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Holsters for FNH - FNX 45 Tactical

FNH FNX 45 Tactical Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

There is no greater tactical advantage than that of surprise, which is why there are several available FNH FNX 45 Tactical concealed carry holster models. In fact, every FNH FNX 45 Tactical holster that Alien Gear makes can serve expertly in this capacity.

An FNH FNX 45 Tactical IWB holster is the most easily concealed. For this purpose, look at the Cloak Tuck models. These classic inside waistband style holsters are rapidly emerging as industry standards, with retention-adjustable shells and belt clips (or optional loops) adjustable for cant and ride height. You create the carrying position you want, not what the holster design dictates.

The most advanced is our Cloak Tuck 3.0. The 3.0 features a sheet of spring steel as the core, which doesn’t need any breaking in and will provide a comfortable carry for the lifetime of the holster. The spring steel guarantees it will be a long one. The 3.0 also features a moisture repelling neoprene back and a top surface of our proprietary Alien Skin surface. Alien Skin won’t scuff, or let your firearm jostle inside the holster.

Those preferring leather, and who doesn’t like a classic leather holster, can choose the original Cloak Tuck, or our FNH FNX 45 Tactical OWB holster. The Cloak Slide likewise features our adjustable shell system.

Regardless of which FNH FNX 45 Tactical gun holster you buy, it’s guaranteed for life against defect or damage. That’s our Iron Clad Guarantee. We also will swap shells with you for life, if you ever trade in for a different gun.

If you aren’t sold, you can take a 30-day Test Drive, though we don’t think it’ll take that long to convince you. You will have to purchase, but if you don’t like the holster within 30 days, send it back for a refund.

Sours: https://aliengearholsters.com/holsters/fnh-fnx-45-tactical.html

Neptune Concealment Kydex Holster for FN FNX 45 Full Size - Light / Laser Bearing Nestor Series - Veteran Made in USA

Neptune Concealment Kydex holster for the FN FNX 45 Full Size, light/laser bearing weapon. Handmade by veterans in the USA. Nestor Series. Holster can be made for Inside the Waistband or Outside the Waistband. Please select your light/laser from the drop down list. Contact us prior to purchase for availability of any light not on the list. Every holster we make is handmade and may be a little different from holster to holster. The pictures you see are our pictures but may not be pictures of your actual holster. As you can see, we are very particular about leaving minimal machining marks. Holster may have some small blemishes/light scratches from production etc. We welcome custom orders, and please ask any questions before you purchase the item. Returns/exchanges are accepted, but buyer pays return shipping. No returns on custom orders (light bearings, special kydex prints, custom work). PayPal & ID Verified. We manufacture/sell/and use our own products, nothing is outsourced. With any issue you may have, you are speaking to a real live person in the U.S. who will be happy to help solve it. We want to build our business with you, but we can't do that without you! If you have any questions at all, we are an open door company and would be happy to help. Thank you for your business and Keep it Concealed. - Neptune Concealment

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Neptune-Concealment-Kydex-Holster-Full/dp/B06XCW4QTN
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FNX 45 is a part of the semi-automatic FN FNX pistol series. These are made by FN America and mostly used by law enforcement.

This pistol was released in 2012 following the tactical release shortly after. FNX 45 is a sizeable pistol, and it is often attached with a silencer or flash guard, making it longer.

To hide them, you need a good holster that will not hinder the normal operation. You should be able to get the pistol out quickly and without accidentally firing it. This article lists and reviews the best FNX 45 tactical holsters you can buy. 

Comparison Chart of the Best FNX 45 Tactical Holsters

Is The FNX 45 a Good Daily Carry?

FNX 45 is on the heavier and larger size of guns, which is why it can be difficult to conceal and maybe carry all day long. It is about 7½ inches long and weighs 33 ounces. If you add the silencer, light, and other things, it gets longer and heavier. So this is probably not for long carrying. If concealment is not a huge issue, then it can be used. The weight does not affect most people. 

Characteristics of Our Favorite Holsters

All the holsters we have chosen have the following characteristics. These make sure that the unit you choose is the best pick. 


FNX 45 is a fully ambidextrous gun; therefore, its holster should have that feature as well. There are not many pistols that support left-hand use, and hence the holsters are also not easily available. A holster that supports use by both left and right hand usually has reversible clips.


This material is rigid, tough, waterproof, and chemical resistant. Because of these qualities, it is used for things like knife sheaths and holsters. These are extremely durable and don't get scratched easily. They can also withstand high temperatures, and their rigidity helps retain the firearm in place. These have become the go-to material for holsters and have replaced leather almost completely, especially in law enforcement and military.


The holster should not be loose or flappy, or the gun might fall out. This can be very dangerous as it can be lost, stolen, or damaged. Some holsters are made for specific firearms, and they fit them perfectly. Some others are flexible and adapt to the gun in use. It is advisable to try the holster with the gun before buying it. 

Review of the Best FNX 45 Tactical Holsters

These are our top picks for the best FNX 45 tactical holsters. Any of these will suit your purpose greatly. 

Types of FNX 45 Holsters

There are generally three main types of holsters for every firearm you buy.

Outside the Waistband/Inside the Waistband

Outside-the-waistband holsters are the most common ones in military and police work. They are for people who carry their weapons openly. They have a clip to attach it to the belt or pants. They can be worn close to the body and at the back as well. If there is a need for concealment, they can be concealed with an untucked shirt.

Inside-the-waistband holsters have a clip to attach it to the inside of a belt or pants. These holsters are easier to conceal and can be worn in the same locations as an OWB.  

Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holsters are more traditional. They use leather straps to wear around the shoulders. They are more comfortable to wear, as they have no skin contact and are just looser. They are the most excellent concealment holsters. One side has gun housing, and the other is designed normally to hold extra magazines.

Drop Leg Holster  

This is another one that is used mainly by the police and military because of its open nature. It is very easy to access, especially if you are sitting like in an interrogation. When people have to wear bulletproof vests, it is more convenient to use a drop leg holster. They are worn on the leg where the hand naturally drops.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Some of the things you should always consider when buying a holster for safe and easy use are:


The retention level tells you how securely your weapon is in place and how easy it will be to draw it. Modern holsters are made keeping in mind these things and are changed for each model of the gun. Many have adjustable retention that lets the person decide what suits them more.  


It is very important that the holster does not accidentally cause trigger movement, disengagement of a safety lock, and any movement of the hammer. These things can end up causing serious harm. This is why holsters are custom-made for every model of firearm. This ensures that no holster element gets in the way of the gun when removing or inserting.


This is an important factor, especially if you are going to be wearing it for long hours or in high-temperature areas. They can get very uncomfortable and hinder movement. This is why more and more manufacturers are focusing on increasing comfort for the wearer. Leather is generally more comfortable; therefore, Kydex holsters often have leather backing. There is also the sweat guard that keeps things clean in hot climates.


Hostler should provide adjustable cant, retention, and height so every user can change it according to their own ease and preference.


This article lists all the best FNX45 holsters and what makes them great. These pistols are mostly for tactical use, and they need a high-quality holster for carrying. Before buying, try the holster out, make sure you are comfortable with it and if not, custom made ones are always an option and often times better.  

People Also Ask

If you still have some questions about FNX45 tactical or its holsters, you can refer to these frequently asked questions for guidance.

What is an FNX 45?

FNX 45 is a semi-automatic pistol that uses a .45 ACP cartridge. These pistols use a polymer frame and are made by FN America. The tactical version has a threaded barrel, suppressor height tritium night sights, and milled slide for a micro red dot sight.

Is the FNX 45 a Good Gun?

Yes, it is a good gun. It has a double-stack magazine that holds 15 cartridges. It can attach night sights and lasers if needed.

What's the Difference Between FNP and FNX?

FNP is the older version, and it has a reversible mag release. The FNX is fully ambidextrous. These two are basically the same gun, but one is just newer with enhanced features. The FNX has less recoil and better grip, for example. They are both made by the same company.  

Who makes the FNX 45?

FNX 45 is made by FN America, which has its headquarters in Belgium. The company makes and sells firearms worldwide and has had many US military contracts. 

Sours: https://www.survivethewild.net/holsters/fnx-45/
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FNX 45 Tactical: My Home Defense Gun \u0026 the Best Home Defense Pistol with the SilencerCo 45 Osprey

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