppys they will offer you huge discounts. They will even throw in the best puppy food for your new puppy!

Akcboxerpuppiesbreeder.club will claim to deliver the puppy using a Fake Delivery company which is actually another scam website they set up in order to steal your money by charging for non existent delivery, veternary bills, medical insurance for your puppy as well as multiple other fees.

To see more scam websites involving boxer puppys have a look at Boxer Puppy Scams.

Who registered Akcboxerpuppiesbreeder.club?

Akcboxerpuppiesbreeder.club was registered on October 14, 2019 with GoDaddy.com, Inc. .

It was registered using the following details:

United States

These details are correct as of today (November 16, 2019) but the name and address could possibly belong to an innocent third party if the domain was registered using a stolen credit card.
Akcboxerpuppiesbreeder.club was registered using the email address EMAIL ADDRESS NOT KNOWN.
It was registered 1 months and 2 days ago. on October 14, 2019  and expires October 14, 2020.

To look at it another way, this “company” only started October 14, 2019 and does not plan to be using the website after October 14, 2020 as it has only a 1 year registration.

Would you trust these people enough to pay them money?

How can I shut down down a website?

Akcboxerpuppiesbreeder.club was registered with the domain registrar GoDaddy.com, Inc..
GoDaddy.com, Inc. have an email especially for domains that break their terms and conditions. Setting up a website with the sole intention of stealing money is definitely against GoDaddy.com, Inc.s Terms and Conditions!

To send an abuse report to GoDaddy.com, Inc. please click the red button below and complete the email to help shut down Akcboxerpuppiesbreeder.club!

Send ABUSE report Now

If you have any further information please post it in the comments section below. We are particularly interested in names, email address and phone numbers used by these scammers.


12 Responses

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If we have helped to warn you of a scam and you would like to thank us please share this post on social media, like our FaceBook page or follow us on Twitter. .
Sharing this article will increase the chances that a possible victims will see it before paying money to a scammer!

Sours: https://petscams.com/pet-scammer-list/akcboxerpuppiesbreeder-club/
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We’ve all heard about puppy scams, but how do you know whether your perfect puppy is coming from a scam website like Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club or a legitimate Boxer breeder site on the internet?  Can you tell the difference between a reputable breeder and Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club?

Nowadays, most people start their search for a Boxer puppy on the internet.  Some people might pick up their local paper and scan through the “for-sale” columns for a puppy, but most people search online first.

Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club - Boxer Puppy Scam Review

Current Screenshot of Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club.
HDM Logistics, http://Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club, www.Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club
To view Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club click here

A 2017 BBB investigation that found an increase of online pet scams in the U.S., with an “unusually high” number of scams targeting people in their late teens or 20s. In the report, PetScams.com claimed that at least 80 percent of the sponsored advertising links that appear in internet searches for pets may be fraudulent.

Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club is one of those scams. Using images stolen from genuine breeders websites, they advertise on classified websites as well as Google and Yahoo search.

Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club has already been reported on Petscams.com under Boxer scams

How does the average person determine if an offer is coming from a real person with real puppies to sell?  It is not as hard as it might seem.

Before you become hoodwinked by the cuteness, check out a few of these ideas.

Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club Scam or Legitimate Offer?

The easiest way to determine if you are working with a real person is to find a Boxer breeder near your own home.  If they give you their address and invite you to visit their home, you can’t go wrong.

Person to person contact is reassuring, but visiting the breeders’ home, seeing the puppies and the puppies’ parents make the interaction real.

Even if it takes an hour or two travel time to visit the breeder’s home, it is the best and safest way to assure you are buying a Boxer puppy that you have seen and approved.

If you found the Boxer of your choice that is not close by, insist on speaking to the breeder over Skype, Facetime or any other video conferencing software.

Ways to Detect Boxer Puppy Scams

1. The Offer Sounds Too Good to Be True

If it sounds too great, it probably is.  Excellent breeders will not sell their Boxer puppies for rock bottom prices.  It is not cheap to raise a litter.  Vet bills, health testing, food and supplements, time and effort go into a litter.

So, if the price seems too good, it probably is not legit.  If you have been checking the price of Boxer puppies that you are interested in buying and a puppy comes up that is way below the going price, there is a reason for it.  Read on for more information about prices.

2. Free or nearly free shipping:

Many scammers will offer shipping at a ridiculously low price with their choice of Pet Delivery Agency. Scammers entice you to purchase knowing that shipping is not going to be an added expense however, if you fall for the scam, the cost of shipping continues to grow almost daily.

Scammers will normally insist on shipping the puppy to you. They will make up 100 excuses for why you cannot pick up the puppy in person. This is because they will charge you much more for the shipping that you have paid for the puppy.

If you are adamant that you will pick up the puppy in person the scammer will eventually relent and arrange an appointment to meet.

Scammers do this as there is a possibility that you will relent and pay for shipping. It does not cost them anything if you insist on driving cross country to an address that has no connection with the scam.

There are several stories of home owners who were unaware that their address was being used as part of a Boxer puppy scam

 3. Whare are Arizona, United States located?

A genuine breeders website will have a location, phone number, email and probably social media links. This is because genuine breeders want to be contacted by what ever method is convenient to you.

Scammers spend time creating multiple new websites. It would take them a lot longer if they needed a new email, phone and address for each one. The simplify it by having as few methods of contact as possible

4. Written Communication and Poor Grammar

A scammer will often provide a phone number however they prefer to SMS unless you insist. This is because the majority of Puppy Scammers actually originate in Cameroon, West Africa. They prefer not to speak to you as this may arouse your suspicions. 

Scammers are also happy to correspond by email.  Read the email carefully.  The wording in the email should be proper English.  If you are in the US, scan the wording and determine if it is a native speaking US citizen.  The same applies to the UK, New Zealand, Australia or other English-speaking countries. Puppy scams often originate abroad.

Ask questions. If it is a scammer the first replies to your questions will be well written however this a script that they are coping and pasting. If you ask continue to ask questions about the puppy the scammers answers deteriorate and become much shorter.

If the response you receive seems odd, or does not conform to the local vernacular or how you would expect a native to speak or respond to your questions, chances are you are not corresponding with a local person.    While not a definite sign, that should at least send up a red flag.  Odd use of grammar is a telltale sign that you are not dealing with a native speaker.

5. No Visiting Permitted

There are very valid reasons why a breeder might not want to allow you full access to their kennel, but if you get the feeling that the person refuses to allow visits, there is a problem.  Some breeders will allow a visit to their home but not tours of their kennel facilities.

Do not immediately rule these breeders that refuse admittance to their kennels, as they may have a good reason for not allowing access to their kennels.  Infectious disease is one such reason.  Some breeders have been hurt by people visiting their kennels and introducing parasites or viruses.

For example, if you visit one site that may have a parvo outbreak and then travel to another breeder, you can unwittingly pass on the parvovirus to the dogs in the second kennel creating a biohazard to the breeder.  One such instance is likely to prompt the breeder to close off the kennel to outside pathogens.

There is no excuse for a Boxer breeder to not have a video call with you. If you are going to spend a lot of money on a puppy they should oblige you with a video call!

6. Website: The Telltale Clue of Puppy Scams

Many scammers provide extensive lists of testimonials.  Now, there is nothing wrong with a testimonial, but when you cannot confirm the legitimacy of the person providing the testimonial, you should question their authenticity. You can search part of the text to see if the testimonial has been used on other scam websites.

There are normally beautiful photos of small puppies all appearing to be between 6 weeks and 12 weeks. Study the photographs well. If the photos look professional then they should all share the same background as they would have been taken at the same time.
If they are not professionally taken then they should all be of the same quality and appear to be from the same location.

The site normally will have little actual information about the puppy other than a fake birthdate and a price.  If there is information about the breed you can use Copyscape to see if the content has been stolen.

7.  No Physical Address

Do you have a real physical address of the person you are sending money to?  Google it to see if it exists.  Do not accept a PO box for an address.

Many breeders have been hurt by people who send bad checks, but if the payment requirement seems odd, such as a Walmart money order, postal money order, Western Union, Zelle or other anonymous money transfer you may want to do a bit more research.

Do not pay with Paypal “Friends and Family” as this offers no protection.

You may find many legitimate sites that accept these types of payments, but contact them before you send any money.

8. Photos Virtually Nonexistent but Surprisingly, a video exists.

A site that can only provide pictures of an 8 or 9-week-old puppy may be a scam.  Can they provide the pictures of the puppy’s parents or grandparents?  At the very least, they should be able to provide a picture of the puppy’s mother.

If they have no pictures of the puppy prior to 8 weeks old, that should send up a red flag.  Most good breeders will start photographing their puppies from birth onward.

Can they keep you up to date with pictures of the puppy as they grow?  Many scam sites will only have one or two pictures of a puppy that is 8 or 9 weeks old.  Ask to see newborn pictures.

Where did the video come from?  It is relatively easy to steal a video or ask a legitimate breeder to send you photos and videos.  Once the scammer has both in his possession, it is simple to add them online.

Ask for a new video of the puppy you are buying. Tell them that you want your name and their website written on a piece of paper in the video. Use this format:

Boxer Puppy for [YOUR NAME].

This is easy for a breeder to do but virtually impossible for a scammer.

9. The Urgency to Ship Right Away

The urgency to ship your puppy right away often within 24 hours is a big red flag.  What’s the hurry.  They want your money.  Ask them if they can ship in two weeks and see what they say? Beyond that, there is no way that someone can secure a flight that quickly. It just doesn’t happen.

Doing Research on the Web will Uncover Puppy Scams

Tin Eye, a Reverse Image Search Engine

Tin Eye is a reverse image search and can tell you where any photos on the web originate.  If the puppy pictures were stolen from another website, this site would find the original source.

Check out the Owner of the Website at Whois

Whois is a database that will allow you to look at the person who owns the site.  It should provide identifiable information about the website owner, their host server, where the host is located and the and IP Address.

Look for the date the website was established.  If it is recent, it could mean you are dealing with puppy scams.  Scammers’ websites do not stay up for very long.

According to Whois, Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club was registered with GoDaddy.com, Inc. on March 1, 2020 which was only 20 days ago.. It only has a 1 year registration. This unusually short for a genuine website but is common for a scam website.

Scammers often use privacy protection to hide their details but also use false information. The information used to register Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club is:

  • Name: Domains By Proxy, LLC
  • Email: Not Known
  • Location: Arizona, United States

The website for Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club is hosted on the following name servers: Not found on Whois

You can send a Domain Abuse Report to GoDaddy.com, Inc. by clicking the button and completing the form.

Does the Site Include Links to Social Media?

Are they on any social media sites?  Scammers often display links to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest order to look legitimate however the links do not lead to a brand page.

Not all good breeders are on social media, but many are on at least one form of social media, often Facebook.  Ask to chat with them on their Facebook page.  Do they have Skype?  Some breeders use this form of communication.  It is worthwhile to see what their Skype number is and contact them there.

You’ve Been Scammed, Now What

There is no guarantee that you will recover your losses, but there are a few things you still should do. The more places you report it, the better chance you have to shut Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club down.

  1. Stop sending money to anyone connected with Certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder.club
  2. Visit the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center and file a report.
  3. Report it to the Better Business Bureau here
  4. Report it to the Federal Trade Commission here
  5. File a complaint with your local police department.

It truly feels horrible when you discover you have been a victim of puppy scams.  The emotional loss of know the puppy you already started to love will never be yours.  Losing money, not matter what your financial situation is difficult to take.

Please take some time to recover your loss before you begin to look again.  File reports with as many agencies that you can find.  This helps put these puppy scammers out of business.

Lastly, and this is truly the hardest, don’t fall emotionally in love with a beautiful puppy pictures until you’ve done your due diligence.

Sours: https://puppyscam.com/boxers/certifiedboxerpuppiesbreeder-club-boxers-breeder-scam-review/

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