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The REdisCOVERY Program involves an embedded full time Social Worker (MSW) riding and working closely with specially assigned PAPD Officers and a team of Community Change Agents working as navigators and "light touch" case managers. The REdisCOVERY team coordinates with a number of agencies in Clallam County. The REdisCOVERY team responds to mental health crises in the field as well as proactively conducts outreach in the community. These contacts have resulted in meaningful linkages to mental health, substance abuse, medical services, housing and shelter, food bank, crisis services, transportation, and other necessities. The REdisCOVERY goal is to help people before their circumstances lead to an arrest or hospitalization. The Port Angeles Fire Department also has a "Community Paramedic" program which works in partnership with our REdisCOVERY team. Filling the gaps through collaboration the teams have developed productive and effective professional relationships with community partners that assist our community members to engage in the appropriate service at the appropriate time with the least amount of resistance

To reach a member of the REdisCOVERY team please call 360-457-4431, send an email to [email protected] or find them at https://www.facebook.com/yourlinktoresources 

Sours: https://wa-portangeles.civicplus.com/1013/REdisCOVERY
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Washington Man on the Run From Cops Posts Facebook Updates

Department of Corrections/Port Angeles Police Department/AP Photo

Travis A. Nicolaysen is on the run from police, but he's still posting periodic updates on his Facebook page, and has even changed his status  from "in a relationship" to "single."

The 26-year-old  from Port Angeles, Wash., is wanted by the state's Department of Corrections for failing to check in with his community corrections officer since January.

Court records indicate Nicolaysen has been convicted of multiple misdemeanors and felonies, among them theft, assault, burglary and violating an order of protection.

On his first day on the run, a friend posted to Nicolaysen's account: "Cops all over you." The following day, Nicolaysen replied on his page:  "Ya got away thanks bro."

Nicolaysen, who is also accused of assaulting his girlfriend, changed his relationship status to "single" from "in a relationship," the Peninsula Daily News has reported.

The paper said Nicolaysen went on the lam after slipping through a police dragnet Wednesday, the paper also reported.

On Facebook, some of Nicolaysen's friends have encouraged him to turn himself in.

Facebook's privacy police says the company may share information in response to a legal request "if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so." The site also has limited ability to track users using GPS and IP addresses.

Teri Newell says she helped raise Nicolaysen. She described his on-the-lam Facebook updating as "hilarious," and said the police were heavy-handed.

She said she doesn't know where Nicolaysen is, but added: "If he's smart, he's hidden away, tucked away safe."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Sours: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/04/washington-man-on-the-run-from-cops-posts-facebook-updates
Video shows Hamet police officer punching suspect

Fugitive felon finds time to update Facebook

SEATTLE — A 26-year-old Washington state man who has eluded an extensive police search has been making time to update his Facebook page as authorities continue their efforts to catch him.

His first day on the run, one friend of Travis A. Nicolaysen posted to his account: “Cops all over you.” Nicolaysen responded the next day with: “ya got away thanks bro.”

Nicolaysen has been on the lam since two foot chases last Wednesday and a dragnet that included a police dog tracking him through a Port Angeles neighborhood. The dog came up only with a blue bandanna that Nicolaysen had been wearing.

Nicolaysen has been convicted of five felonies, including domestic violence, burglary and theft of a firearm, police said. He is wanted by the Washington state Department of Corrections for failing to check in with his community corrections officer since January.

A Facebook post from another friend told him to be careful. Another urged him to surrender and set a better example for his children. “You’re not getting any younger and you’re looking at a lot of time,” the friend writes. A picture on the Facebook page shows Nicolaysen with two toddlers.

He’s also been accused of assaulting his girlfriend on March 28, police said.

Better make that his ex-girlfriend. In a post Saturday, Nicolaysen changed his relationship status to single, the Peninsula Daily News reported.

Police are among those checking the page. “Absolutely,” Deputy Chief Brian Smith told The Associated Press on Monday.

“We’re used to pinging databases and sources of information,” he said. “It’s normal for us to look at Facebook accounts.”

Smith also saw the growing number of comments on Nicolaysen’s account — some of them mocking police — as he remained at large Monday.

“I don’t think it’s going to make it any easier for him,” Smith said.

A lot of people communicate openly and can remain beyond the long arm of the law, at least for a while, he said.

Facebook tells its users that it may share certain information if it gets requests from law enforcement, and that it does have some ability to track people via IP addresses and GPS location.

Serving Facebook with a search warrant is a possibility, but there are no immediate plans for that, Smith said. For now, police hope the publicity alone may be enough to flush him out in a city the size of Port Angeles, which has a population of 19,000 and is about 65 miles northwest of Seattle on the Olympic Peninsula.

“In a smaller community, it’s harder to disappear and be anonymous,” Smith said. “We’re hoping people who know him call police.”

“People are giving him advice” to surrender, Smith said, “and he might want to follow it.”

While police find the fugitive Facebook posting a little frustrating, it’s a source of glee for Teri Newell of Port Angeles who says she helped raise Nicolaysen and describes herself as his aunt.

“I think it’s hilarious,” said Newell, who confirmed the Facebook account belonged to Nicolaysen.

“That’s my boy, Travis,” she said.

“Every single time he gets out of jail, he doesn’t check in,” said Newell, who also complains that police are heavy-handed.

She said she doesn’t know where he is.

“If he’s smart, he’s hidden away, tucked away safe,” she said.

An email to Nicolaysen from The Associated Press bounced back.

Port Angeles attorney Robert Vienneau, who says he knows Nicolaysen, says the fugitive does what he has to do to get by.

“Travis comes from a rough background, but he’s got a good heart,” Vienneau said.

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Sours: https://www.pressherald.com/2012/04/10/man-on-the-run-finds-time-to-update-facebook/

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