Mason county district court payments

Mason county district court payments DEFAULT

79th District Court

79th District Court
Hon. John D. Middlebrook
304 East Ludington Avenue
Ludington, MI 49431-2121

Glenn Jackson III, Attorney Magistrate

Weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

General Information about District Courts in Michigan
District courts were created effective January 1, 1969, by Public Act 154 of 1968. They replaced all but four municipal courts as well as all the police and justice of the peace courts and circuit court commissioners (officials in each county of a circuit who had limited judicial powers and performed administrative duties). The district court is often called “the people’s court” because the public has more contact with it than any other court in the state and many people choose to represent themselves rather than hire an attorney. There are 83 counties in Michigan, but 103 districts, and many are served by more than one judge. The district court has exclusive jurisdiction over most traffic violations, civil cases where the amount disputed is not over $25,000, landlord-tenant and land-contract matters, and civil infractions. The court may also conduct marriages in a civil ceremony.

The small claims division of the district court handles disputes involving $3,000 or less. Matters may be heard by the district judge or by an attorney magistrate. The parties waive their right to be represented by an attorney, the right to a jury trial, the application of evidence rules, and any right to appeal, unless decided by an attorney magistrate, whose decision may be appealed to the district judge. If either party wants to retain these rights, the case is removed from the small claims docket and is heard in the court’s general civil division.

The district court handles a wide range of criminal proceedings, including disposition of misdemeanors (offenses for which the maximum possible penalty does not exceed one year in jail) and conducting preliminary examinations in felony cases, after which, if the prosecutor provides sufficient proofs and the district judge so finds, the felony case is transferred to the circuit court for arraignment and subsequent disposition. A district court judge may appoint an attorney to represent persons who cannot afford a lawyer and may go to jail if convicted. Extraditions to another state for a pending criminal charge, coroner inquests, and issuance of search warrants are also handled in district court.

How to Search the Records of the 79th District Court
By clicking on the link below, you will leave the courts pages of the Mason County Government website and will go to the Michigan Courts: One Court of Justice terms-of-service page of the website maintained by Judicial Information Services (JIS). Read the terms of service, select "I'm not a robot" and any images as directed until a green arrow appears, and then click continue. Enter the name of a party or a file number and click submit. When the results of the search are retrieved, you can scroll through them and click on the file number of a particular case to display the register of actions, or you can narrow your search by applying the limiting filters provided.

For ease of viewing and reading the details of the case file, you can expand or collapse each section. Click print on the top right-hand side of the page if you want a hard copy of the information. You can also click on the breadcrumb trail at the top left-hand side of the page either to return to the search results for the name you entered or to start a new search for a different name.

The information provided is public record; however, Michigan and federal law preclude disclosure of certain information, and that nonpublic information is not accessible. The court makes this public information available without any express or implied warranty as to its accuracy. It is presented for informational use only and does not replace the official record on file with the court. No action should be taken in reliance upon the information found through this online search. Always consult the official record maintained by the court for the most complete and current accuracy.

MiCOURT Case Search - 79th District Court - Mason County

For specific inquiries regarding citations, misdemeanor criminal matters, small claims, landlord-tenant, and general civil, call the telephone number above.

For payment of filing fees or citations online or by telephone, at any time, go to GovPayNet or call 888-604-7888. Use the payment location code (PLC) 4057 for payment of fines and costs or PLC 4076 for payment of 79th District Court filing fees and complete the required fields before submitting. A service fee will be charged for the transaction.

Report comments or concerns about the content of this courts webpage to the court technology coordinator.

Page last updated January 4, 2021

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Mason County District Court

Court Reference

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419 N 4th Street, PO Box O
Shelton, WA98584

Phone: 360-427-9670 ext. 339
Fax: 360-427-7776

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Resources for the Mason County District Court as well as online resources applicable to courts generally in Mason County, Washington, and resources applicable to all courts in Washington.

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Criminal History Records

View instructions for obtaining a criminal history record (background check) from the Washington State Patrol, online or by printed form. Fees apply.

Superior, District, and Municipal Court Case Records

Under "Search for a case" click "Case Search Options" to search Washington Superior, District, and Municipal Court case records by name, court, case type, and year filed; or by case number and court. Under "Search for a person" click "Name Search" to search all courts by person name only; click "Licensed Health Facility Search" to view an alphabetical list of people with active Vulnerable Adult Protection Orders with their associated case number and court.

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Search Washington District Court, Municipal Court, and Traffic Violations Bureau upcoming court dates by name and court. Search results include case number, participant name and type, case type, and appearance time and location.

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Search Washington Attorney General legal opinions from 1949 to present by keyword, year, or topic. Links to pending opinions are also available.

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View and download forms for use in Washington courts. Browse forms by category, or view a list of all forms. Links are provided to instructions, forms in additional languages, and available legal assistance.

Online Self-Help Forms

Complete Washington court forms using an interactive interview process. Completed forms can be saved and printed.

Online fine payments

Self help, legal research, general information

Mason County Prosecutor Office Information

View information about the Mason County Prosecutor's Office, including paternity and child support hearing assistance, legal representation, and the Crime Victim Program. Links are in the left column.

Mason County Protection Orders

View information about no-contact, anti-harassment, domestic violence protection, and restraining orders in Mason County Superior Court. Descriptions of orders, instructions on how to obtain, and where to file are included.

Court Rules

View statewide court rules and Superior, District, and Municipal Court local rules.

Crime Victims' Compensation

View information about Washington's Crime Victims Compensation Program, which can provide financial compensation for victims of violent crime who have suffered bodily injury and/or severe emotional distress. Links to forms and publications are included.

Dispute Resolution Resources

View information about Washington State Dispute Resolution Centers, which provide mediation services to help parties resolve disputes without going to court.

Domestic Violence Information

View information about legal protection from domestic violence, harassment, and abuse. Types of protection orders, the protection order process, safety planning, guidelines for protection orders, and address confidentiality are detailed. Links are under "Helpful Information" in the left column.

Domestic Violence Resources

Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence offers statewide information and assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Legal Information for Women

Legal Voice provides information, resources, and publications focusing on women's legal rights, including family law, health and reproductive rights, discrimination, and gender-based violence.

Self-Help Information

View and download guides for self-represented parties in Superior Court civil proceedings, District Court, and Municipal Courts, available in English and Spanish. Additional resources are provided as well.

Therapeutic Courts

View information about therapeutic or problem solving court programs in Washington, including Adult and Juvenile Drug Courts, Family Treatment Court, DUI Court, Domestic Violence Court, Mental Health Court, and Veterans Treatment Court. These courts can set up treatment in lieu of incarceration for some offenders with substance abuse and mental health problems.

Consumer Resources

The Washington Office of the Attorney General provides information about consumer issues such as fraud, scams, disputes with companies, mediation and arbitration, court procedure, worker rights, and complaint filings. Links to other agencies are provided for resolution of specific issues.

Court and Legal Answers

The Washington eService Center offers a searchable database of answers to questions about the court system, procedure, records, research resources, legal assistance and other law-related subjects.

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View and download publications and reports by the Washington court system on various legal topics, such as juvenile and family law, small claims, and court record access.

Legal Information and Self-Help Resources

View legal information and resources by topic, including family law, juvenile and elder law, criminal, consumer, health, housing, employment, Native Americans, immigration, civil rights, veterans, and more.

Motor Vehicle Information

The Washington State Department of Licensing offers information about driver licenses, registration, records, suspension, and reinstatement.

Self-Help Resources and Links

View information about Washington courts and related judicial resources, including an index of available self-help pages on the state courts website. Links to the certified court interpreter program, domestic violence resources, an introduction to Small Claims Court, a citizen's guide to the state court system, and a brochure about court records access are provided.

Senior Resources

The Washington Office of the Attorney General offers information about fraudulent schemes targeting seniors, abuse of vulnerable adults, and end of life guidance.

State Court Guide

View a guide to Washington courts, types of cases, procedures, and judicial discipline; download the guide in English or Spanish.

State Law Library

View information about the Washington State Law Library, including location, hours, and services, including an online catalog, available materials, an online "Ask a Librarian" feature, and links to online legal research resources.

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Search the Revised Code of Washington by keyword or citation, or browse the table of contents codes by title, chapter, and section.

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Free Civil Legal Help

Northwest Justice Project provides free civil legal assistance to income-eligible parties, information about types of cases handled, and video information about various legal topics. Applications are taken by telephone or online form submission.

Public Defender Offices

View a list of Washington public defender offices by county, with contact information and links to websites. Public Defenders provide free legal representation to indigent defendants facing possible incarceration, indigent parties facing civil mental health commitment, and indigent parents and juveniles in some juvenile court proceedings.

Complaints About Judges

View instructions for filing a complaint about a Washington judge. Additional information is provided, including the link to file online and the complaint form.

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View instructions for filing a complaint against a Washington lawyer or requesting assistance to resolve a dispute with your lawyer. Complaints may be filed online or by downloadable form to be mailed in hard copy.

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Search the Washington State Bar Association database of lawyer discipline notices by name, keyword, action type, and effective date.

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The Washington State Bar Association offers links to lawyer referral services by county, information about organizations providing free and low-cost legal services, and a Moderate Means Program that refers income-eligible parties to lawyers who offer reduced rates.

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MCC Budget Workshop - District Court

To make a payment online please read the following information below:                    

Payout Schedule
As long as the violation does not require your appearance and as long as the citing officer does not indicate that your appearance is required by checking the “must appear” box on the citation, then citations may be paid out as follows

Speed, per ORC §4511.21 or local ordinance

  • Up to 10 MPH over limit: $150.00
  • 11-20 MPH over limit: $175.00
  • 21-30 MPH over limit: $210.00
  • Over 31 MPH over limit: Must Appear
  • School zone violations: First Offense 15 mph or less over the limit –  $205 
  • School zone violations: Second Offense or 16 mph or over the limit – Must Appear
  • A.C.D.A.:  without injury: $155.00 
  • A.C.D.A.:  with injury:  Must Appear
  • Other Minor Moving Traffic Offenses without Accident or Injury:  $155.00
  • Other Minor Moving Traffic Offenses with Accident or Injury: Must Appear

Non-Moving Violations

  • Seat belt driver $131.00
  • Seat Belt Passenger $121.00
  • Parking Violation $126.00
  • Fire Lane Violation $126.00
  • Handicap parking violation $351.00
  • All minor misdemeanor charges that do not require a court appearance $270.00.

All above payment amounts include court costs, the fee for the “Reparation Rotary Fund” as required by ORC §2743.70, and the amount which is payable to the State of Ohio as required by the ORC.

Payments may be made in person, by mail or on line according to the above schedule at any time prior to arraignment. Payment will only be accepted in the form of certified check, personal check or money order made payable to the Mason Municipal Court.   Mail payments to Mason Municipal Court, Attn: Violations Bureau, 5950 Mason Montgomery Road, Mason Ohio, 45040.

The citation must be signed in the appropriate place. Payments received or post marked after the arraignment date will increase by $40.00. Proof of insurance, if not shown at the time of citation, should be shown at the time of payment. If necessary please include a photocopy of your insurance card issued by your insurance company showing you as being covered by the policy on the date of the violation. Failure to pay at anytime means you must appear in court on the date and time listed on your citation. Failure to either pay out the citation or appear in Court may result in a warrant for your arrest and/or the suspension of your driver’s license. 



County district court payments mason

All legal financial obligations are payable in full upon resolution of the case, unless otherwise ordered by the court.

Payment options include, cash, check, money order, and credit card. For people who are unable to pay the full amount when due, may contact the court to see if you are eligible for a Payment Plan .

When making payments, it is always helpful to have your case number(s) at hand

Payment Centers:

Mason County Courthouse
District Court – 1 st Floor
419 N. 4 th Street
Shelton, WA 98584

Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Payments can also be mailed to:

Mason County District Court
P.O. Box “O”
Shelton, WA. 98584

Online or Telephone Payments :

We are now using Point and Pay for Credit and Debit payments.

Web Payments URL:

In addition - Debit and/or Credit Payments may also be made during regular business hours by calling the District Court at 360-427-9670 ext 339 or coming into the District Court office located at 419 N. 4th St, Shelton, WA. 98584


Collection Agencies:

P.O. Box 2449
Gig Harbor, WA 9 8335-4449
(253) 620-2222 or
1-800- 456-8838


Dynamic Collectors, Inc.
790 South Market Blvd
Chehalis, WA. 98532
(360) 748-0420

State gives $6 million to help restore Mason County courthouse destroyed by fire

Ticket Payment System

Welcome to Michigan's Online Ticket Payment System. This new interactive tool allows users to pay civil infraction (both traffic and non-traffic) tickets with Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Please note some courts may not accept Discover. A "civil infraction" is a non-criminal offense, such as a speeding ticket. There is no jail penalty for a civil infraction. Civil infractions are punished by monetary penalties, which include fines, court costs, and fees.

By using this online system to pay your ticket, you admit your responsibility for the civil infraction. If you want to admit responsibility but with an explanation, or want a court hearing, you must contact the court directly.

Search results are dependent on accurate information written on the ticket by the police agency, entered by the court on their case management system and entered by you on this web site. The search results that are returned may not include all outstanding civil infraction tickets with the court. In addition, the unavailability of this web site does not release you from answering the ticket by the due date. You should contact the court directly if you have further questions.

As of now, the following district courts are participating:

  • Genesee County
    • Burton D67-2
    • Central D67
    • Davison D67-2
    • Fenton D67-4
    • Flushing D67-1
    • Grand Blanc D67-4
    • Mt. Morris D67-3
  • Hillsdale County
  • Ingham County
  • Kalamazoo County
    • Kalamazoo - Crosstown D08
    • Kalamazoo - North D08
    • Kalamazoo - Portage D08
  • Kent County
    • Grand Rapids D63
    • Wyoming D62A
  • Marquette County
    • Ishpeming D96
    • Marquette D96
  • Oakland County
    • Farmington Hills D47
    • Southfield D46
    • Waterford D51
  • Washtenaw County
    • Ann Arbor D15
    • Ann Arbor D14A-1
    • Chelsea D14A-3
    • Saline  D14A-4
    • Ypsilanti D14A-2
    • Ypsilanti Twp D14B
  • Wayne County
    • Detroit D36
    • Grosse Pointe City
    • Woodhaven D33

More courts will participate in the future.

Michigan Courts Online Ticket Payment System FAQPDF icon

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Mason County District Court

Report Corrections Here

Mason County Justice Center
100 West 3rd Street
Maysville, KY41056

Phone: 606-564-4011
Fax: 606-564-0932

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Resources for the Mason County District Court as well as online resources applicable to courts generally in Mason County, Kentucky, and resources applicable to all courts in Kentucky.

Search court case records

Kentucky Court Case Records

Search Circuit and District Court case records online.

Dockets, calendars, and other information about court cases

Kentucky Court Case Information

Search upcoming Circuit and District Court case information by name, case number, or citation information.

Kentucky Court Dockets

Search Circuit Court and District Court daily dockets by county, court division, date, courtroom, and subdivision. Search results include case number, case title, hearing type, courtroom, and time.

Published opinions and orders

Forms and related information

Attorney Complaint Form

View and download a Kentucky Bar Association complaint form for lawyer misconduct, with instructions for filing a complaint.

Kentucky Court Forms

View and download Kentucky court forms by title, category, or number, including civil, criminal, family law, and small claims.

Online Self-Help Forms

Complete Kentucky court forms using an interactive interview process; completed forms can be saved and printed. Forms may also be downloaded and filled out by hand. Instructions and additional self-help resources are provided.

Online fine payments

Pay Kentucky Court Fines and Fees

Pay Kentucky court fines and fees online. All counties but Harlan, Logan and Menifee accept online payment. A fee applies for this service.

Self help, legal research, general information

Kentucky Family Court Information

View information about Family Court, a division of Circuit Court that handles divorce, support, custody and visitation, paternity, adoption, and juvenile matters. Resources include answers to frequently asked questions, locations of family courts, divorce education, and domestic violence treatment providers.

Kentucky Small Claims Information

View and download an informational handbook about small claims cases in Kentucky District Courts, including filing, court procedure, and collecting money judgments.

Child Support Services

The Child Support Enforcement program in the Department of Income Support offers information and assistance related to child support. Services include application assistance, contacts and office locations, child support calculation and modification, paternity, and wage withholding.

Foreclosure Prevention Resources

View resources for preventing foreclosure in Kentucky, including procedural steps, scam avoidance, local housing counseling agencies, state programs and laws, state and nonprofit agencies, and links to legal aid providers.

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View information about the Administrative Office of the Courts, including court services such as interpreters, mediation, records, drug courts, pretrial release, and juvenile services.

Kentucky Court Directory

Search the Kentucky court directory for clerks, judges, administrators, mediators, and other court officials by county.

Kentucky Court Programs

View information about Kentucky court programs including the Citizen Foster Care Review Board, Veterans Treatment Court, language access, and mediation.

Kentucky Court Rules

Search Local Rules of Practice for Circuit Courts and District Courts by circuit or district, rule type, and county.

Kentucky Mediation Information

View information about Kentucky mediation, which can help parties resolve disputes without going to court. Information includes guidelines, forms, educational resources, and a roster of mediators searchable by name or location.

Kentucky Probate Procedure Information

View and download a guide to Kentucky probate procedure, including settling estates, fiduciaries and sureties, guardian and conservators, curators, and name changes.

Kentucky Protective Orders

View and download a booklet about protective orders, including types of orders, how to obtain an order, effects of an order, violations, and changes.

Kentucky State Law Library

View information about the Kentucky State Law Library, including location, hours, and available materials and services.

Legal Information

The Legal Aid Network of Kentucky offers an online public law library with legal resources in video or text format on a variety of topics.

Search Kentucky Laws

Search the Kentucky Revised Statutes by keyword, or browse by table of contents.

Traffic and Motor Vehicle Information

The Kentucky Department of Vehicle Regulation offers information related to traffic and motor vehicle laws, driver's licenses, and State Traffic School. Traffic School can be completed online or by classroom instruction.

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Complaints Against Kentucky Lawyers

The Kentucky Bar Association offers information about filing a complaint against a lawyer for misconduct. A downloadable complaint form is included.

Find a Kentucky Lawyer

The Kentucky Bar Association offers an online search service for attorneys by name, city, county, area of practice or language.

Kentucky Lawyer Referral

The Northern Kentucky Bar Association offers an online lawyer referral service that covers all counties. Online referral requests must include contact information and legal subject matter.

Kentucky Public Advocacy

The Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy provides criminal defense services to low-income defendants. A list of offices in each county is included.

Legal Aid Network of Kentucky

View information about organizations offering free and low-cost legal services to eligible clients. A list of local legal services programs, a clickable map to find local offices in your area, and a toll-free phone number for seniors are included.


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