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Try out these stunning and effective Christian designs from Sharefaith while we are offering free Christan clipart, free Church PowerPoints, free bulletin covers, and a variety of other free images. Each free design comes in a variety of formats, eps, png, jpg, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, depending on the type of image. All the graphics from Sharefaith are high quality images, ready to use. The free video loops, free motion video backgrounds and free worship backgrounds can be downloaded to your system and will work with all the major worship arts software packages. Once you try these free Christian graphics, we're sure you'll see find that a membership to Sharefaith will be a great value to you and your Church or Ministry.

Important Notice: These images are copyright protected by Sharefaith (Faithclipart.com) and are intended only for personal use. You may not modify, distribute, resell, edit or incorporate any of these graphics for any other purpose than for which they are intended.

Sours: https://www.sharefaith.com/feature/free-christian-art.html

Best Church PowerPoint Templates

Nearly any pastor or speaker who uses Christian PowerPoints is interested in having the best PowerPoint sermons, Pastor PowerPoints, and Christian PowerPoint templates that he can possibly have. Having the best sermon PowerPoints is possible, in part, by having good design skills. Reading a few of the articles on PowerPoints will help give you those rudimentary skills. Beyond that, here are some of the features of the best church PowerPoint templates.

The best church PowerPoint templates are interesting. This point seems obvious, but it’s worth thinking about. People won’t want to look at boring pastor PowerPoints. Interesting imagery, colorful slides, readable text, and other features will make your sermon PowerPoints into the best church PowerPoint templates out there. Here’s an example of an attenti0n-grabbing PowerPoint.

Redeemed PowerPoint Sermon Template | slide 1

The best church PowerPoints will feature variety. Variety is the spice of PowerPoint life. What we mean by this is not that a single sermon should display a different theme on every slide in the sermon. Instead, it’s okay to vary the layout and overall look of the slide. You’ll see what we mean by the image below, which displays a variety of various slide images for the same PowerPoint sermon.

The best church PowerPoints display relevant imagery. For church PowerPoints and Christian PowerPoints, our subject matter is unique. That’s why just the stock templates from Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote aren’t the best for our purposes. Christian PowerPoint templates should have a theme, like the one below:

Resurrection Sunday PowerPoint Sermon | slide 1

The best church PowerPoints often display realism in photography. Clipart—those distracting little images on the PowerPoint displays of yesteryear—are not really in vogue today. Instead, a good sermon PowerPoint template display will feature realistic-looking photos and templates. See the one below.

Prepare the Way Easter PowerPoint Template | slide 1

The best church PowerPoints display a unified look. Unity and theme are so important, as explained in another article. Find a church PowerPoint template that displays unity throughout all the slides. Each PowerPoint sermon from Sharefaith features numerous PowerPoint slides that all have the same theme.

The best church PowerPoints strategically use color. Most of us are tuned in to color. We want to see color in our worship PowerPoints and sermon slides. Our eyes are automatically programmed to look at colorful images. This principle can and should be put to good use when you’re looking for the best church PowerPoints.

The best church PowerPoints are expressive of a theme. Finally, good church PowerPoint templates convey a theme. A PowerPoint sermon is not an abstract visual aid to a pointless theme. The whole idea is to convey a big idea—a theme. You can make your PowerPoint sermon work for you by emphasizing  that theme. Remember, don’t rely on your PowerPoint sermon. That’s a mistake. Instead, make your PowerPoint an aid to what you’re saying, by making sure that it carries your theme forward.

Passion of the Christ Easter Sermon | slide 1

Ready to design the best PowerPoint sermon of your life? Get started now.

We’re putting the Power back in PowerPoint sermons.


Sours: https://www.sharefaith.com/blog/2011/03/church-powerpoint-templates/
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Church PowerPoint Templates, Christian PPT Backgrounds, Catholic PPT templates, Spiritual PowerPoint Backgrounds

Inspire devotion and reverence in your audience with our appealing religious church PowerPoint templates, themes, visuals and graphics. Every slide design was created so that you can touch the hearts of the audience. These Christian PPT templates slides are designed for sermons, prayers, festivals and holy ceremonies. These church PowerPoint slides designs are based on customs and religious symbols in Christianity. Just go to our website and choose the desired template or background. Our collection includes worshipful Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and other religion PPT slides and diagrams as powerful tools for revealing the tenets, ideologies, activities, services and beliefs of your cherished religion. Use these in your Bible PowerPoint templates presentations and Jesus Christ PPT slideshows or Religious and Festival PowerPoint presentations and people and Lifestyle PPT presentations showing a variety of images like the Bible, Jesus Christ and rosary beads. Our catholic PowerPoint templates can be used by church groups or those giving Christian religious sermons. These are ready-to-use spiritual PowerPoint templates themes that can enhance and visually communicate teachings on a variety of religious topics. With our awesome easy-to-use church PowerPoint templates designs, you can make that perfect religious presentation to amaze your audience and touch their hearts.

Sours: https://www.slideteam.net/powerpoint-templates/religion.html
Church PowerPoint Template Backgrounds - DigitalOfficePro #00426

20+ Church, Christian & Religious PowerPoint Templates (Free Church PPT)

20+ Church, Christian & Religious PowerPoint Templates (Free Church PPT)

Are you looking to create a stunning church presentation for your next sermon? Finding the right church PowerPoint templates, or Christian PowerPoint templates can be a hassle as not every template is well suited for the job. Whilst there are limited options for specific sermon use, that doesn’t mean there are not great options out there.

We’ve collected a range of PowerPoint templates from premium and free sources that will suit your next church presentation perfectly. Many of these templates that are suited to professional or even casual presentation applications will make your next service leave a lasting impression giving you the ability to adapt them to your work.

Everything from sermon PowerPoint templates, worship PowerPoint templates, religion PowerPoint templates, and Christianity PowerPoint templates can all be found within our list.

Read on to see our collection of premium and free church PowerPoint templates!

Church – Worship PowerPoint Templates

Church is a stunning template specifically designed for sermon use. Providing over 50 unique slide designs, a range of color themes, and much more, Church is guaranteed to provide one of the best sermon PowerPoint templates that you will come to love.

Spiritual – Christianity PowerPoint Templates

Spiritual is a highly flexible multipurpose PowerPoint template that is perfect for your next Church service. It provides over 150 unique slide designs, across 5 different iconic color themes and a range of infographics and master slides for you to enjoy!

Candelu – Sermon PowerPoint Templates

Candelu is a sleek and modern presentation theme that is well suited to any religious presentation setting. Sporting a minimalistic design, it manages to strip away the flash and present your information clearly and without any bells and whistles. One of the best worship PowerPoint templates out there!

Urteo – Sermon Powerpoint Templates

Urteo is a fantastically designed multi-purpose PowerPoint template, providing a wide range of slide options that you can easily adapt to sermon use. It offers over 100 unique slides, a fully editable PowerPoint file, and much more!

Fundraiser – Church Powerpoint Templates

Sometimes the best tool for the job is one that isn’t trying to overload you with style. Check out this minimalistic PowerPoint template that does just that, providing you with a great foundation to build your presentation in style. Loaded with 80 plus unique slides, multiple themes, and a range of awesome features you can use in a pinch.

Christmast – Christian PowerPoint Templates

Creating your own PowerPoint presentation from the ground up can be a labor-intensive job. That’s why when looking for Christianity PowerPoint templates it’s best to stick with great multipurpose options. Christmast provides a versatile format, equipped with a wide range of features, to get you started the right way.

Humanio – Spiritual PowerPoint Templates

Humanio is a gorgeous PowerPoint template that is fashioned in the smooth wash of greys and dark blues. It provides an easy-on-the-eyes format for your next church charity and donations presentation and comes with 30 slides in total, image placeholders, and much more!

Gorewa – Worship PowerPoint Templates

Gorewa is a powerhouse of a presentation template, coming designed in a sleek and modern minimalist aesthetic. It is equipped with two distinct themes, 60 slide designs, 2 color themes to choose from, and drag and drop functionality.

Sunday – Religion PowerPoint Templates

Sunday is a multi-purpose platform that can be easily transformed into a worship PowerPoint template, or a religion PowerPoint template in general. Whilst Sunday doesn’t do anything special, sometimes that’s what is required. It provides 50 easy-to-use slide designs that make a fantastic-looking presentation.

Charity Christianity PowerPoint Templates

If you’re looking for a ppt to highlight the church’s charitable work or ask for donations, then you can’t go wrong with this beautiful template. Using a colorful aesthetic, it comes with 50 slide designs, shared across different themes, each coming with its own image placeholders and much more!

Mosear – Spiritual PowerPoint Templates

Mosear is a history-styled PowerPoint template that is often used to show off interesting pieces of history. If you’re looking to provide a captivating sermon on the history of the bible, and the events behind it, you couldn’t find a better companion for the job than Mosear.

Holly Jolly – Christmas Sermon PowerPoint Templates

Holly Jolly is a beautifully crafted PowerPoint template that is versatile enough to meet your Christmas sermon needs. Offering 30 different slide designs, shared across distinct theme designs, Holly Jolly has everything you need to make your next sermon something special.

Antique – Church PowerPoint Templates

Antique is a PowerPoint template that easily provides a professional antique aesthetic. Whilst usually used for exhibit-styled content, the slide designs of Antique can easily be adapted to sermon-styled presentation formats.

Church PowerPoint Templates

church powerpoint templates

This product will help you turns ideas into persuasive presentations to communicate your messages clearly, meet your goals, and exceed expectations in everything from thought leadership and sales to everyday employee communication.

Charity & Donations PowerPoint Templates

church powerpoint templates

Charity & Donations Powerpoint Template is designed for the fundraiser presentations. A very good option for religious. and spiritual purposes as well.

Religious PowerPoint Templates

church powerpoint templates

Now you don’t need to spend time preparing complicated slides. Just download this presentation and replace text and images in a few clicks. Have more time preparing your speech.

Charl – Church PowerPoint Templates

church powerpoint templates

Engaging new client, investor, and customer is also easier when your audience understand your message and have the same vision about your big picture. Take a change to Download our Charl Charity powerpoint presentation templates. The clean layout will make your content structurized and presented in a correct flow.

Free Church PowerPoint Templates

It’s not uncommon for many of us not to have access to the extra coin that premium templates require. Thankfully, there is a range of free church PowerPoint templates, free bible PowerPoint templates, and free spiritual templates for you to enjoy!

Take a look at our selection of free religious PowerPoint backgrounds and templates:

Catholic Church – Free Religious PowerPoint Templates

Catholic Church is a PowerPoint template that is beaming with personality. With large image placeholder settings, across unique slide designs, it is a PowerPoint template that is well suited to your sermon presentation needs.

Virgin Mary – Free Religious PowerPoint Backgrounds And Templates

The Virgin Mary is an icon of devout believers of the Lord and serves as an icon in the Faith to this very day. Now with this template style, you can bring the image of the Virgin Mary to life in an absolutely stunning fashion.

Free Bible PowerPoint Templates

The Bible template is designed as a standard, and simple, sermon-styled template. Offering everything you need to craft up your sermon ppt in style from a range of custom slides to a tutorial to help guide you through the process, it’s one of the best Bible PowerPoint templates there is.

Crucifix – Free Spiritual PowerPoint Templates

Looking to bring the cross of the Lord to your PowerPoint presentation? Check out this PowerPoint template having everything you need to craft up your next Church sermon into something absolutely holy. One of the best free religious PowerPoint templates out there.

Bring the Lord to Your PowerPoint The Right Way!

Getting your hands on these expertly crafted Christian PowerPoint templates has never been easier. With everything you need right at your fingertips, it’s time to get started on crafting up your next rousing sermon!

Sours: https://www.theme-junkie.com/church-powerpoint-templates/

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