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For your safety, and to maintain the premium experience you expect, each of our vehicles is professionally cleaned after each reservation. Our multi-step cleaning process utilizes the latest products, including disinfectants, to minimize the risk of germ transmission.

Brand New Vehicles

Our brand new vehicles are decked out with premium options, including leather interior and all the tech you could ever want!

Convenient Pick-Up Locations

Whether flying into one of the marinas or arriving at an island airport, our white-glove service means your rental will be waiting for you upon arrival.

Island Owned & Operated

Founded by four young entrepreneurs with deep ties to Orcas and the San Juan Islands, is committed to providing top-notch rentals to those visiting the islands we love.


Orcas Island Shuttle – (360) 376-RIDE Offering year round rental cars, SUVs, minivans, convertibles and 15 passenger vans. Hands down the best value on the island.

Orcas Island Taxi Service -360-376-TAXI (8294) – provides a friendly and professional transportation service for Orcas Island, is open 24/7 and also rents scooters

M&W – is based in Friday Harbor, but rents cars on Orcas.  They currently keep at least 2 cars at the airport available for rent.  360-378-2794

Orcas Island Car Rentals provides brand new car rentals on Orcas Island & San Juan Island with easy online reservations and a premium customer service experience. Reserve today at

The Orcas Island Shuttle is the first of its kind daily transportation service on Orcas Island. Visit for more details, including how to track the shuttle live, a complete list of stops, and to request a pick-up!

Parking effective January 1, 2018: As always, the first 24 hours of daily parking is free.  After that, each day is $5.  When paid in advance, the 4-week rate is $40 and the annual rate is $350.00

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On your next trip to Orcas Island, don’t build your exploring around public transportation schedules. Instead, rent a car in Orcas Island and venture out whenever and wherever you like.

Benefits of renting a car

Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, picking up a cheap rental car in Orcas Island will help you see things at your own pace. Visit various attractions and go sightseeing at will instead of forking out money on rideshares or figuring out which bus or train connections you’ll need to make. You can even go on a road trip and see what the area around Orcas Island has to offer.

Jazz up your getaway

Car rental companies make it easy to pick out the perfect set of wheels for your trip. Need to impress some company higher-ups? Request a luxury vehicle with leather seats and surround sound. Want to cart the entire family around? An SUV or minivan will hold everyone in safety and comfort. Traveling by yourself or with your sweetheart? Pull out all the stops with a sports car and step on the gas. We can almost feel the wind in your hair!

Comfort and convenience

Book a rental car from Orcas Island Airport and start your adventure as soon as you land. There’s no need to scour car rental company websites to find your best ride. Instead, rent a car in Orcas Island from Travelocity and save money while you do.

Orcas Island Getaway - Things To Do

Car Rentals in the San Juan Islands.

Car Rentals in Friday Harbor. Main
Other offsite locations:

*Roche Harbor on San Juan Island

*Orcas island Ferry Landing and *Eastsound Airport on Orcas Island.
You call make a reservation, for all locations, with pickup/drop off times and credit card #.
*If pickup location is OTHER than FH, please let us know. *Limited sizes.

  Peak season
up to 24 hr.

 5/11/2021 to 9/21/2021
 *Add a folding bike to your car rental
just $19.99 a day each.
*(includes helmet and lock)
2 bikes fit in the back seat of  a Small car
Bikes Location Friday Harbor only. *

Mid- Season
 up to 24 hours

3/11/2021 to 5/10/2021
9/22/2021 to 12/29/2021

Folding Bikes $17.99 ea. a day*

Off Season
up to 24 hr.

12/30/2021  to 3/10/2022

 Folding Bikes $15.99 ea.        a day*2-Door Smart Car fortwo, 2-Passenger$57.95$47.95$37.954-Door Small Car, 3-5 Passenger$59.95$49.95$39.954-Door Medium Car, 5-Passenger$65.95$55.95$45.954-Door Large Car, 5-Passenger$69.95$59.95$49.95Only Hybrids: Free Gas on Hybrids when staying on the Island.$79.95$69.95$59.95Mini-Van, 7-Passenger$79.95$69.95$69.95Convertible** 2,  4 Passenger $20 more$79.95$69.95$59.95Sport Utility, 5-Passenger$79.95$69.95$69.95Larger SUV 7-8 Passenger$99.95$89.95$79.95Eurovan Weekender, sleeps 2$125.00$99.95$89.95Full-size Pickup, 3 Passenger$69.95$69.95$69.9512-Passenger Van$125.00$99.95$89.9515-Passenger Van$139.00$119.00$99.95Moving Van / Truck 14' box$79.95$79.95$79.95Child’s car seats (Each)$ 4.00$ 4.00$4.00Folding Bikes, lock and helmet$19.99$17.99$17.99Remember, these are not new cars.We use older reliable cars.To keep our rates as low as
these other forms of transportation................bicycle or moped. Even a bus
if there are 4 people, elsewhere.Island Junkers, They Run, 4dr.$49.95$39.95$29.95    

Island wa car rental orcas

The Fine Print (as written by our founder, Ed)

Terms and Conditions for Car Rental

Like everyone else in the islands, we rent used cars. They are shiny and all one color but if you expect a brand new car, you will be sad.

Reservations are subject to a 20% cancellation fee if canceled within a month of the start of the rental. Within 24 hours of the reservation, if you cancel, you will be charged for the first day and 20% of any remaining days. Cancellation fees resulting from, but not limited to, acts of divine retribution, meteor strikes, a global nuclear event, and/or severe cases of the sniffles will probably not be waived because life is not fair.

No pets (spouses and most children excluded) and no smoking (unless you are on fire). Thank you!

We let you take care of your own insurance. If they were brand new cars we would get more worked up over it but if you drive it into the ocean (let's just say) we are going to give you a call to see how you would like to handle it.

Keep it on the island. If you take it off island and there is the aforementioned act of divine retribution or meteor strike, you are going to call us and be madder than a wet hen because we can’t come help. Therefore, we ask you to stay on island where we can take good care of you.

There, that wasn’t so bad was it?

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