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The 2021 ‘Adopt Me’ Halloween Event Has an Official Start Date!

If you’re looking for a wholesome game to play in your free time, you really can’t go wrong with Adopt Me on the Roblox platform. Raise cute animals? Dress them up in cute costumes? Decorate your cute house in a magical (and cute) world? Yes, please. Sounds like a literal dream come true.

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In past years, Adopt Me has held a Halloween Event in October. Now that we’ve officially entered the month of Halloween, people are starting to wonder what the plan for this year is. Is Adopt Me holding a Halloween Event this year? And if so, when does it start?

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When does the ‘Adopt Me’ Halloween Event start this year?

Previous Adopt Me Halloween Events have been part of large updates to the game. Players could earn Candy by participating in events and activities in the game, then use that Candy to purchase exclusive items at the Candy Trading Shop. The playground was replaced with a bunch of minigames, and the school was turned into a haunted house.

And, obviously, there were limited edition pets to be adopted, like the Zombie Buffalo, Bat Dragon, Evil Unicorn, and Shadow Dragon. Obviously, there was a lot to like about the event, and it makes sense that people are looking forward to this year’s event — if there is one.

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On 2019, the Halloween Event didn’t start until Oct. 18 and it lasted through Nov. 1. In 2020, things got off to an even later start — the Halloween update was planned for Oct. 27, then delayed, then finally rolled out on Oct. 28, 2020. This year, it seems like things are on track for another late-October release. The fall update rolled out on Oct. 14, and the Halloween event is set to begin on Thursday, Oct. 28.

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Last year’s Halloween Event featured two new minigames and six new pets, including the very adorable three-headed dog Cerberus (aww!), Skele-Rex, Ghost Bunny, and Bat Box. Cerberus is only available with Robux, but the others could be purchased with Candy. This year, we've seen a sneak peek of one new pet so far: The mummy cat! It's absolutely adorable and we are already making plans to adopt one of our very own.

Here's how to get Candy during the 'Adopt Me' Halloween Event.

Going by what we know from past Halloween events, there are a few different ways to collect Candy in Adopt Me. First, you’ll definitely want to play the minigames every day. Last year, both games (Spirit Showdown and Pumpkin Smash) started every 30 minutes, so your best bet was to switch between the two of them to maximize your Candy collecting. You also want to make sure to talk to the Headless Horseman — he’ll give you 200 pieces of Candy every day. And, of course, you can purchase Candy with Robux at the shop.

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When the Halloween update initially came out last year, there were apparently some complaints that the minigames didn’t give players an adequate amount of Candy. Luckily, the developers heard those complaints and said they were looking into tweaking the reward drops. We're guessing you won't run into the same issue this year, so get ready to save up for that mummy cat!

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Halloween Event (2020)

Event Currency

Candy Icon.pngCandy

The 2020 Halloween Event was an event in Adopt Me!. The event started on October 28, 2020, at 2:00 PM UTC and ended on the November 11, 2020, at 9:00 PM UTC.

The event's currency was Candy Icon.pngCandy, which could be used to purchase Bat Boxes, pets, toys, and vehicles in this update. A new Robux.pngRobuxpet was introduced, the Cerberus, and there was a temporary event pet, the petPumpkin. Candy could've been obtained through the two minigames: Spirit Showdown and Pumpkin Smash. Players would receive Candy Icon.png200 from the Headless Horseman daily. Players could also buy Candy with Robux.pngRobux.


Players could play two minigames to earn candy; Spirit Showdown and Pumpkin Smash. Players had to wait 30 minutes once a minigame finished to play again.

Spirit Showdown

  • Players catching a Ghost Bunny.

  • Players fighting the Boss Ghost Bunny.

  • The Boss Ghost Bunny after using its charge attack.

  • The fear effect applied on a player during the boss fight.

In the Spirit Showdown Minigame, you captured a Ghost Bunny by spam clicking on it or holding your mouse. After you click at it a single time, the Ghost Bunny automatically starts getting captured by your spirit vacuum. When players used their spirit vacuum on a Ghost Bunny, their score went up. The higher the score, the more candy players earned. In the second stage of Spirit Showdown, players would battle the Boss Ghost Bunny, a giant NeonGhost Bunny. It attacked by charging and spinning into and knocking over players, and raining particles under them which inverted the controls of the players (such as that with the WASD keys, the W key goes backwards and the S key goes forwards). When a player came into contact with the Boss Ghost Bunny, a fear effect was applied on them which froze the player in place for a few seconds. The purplish-pink aura around the boss ghost, as mentioned by @PlayAdoptMe on YouTube, was where its range of hit was. To not get affected by fear, or getting flung backwards, players would stay out of the aura to avoid the aura. The aura would only appear to players if they had their graphics at a certain setting.

Pumpkin Smash

In this minigame, players would "smash" through pumpkins to earn more candy by running through large floating pumpkins. The large half-pumpkins act as jump pads, and you could use them to get to higher ground where there were more pumpkins to smash, or to smash the pumpkins stacked vertically on top of the jump pads. After completing the game for the first time, players could earn a temporary flyable and rideable Pumpkinpet. As players smashed pumpkins, their boost bar went up. When the boost bar was full, each pumpkin the player smashed earned double points. Additionally, players ran faster after collecting 4 pumpkins for a short amount of time, allowing players to collect more of the pumpkins.

Bat Boxes

Main article: Bat Box

To obtain Bat pets, players had to open a Bat Box. Players could open either a Bat (Uncommon) or an Albino Bat (Ultra-Rare). There was a 1/5 (20%) chance to get an Albino Bat, whereas there was a 4/5 (80%) chance to get a Bat.

Box Image Cost Rarity
Bat Box
Candy Icon.png1,000Rare

Pet Wear

There were some new pet wear items that are somewhat related to the Halloween Event (2020). However, unlike all the other items from this event, they were available in the Hat Shop for Bucks.

Obtainable Items

These items were obtainable during the Halloween Event (2020) for a limited amount of time. They could be bought by Candy while they were still available in one of the Halloween shops.

Obtainable Pets

Note: The Pumpkin was a temporary pet and was removed from all players' inventories after the event, but the Cerberus is available permanently. All the other pets in this event are now limited.


  • On October 17, a picture of the concept art of Cerberus was revealed in a tweet from Adopt Me!.
  • This is the second event that brought in a reskin of a pet that had just been released: the Skele-Rex (replacing the T-Rex).
  • The first event that did this was the Christmas Event (2019) with the Frost Dragon and Shadow Dragon.
  • The event was supposed to be released on October 27, but it was delayed to the day after.
  • This was the third time the Headless Horseman made an appearance in a Halloween event. The Headless Horseman has been featured in the 2017, 2018, and 2020 Halloween Events.
  • Similarly to the Rat Box, the Bat Box had two pets that players can get.
  • Compared to the 2019 Halloween Event, Candy was much harder to earn. However, the items and pets in last year's event were much more expensive. The most expensive pet players could buy with Candy in 2019's Halloween event, the Bat Dragon, cost Candy Icon.png180,000. The most expensive pet in this year's event is the Skele-Rex, only costing Candy Icon.png10,000.
  • The Cerberus stayed after the update, and has been relocated to the Pet Shop along with the Griffin, Panda, Horse, Sloth, Axolotl, Robo Dog, Peacock, Red Squirrel and Kitsune, the other Robux.pngRobux costing pets. It is the second pet that came in a holiday event that costs Robux to be relocated there with the first being the Panda and the third being the Guardian Lion.
  • This event featured the third Temporarypet, the Pumpkin, after Pet Rock and Scoob, and the second event pet.


Sours: https://adoptme.fandom.com/wiki/Halloween_Event_(2020)
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Adopt Me Fall update has officially announced the arrival of both autumn and Halloween. At this time of the year, we carve pumpkins and sip a spiced pumpkin latte while reading a book we ignored the whole year.

Dig into your Halloween decoration box because Adopt Me’s Halloween update will have your back for the festivities! Enjoy the scary season to its fullest with Adopt Me’s Halloween update! Read on to find out everything about it!

Adopt Me Fall Update 2020 & 2021

In 2020s Adopt Me Fall update the Halloween area was a splash of warm colors. Filled with pumpkin patches and a towering windmill the scenery was soothing. The Halloween area in 2021 is a sight for sore eyes. It’s dark but has lights glowing from every surface. The background is pretty dark save the occasional glimpses of the sky. Warm purple lights keep bouncing off the dark surfaces.

We can also spot a massive spooky house which will probably be used for a quest in the 2021 Halloween event. The spooky house for starters does look like it might be harboring something paranormal or creepy and crawling with maggots within its boarded-up walls.

Similar to the Frost Fairy that makes an appearance last year, we have a ghost bunny guarding the Halloween shop. The 2020 Fall update featured the replacement of the Pool Party – the Hot Spring.

But the Hot Spring didn’t just stay for the autumn season. It stayed long after both the fall and winter events ended. But the Pool wasn’t the only thing that got replaced. The pool store faced a similar fate.

Adopt Me Halloween Update

adopt Me halloween event

Releasing on 28th October the Adopt Me Halloween update was confirmed as a part of Fall update trailer. The trailer gave only a few glimpses of the Halloween update but was quite successful in exciting the audience in advance. It was also confirmed that the Halloween-themed game will be up and about in a few weeks.

adopt Me fall event

The popular Roblox game has planned to stun some and shock some with its Halloween update that will be including spooky quests, scary adventures, petrifying pets like a vampire, an evil treant (treants are walking trees), a zombie unicorn, and a dog with skeleton wings. All of these would be followed by several map changes, mini-games, exclusive items, and Halloween-themed decorations.

Old Adopt Me Halloween Update 2020

In Roblox Adopt Me, the 2020 Halloween Event was one of the most popular events. The event was initialized on 28 October 2020 sharp at 08:00 AM PT, and the event got concluded on 11 November 2020 at 02:00 PM PT. 2020 Halloween Event has featured several exclusive items and pets.

You should make a note that the currency applicable in the 2020 Halloween Event was Candy, and you could use it to purchase the items mentioned below. They are as follows:

  • Bat Boxes
  • Pets
  • Toys
  • Vehicles

Note: Purchasing vehicles have been recently added after Roblox Adopt Me has received an update from its developing team.

You will also notice a new Robux Pet. This pet got recently introduced, and it was named Cerberus. There was a time being an event of pet known as Pet Pumpkin. You can obtain Candy with the help of two minigames. They are as follows:

  • Spirit Showdown
  • Pumpkin Smash

You will be receiving 200 Candy daily from the Headless Horseman. You can purchase the Candy by spending Robux.


In Roblox Adopt Me, you are authorized to play two minigames for earning Candy. The two games are Spirit Shutdown and Pumpkin Smash. You have to have patience and wait for 30 minutes once a minigame is completed and restart the game.

In the Roblox Adopt Me game, the Spirit Shutdown is one of the Minigame. In this game, you have to capture a Ghost Bunny by clicking on it or holding it with your mouse. When you click once, the Ghost Bunny will automatically begin to capture your spirit vacuum. The candies are depended on your score.

If your score is high, you will get a higher number of candies. Simultaneously, if your score is low, you will leg less number of candies. After completing the first stage, you will find yourself in the second stage. In the second stage, you have to fight with the boss named Ghost Bunny, who is a massive Neon Ghose Bunny.

It has the specialty to perform attacks by charging and spinning over the players, and it will drop down the particles under them, which will convert your game settings. For example, the WASD keys, the W key, which was used to move forward, will now take you in the backward direction. Simultaneously the S Key will make you move forward, not back.

If you come in contact with the Ghost Bunny boss, a fear effect will be applied, which will freeze you for a couple of seconds at the same place.

Pumpkin Smash

It is the second Minigame in Roblox Adopt Me, and in this game, you have to smash between the pumpkins for receiving more Candy by traveling between the massive floating pumpkins. The large half-pumpkins will behave as jump pads, and you are allowed to utilize them to obtain a higher ground.

Previously, many pumpkins were available for smashing or smashing down the pumpkins, which were assembled vertically on the top of the jump pads. When you successfully complete the game for the first time, you will earn a Pumpkin pet who is temporary, and you can fly and ride with the pet. As you will smash the pumpkins, you will notice your boost bar will be increasing simultaneously.

When your boost bar is completed, every pumpkin which you have smashed will get double points. Moreover, you can run at a faster speed when you successfully collect four pumpkins, but it will be applicable only for a small duration of time which will permit you to manage several more pumpkins.

Bat Boxes

For collecting the Bat Pets, you must open the Bat Box. You are allowed to open either a Bat, which is uncommon or opens an Albino Bat, which is considered s Ultra-Rare. The possibility rate was 1/5, which means 20 percent chances for getting an Albino Bat. And if we discuss Bat, the possible rate is 4/5, representing 80 percent chances for getting Bat.

Bat BoxRare1,000 Candies

Pet Wear

In Roblox Adopt Me, there are few new sets of pet wear materials that are, however, related to the Halloween 2020 Event. But, contrasting all other items found in this event. You were able to find the Pet Wear in n the Hat Shop for Bucks.

Pet WearPricingRarity
Striped Tophat100 $Common
Vampire Cape150 $Common
Scyte250 $Uncommon
Witch Broom250 $Uncommon
Witch Boots300 $Uncommon
Bewitched Hat750 $Rare

Obtainable Items

You can collect the following items in the Halloween 2020 Event, but these items are available for a specific period. You can purchase these items by spending candy till the span they were available in one of the Halloween shops.

Eyeball RattleCommonYou have to Click to Shake.250 Candies
Crystal Ball RattleUncommonYou have to Click to Shake.400 Candies
Pumpkin StrollerRareIt will carry one pet or baby1250 Candies
Spider Grappling HookRareYou have to Click to fire for grappling hook and get located to that location800 Candies
Star and Moon PropellerRareYou have to Click to be propelled towards skywards and jump for stopping.950 Candies
Rib GuitarUltra-RareYou have to click for playing the music1750 Candies
Skull DrumUltra-RareYou have to click for playing the music1500 Candies
Ribcage CarriageLegendaryYou shout hit the E button on the keyboard. Otherwise, you can click to ride, or hit the space bar button or jump the button to dismount.3000 Candies

Obtainable Pets

You must make a note that Pumpkin was a time being pet, and it was deleted from everyone’s inventories when the event was concluded. But the Cerberus is permanently available for you. And remaining all other pets in the Halloween 2020 event are now limited.

PumpkinEvent but it is temporaryIt is freely available. You have to successfully complete the Pumpkin Smash Minigame for the first time.
BatUncommon1000 Candies and Bat is found in bat Box and there, and you will find for four times out of 5 times.
Albino BatUltra-Rare1000 Candies and Bat is found in bat Box and there, and you will find for four times out of 5 times.
Ghost BunnyUltra-Rare4000 Candies
Skele-RexLegendary10,000 Candies
CerberusLegendary500 Robux

Final Words

Thus, Adopt Me Halloween 2021 is one of the significant updates, and it consists of many more advanced and more fantastic features.

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Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Update: New Pets and More

Roblox’s popular Adopt Me game is celebrating Halloween 2020 with a new update. There are several spooky new pets available in the game to purchase and collect. Players can also participate in scary new minigames, collect unique items, earn candy, and explore haunted buildings. Here’s everything you need to know about the Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Update.

Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Update

Roblox Adopt Me Halloween is underway from October 28 through November 11. The update is available as of October 28, so players can now enjoy the spooky new minigames, pets, and items. Here’s the exact start and end time for the event:

  • Adopt Me Halloween Start Time: October 28, 2020, at 11 am ET
  • Adopt Me Halloween End Time: November 11, 2020, at 5 pm ET

The new minigames include Pumpkin Smash and Spirit Showdown. In Pumpkin Smash, players must explore an area looking for pumpkins, which earn you candy, a new seasonal in-game currency. Spirit Showdown is Adopt Me’s take on Ghostbusters, where players work together and use devices to suck up ghosts and ultimately fight an “imbossible” final capture.

New buildings in the update include a Seasonal Shop, Spirit Jail, and Spooky Mill. Players can also pick up a free Pumpkin Pet for playing the Pumpkin Smash minigame. The temporary pet will leave the game at the end of the Adopt Me Halloween event. 

Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Pets

Here’s the new Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Pets:

  • Skele-Rex: 10,000 Candy
  • Ghost Bunny: 4,000 Candy
  • Normal Bat: 1,000 Candy
  • Albino Bat: 1,000 Candy (Rare)
  • Cerberus: 500 Robux

You can purchase four out of five of these pets with Candy, which you can earn during the Halloween Event. Cerberus requires 500 Robux, and is a permanent pet that remains in the game after Halloween.

Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Cerberus

Cerberus is a new Robux pet that will permanently stay in the Adopt Me Pet Store. You can pick it up for 500 Robux if you are interested.

Here’s a trailer for the new Adopt Me Halloween Update:

Sours: https://gamerjournalist.com/roblox-adopt-me-halloween-update-new-pets-cerberus-candy-minigames/

2020 me adopt event halloween

Update: The Halloween Update will be releasing on 28th October as confirmed by the official Adopt Me team. Also, the new Fall Map update is scheduled for release today at 8 AM PT 11 AM ET 4 PM BST. 

Original Post from September 1 follows below-


We have news that the new Halloween update for Adopt Me is going to be released soon. So, in this article, we will be discussing everything we know about the Halloween Update for Adopt Me. Here’s everything you need to know.

With the release of the recent Summer Sale update in Adopt Me, a new Premium pet, Axolotl was released. Well, now we have information that a new Halloween update will be released for the players in the coming months that will feature new pets, new map changes as well.


So, for anyone who didn’t know, in 2020, the Halloween event on Adopt Me started on October 28, at 8:00 am PT, and ended on 11 Nov. Well, the event back then featured exclusive pets as well as items. Adopt Me fans are currently waiting for the devs to release this year’s Halloween event for Adopt Me featuring new pets and items as well. However, there are leaks that the new Halloween event might bring changes to the map too.

Adopt Me: Halloween Update

The Halloween update is expected to bring changes to the map in Adopt Me. However, we don’t have any confirmed updates on this, but if you want more information, feel free to visit here. Also, there are a bunch of concept pets that are expected to be added to the pet collection of Adopt Me.




Halloween Update Release Date

The Halloween Update is most likely to be released in Oct but the exact date for the release is still unknown. However, if more information is released, we will be updating you at the earliest.

So, now you know about the expected pets coming with the Halloween update in Adopt Me. Brace yourselves as more updates are going to be introduced later this year. For more information on Adopt Me, stay tuned with us on AndroidGram.

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Christmas/Winter Event 2019 and 2020 comparison! - Roblox Adopt Me

The Adopt Me Halloween 2020 update has finally arrived in the game. If you've been saving up your Robux, or looking forward to getting some new pets, then now is the time to do it. There's five new pets that you can collect, four of which can be purchased with candy that can be collected for free in the game. There's also a whole mess of new items that can also be obtained via candy. The event started on October 28th and will be running until November 11th!

Release Date Information

Adopt Me's Halloween update was released on October 28th and started at 8am PT. Check out the following video to see everything that is available during this spooky new addition of the game:

Halloween Candy

If you want to learn all about the candy you can collect in Adopt Me, check out our How-to Get Halloween Candy guide!

Pumpkin Pet

If you play the Pumpkin Smash minigame, you will get yourself a temporary Pumpkin pet! This pet has fly and ride already equipped to it, so you can jump on it and take to the skies. Unfortunately, this pet will disappear at the end of the event, so make sure to get your use out of it before it goes away!

Halloween Pets

There are five new pets that you can collect in the Halloween update. These are Cerberus, Ghost Bunny, Skele-Rex, Normal Bat, and Albino Bat! Cerberus is the only pet that requires Robux, you can purchase the rest with candy that you can earn during the event!


If you want to get yourself the Skele-Rex pet, it will cost you 10,000 candy!

Adopt Me Skeleton T-Rex

Ghost Bunny

The Ghost Bunny will scare all of your friends and can be purchased for 4,000 Candy!

Normal and Albino Bat

To get a Normal or Albino Bat, you will need to purchase Bat Boxes which are 1,000 Candy each. You have a 4 out of 5 chance to get a Normal Bat, and a 1 in 5 chance to get an Albino Bat. That means you have a 20% chance to get the Albino, which isn't terrible odds, but they aren't great either!


If you've never heard of Cerberus, it is a mythological multi-headed dog. Harry Potter fans will no doubt remember one being in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! In Harry Potter, Hagrid has one as a pet named Fluffy! It is quite a large animal, but in Adopt Me it appears to be more average sized. Cerberus can be purchased for 500 Robux.

Other Details

There are two minigames you can participate in to get candy that can be used to purchase a variety of items. These includes pets, toys, strollers, vehicles, drums, and a lot more. You will find all of this available in the Halloween shop with the Headless Horseman! You can get there fast by using the teleport option on the side of your screen.

Outside of the shop is where you can find and participate in the minigames. There are two available: Pumpkin Smash and Spirit Showdown. The Pumpkin Smash has you running around a small area collecting pumpkins! The more you collect before time runs out, the more free candy you will receive. The Spirit Showdown straps a ghost catching pack on your back, and allows you to click on ghosts that you will suck up. After enough ghosts have been collected, you will face off against the ghost boss! Click on it to start trying to catch it, just watch out for its attacks or you will be frozen in place!

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