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The Best 80s Movie T-Shirts

Shoulder pads, yuppies, and synthesiser key-tars, buddy-cops, time travellers, and adventurous kid-gangs - it’s time to commemorate the movies produced by the laissez-faire era of excess, cold war, and outrageous hair.

The 1980s had a lot to live up to in following the 70s, a decade that brought us many a cinematic masterpiece, with the likes of Jaws, Star Wars, The Godfather and Alien barely scratching the surface of its release catalogue. Thankfully the 80s did itself proud and, through a healthy mix of original titles and excellent sequels, provided some of the best ground-breaking comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, action, and horror movies of all time. Just think how different the modern landscape of film would look without Die Hard, Terminator, Blade Runner and The Shining

To celebrate the decade, we’ve brought together some of the best 80s movie tees available and they're, like, totally bodacious - there's movie poster prints and fan-only references from blockbuster smashes and cult classics alike. Take your pick.

If the 80s isn't your era, have no fear. We've got the 1970s and 1990s covered, too.

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Word has it that Nakatomi Corporation throw the most unforgettable Christmas parties.

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A pretty balanced response given the situation.

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Ridley Scott threw the audience in at the deep end when he opened his sci-fi noir masterpiece with Deckard testing for Replicants with the Voight Kampff device, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

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The health and safety averse Lao Che Air Freight, specialising in the transportation of farmyard animals, grumpy university professors, and improvised dingy-slash-parachutes.

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The film that has it all – high-school hijinks, flux capacitors, and a killer Chuck Berry rendition. No wonder it's a classic.

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Gordon's alive?! Come on, all together now… "FLASH! AHHAAA…"

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Rather than petitioning like a normal citizen, Mrs. Voorhess has a very different plan for making sure Camp Crystal Lake doesn't reopen.

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When not making his way through life as a folk healer, Miracle Max conjures up the most delicious of snacks - the mutton, lettuce, and tomato sarnie. Its best when the mutton is nice and lean, of course.

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A wild sci-fi ride of time-travelling cyborg assassins and truck chases that also explores the anxieties surrounding AI, whilst remaining endlessly entertaining. What a film.

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The Master of Disaster vs. the Italian Stallion may sound like a damn monster movie, but Creed has still managed to don his finest headwear. Classy, as always.

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'Ello! This is a tee to remind you of the babe, the babe with the power…

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The unhappy pairing of Riggs and Murtaugh makes for buddy-cop gold, and the Japanese film poster makes for a damn cool tee.

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Hey, you guys! Here's a long-sleeved tee that's perfect for donning on your quest for One Eyed Willie's riches.

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A screen-accurate reproduction of the ill-fated crew manifest from the USS Sulaco.

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The Neverending Story is a classic that provided an entire generation with never-ending nightmares.

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A 4G inverted dive with a Mig 28? We'd like to see a copy of that polaroid.

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An iconic moment in cinema and Star Wars history, and probably one of the most Han Solo things Han Solo ever said.

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The Overlook Hotel is in need of a new caretaker. Applicants must be able to cope with long hours of isolation, creepy twins, and be willing to avoid room 237.

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A fitting tribute to a most excellent band. Party on, dudes!


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$6,000 for an ‘Aladdin’ T-Shirt: The Exploding Movie Merch Market

WHEN COVID-19 shuttered flea markets nationwide, Chris Fernandez, a vintage clothing dealer, filled the void. On Instagram—where he boasts an impressive 73,000-plus followers—Mr. Fernandez started “the Virtual Flea,” a recurring, weekend-long livestream where vendors book slots and hawk their wares. On August 3, Corbin Smith, a 27-year-old dealer from Arizona, took command of the livestream. Mr. Smith had a special T-shirt on offer, promoting the 1992 Disney animated classic “Aladdin” with a gigundo print of the Genie character (voiced by the late Robin Williams) grinning his pearly whites.

Earlier in the week, Mr. Smith teased the shirt on his Instagram page to great interest. “CRAZY GRAIL,” wrote one user. Another speculated it would garner at least $1,200. Mr. Smith hoped for $2,000—a princely return for a shirt he’d bought for $500 in December. The sale started at $1, but climbed rapidly, as viewers posted their bids into the chat. It passed $1,200. Then $2,000. Over 1,000 people were watching as the winning bid came in: $6,000, offered by @ShirtCheck, a shadowy buyer with a growing reputation in the vintage tee community.

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