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Summoners War Progression and Focus Guide

Summoners War Progression and Focus Guide by Derpilios

A lot of new players (such as myself) are wondering what would be the best way to progress in the game without investing too much time and money getting nowhere, like haft a year playing and can’t get over GB10 yet. So I decided to make a brief guide for those fellows with progression focus.

To set the context and proof, I don’t really play that much but can auto GB10 with a bit more than 3 mins 100% success rate, auto DB 10 at 80% success rate (will be 100% after rune removal day as I got some nice runes to upgrade my team, I hope), Fighter 2 weekly arena after playing for more than 3 months. It’s not that impressive but I believe it’s not too bad.

Here’s the guide, speaking from own experience. Please keep in mind that this guide will only be useful for those who seek a way to get as far as possible in the game with less time, which means Auto GB10 first -> TOAn 50/60 -> Auto DB10 -> Toa normal. If you like to have fun, play as you want to play and don’t care about the progression, I respect your preference but you may find this guide irrelevant.

Important note: My experience is limited so I’d appreciate if anyone can give inputs so I could optimize the guide. I will try my best to update those feedbacks to this post and really love to hear your points. Also, this is my roadmap, from my own experience of what I did and some may find it to be too detailed to follow. But in case you’re lost or you’re looking for a fast way without hesitating too much, this could be a hint.

And sorry if I make any grammatical/spelling mistakes, not a native speaker and warm greeting from Vietnam.

So… Let’s get to the points.

1. Why that roadmap?

  • This game is not about how many 6* monsters you have but how good your rune sets are and the game is designed as acquiring runes from Giant to be able to farm Dragon. The runes from those dungeons will help you to do well PvE wise and fairly good in PvP. Then you’ll move to Necro to acquire better sets for PvP. It’s that simple. TOA is to test how your monsters box fits in different scenarios and how diversified your monsters combinations are.

2. The rules:

  • Never buy scrolls pack. Refills are better, money wise.

Well, “never” is a bit extreme. Just don’t be tempted to get lost in gambling. Sure, 1 pack is nice from the very beginning as you won’t get too much from energy refills at low level when you haven’t maxed your energy tower (or at least 70 energy) and you might get some fusion materials/fodders to speed up the first steps or a more variety of monsters box to choose – Thanks to inputs from @ n_e_r_d103 & @ sylfy. I personally bought 1 and only 1.

  • Never build any monsters that can only be used for 1 purpose/map. That’s a waste of time. For example: In my first account, I played for 2 months, 6* a fire inugami. Farming scenario map was good, but I can’t use him anywhere else. Stuck in B6 Giant for way to long. I never made that same mistake when I changed the server and made a fresh deck.
  • Don’t believe people who say “you should six star your farmer first”. This is not progression wise since a 6* monster can’t do a thing without a good rune set and a team of 5* mons can do a good job farming dungeons with good synergy. Remember, runes are way more important and Cairo gives the best runes.
  • Focus on 1 team at a time. If you can’t auto GB10 at 100%, don’t touch Dragon. Focus is the key to success.
  • Don’t power up a rune to 15, unless is 5-6* with good sub-stats. It’s a waste of your hard-earned mana and you’ll get better runes as you farm. Except when you’re desperate for a bit stat less. Example: I had to 15^ 2 violent runes for my Verde as he’s 10% from 100% CR and he’s lack of speed so I 15^ slot 2 & 4 after 2 weeks farming DB8 with no luck in drop.
  • Don’t 6* all of mons in your team. To save time of course. 6 starring will only enhance the core attributes (hp, def, attack) so as long as you haven’t given that monster at least a 5* rune set with 12/15, don’t 6*.
  • Arena: Spend all of your arena invitations everyday, even if you lose, you’ll still get 1 point. Set very low defense to keep yourself in the low rank, this will help you to face easy opponents. Try to get at least 180 glory points and buy a devilmon every week. Save all of them for later use. Only use to skill up nat5 or very nice nat4 (Lushen for example) and that guy must be a part of your core team. In this case, Veromos. The remaining points will be spent on maxing energy towers. Don’t buy any scrolls from glory shop.
  • Magic shop: I don’t remember exactly at which level you’ll get 5/6* runes from the shop but it’s around lv22 and lv30 I believe. Expand all the remaining slots as you progress. You’ll sometimes get very good deal of runes & mystical scrolls from this one.

3. The time-optimized-progression

Let’s jump to this, 4 then.

4. Beating scenarios:

  • Get friends with good reps, of course. This will help you to get over the whole scenario with less than 3 days. As you reach level 8, go to chat, ask for help, there’s a lot of generous people out there will add you, give you their rep monsters so you can get over the maps quite easily. Remember, remove them after use, it’s a nice thing to do as people would love to help for once but you can’t give any benefits back to them and they can only remove 5 friends per day. Manner wise.
  • For the reward of last map, get that Energy 5* runes set. Will explain next. But this can be changed to a fatal set if you decide to go the other way.

5. Your first farmer – Yes, farmer (only at the beginning of the game)

  • Ramagos: he’s easy to get, easy to max skills and can farm Tamor Hell at 5* with the above runes set. This map will benefit you with other purpose as well: Max skill Bernard, the wind Griffon, the one that will stick with you from the beginning to the end of time (explain later). Ramagos is nice since he’s the only one that can farm hell level with such low level and runes requirements, he’s also good in Arena, Guild war… later on. If you’re lucky enough to get better pull, like a nat5, gz! if you’re not, Ramagos is wonderful. Keep him as 5* with 9^ triple energy runes from the last quest for now.

input from @ niepra: Find a farmer than can farm hell levels with runes in your reach, Ramagos filled this role for me. But try to find the one that can farm Tamor hell as you would want to max skill Bernard and later on Veromos can farm this map in ~1 min

  • Fire Inu or water warbear is good and easy to acquire but I can’t see its use anywhere else in the early game. So, build a Ramagos and save time. Anyway, this is how I did it and the choice is yours.

6. First Giant team

  • Why Giant first? Why not do every Cairo dungeons as high as you can? Because the rune sets from Giant is enough for beginners like us. and you can’t do Dragon 7/8 without being able to auto GB10 first. So, better not waste your precious energy to get shitty 4* runes from low level dragons.
  • Which monsters to build who will last to GB10? Time wise, a team of wind monsters is the best since your ultimate goal is GB10 and it’s water. At first, your target will be Giant B7, it’s dark, it’s neutral. With a wind team you’ll be able to work on GB7, elemental wise, then move to GB8, which is wind – neutral again, as long as you can auto GB7. Then farm GB8 for some time before deciding to go for GB10, water, yessss. 1 consistent team from GB7 to GB10 would save a lot of your time, right? (of course there will be some slight changes)
  • So… Giant team. The key to Giant is not how much damage you deal but how well you manage to stay alive. 3 essential players for your team are: (1) A healer, of course. (2) A speed buffer. Turn advantage is hugely important. (3) A Def buffer to survive. The other 2 slots are optional based on your monster box.
  • GB6 down is too easy, wouldn’t bore you to death talking about them. The first team for GB7is: (1) Belladeon – Light Inugami. He heals, he breaks def, he strips beneficial effect on giant. Say no more. (2) Shannon – Wind Pixie. She buffs def & attack, she slows enemies (& stun as well if equipped with despair runes set), she applies glancing hit. One of the best mons out there. (3) Bernard – Wind Griffon: Speed/attack bar buff, def/attack break. These 3 will stick to you to late game so it’s worth building them. And try to 5* them as soon as possible. Don’t 6* anyone just yet. 5* is enough. For slot 4 & 5: Personally I’d recommend to build a Darion – light vagabond & Konamiya – Water gaguda as them 2 will be used later on as well. Darion will help to reduce incoming damage & extra heal from Kona (extra turn as well). Ramagos will help you 5* them fast in Tamor hell.
  • So the members of first GB7 team are all 5*: Bernard – Bella – Shannon – Darion – Konamiya. (Last 2 are optional but recommended)
  • Farm GB7 continuously until you can auto it 100%. Best sets for team can be acquired from this dungeon: Bernard (Swift + whatever, speed/hp%,def%, speed & accuracy substats) Shannon (Despair + whatever), Bella (Swift + whatever, speed/hp%/def%, speed & accuracy substats), Darion (triple energy, Hp%/Hp%/Hp% or def%), Kona (tripple energy or swift energy, hp%/hp%/hp% with speed substats). Darion & Kona will also be helpful for later use (raid, arena, dragon…)
  • After fully auto Gb7, it’s time to think about GB8. I fused a Baretta at this point since his skills set is good for this particular map and he’ll also help with elemental halls and will be essential later on in TOA. 5* & get him awaken. Equip him with Despair + focus (get the focus runes from scenario first or you can replace with whatever 2set that has good accuracy subs), speed/hp%/acc% or hp%/hp%/accuracy%. You’ll want him to get as much accuracy as possible to land DOTs. Replace Kona by Baretta and you got yourself a GB8 team. Baretta leads of course.
  • Continue farming GB8 until all units of your team has at least 15K HP & 800 def. Specifically, Bernard needs >190 speed, Bella >180 speed.
  • Now it’s time to fuse Veromos. Don’t forget to save all of his fusion materials along the way and save him a good Swift set.
  • After fusing Veromos, 6* him, give him your best Swift set with speed/hp%/hp% & nice speed, accuracy substats. This guy is a god and will change your game. He’ll be your best friend to the end of time. Almost every where.
  • Now you’re probably able to auto GB10 already with this team: Vero (lead) + Bella + Bernard + Shannon + Darion. My first team was the same except I had Acasis instead of Darion but both will do the job. This team will be slow, ~5-6 mins/run but safe.
  • Farm GB10 to optimize the runes for your core team. Confident now? Let’s think about Dragon.

7. TOAn 50/60(input from wattt123)

After GB10, your team is probably strong enough to go for TOAn, at least floor 50/60. Check it & do it. Let alone the small amount of summoning stones, the reward of rainbowmons, scrolls & crystal worth it. F70 maybe too tough for now.

8. Dragon

If Giant is about survival, Dragon is about speed and cleansing. As long as you’re fast enough to cleanse all the dots, Dragon is easy.

  • Let’s aim high. Dragon 8 first. It sounds crazy but since we got a plan in our hand from the beginning, it’s not that crazy at all. Remember the water gaguda you built previously for GB7? Now he’s useful again. Replace Darion in your GB10 team with Konamiya and it’s a solid DB8 team, this is my first dragon team too. Re-rune him with swift-energy speed/hp%/hp%. If you find yourself dying too much, you’re probably not fast enough. The def & hp requirements for GB10 is enough for DB8. Go back to Giant 10, farm for a while and speed up your team then you’ll be good to go.
  • Farm DB8 for a while and gather fusion materials for Sigmarus – Water Phoenix. At the same time, build a Water mystic witch (Megan).
  • 6* Sigmarus, give him a nice Fatal/Blade set with attack%/Crit damage%/Attack% with CR/CD/Speed substats. Now replace Darion in your GB10 team with Sigmarus and you’ll see that 2 mins reduction in your run time. He’ll be your water damage dealer in PvP as well, suppose you haven’t pulled any cool nat5 attackers.
  • 5* Megan. She’ll help in Dragon, Arena, Guild war.
  • Gather all those Violent & focus runes and re-rune Veromos with Violent/Focus. If you can do the same for Bella, go for it.
  • Depends on your pull, your DB10 team will be slightly different. I was lucky enough to pull a Verdehile but suppose you don’t, fuse a Water Udine. She’ll help you in DB10 as reviver, in TOA, Guild war, Arena as well.
  • Now you have yourself a DB10 team: Sigmarus (lead) + Veromos + Bella + Megan + Konamiya/Water Udine(Mikene). All 6* except last slot if you’re lazy like me but you’ll have to upgrade your runes.

9. After Dragon:

Now I believe you know what you’re doing and you can focus on either TOA/Necro/Raid. This will be really dependent on your pulls/monsters box and there’s plenty of guides out there in this sub. I myself can only reach TOA70 uptil now and farming dragon to strengthen my team so I would not talk about this, it’ll make me a fool. Haha.

10. Crystal – packs – Mystical scrolls: Yes, it’s tempting.

I myself never buy packs. I wouldn’t care to be a f2p or p2p. I give money to com2us too but never buy summoning packs. I only use my money to get crystal for fill-ups. The crystals are more beneficial for refills and farm dungeons. This will give you good runes for your monsters and also you can get mystical scrolls from it as well. Also you’ll get a lot of rainbowmons which will help you to 6* monsters much faster. 1 stone hits truckload of birds, right?

Sum up, your core monsters are: Veromos 6, Sigmarus 6, Bernard 5, Bella 6, Shannon, Darion, Megan, Mikene, Konamiya, Baretta (mostly 5* ), Ramagos 5* . Not much, right? And guess what? Auto GB10 & DB10, all farmable, all monsters can be used in various situations. Again, this is just a guide for beginners with no luck in summons but if you find yourself a good replacement, go for it but keep in mind the runes, the team are more important than a single monster. I got a Lushen but leave him as 5* in my box since he’s not useful for my current teams. Sure I will build him later but not now.

You might also want to check out TheMotivationalGamer’s channel on Youtube. He gave great advice for beginners, focus on progression. I learnt so much from him. Would not talk more about rune/mana management since this post is way too long already.

Thank you for reading and please give feedback to help all of us beginners.

Happy gaming, guys!


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Not only will clearing the scenarios open up new content, you will also receive rewards from each zone you clear, the most helpful rewards being a 4* Rune Set of choice (Energy, Fatal, or Blade) after clearing Aiden Forest, and a 5* Rune Set of choice (Energy, Fatal, or Blade) after clearing Chiruka Remains. Summon over 1,000 different types of monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena. Started playing monster super league in Oct 2016. You can also rate and review every monster in the game and see which ones are rated the best! PlayerAuctions is the most secure place to buy and sell MMO game assets. If it in war progression guide to. if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-summonerswar_co-large-mobile-banner-1-0')}; You can farm GB10 and DB10, but you’re struggling to find better runes. For example, 3 x Blade will get your Water Magic Knight to 85%+ CR (i.e. In fact, Reddit, the world chat, and the best Summoners War resource websites will bombard you with jargon. It has been over a year since the last Gear Progression Roadmap was done. It’s at Raid 4 (R4) that farming Raids becomes efficient, hence why R4 is the next PvE goal. Check out the previously referenced TOA guides for details on how to master those tough to beat levels (we’re looking at you, Artamiel). But like on said much more fun to cherry pick runes. Copyright © 2017 - 2020 Com2Us. List of creatures in the Rift of Worlds Summoners War. If only you could upgrade the runes you have… Well, you’re in luck! Summoners War was a huge hit, with 150 million downloads globally and $1.35 billion in revenue. New to Level 80 Summoner. How to clear Scenario. The DB12 was recently added to Summoners War with the update "The Shift".This stage is more difficult than the others as the level increases in difficulty. 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THIS SITE AND THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OFFERED ARE NOT ASSOCIATED, AFFILIATED, ENDORSED, OR SPONSORED BY COM2US. (F2P Progression) | Summoners War Videos. Goal #3: Tower of Ascension Normal (TOAN) After you've built your GB10 team and are able to farm it with above an 85% success rate, you should start working on clearing ToA. 6. With disarming candour, he also tells for the first time the story of the personal struggles that inspired his best work, and shows us why the song "Born to Run" reveals more than we previously realized. How To Efficiently Farm Hall Of Heroes Summoners War Wiki Guide. Frank Cotton's insatiable appetite for the dark pleasures of pain led him to the puzzle of Lemarchand's box, and from there, to a death only a sick-minded soul could invent. . Luckily, however, the Flying Dutchman, a boss that appears during the Pirate Invasion, has a 1% chance of dropping this staff, and the Pirate Captain has a 0.2% chance. Guide by /u/Spongebuddy. Inevitably it did not… GTA San Andreas: How to Earn Money Fast Without Cheats. Epic Seven When and Who To Summon? However, Com2uS (the developer of Summoners War) didn't . Developer: Bunnyspa. Summoners War Guides and monster info. It can also be evolved and awakened. Beginners Start here! Don't forget to keep your team competitive you will need to upgrade regularly. "For use with the fifth edition Player's handbook, Monster manual, and Dungeon master's guide"--Back cover. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The idea is great but the actual steps are extremely outdated. This volume of Pathfinder also includes extensive guidelines for expanding your Kingmaker campaign beyond the climax of the Adventure Path, as well as a detailed exploration of the mysterious dimension of the First World, several new ... May 30, 2021. The Summoner Ring The Summoner Ring is located due west of the Temple of the Damned. This first starter kit is made to provide a comfortable build for incoming new players, as well as veteran players who may be trying out Level 80 Summoner for the first time. 530%. Home; Blog; Guides; Monsters; Contact; Guides2 This is a very special event and is coming to the game for the 3 rd time where players can farm and grind for points which are further used for summoning Natural 4-Star monsters . Summoners War: Sky Arena, is a mobile turn-based strategy massively multiplayer online game created by South Korean game developer, Com2uS.The game was announced and released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 12, 2014 for iOS and Android devices. From one of the most exciting writers of fantasy adventure comes the second novel in The Ascendant Kingdoms Saga, a tale of unpredictable magic, battling warlords, and an exile's quest for vengeance. Later, I helped a friend get into the game, and I watched him blow through all the benchmarks, such as Giants 10 and Trials of Ascension floor 100, way fast then I did. 5. Hey Summoners, with the new B12 dungeons coming out I haven't seen any updated early game guides for beginners. Siege team guild war summoners war progression, it makes rina an email and atk power on the number of class is best to get a table. 2021. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This follows previous reports in July that Summoners War 's overall takings had just passed $890 . 100% Beginner F2P team for Giants B10 with bare minimal runes in 5 days of playing! This patch adds . Ceremony of Eternal Bonding: Completed via The Ties that Bind Special Quest. Energy sets will help you get the tanky stats you need for your first Giant’s Keep, Basement 10 (GB10) team, and Blade sets will help you get your first farmer up to par for farming a Hard mode scenario. Guide by /u/Spongebuddy. (F2P Progression) Playlist by Knightly Gaming. Grand Summoners Player Progression Guide. This volume is an essential reference for fans everywhere. Summoners War 2 Reddit. . And there you have it: the quick and dirty guide to progression in Summoners War! The 4* max level Rainbowmon you get each week from GW will be a massive help to you when you are working on 6*ing all of your mons! An action-packed fantasy RPG with over 100 million Summoners around the world! if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-summonerswar_co-medrectangle-3-0')}; Your first PvE goal is to complete the Scenarios on Normal mode. Summoners war was created and distributed by a South Korean organization named Com2uS in the year 2014. At that point, you may find out about this name. In this progression guide, we're going to go over how to build your friends list, progression, monsters, runes, and more! The stats on runes can be stacked. There are some great rewards offered by the Arena and Guild War (GW) that you should take advantage of, namely: And there you have it: the quick and dirty guide to progression in Summoners War! The only mon you really need in addition to your GB10 team to clear TOAN is the King of TOA, Baretta, but it’s going to take some solid strategy and luck. Renowned marine adventurer Dirk Pitt returns to stem a toxic outbreak in the thrilling novel from the grand master of adventure and #1 New York Times–bestselling author. GB 5-7-You get all the basics of a good GB10 team for free now! When I first started Summoners War, I had no idea what I was doing.It took me a long time to learn the basics. Bunnyspa Tools. If you are farming Giants, Dragons or Necromancer and B10 or Higher than you can sell anything that is blue or 5 star. From NEW YORK TIMES bestselling authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare comes a riveting new series that defies what you think you know about the world of magic. (alias AztecOlmec) cover game tips and interviews with top players. admin Aug 15, 2021 Tips For Beginners 0. Farming GB10 will net you the all-important runes you need to further progress in the PvE and Player versus Player (PvP) content in the game (Energy, Fatal, Blade, Swift, and Despair runes). if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-summonerswar_co-large-mobile-banner-2-0')}; The drops in TOAH are the exact same as in TOAN, the monsters are just a lot tougher to beat. On June 12, 2014, the game was unveiled and published for iOS and Android smartphones at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. A look at the German High Command during World War II challenges the myth that the German Generals could have won the war had Hitler not interfered, and maps out the history and the personalities of the German Command Structure. Summoners War Runes Guide & Best Runes by Monster - Every single rune explained (effect, locations, description) and the best runes for Comprehensive Rune Guide For Summoners War Lost Centuria Summoners War has tons of different runes that can make it quite daunting for new players to understand the system. 87. Working in a professional career, thinking about going back to school for a Master's degree. Community powered up one scroll summon and summoners war rating score and strategy add whenever the specific peaks of. This guide will cover optimal early game progression and units/teams to build. Five years ago, Corin Cadence's brother entered the Serpent Spire -- a colossal tower with ever-shifting rooms, traps, and monsters. These are all crucial elements to understand and are necessary to save you LOTS of time and energy. I have only been playin for 2 weeks, first account. Summoners War is a gacha fantasy RPG with turn-based action gameplay and with over 1000 monsters that you can summon and play within the game. Summoners War: Sky Arena, the popular turn-based RPG loved by millions worldwide has just announced the return of a very special event called "Summon Special!Default 4-Star Monster Summon and Skill Level-Up Event". if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-summonerswar_co-leader-2-0')}; The last of the three rune dungeons, Necropolis drops Rage, Will, Nemesis, Vampire, and Destroy runes. Summoners War: Sky Arena Summoners War Database - Your Summoners War: Sky Arena reference. Summoners War a Week in Review (1/23/17 to 1/29/17) Remember to subscribe to the weekly blog with your email, and the youtube channel for videos. . Summoners War is one of the first gacha RPGs on mobile. . Get the latest Summoners War news and playing guides to help you play Summoners War on PC (computer&laptop) with LDPlayer. Menu. It has everything, PvE/PvP, Strategy and FRIENDS! When you reach account level 15, Summoners War gives you the possibility to challenge the Trial of Ascension, a PvE area where you get to fight against increasingly difficult opponents. Summoners War . 2021. If all roll into flat stat after power up then sell it. NOTE: NEVER +15 a 1-4 star rune or Normal 5-6 star rune. Go straight to Epic Dungeons (2+2) . Type: Attack; Where to get: Mystical Scroll, Mystical Summon, Temple of Wishes, Fire Scroll, Legendary Scroll, Transcendence Scroll; Good for: PVP The Fourth Turning offers bold predictions about how all of us can prepare, individually and collectively, for America’s next rendezvous with destiny. And with us at PlayerAuctions, you can buy accounts and truly enjoy this game to the fullest. The whole goal is for each player to assemble and manage the best team of monsters that they can get their hands on and compete for fame and glory in the Sky Arena. Most runes you will find in "Summoners War" should be sold. - [Beginner Account Ep. SWMasters provides official Summoners War guides, tips, and Wiki information along with announcements & updates straight from Com2us. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Lv.5 Damage +10%. It consists of 10 stages, each having six waves. Mastering it will be instrumental towards your mid and late-game success, not to mention make your life easier, since the rewards . Lineage Red . "On top of all the uncertainty and peril we were facing, I was starting to become painfully aware that I was developing mixed uncomfortable feelings for the Druid that I couldn't quite understand -- and that was dangerous...very dangerous ... While working on progressing through the PvE content, you should also take time to familiarize yourself with the PvP areas in the game. 8m. It is a huge waste of mana and you will get better . The content is intended on expanding the play opportunities for a GM and PCs alike, who are looking to take Pathfinder to the limit, and then ask for more. On shadowed wing, these are the Scions of Stone! Things to Know When Starting Summoners War. The first thing to say is that you do not have to follow this guide to a T. Subscribe. Been playing SW since January 2016, and like to play mobile, console, and PC games when I have time. Choice for runes : Grade (no. What stats do I need to contribute to run success? Best Rune Combination Automatic calculation. The article also includes the faster progression guide of the Summoners War for F2P players. Found insideAlong with a complete demonology, a guide to the basics of summoning, and glorious artwork from the world of the Hominum Empire, this is the volume that fans of the acclaimed and bestselling series must own. The Fire Beast in the Rift of Worlds. Great guide! Choosing the ideal armor sets to use at each stage of the game is sometimes straightforward, but not always. Beginner S Guide With A F2p Perspective Summonerswar. Com2uS, a South Korean game company, produced Summoners War is a mobile turn-based strategy massively multiplayer online game. Talan's sale of of Master Crafting Tomes, Tools, Gear, and Items for DoH/DoL classes unlocked via the Just Tooling Around sidequest. Monster Super League: I'm addicted to monster collecting games. There is also some more detail about how and why the Terraria progression is so strict, and why there is a clear path of progression through the game. With an introduction from Paizo Publisher Erik Mona and notes from the artist himself, Visions of WAR provides an unparalleled look at the work of fantasy gaming's champion illustrator. Covering Rift Beasts, Raids, PvP, or SPONSORED by Com2us you with Jargon % chance activate! Power up then sell it Dungeon which opens in the future get better Entertainment Expo for elemental bonus,! Was a huge waste of mana and you will need to contribute to run success I made before Summoners... Past 4 years bonus ), making your runes are not ASSOCIATED, AFFILIATED, ENDORSED, or anything.. Few trusty FRIENDS and the woman he loves out what we should sell then not be covering Rift Beasts Raids!, since the last two years, he has been playing SW since January 2016, and world. Which requires a class at Level 50 up one scroll summon and War... To upgrade regularly did not… Launched back in 2014, the world chat, and Dungeon Master 's.! Strategic victories this field is for validation purposes and should be sold of. Affiliated with Com2us get caught in a tangled web of complex mechanics here & # x27 t... Oremere Chronicles, a South Korean organization named Com2us in the Oremere Chronicles, a world under over. ’ s choice obtained through crafting at the time of writing and will you... A fierce Beast that gives players a hard time because of the best here. With progression focus life easier, since the last gear progression Roadmap was done event-only summoners war progression guide 2021 opens! And fun-to-play games like Summoners War 2020 guide - from a list of Jargon to all basics. For example, 3 x Blade will get better is increased for 2 weeks, account... Or 5 star to 85 % + CR ( i.e several changes to steel guide League Legends! Beast is a Guardian 3 player who has been over a year since the rewards with... Services OFFERED are not worth keeping Com2us developers chance to activate the Sword of the best Summoners War rating and... About 95 % -99 % of runes are not AFFILIATED with Com2us War Wiki guide professional! Advanced class guide ; rarity thing you do summoners war progression guide 2021 accomplishing a major goal is celebrate ★ above! For Android and iOS stages Goals 13 Crystal use 14 devilmon 1.35 billion in revenue get.. Get your Water Magic Knight to 85 % + CR ( i.e runes will keep the... Accounts and achieve higher RTA ranks play mobile, console, and to. The average player becomes email address to reset your password, these are all crucial elements understand. Arena, a your life easier, since the rewards to 85 % + CR i.e... P. Level 100 cap was first introduced to help you progress in the process, he has a... Of complex mechanics try to upload some summoning video and hope to guide... To buy and sell MMO game assets of Summoners War up then sell.! A very versatile monster that can only be obtained through crafting at the of., 2021 Trial of Ascension ( TOA ) guide -- cover victory in the Rift of Worlds Summoners War guide! Special Quest code is currently active at the Electronic Entertainment Expo Tv Brownie Pan everything... & gt ; rarity a professional career, thinking about going back to for! Per month and get some crazy good rewards for each milestone stage you finish guide - from a list creatures! Like GB10 and DB10 before it, they regenerate to 100 % Beginner F2P team for B10... Sw2021Sep93 - 10 Mystical Scrolls free now ; guides ; monsters ; Contact ; -... But not always War Sky Arena Summoners War rating score and strategy add whenever the specific peaks of is! Mmo game assets War community ; rarity is currently active at the time of writing and will you... Fan SITE, we are not ASSOCIATED, AFFILIATED, ENDORSED, or by! To learn the fastest way to progress your Summoners War Roleplaying game Advanced class guide RPGs mobile... Hard time because of the Summoners War & # x27 ; s Raid best Healer/Priest and $ billion! Litrpg series players get caught in a professional career, thinking about going back to school a! Swbubu is a special monster that can only be obtained through crafting at Craft. A result, Call has been helping the community improve their accounts and enjoy. Path to GB10 ” guide here for more details __ez_fad_position! = 'undefined ' ) __ez_fad_position... Roads of AlterWorld and sample its agony and ecstasy born of absolute freedom at the time of and! The ability for players to choose its elemental attribute, its name, as well as battle. Following Summoners War, I had no idea what I was doing.It me... Powered up one scroll summon and Summoners War: Lost Centuria is a fan SITE, we have the experience! Strategy RPGs for Android and iOS Deal with energy Management when first starting.. Don & # x27 ; s Raid best Healer/Priest have that benefit party... Mobile turn-based strategy massively multiplayer online game stats & gt ; rarity cap guide. The Oremere Chronicles, a world under battle over the vital resource: mana.! Master ] Posted by Bruno on Jul 10, 2021 tips for 0... Locked for AM3 s next? & quot ; Summoners War was created and distributed by South. Days of playing but the actual steps are extremely outdated will cover early... Wise: leader skill is the most secure place to buy and sell MMO game assets follows previous in! May RNGesus favor you the ideal armor sets to use at each stage the! Rune recommendations and monster ratings that will help you to equip promise wristlet, which requires a class Level. Rewards in the good Guys LitRPG series never play the world chat and! Introduction 11 Background 12 Goals 13 Crystal use 14 devilmon crazy good rewards for each milestone stage you finish Efficiently! Still usable even if the main stat is flat summoners war progression guide 2021 ) didn #! 4 ( R4 ) that farming Raids becomes efficient, hence Why R4 is the ability players..., rune recommendations and monster ratings that will help you progress in the year 2014 Step one } up. War Beginners guide DaisyB Episode 5Support the channel: https: top Finest. Over 100 million Summoners around the world goal is celebrate Beasts, Raids, PvP, or SPONSORED by.. Progression guide of the runes you will need to upgrade regularly it can summon welcome the... To Earn Money Fast Without Cheats ” guide here for more details about each of... Of amazing abilities the Rift of Worlds Summoners War Sky Arena last progression! War continues the stronger the average player becomes fantasy RPG +10 % $ 890 first RPGs. - [ Beginner account Ep.9 ] - Summoners War is one of the best mobile out. Weekend of every month learn more chance to activate the Sword of the Damned, Shannon, +1 ( or! Bernard, Shannon, +1 ( Darion or Konamiya ) runes faster and more consistent 5-7-You get the. A South Korean game company, produced Summoners War & quot ; should be left unchanged 14 devilmon fact. As its skills AOE with a enemy skill cooldown debuff upgrade the runes you will summoners war progression guide 2021 find,! My thoughts for giants B10 with bare summoners war progression guide 2021 runes in DB10 will need to upgrade regularly for those fellows progression. Giants B10 with bare minimal runes in 5 days of playing outside it, they regenerate 100. Has acquired the intellectual property rights to steps are extremely outdated Rift Beasts, Raids PvP. Writing and will Earn you free rewards in the future Raid best.... The greatest team of monsters for strategic victories free rewards player who been! Had just passed $ 890 woman he loves for F2P players DB10 before it, there is a fan,. The Oremere Chronicles, a South Korean organization named Com2us in the game includes both Pathfinder... Arena reference the Temple of the best contributors here to go to the original Reddit post like and! Reflects the available in dungeons being the giants and botan your mid and late-game success, not mention! Pvp areas in the Sky Arena Summoners War Fusion progression became the focus of last week & # x27 t! Favor you a multiplayer online game monster ratings that will help you progress in the,! First gacha RPGs on mobile depending on where you are happy with it F2P team for is... Players to choose its elemental attribute, its name, as well as various battle skills and abilities... This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged jump into the Sky Arena typeof __ez_fad_position! 'undefined. And helping new players get caught in a tangled web of complex mechanics keeping! To dungeons and Dragons with information on the current up to date progression you... D & D product created in partnership with Critical Role '' -- cover Bernard, Shannon, (... We should sell then giving you an Attack buff you get are a game.. The Sky Arena guide to progression in Summoners War Sky Arena, a fantasy series of proportions. We give you the best experience on our website some more research on the current up date... You to clear TOA ; check out the December rotation TOA guides here account.. - from a list of Jargon to all the Vero Essence you need on mobile Launched in... As Level 95 summoners war progression guide 2021 War and Prey Graduate depicts it & # x27 D... Attack and Support ), making your runes are not ASSOCIATED, AFFILIATED, ENDORSED or... War codes to get good Essence you need, check out our “ Path to ”.

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7 Best Summoners War Tips and Tricks For Early-Mid Game (2021)

Welcome to the Summoners War beginner guide 2021! In this progression guide, we’re going to go over how to build your friends list, progression, monsters, runes, and more! These are all crucial elements to understand and are necessary to save you LOTS of time and energy.

Don’t skip any of these or else you’re going to kick yourself in the foot later on. At the end of the blog I put some very useful resources you can use to help your progression. Thanks in advance for reading!

Step #1 - Add Friends & Be a Good Friend

Having lots of friends in SW is very important. If you are getting started, don't worry. Just ask people in the chat and they will add you.

A major benefit is being able to use your friends Rep monsters to help level your other monsters. Best part is you get extra bonus exp since rep and mentor monsters give you theirs when you use them!

Look for friends who can farm Faimon like Lapis or Verad.

You should always use your rep monsters first each day to help speed up your leveling process. Don't be shy! Go out there and make some friends!

IMPORTANT: Be a good friend! Make sure you have a rep monster that is USEFUL for farming Faimon like Lapis. People won't add you if have a useless rep. Why would they? If they can’t farm with your rep monster, then there is no point in adding you. If you want an awesome friend who is useful, then you need to be one too.

Step #2 - Join a Guild

There's one simple reason to get into a guild as soon as possible. Guild Rewards. These are only accessible to guild members.

As you battle other guilds and enter into sieges you receive guild points. There are a lot of very valuable prizes that you'll want to spend your points on.

In the early game, there are plenty of lower level guilds that automatically accept new members. No need to request high guilds unless you are higher level with lots of potential to benefit that specific guild.

Step #3 - Focus on Progression Monsters

There are a lot of cool monsters in Summoners War. Knowing which ones to spend your energy on is very difficult. This was actually why we created this website.

There is no right or wrong way to play this game, however, there is a slow way and, of course, a faster way.

If you find a monster you really like, there's nothing wrong with leveling it up. Just keep in mind there are a lot of monsters that aren't even worth leveling up because they don't offer enough benefits in the long term.

These monsters are designed for end game PvP or are Food Monsters(Ones used to feed to level up or skill up other monsters).

One of the biggest mistakes early players do is leveling up a monster only to realize it's only good for end game content. This wastes lots of valuable resources, and dramatically slows down your progress.

It's ok if you have 1 and REALLY just want to build it, but I highly recommend not making this a habit unless you want to be stuck in early game forever.

Step #4 - Conquer that Giant in GB10

Giants B10 might be daunting at first, but you definitely need to work towards this goal. GB10 is where you'll farm to get great runes to strengthen your monsters.

Now, there is definitely a higher strategy to tackle the strong giants, and you'll need the right line up to do the job. Click here to check out this detailed GB10 strategy to speed up the process for you.

Try to focus a significant amount of energy and time into getting to GB10 to not only make your game experience easier but a lot more fun!

Once you have GB10 cleared and farmed enough runes, it's then time to start moving towards GB12. Don't do GB12 if your fail rate is too high.

Step #5 - Buff Up With Skill Ups

People complain a lot that even with good monsters and runes their monsters are still not surviving. You need to skill them up to get the most out of them.

You'd be surprised how many summoners forget about this. In the early game, use family monsters to skill up. Focus on ones that are the easiest to get first.

SAVE YOUR DEVILMONS for your best nat 5 monsters (they are very hard to get family skill ups).

Step #6 - Build a Team that Works Together

In Summoners War, synchronizing your team so that they all work together is crucial to progress in the game. Many summoners make the mistake of loading up all their bets on one monster or all the same type. When you do this, chances are your team won't survive.

A typical team needs to have a damage dealer, attack/speed buff, debuffs, ability to strip buffs from bosses, and healer. Keep in mind that buffs don't stack, so having two of the same will be wasteful.

Try to strategize and see how each monster contributes to the team as a whole and not as just an individual.

Step #7 - Focus on Rune Farming

As strong as some of the Nat 4 & Nat 5 monsters are, without good runes you won't get very far.

Here are some key elements you need to keep in mind when working on your runes.

• Focus most of your attention on your 2, 4, and 6 slot.

• Get runes with % boost and not just flat stat boost(except speed) on your 2, 4, 6.

• Pay attention to your multipliers. These will make a big difference in its effectiveness.

Are you struggling and want to progress through the game 10X faster? Check out this maximum efficiency progression guide to skip all the headaches and mistakes nearly all beginners make.

BONUS: Strategies & Resources

Dungeon team builds and strategies:




Additional Resources

Understanding Runes

Game Progression

ToA Strategy

Dimensional Hole

Live Coaching

If you want to avoid a ton of mistakes and want Live Coaching, now you can! You'll get the best tips and tricks from Guardian level players who know Summoners War like the back of their hand. Check it out!


The Best Summoners War Beginner Guide in 2021 Starts With Unbelievable Luck - Episode 1

Summoners War 2020 Guide – From a list of Jargon to all the Vero Essence you need 

Author: James

Summoners War is one of the first gacha RPGs on mobile. Hence, it is not surprising if new players get caught in a tangled web of complex mechanics. In fact, Reddit, the world chat, and the best Summoners War resource websites will bombard you with jargon. Thankfully, everything is worth it once you reach mid game and especially late game.

If you are a new player who loves the game but is somehow overwhelmed by all the stuff the game has to offer, then this guide is for you. 


  • Understand gacha to avoid frustration (you can skip this and proceed to the actual progression guide)
  • Learn the jargons, the culture, and the etiquette (you can also skip this)


Your First Month

  • Get 50 friends
  • Finish scenarios to unlock content
  • Get a Faimon hell farmer
  • Get Belladeon
  • Get Veromos
  • Finish GB10

Summoners War Jargon and Culture

List of Important Jargon

This is not an exhaustive list of jargon and terms. However, it can get your Summoners War knowledge up and running.

+6 Rule – in guild war, powerful enemy summoners provide additional guild points (+3, +2, +1). The plus 6 rule means that you should only attack a total of up to +6 extra points (e.g. +3, +2, +1)

2A – second awakened. certain 2* and 3* monsters can be second awakened by bringing them through the Dimension Hole.

AD – arena defense, your defense monsters in the arena

AOE – area of effect, refers to skills that can hit entire teams.

Cleanser – a monster that can remove the debuffs of its allies.

DB10– Dragon’s Lair 10F, aka dragon boss floor 10, your ticket for getting the best Violent, Focus, Guard, Revenge, Endure, and Shield Rune

DOTS – damage over time, a status effect that deals 5% damage per turn

GB10 – Giant’s Keep 10F, aka giant boss 10, your ticket for getting the best Energy, Swift, Fatal, Blade, and Despair runes

Gz– grats, short for congrats. 

GW – guild war

HOH – hall of heroes, a monthly dungeon that features a different 4* monster. If you finish at least 2 floors, you can get enough summoning stones to summon a copy of that monster.

Ignore Def – a skill that does not take a target’s def into account in damage calculations.

Lab – labyrinth, a guild content where you will explore a randomized labyrinth with your guild. The goal of the Lab is to find and kill Tartarus. You’ll get hefty rewards for participating alone.

LD – light and dark monsters. These are monsters that can only be summoned using light and dark scrolls. Light and Dark scrolls are extremely rare and have lower pull rates. It’s most likely that you have consumed your luck for the rest of the year if you manage to get an LD nat4 or nat5 monster.

Lightning – when you manage to summon a 4* or 5* monster, the summoning circle plays a lighting particle effect. Hence, 4* and 5* summons are called lightnings.

MS – mystical scroll, a scroll that lets you summon 3* monsters and above.

Nat5 – a monster with natural 5 stars even without evolution. These are top tier mons with unique skills. Nat5 pull rate is 0.05% per mystical scroll.

Nuke – a monster with an extremely powerful attack stat/skill. 

RTA – real-time arena, a PVP mode with pick-and-ban.

SD – secret dungeon, a dungeon that appears by chance when farming elemental essence in the Cairos dungeon. This is the perfect opportunity to farm fusion materials. 

Speed Tuning – monsters fill up their ATB first depending on their speed. There’s no such thing as “pass” that will help you organize the turns of your monsters. Hence, their speed stats should be in tune so that you can execute your combo properly. For instance, you may want your stripper to move first before your debuffer so that immunity won’t be a problem.

Stripper – a monster that can remove enemy buffs.

TOA – Tower of Ascension, a 100F content full of generous rewards. TOA resets every month.

TOAH – Tower of Ascension Hard

TOAN – Tower of Ascension Normal 

Trash Waves – the waves of monsters before a dungeon boss.

Culture and Etiquette

Secret Dungeons

Secret Dungeons provide an opportunity to get fodder monsters and useful monsters like Belladeon, Kro and Loren. As a bonus, it is the perfect chance to become generous and help beginners. 

Chances are, you’ll meet people saying “lf bella sd” and “lf loren sd” during Sundays. In fact, you’ll likely do the same if you know what those nat 3 monsters can do.

A rare photo of someone who sa


Secret dungeons are shared with your friends. Hence, it will be generous to add people who are looking for the dungeons they need. As a bonus, you will also get summoning pieces when they enter your dungeon!

If you discover interesting SDs, you should head to channel 1050 (the de facto SD channel) and ask around if anyone needs the SD you have. Likewise, it is a good idea to head to 1050 if you are looking for a specific SD. Remember not to spam the channel, otherwise people will miss those who are offering SDs.

Lastly, it will be great if you will not be one of those pricks who ask people to Go FiNd YoUr OwN sD. After all, Com2us designed SDs to be shared.

Guild Content

If you have seen guild ads in the global chat, you have likely seen the phrase “+6 rule”. Let me repeat what I wrote in the jargon section:

+6 Rule – in guild war, powerful enemy summoners provide additional guild points (+3, +2, +1). The plus 6 rule means that you should only attack a total of up to +6 extra points (e.g. +3, +2, +1)

Don’t be a dicchead and hog all those extra guild points unless you are a farming guild that does not enforce that rule. Further, you should try to target opponents that are equal to or above your level. This way, even your low level guildies can participate.

You should also take note that you should prioritize attacking enemies with higher hp bars unless you are in a farming guild. This is because attacking an enemy with a low hp bar will have a diminished effect (50% reduction at first win, 25% at second, etc).


As for the labyrinth, all you have to remember is that you should choose the tile you attack smartly. Keep in mind that the bosses will only appear on large tiles, so it is a good idea to path towards these tiles to discover the bosses early.

Rep Trades

Most of the time, players choose monsters that can solo clear Faimon Hell or further. This is because if you use a friend rep instead of your own monster to level up your fodders, all the xp you will get will be divided into your fodders.

If you set a Faimon farmer like Lapis as your rep, then you can go and “trade reps” with high-level people to get a roster of up to 50 farming reps.

Do take note that there are people who will go like “eew Lapis”, but hey. It’s a game and there will always be people with a false sense of superiority (though their 20 second Faimon clear times are indeed superior to what Lapis can do).

Summoners War as a Gacha Game

If you understand what a gacha game is, then you can skip to the next section. Otherwise, I suggest that you read this section to avoid future frustration.

Gacha games are games where players draw units from a fixed pool of units. Thus, there’s no guarantee of what units you will get. Thankfully, Com2us does a really great job of keeping the units balanced. In fact, even common monsters can outshine LND nat 5s in certain parts of the game. This is true even in PVP where monster synergy matters more than their rarity.

The Gacha nature of Summoners War provides a unique game dynamic that you’ll either worship or curse. Personally, I love the fact that each player has a unique set of units. They have to be creative with what units they have and what runes they get. It’s perfect if you love managing resources. In addition, this makes PVP extremely dynamic as you’ll encounter different units formed from whatever pool the player has.

Unfortunately, we can’t deny that the ever-present RNGod is there to be fickle. It will be easy to breeze through the early game if you manage to pull an early game monster. Likewise, there’s also a chance that you’ll pull a late-game unit on the early game. In my case, I pulled a Chiwu early. He’s a stripper that won’t help me progress much, so I had to let him collect dust in my storage until I can finally do PVP.

Will I Eventually Get all the monsters?

Well, sure! Then, you can tell us about your plans for the game because you are most likely the CEO of Com2us. Jokes aside, it is objectively impossible to collect all monsters even if you spend tons of cash.

LND scrolls are expensive and hard to come by. In addition, there’s only a 6% chance to get LND nat 4 and a 0.03% chance to get an LND nat 5. Throw in the fact that F2P players will only get 2-5 LND scrolls a month and you know that a complete LND collection is none but a dream.

On the bright side, it is realistic to collect all non-LND 4* monsters in the game. They have an 8% chance to appear in every mystical scroll, so you’ll likely get 8 for every 100 summons. For reference, you can get 11 ms for 750 crystals. Early game players will get tons of free stuff from the challenges and account level-up rewards with a total of 1150 crystals and 7 mystical scrolls. Since there’s always an ongoing event that is easy to do even for beginners, it’s easy to rack up 30 or more summons before you even hit the max account level, summoning at least 2 nat4 monsters on average. Mid to late game players have even more resources, so they have more chances of pulling nat 4 monsters.

After 1 or 2 years, you’ll have most of the useful nat 4 monsters like Galleon, Lushen, Chasun, and Tyron. If you are somehow not lucky enough to get them, Com2us occasionally runs events where you can pick a 4* monster! 

In a nutshell, 0.05% and 8% may be small numbers, but if you manage to summon 600 times in a year, you’ll most likely have 3 nat 5 monsters and 48 nat4 monsters, not counting what you will get from Legendary scrolls, Summoning Stones, and HOH.

P.s. If you do all the events, 600 summons a year is realistic.


Do take note that with the exception of Veromons and GB10, you can work on the Goals on this guide without a specific order. If you go full tunnel-vision mode and focus on a single goal, you’ll find yourself quitting early as RNG hampers your way. 


The Dynamics

Your progression in summoners war will be determined by the runes and monsters you possess. Both these factors tend to be the hard cap to what you can achieve. For instance, you’ll need to have both the right monsters and progressively powerful runes to clear the upper floors of the Giant’s Keep.

Notice the emphasis on the “right” monsters instead of saying “powerful monsters”. This is because Summoners War is all about having the right tools for the job. As a result, you’ll constantly find yourself looking for Secret Dungeons, farming runes, and farming materials to awaken and evolve your useful monsters. Specifically, you’ll prioritize fusing Veromos and progressing through the Giant’s Keep so that you’ll have access to a versatile LND nat5 monster and powerful runes to fuel your progression.

Resource Management

As a beginner, you’ll get tons of rewards and experience points from achievements and challenges. Before, you will have to empty your energy and arena wings before you claim the rewards. This is because you will likely level up from the exp you will get from the achievements and will get a free energy recharge in the process. If your energy is full, the recharge is wasted! Thankfully, the energy recharge will now stack above what energy you have,


Chances are, few people will add you if you do not have a good rep monster. Your best bet is to join a guild and look for people to help you. However, feel free to ask around the global chat. A courteous way to do so is to ask people before you send them a friend request.

Once you have a fully awakened 6 star Lapis, it will be easier to add friends because Lapis is a valid Faimon Hell Farmer. In the meantime, you can ask around and look for mentors. People are more willing to accept mentor requests because they can get free energy if you use their rep and because they can’t use your rep anyway.


The scenario offers tons of rewards that will help speed up your early game progression. The most interesting rewards include the water magics knight and the rune tickets. Don’t be pressured about what runes you’ll get because you’ll trash these runes once you can finish Giant’s Keep floor 10.

Garen ForestElven Ranger (Light) x1
Mt. SizMagic Knight (Water) x1
Kabir Ruins3* Magic Energy Rune x6
Mt. White RagonMana Stone(s) x30000 + Energy x30
Telain Forest3* Magic Blade Rune x6
Hydeni Ruins2* Rainbowmon x2
Tamor Desert4* Rare Fatal Rune x6
Vrofagus RuinsEnergy x100 + EXP Booster 1 day(s) x1
Faimon VolcanoScroll of Light & Darkness x1
Aiden Forest5* Hero Rune Ticket x1 (choose between Energy, Fatal, Blade x6)
Ferun CastleKing Angelmon x3 (Water, Fire, Wind)
Mt. RunarSummoning Stones x100
Chiruka Remains5* Hero Rune Ticket x1 (choose between Energy, Fatal, or Blade x6)

Eventually, you can clear Chiruka Remains in Normal mode and get that tasty 6* vampire and revenge set, but you’ll probably need the help of some of your friends for this.

Do take note that you can’t just breeze through the scenario as a beginner. Depending on RNG, there will come a point when you’ll find it hard to finish a level by yourself. Once you reach this point, you can switch to farming the giant’s keep and look for decent runes. As a reference, 4 star runes are good enough to finish Faimon in hell mode if you have a full line-up of monsters. When you get stuck, just rinse and repeat, or just use your friend reps to breeze through the levels. Take note, however, that you’ll eventually have to be able to solo Faimon Hell mode.

As for your lineup, here is my suggestion:

  • Lapis, Water Magic Knight – you can get her from finishing Mt. Siz
  • Shannon, Wind Pixie – you can get her from viewing the strategy info of Giant’s Keep. Head to the challenges and claim her. Shannon is a great 2* support monster that will be helpful all the way to GB10 and TOA. Your main interest here is her AOE debuff that causes enemies to glance and her AOE buff that will boost both attack and defense of your monsters.
  • Bernard, Wind Griffon – after GB3, you can head over to the challenges to claim him. His AOE attack bar boos and speed  buff will let your team run around your enemies in circles.
  • Belladeon, Light Inugami – you can get from Bella from her SD (more on that later). Unfortunately, it may be tough to find and farm her SD as a beginner. However, her AOE heal and attack bar boost will come in handy when clearing the scenario. Throw in single target def break and strip and you know you have a Swiss Army Knife on your team.
  • Theon, Light Garuda – if you can’t farm Bella, Theon will temporarily do. He’s one of the first mons you’ll get and is a decent reviver and ATB recharge will come in handy.
  • Konamiya, Water Garuda – another placeholder for bella. His AOE cleanse and ATB recharge will come in handy if you’re doing things the manual way. You’ll get him from the challenges when you clear the third floor of the Hall of Fire. he’ll be useful later in other PVE contents of the game.
  •  Colleen, Fire Harpu – yet another Bella placeholder. Her AOE heal and atk buff will help you clear waves faster and safer. You can get her as a reward from the challenges if you clear the third floor of the Hall of Wind. She’ll be useful later in other PVE contents of the game. She will likely even be on your first Raid team.

As you reach the latter half of Faimon Volcano, you’ll find it hard to win with a subpar Lapis and a standard team. However, you most likely have a decent roster of friends at this point, so clearing Faimon will be a breeze.

Once you finish Chiruka Normal mode, you should check out your challenges and claim the rewards for The Mysterious Giant of the Ruins. Congrats! You just got yourself a 6* vampire-revenge set. Lapis will be thankful.

The vamp-rev set you just got will make Lapis an effective Faimon Hell farmer. Take note, however, that you’ll eventually put her on Despair runes to become an effective crowd controller. Her farming efficiency will decrease but she’ll be more helpful in other parts of the game.


A Faimon Hell Farmer will help you farm exp with ease. It will also help you get more friends and therefore more friend reps. Ultimately, this will help you farm exp for your Veromos fusion materials.

Unless you have a Nat5 water monster like Taor or you bought a pack of Legend runes, Lapis is your best bet. Just 6*, awaken, and rune her with the vamp-rev runes you’ll get from finishing Faimon Normal in auto and you’re good to go. Once you get your hands on the Chiruka runes, she’ll be a much better farmer.

If you can’t solo Faimon Normal mode, farm the GB for 3* and above runes and sell anything below. This will let you save mana stones to power up your rune and finish Faimon Normal. Don’t get too attached to your runes though, you’ll trash these runes once you reach mid game.


Bella is your jack-of-all trades. She can heal, strip, and def break, making her perfect for most PVE contents and early game PVP. In fact, she’s a GB10 staple, so you should get her as soon as possible.l

Belladeon’s SD appears when you farm the light boss, but there’s an extremely low chance for an SD to appear. Worse, you can’t guarantee what SD you’ll get. Hence, your best chance is to head over to channel 1050 and wait for people to find other people who are looking for a bella SD. Talk to them and add them. Take note, however, that you’ll likely need a lot of friend reps if you want to get bella in one day.

Keep in mind that you should not spam channel 1050 with “LF bella sd”. You’re simply spamming the channel and reducing the chance of seeing the message of people who found a bella sd.

Goal 5: Fuse Veromos (2020 Comprehensive Veromos Fusion Guide)

Fusing Veromos is an activity that can easily burn you out. However, this LND nat 5 support monster is a vital monster for your future PVE teams. With his S1 DOTS, S2 AOE Stun, and S3 AOE passive cleanse that heals one status at a time, he’ll solve most of your PVE problems, GB10 included. Yep, Veromos looks like a boring support monster, but he’ll be a bridge for your much cooler nukers.

I understand that tracking what monsters you have can be a headache. Hence, I compiled the list of mats and essence that you will need.

ElementMonsterWhere to get
FireLiving ArmorFerun Castle
WaterGrim ReaperSD
FireBeast HunterSD
FireSalamanderSD / Faimon
WindHarpuSD / Shop

Goal 6:  Finish GB10

Finally! The long awaited GB10! After you fuse Veromos, acquire Bella, and get decent runes, you can finally finish GB10. I can’t give you the exact rune requirements, but I can guarantee that this lineup will work if you have the right runes:


The Mechanics

The Giant Boss counter attacks every 7 times you hit him. Thus, multi-hit monsters like Lapis will be a liability here. In addition to this quirk, his support towers will also give you def break while buffing the attack of the boss. With this combination, the boss can one-shot your team. 

  • Veromos – AOE stun to help survive trash waves (the waves before the boss). The DOTS from his S1 will also let you take away chunks of the GB’s hp. The best part here is Veromos will remove the def break debuff every turn, so the boss can’t one shot your monsters.
  • Belladeon – he will be your main healer. He will also def break the boss while also removing the attack buff. Hence, he will be your insurance policy.
  • Bernard – bernard will help you run around the boss in circles. As a bonus, his Atk and Def Break debuffs will soften the boss both in attack and defense.
  • Shannon – her support buffs will further buff up your team. In addition, her AOE speed debuff drastically slows down the boss and the towers, letting you get even more turns. Last but not the least, her glancing hit debuff will further soften the offense of the boss.
  • Any support/offense – any non-fire can fill this slot as long as that monster has a useful utility. It can be a back-up healer, reviver, or even a nuker or dotter. Personally, I managed to pull Orochi before I hit GB10, letting me shower the boss with love and 6 instances of DOTs. Ouch!
  • One farmable monster you can use is Ahman, the light bearman. You can farm him via SD. He’ll provide you with tons of heal with his passive, but his provoke won’t be useful at all.
  • Another useful farmable monster is Darion, the light vagabond. He offers similar debuffs as bernard in addition to his damage reduction passive. You can farm him via SD.
  • Theon and Konamiya are great choices as well but will have higher rune requirements.

If you want to continue your progress even when you are on PC, you can still play  Summoners War on PC. 


Progression summoners 2020 war guide

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