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Toy Fair: New JURASSIC WORLD Toys from Hasbro

By Perri Nemiroff


Meet the raptor squad - Charlie, Delta, Echo and Blue.

As someone who had every Jurassic Park toy imaginable as a kid, it was pretty exciting to get an early look at what Hasbro has coming for Jurassic World. The movie doesn't hit theaters until June 12th, but the company is all set to release a whole line of dinosaur figures in the spring.

Of course the one I was most eager to see was the figure for the Indominous Rex, a particularly vicious looking hybrid dinosaur with spikes down its back and a serious set of sharp teeth. In addition, there's also the Jurassic World Raptor Assortment, which features the three most popular raptors at the park, Charlie, Delta and Echo.

We've also got a couple of neat vehicles worth highlighting. You know that dino that snacks on the shark in the Jurassic World trailer? He was paired with some sort of underwater vehicle with a net and mechanical claws attached to it. There's also a Jurassic World helicopter and one of those gyro-sphere tour vehicles that Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins ride in the trailer.

Check out the images of the Indominous Rex, Charlie, Delta, Echo, the vehicles and many more Jurassic World toys below.

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The Jurassic World toy line is the new line of toys for the film Jurassic World. There is a series of figures in the line based on most of the dinosaurs in the film. The figures are consisting of Bashers & Biters, Growlers, Capture Vehicles, and Brawlasaurs. The first wave of Jurassic World toys has been released in the beginning of April. The next wave was released somewhere in May. A third wave was released in the fall of 2015. A large figure of Indominus rex was released in May. 2 large figures of Tyrannosaurus rex was released, one of them in the Fall. Also, the toy line has shown some dinosaurs that was not seen in Jurassic World, this includes Allosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Dilophosaurus. Many fans did not like this toyline, due to the obvious dip in quality.


Bashers & Biters

Bashers and Biters are toys that have a mechanical function to them. Usually, when the tail is pushed, the jaws open, the head raises, or the head moves from side-to-side. This line is by far the cheapest.

Jurassic World Velociraptor Pack

The raptors category contains the Velociraptors Charlie, Delta, and Echo. Their toys have poseable arms. They retail for $9.99 Unlike the real and movie Velociraptor the toys lack the famous sickle claw on their feet that is characteristic of all dromaeosaurids.

Sours: https://jurassicpark.fandom.com/wiki/Jurassic_World_(toyline)
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Hasbro, 2015
Hasbro, 2016 (Dino Hybrid)

Hasbro, 2015
Hasbro, 2016 (Dino Hybrid)


Over 20 years have passed since the first Jurassic Park movie graced the screens of cinema. Hasbro (after buying out Kenner in the 90s) had the licensing for the Jurassic Park series of figures that spawned many subsequent toy lines. The most recent line was in 2013 and the new sculpts involving the Allosaurus Assault and Pachyrhinosaurus Clash did really well. There would however be a different approach with the Jurassic World toy lines. The toys were going to be separated into four to five categories. Classic, Hero Mashers, Brawlasaurs, Playskool, and Plush/Interactive. Seperate from Hasbro multiple other manufacturers picked up the license to produce toys associationed with the movie. LEGO, Jada Toys, and a return from Matchbox came into play. Matchbox last produced Die-cast versions of vehicles and had a few playsets for The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Chronicle Collectibles also picked up the license to produce high-end replicas and 1:6 scale figures as well.


Hero Mashers
Hasbro Miscellaneous/Lego


The classic line would be separated into a few categories. Bashers & Biters, Growlers, Capture Vehicles and Playsets, Titan Raptor figures, Miscellaneous & Large Electronics. A majority of the fandom was very upset with the absence of main character human figures, the wounded animals of the Bashers & Biters line, the absence of the trademark sickle claw’s for the Titan Velociraptors, and the overall quality of the figures. Simultaneously the idea of new sculpts and new everything was celebrated as well. Bashers & Biters consisted of ten dinosaurs, two of which were repaints. The Electronic Growlers consisted of seven figures four of which represented Owen Grady’s “Raptor Squad” from the film. Subseuqnetly using only two molds and consisting of two repaints to depict the other two Velociraptors. From here the Capture Vehicles and playset would be represented by four items. The vehicles, three retooled small-scale human figures that were even smaller than JP3’s human figures, three new sculpt of two prehistoric reptiles and a small-scale figure of the Indominus rex hybrid. While the Pteranodons in Jurassic World did not actually feature teeth like their Jurassic Park 3 counterparts, the Jurassic World Pteranodon did. The most sought after of the vehicle packs was the Mosasaur set. Playset wise a smaller scale of the fence and gate from the original Jurassic Park toyline that came with the Command Compound and the Jurassic Park 3 Raptor Attack Playset, a Basher & Biter Brown Tyrannosaurus rex, and a miniature “Gyrosphere” toy with the a cardboard insert in the Gyrosphere ball representing humans that was smaller than what was featured Indominus rex vehicle pack was included. Other toys made were the large scale electronics of the Chomping Indominus Rex and Stomp & Strike Tyrannosaurus. Some issues have been reported with these electronics consisting of the rubber portions of the skin tearing and breaking up. Fans have bemoaned this issue considerably. The Chomping Rex is a miscellaneous feature with lukewarm reception, but was missing the screw holes that many of the other dinosaur figures of this line possessed. Finally the Titan Raptors were absent their trademark sickle claws represented three members of Owen Grady’s Raptor Squad (Charlie, Delta, Echo) while Blue would be included in an exclusive to Target Titan Raptor set using a larger version of the Blue “Growler” sculpt without the trademark sickle claws. Blind bags were also made, and in multiple sizes that were exclusive to Walmart stores. Another Target exclusive would be the Indominus Rex versus Gyrosphere versus Ankylosaurus pack. The Ankylosaurus would be the only toy repainted from the Bashers & Biters line.

Classic – Hybrid

Consisting of mostly repaints and re-tools the Dino Hybrid line is definitely the most like the Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect toyline revisted, but draws inspiration and hybrids from Ludia’s Jurassic World: The Game. Unfortunately, it won’t be revisiting any of the Chaos Effect creations like the Ultimasaurus. One important cavet though about this line is it is to feature an Owen Grady figure with motorcycle that is within a decent scale and is larger than the previous human figures featured with the vehicle packs of the first Jurassic World toyline. The Owen Grady figure is part of the Vehicle Battle Pack set and the human figure is by far a very coveted must for any Jurassic-fans due to the bemoaned absence of main character human figures in the 2015. The line consists of some new Basher & Biters figures from the Dilophosaurus Rex, Carnoraptor, Hybrid Armor Indominus Rex (with armor that can attach and detach like the Ankylosaurus), and a slightly retooled and brighter Stegoceratops, to mainstays such as Spinosaurus and Hybrid Armor Ankylosaurus. Two large electronic figures featuring a new sculpt for the Hybrid Rampage Indominus Rex and a retool of the Chomping T-Rex as the Hybrid FX Tyrannosaurus. This retool includes electronics, retractable “fins”, and all while sporting a pleasing color of green. The Growlers line makes a return with their lights and sounds. It features two new hybrids like Pteramimus and repaint of the Dilophosaurus.

Hero Mashers

Playing on the hybrids aspect of the films, the Hero Mashers were a popular concept that’s been used by Hasbro’s previous ventures in their Transformers and Star Wars toy lines specifically. Also the concept is sort of like the Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect spin-off line in 1998. The dinosaurs feature interchangeable parts like heads, tails, bodies, and limbs for kids to make their own dinosaur hybrids. The limit is the person’s own imagination in this case. The line consisted of nine standard figures and two large playsets featuring the Tyrannosaurus rex and Indominus Rex. Subsequently the two playsets would be repainted and made exclusive for both Toys R Us and Target respectively.


Continuing the Jurassic Park: Junior line in some ways, the Jurassic World Playskool line didn’t re-use the JP: Junior branding actually. Instead it became a subset of the Jurassic World toyline itself. The Playskool line featured five basic figures, two electronics, two vehicles, and one large three-fingered electronic Tyrannosaurus with human figure. Bringing the total count to ten offerings, just one shy of the JP: Junior line.


Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions have made their mark on creating figures that could be used digitally with their interactive games, and so Hasbro decided to attempt the same thing themselves with the Jurassic World Brawlasaurs line. The Brawlasaurs were created a tie-in for Ludia’s Jurassic World: The Game. Scan the mark on the dinosaur and it can be included only in the Battle Arena in the mobile game. Beyond that Brawlasaurs can be made to fight each other physically as well using the Battle Set that included the Tyrannosaurus and Indominus figures. The line consists of eight base figures, four two-pack figures, the main battle playset, and an exclusive five-pack for Toys R Us.

Return to line


Basher & Biters


Tyrannosaurus rex





Tyrannosaurus rex (green variant)

Stegoceratops (brown variant)

Velociraptor “Blue”

Indominus Rex

Hybrid Armor Ankylosaurus

Hybrid Armor Indominus Rex

Hybrid Spinosaurus

Hybrid Stegoceratops

Hybrid Carnoraptor

Hybrid Dilophosaurus Rex


Velociraptor “Blue”




Velociraptor “Charlie”

Velociraptor “Delta”

Velociraptor “Echo”

Hybrid Velociraptor

Hybrid Dilophosaurus

Hybrid Pteramimus

Capture Vehicles

Indominus vs. Gyrosphere

Pteranodon vs. Helicopter

Mosasaurus vs. Submarine

Owen “Alpha” & Velociraptor “Blue” Set


Tyrannosaurus rex Lockdown


Charlie Titan

Delta Titan

Echo Titan

Chomping Rex

Large Electronics

Chomping Indominus Rex

Stomp and Strike T.rex

Hybrid FX T-Rex

Hybrid Rampage Indominus Rex

Target Exclusives

Titan Raptor Set

Ankylosaurus vs. Indominus vs. Gyrosphere

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Hero Mashers




Dilophosaurus Variation


Indominus Rex




Tyrannosaurus rex

Velociraptor (Grey)

Velociraptor (Red)

Tyrannosaurus rex
(Toys R Us Exclusive)

Indominus Rex
(Target Exclusive)

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Electronic Dilophosaurus

Electronic Velociraptor>

Dino Tracker Copter

Dino Tracker 4×4

Tyrannosaurus rex

Rumble Pack

Kohl’s Exclusive
Stomp and Chomp 3-piece Set

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Battle Set with Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Indominus Rex

Tyrannosaurus rex








Ankylosaurus vs. Indominus Rex

Carnotaurus vs. Ostafrikasaurus

Velociraptor vs. Allosaurus

Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Triceratops

Five Pack (Toys R Us Exclusive)

Set includes: Velociraptor, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex.

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Images courtesy of:
Sours: https://jurassic-pedia.com/jurassic-world-toys/
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JURASSIC WORLD® - Stomp \u0026 Strike T. Rex - Unboxing \u0026 Review Hasbro® Tyrannosaurus

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