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GTA Online: The 10 Best Vehicles In The Game, Ranked

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Thriving in San Andreas requires a great set of wheels. What are the best vehicles in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto Online?

Vehicles are one of the many necessities in GTA Online. After all, a player needs to be able to get from point A to point B without the need to steal a vehicle. Some of the transports in the game seem like a great idea to purchase.

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These vehicles may have weapons, fast speed, or armor, but that doesn't mean they are worth the price the player will pay. Other vehicles are worth the cash and more as they will defend people or get them to where they need to go in the blink of an eye.

Updated June 8th, 2021 by Aden Carter: With every passing month and new update, GTA Online's best vehicles roster changes, especially since a player's favorite option depends on the price they are willing to pay. Some vehicles are capable of amazing offroad capabilities, while others will keep a player and their friends safe from an onslaught of rockets as they ride down the streets of Los Santos. Plenty of vehicles are sure to be added in the future, but for now, Los Santos has plenty to offer players in terms of vehicles.

10 Insurgent/Insurgent Pick-Up

  • $897,750 Standard Insurgent Price
  • $675,000 Insurgent Trade Price
  • $1,795,000 Standard Insurgent Pick-up price
  • $1,350,000 Insurgent Pick-up Trade Price

Think of the Insurgent and Insurgent Pick-Up as the absolute tanks of GTA Online. These two beefy cars aren't the most expensive vehicles and can each take multiple missiles before eventually blowing up.

These two vehicles are some of the must-buy cars for newer players since they are heavily armored and have great bulletproofing. These cars are not the fastest of the bunch but they will get the job done. The only difference between the two is the pick-up version has a mounted machine gun for players who like to play with friends.

9 Ramp Buggy

  • $3,192,000 Standard Price
  • 2,400,000 Trade Price

The Ramp Buggy is a vehicle that many people have been hesitant to buy, but some get a taste of its power from the mission involving it. The Ramp Buggy is fast and deadly despite not having any weapons. No matter what vehicle the Ramp Buggy goes up against, it can toss it aside.

Other vehicles with ramps like the Phantom Wedge or the various Arena War options don't even stand a chance against the Ramp Buggy. This vehicle will leave anything on four wheels in its dust.

8 Stromberg

  • $3,185,350 Standard Price
  • $2,395,000 Trade Price

This may seem like a silly choice, but the Stromberg is one of the best vehicles to use online. The reason for this is the missiles, which are some of the best on any vehicle because they have very aggressive tracking.

Many players use the Stromberg when someone in the lobby gets out of hand with an Oppressor Mk II because it is one of the few vehicles that can hit it. The Stromberg does come with underwater capabilities as well, but that feature is only useful during underwater missions like the Kosatka prep mission.

7 Toreador

  • $3,660,000 Standard Price
  • No Trade Price

The Toreador, much like the Stromberg, is designed to be used underwater as well as on land. It is capable of driving through the water in submarine mode or flying across the city streets in its wheels. Part of what makes the Toreador slightly better than the Stromberg is its boosters.

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Much like Vigilante or the Rocket Voltic, the Toreador can activate its boosters to get a nice increase in speed to escape any pursuits. This vehicle is also capable of taking six homing rockets before exploding or two RPGs.

6 Deluxo

  • $4,721,500 Standard Price
  • $3,550,000 Trade Price

The Deluxo is immediately recognizable as the flying DeLorean from Back To The Future. Rockstar added this vehicle back in the Doomsday Heist update and it has since been a fan favorite. There are cars that travel much faster, but this is the only one that can fly.

The Deluxo has great missiles and a tracker to remind people how many they have left. Thanks to its hover ability, this vehicle can also travel anywhere in the game, including over water. This car makes it easy to complete missions without the worry of roads or enemies. Plus, it makes escaping the cops a breeze.

5 Sparrow

  • $1,815,000 Standard Price
  • No Trade Price

The Sparrow is an underappreciated vehicle. Of course, this helicopter can only be purchased once a player has bought the Kosatka. The Sparrow is worth the extra money spent on it since it is one of, if not the fastest helicopter in the game.

The Sparrow is capable of outrunning the Oppressor MKII and has additional missiles that can be attached to it so it can defend itself. Owning this vehicle makes completing the Cayo Perico heist setup missions a breeze.

4 Mobile Operations Center

  • $1,225,000 - $2,790,000 Standard Price depending on options chosen

The MOC or Mobile Operations Center isn't a vehicle many players think of for its uses outside of the truck bed in the back. Sure, most players know that can use the MOC to start missions, upgrade weapons, and modify vehicles, but it is actually better than many people realize.

When a player detaches the cab from the front, they can use it to complete missions. This cab is actually pretty fast and can also keep a player relatively safe from outside sources. The cab can take upwards of fifteen to twenty rockets before it gets destroyed. That is better than any other vehicle in the game.

3 Kosatka

  • $2,200,000 - $9,085,000 Standard Price depending on options chosen

The Kosatka is one of the newer vehicles added to GTA Online. This submarine can be called in and out of the water easily from the interaction menu and has some pretty amazing features. For one, it costs only $2,000 to fast travel across the map. That is a far cheaper price than the $25,000 it takes to fast travel using the yacht.

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The Kosatka is also the vehicle needed to start and complete the Cayo Perico heist. This heist can get even solo players a ton of money to use for future vehicles. Oh, and it has remote-controlled rockets. Why not buy it. right?

2 Cargobob

  • $2,200,000 Standard Price
  • No Trade Price

The Cargobob is one of those helicopters that doesn't seem like it would be high on any list of valuable vehicles, however, it can help players make a ton of money. There are plenty of players who like to do vehicle warehouse work.

The jobs from this have players go pick up vehicles across the city and deliver them back to the warehouse. Any bumps and hits cause the value of the vehicle to decrease along the way. A great way to avoid this is to pick the vehicles up with the Cargobob and fly them over. Plus this vehicle can be used to troll players by stealing their cars.

1 Oppressor Mk II

  • $3,890,250 Standard Price
  • $2,925,000 Trade Price

The best choice for players who want something that is extremely versatile, the Oppressor Mk II is the other flying vehicle in the game. Maneuvering this motorcycle takes a little getting used to, but it handles very well and can easily get a player away from enemies who want to gun them down.

The Oppressor Mk II hovers over the ground and can fly over water as well. If a player purchases the Terrorbyte, they can use it to upgrade the Oppressor with rockets that have extremely aggressive tracking and almost always hit their target. Getting the trade price for this vehicle is also easy since it only takes five client missions to unlock.

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What is the biggest vehicle in GTA V?

What is the biggest vehicle in GTA V?

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online The Dump is a large vehicle, being one of the, if not the largest land-vehicles in the entire Grand Theft Auto series.

Can you transport cars in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online The trailer holds the entire skeletal tube structure in a double-decker design, where each section are able to carry up to three cars, secured in the ramp floors.

Can the Bombushka carry cars?

Players and Vehicles aren’t allowed in the back of the Bombushka anymore… With the recent update, they added a collision to the back of the plane so that even when the cargo bay door is open, you cannot get inside.

What is the best truck in GTA V?

GTA V & GTA Online: List of All Off-Road Vehicles Ranked by Overall Rating

  1. BF Ramp Buggy. 69.94% Top Speed: 113.00 mph – Price: $3,192,000.
  2. Bravado Sasquatch (Arena) 65.09%
  3. Maxwell Vagrant. 63.87%
  4. Nagasaki BF400. 63.03%
  5. Nagasaki Blazer Aqua. 62.56%
  6. Cheval Marshall. 62.22%
  7. Vapid Desert Raid. 61.41%
  8. Vapid Trophy Truck. 61.41%

What helicopter can pick up cars in GTA?

cargobob helicopter

Do you even lift GTA V?

Do You Even Lift? is a Premium Deluxe Repo Work Mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Arena War update, released on May 2, 2019, during the Survival Week event. It is given to the players by Simeon Yetarian and is available from 1 to 4 players.

Can you pick up cars with the Cargobob?

Nope, only way is to drag it on to a car. It’s retarded, it should be easier. Try left to right and then front to back, certain cars hook easier than others .. it’s pretty frustrating ..

Can you be a police in GTA 5?

You must know that there is no police academy in GTA 5, where you can apply. Ironically, the only way that you can become a police officer in the game is by stealing a police car. However, this is an illegal way of joining the forces.

Does the army come after you in GTA 5?

If you’re next to Fort Zancudo only the army will come after you, which is fun because it means no helicopters.

Is there a way to sneak into the military base on GTA 5?

For anyone looking for an easy way into the military base, you can just roll off the hill and over the fence on the north side… At the north end of the tunnel and to the left, there is a hill that if you get enough speed you can ramp your car up and over the fence. That’s how I have been getting in.

Can you take over the military base in GTA 5?

You can’t take over the base, but you can steal stuff and get a 5 star wanted level.

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That is controllable by the player?
There is a massive jumbo jet in the hangar at Las venturas Airport.

FC: Jer - 2939 - 0728 - 8319

Probably the Boeing in San Andreas.

Or the train.

Patrolling through the GameFaqs boards almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

Probably the AT-400 from GTA San Andreas. It's a large 2 engine passenger plane, you know like the ones you see in the sky every day.

The Andromeda is pretty big too, but I think you need a mod in order to actually fly it. It's based off the real life american C-141. It's actually smaller than the AT-400 in the game because you can easily fit an andromeda on the abandoned airfield runway but the AT-400 doesn't even fit halfway through.

Yo Buddy, Still Alive? // Gt: Days ofvThunder

Non-flying Dune, in LV at the arena when you unlock it, is pretty big, and it's fast.

||^^//|||^^||| ||^\|^|| ||^^_// says
||__|| ||___|| ||_|\_|| //__||> same sig, different day

AT-400 as most said is the biggest aircraft.
Biggest boat is probably the Tug in GTA IV
Biggest land vehicle would probably be the Dumper in GTA SA.

And the Andromeda in the mission is quite a bit larger than the actual flyable variant. I have always wondered why.

The largest helicopter is probably the Cargobob from GTA SA.

^^That f**** large truck??? yeah i agree and i also say at 400 is the largest vehicle overall its a frickign jumbojet...

keyword JUMBO.

"Im not saying thats how it should be"
"Im Saying thats how it is"

I'd agree the jet in SA is the largest jet. Tug, definitely the largest boat. The dump truck is big too. But for regular vehicles, the monster.

Here I sit in a void, stuck between old and new.
FC:2509 1956 2112

I'd be cool if GTA V had aircraft carriers that you could drive around and land and take off from w/ Hydras. Also the 747 from SA is easliy the biggest.


Ranking The 20 Best Grand Theft Auto V Vehicles

Grand Theft Auto V is still an incredibly popular game and has accumulated an enormous player base by continually adding fresh content. New vehicles are among the ongoing changes present in GTA V. And they are very expensive, which is why most people only have a few supercars.

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It isn't unheard of, however, for someone to own most of the fastest cars in the game. The price of a single-vehicle can cost over $1 million, and a typical heist will award you money in the hundreds of thousands. Vehicle performance, designs, and cost were all factored into the ranking as we explore some of the best vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V.

Updated June 22, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: It's wild to see just how relevant Grand Theft Auto V still is, courtesy of an active online community in the form of GTA Online. That is easily one of the most enjoyable online sandboxes players can explore in gaming history. A big part of what makes Grand Theft Auto V such an incredible and polished title is its driving mechanics, which are on par with most devoted racing games — if not surpassing them altogether. For players who want to enjoy these driving mechanics to the fullest, they can certainly try out the following vehicles that are quite possibly the best cars in GTA V.

20 Pegassi Tezeract

A design that combines the best of the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio and SRT Tomahawk into one insanely speedy package, the Pegassi Tezeract is a vehicle that no fan of supercars in Grand Theft Auto V should miss out on.

Easily one of the best cars in GTA V, The Pegassi Tezeract can be bought in GTA Online for a total of $2,825,000 and reaches a whopping top speed of 125.50 mph.

19 Pegassi Zorrusso

The Pegassi Zorrusso is easily one of the sleekest cars in Grand Theft Auto V and a must-have for any player seeking out the best cars in GTA V for their own garage.

The design of this vehicle is based on the real-life Italdesign Zerouno and ends up being a worthy homage to this vehicle with its beautiful look and incredible speed.

18 Progen Emerus

Any fan of the McLaren Senna would feel right at home with the Progen Emerus — an excellent supercar in GTA V that is quite a blast to drive with its amazing 127.25 mph.

Be prepared to shell out a pretty penny for this excellent vehicle, however — the Progen Emerus will set most players back a whopping $2,750,000 in GTA Online.

17 Overflod Autarch

The Overflod Autarch has one of the best designs in Grand Theft Auto V, with this car's design being a combination of several real-life vehicles including the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003 and the Koenigsegg One:1.

On the road, the Overflod Autarch is an absolute beast that will help players absolutely zoom across long roads and highways at breakneck speed, making for more of the more fun driving experiences in the game.

16 Lampadati Tigon

The Los Santos Summer Special update brought with it a ton of content for GTA Online... including the Lampadati Tigon, one of the best cars in GTA V by a country mile.

It's clear that the De Tomaso P72 was a major inspiration for this vehicle, with the design of the Lampadati Tigon exuding brilliance at every angle.

15 Annis S80RR

The Diamond Casino & Resort update for Grand Theft Auto Online introduced a few new vehicles to the game for players to test out. The Annis S80 RR is an incredibly fast supercar that is the premier endurance racer in its class.

The Annis is based on the Nissan R90C with modified Jaguar parts and can compete with any supercar's top speed. Where the Annis really elevates itself is with the superior handling, which blows other vehicles away at high speeds, making it one of the most valuable vehicles from 2019's update.

14 Sparrow Helicopter

While the Sparrow helicopter isn't as versatile or as fast or as flashy as some of the other helicopters available in GTA Online, it is not without its charm. The Sparrow first appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City before it returned to the franchise with The Cayo Perico Heist update.

Fans of Adam West's Bat-Copter from the hit 60s TV series will love the bubble cockpit and familiar design of the vehicle, while players will enjoy the weaponized minigun and missiles that further entice it for fans looking to add a unique helicopter to their hangar.

13 Mammoth Thruster Jetpack

2017's The Doomsday Heist update finally introduced the Mammoth Thruster jetpack, which had been teased by Rockstar for years. More specifically, the long-running Mount Chiliad mystery appeared to imply that there was a hidden jetpack in the game that was never found by dedicated secret hunters.

Thankfully the jetpack was introduced and while it isn't always the easiest to control and can be difficult to aim while in a shoot-out, the Mammoth Thruster is still one of the best vehicles in the game to cruise across the skies in, just to pay off years of teases with long-time fans.

12 P-996 LAZER

While the Grand Theft Auto franchise is well-known for including all kinds of vehicles for players to explore, there haven't been that many fighter jets. Thankfully GTA V introduced the incredible Jobuilt P-996 LAZER fighter jet for fans to purchase online if they have enough money.

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The P-996 LAZER is one of the most expensive vehicles in the game, which makes it a must-have for some players. But it is also heavily weaponized with an explosive cannon that can take out heavily-armored vehicles, plus it is incredibly fast. All of these properties combined make it one of the best vehicles to add to your hangar.

11 Pegassi Oppressor MK II Hoverbike

The insanely fun hoverbike from Pegassi known as the Oppressor Mk II, which was first introduced to Red Dead Online as part of the After Hours update. The original Oppressor was a fast custom sports bike that first appeared in the Gunrunning update, but the new and improved version loses the wheels and takes to the skies.

While the Oppressor can be a difficult vehicle to steer in the sky until payers get more familiar with it, there's no doubt that it's one of the fastest thanks to a rocket-powered jet and the most maneuverable given its size, once the flight controls are mastered, of course.

10 Ocelot XA-21

Ocelot XA-21 has the body of a hypercar, but in actuality is a supercar. The vehicle is one of the most expensive to buy in Grand Theft Auto V, retailing for $2,375,000. You'll have to complete several online heists to afford this car or dozens of regular missions. Some people may opt to purchase the car through microtransactions; it may be worth the cost.

It is likely that the Ocelot XA-21 was inspired by the Jaguar C-X75. Bearing similarities to vehicles such as the McLaren P1 and the Koenigsegg Regera give it a legacy to live up to. Ocelot XA-21 is not only beautiful but will also give opposing players trouble in a race.

9 Pegassi Infernus

The Infernus has been in Grand Theft Auto games since Grand Theft Auto 3. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the Infernus was one of the top vehicles in terms of speed and handling. It is worth noting that the Infernus is based on the design of a Lamborghini.

Even in Grand Theft Auto V, the Infernus remains one of the most desirable vehicles. In past Grand Theft Auto games, the Infernus competed for the top spot with the Cheetah. Even today, the rivalry between the two cars exists

8 Emperor ETR1

According to the website, Emperor ETR1 has a top speed of 195 MPH, a weight of 1,400 KG, and can be purchased for $1,995,000. Admirable stats, but not the best value for its cost.

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The design of the Emperor ETR1 was likely inspired by cars such as the Lexus LF Lc Vision Gran Turismo, the Gazoo Racing Lexus LFA, and possibly the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3. If its giant rear spoiler doesn't impress, then its carbon-plated underside might. The vehicle is more than fast enough to meet your daily GTA V needs.

7 Entity XF

It isn't the fastest hypercar, but the Entity XF has exceptional handling for the speeds it can reach. If you're looking to ride one of the smoothest cars in the games, it is recommended to take the Entity XF for a spin.

Cars in Grand Theft Auto games are based on real vehicles but are given fictitious names. Without a doubt, the Entity XF is based on the design of a Koenigsegg CCX. A few changes were added to the Grand Theft Auto version, but regardless, the Entity XF remains a desirable vehicle.

6 Grotti Turismo R

Grand Theft Auto V's developers are becoming more and more creative with vehicle design. Instead of merely copying the design of a real vehicle, Rockstar has taken a different approach to its cars. Mixing vehicle designs with other designs produce a line of hybrid cars that are jaw-droppingly brilliant.

Grotti Turismo R's design was heavily inspired by the McLaren P1 and the Ferrari LaFerrari. It is possible that some of the vehicle's features were inspired by the Lamborgini Sesto Elemento and the Arash AF8. Driving this car in first-person is unreal.

5 Progen Itali GTB Custom

While previous Grand Theft Auto games only included a few supercars, Rockstar North has added numerous to their game. The amount of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V is less but not far off from the amount in Forza Horizon, Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios' open-world racing game.

The Progen Itali GTB Custom, which retails for $495,000, was added as a part of the Import/Export update. The update included several supercars, sports cars, and other vehicles. It appears as if the design of the Itali GTB Custom was inspired by a few different McLarens.

4 Pegassi Zentorno

This stunning hypercar was introduced as part of the High Life Update. The High Life Update brought vehicles such as the Dewbauchee Massacro, the Enus Huntley S, the Vapid Dominator, and of course the Pegassi Zentorno. Zentorno's headlights may have been inspired by an Acura NSX.

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Its sleek design reminds us of the Lamborgini Veneno. This car has above-average handling and can give most other hypercars a problematic time in racing. Zentorno is another high-powered Pegassi product found in Grand Theft Auto V.

3 Grotti X80 Proto

This prototype hypercar is fast enough that it couldn't be possibly street legal. Grand Theft Auto V breaks all the rules to give players an experience like none other. Purchasing the Grotti X80 Proto for a whopping $2,700,000 is a justifiable purchase for some players.

The design of the Grotti X90 Proto was likely inspired by the Ferrari F80 Concept and possibly the Lamborghini Veneno. Its top speed is less than other supercars, yet it seems like this car should be a display-only vehicle.

2 Vapid FMJ

Although not the fastest car in the game, it is costly. Purchasing the Vapid FMJ will cost you $1,750,000. A few vehicles come to mind when thinking about the Vapid FMJ. Cars such as the 2017 Ford GT and the Aston Martin Vulcan likely influenced the Vapid FMJ's design.

This car has a rear spoiler and a streamlined appearance, which makes it suitable for racing. The production value of Grand Theft Auto V is out of this world. It contains one of the most extensive car lineups we've ever seen to date.

1 Dewbauchee Vagner

The Dewbauchee Vagner is one of the fastest cars in Grand Theft Auto V. Unless you're not into fast hypercars, almost anyone would want to own this vehicle. It takes time and dedication to purchase this car. The Vagner retails for $1,535,000 and has a design that is heavily inspired by the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

Alternatively, instead of trying to raise $1.5 million, the vehicle could be bought indirectly through microtransactions. Thankfully, Grand Theft Auto V does microtransactions correctly by not restricting gameplay but adding the option to increase your bank account.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Launches Next Month

In the immortal words of LL Cool J: “Don’t call it a comeback.” Or do… just don’t call it a “remaster” or a “reboot.”

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