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Super Mario Bros. Theme

Guitar 1 - Part A e|-12-12-12----12-15------------------------------12-15-17-13-15-12-| B|-----------13------------13---------------------------------------| G|-------------------12------12----14-16-15-14-12-------------------| D|------------------------------14----------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------| e|--------------------------------------12-15-17-13-15-12-----------| B|--13-15-12---13------------------------------------------13-15-12-| G|----------------12----14-16-15-14-12------------------------------| D|-------------------14---------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------| Guitar 2 - Part A e|----------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------------------| D|-----------5-5--5-2---2-5-4-3-2-----2-3-0-2---0-2---| A|-5-5-5-5-5----------3-------------3---------3-----3-| E|----------------------------------------------------| e|-------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------| D|-5-2---2-5-4-3-2-----2-3-0-2---0-2---| A|-----3-------------3---------3-----3-| E|-------------------------------------| Guitar 1 - Part B - 2x e|-15-14-13----12---------------------15-14-13----12-20-20-20--| B|----------16-----------13----13-15-----------16--------------| G|-----------------13-14----14---------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| e|-15-14-13----12-------------------------------| B|----------16-----------13----13-15---16-15-13-| G|-----------------13-14----14------------------| D|----------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------| Guitar 2 - Part B e|-------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------5-----------------------------------| G|-----5-----------------5---------5---------------------------| D|---5-----------------2-----5---5-----------------------5-5---| A|-3---------3-3-3---3---------3---------3-3-3---3---1-3-----3-| E|-------1---------1-------------------1-------1---4-----------| e|-------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------5-----------------------------------| G|-----5-----------------5---------5---------------------------| D|---5-----------------2-----5---5-----------------------5-5---| A|-3---------3-3-3---3---------3---------3-3-3---3---1-3-----3-| E|-------1-1-------1-----------------1-1-------1---4-----------| Guitar 1 - Part C e|----------------12------------------------------12-| B|-13-13-13-13-15----13------------13-13-13-13-15----| G|-----------------------14-12-----------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------| e|----------------12-----------| B|-13-13-13-13-15----13--------| G|-----------------------14-12-| D|-----------------------------| A|-----------------------------| E|-----------------------------| Guitar 2 - Part C e|--------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------| D|-----6-5----------6-5---------6-5-----| A|---6-----3------6-----3-----6-----3---| E|-4---------3--4---------3-4---------3-| Guitar 1 - Part D - 2x e|-12-------------13-13--------17-17-17-15-13-12----------| B|----13-----------------------------------------13-------| G|-------12-13-14-------14--16----------------------14-12-| D|--------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------| e|-12-------------13-13--------13-13-13-12----------------| B|----13--------------------12-------------15-13----------| G|-------12-13-14-------14--------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------14-14----| A|-----------------------------------------------------15-| E|--------------------------------------------------------| Guitar 2 - Part DGuitar 1 - Part E e|-12-12-12----12-15----| B|----------13-------12-| G|----------------------| D|----------------------| A|----------------------| E|----------------------| Guitar 2 - Part E e|---------------| B|---------------| G|---------------| D|-----------5-5-| A|-5-5-5-5-5-----| E|---------------|

Main Theme

Ok, so this may seem funny, but there have been a great deal of requests
for riffs that haven’t been done yet. Well, here is one for you really
advanced players out there! The riff is set to 100 bpm (beats per minute),
but it’s in what’s called cut time (also called double time). This means
that the song is really double the speed of 100 bpm which is a blazing
tempo of 200 bpm.

You’ll find cut time illustrated in music with a capital C with a slash
through it like so:

This theme song was originally the music heard while playing Super
Mario Brothers which is just a bunch of computerized instrument parts.
We’ve arranged it for 3 guitars. Here is what all of the parts sound
like together.

In the tab staff below are guitars one and two. Guitar 1 plays the
main melody which are the notes on top. Guitar 2 plays a harmony part
to the main melody which are the notes on the bottom.

Guitar 1

This guitar will be playing the top line on the tablature.

Guitar 2

This part will be playing the low line on the tablature. This is also
the guitar part that plays the 12th fret twice on the G string.

Guitar 3

This part is the bass (not bass guitar per say, but the computerized
bass) part in the actual song, but it’s arranged here for guitar.

Riff Resources

Complete Transcription
To “Super Mario Brothers Theme Song” (PDF)

Complete Transcription
To “Super Mario Brothers Theme Song” (Power Tab)

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Super Mario Theme - Guitar Tabs

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    About Koji Kondo - Kondo was hired by Nintendo in 1984 to specialize in musical composition for video games . He is best known for contributions in Mario and The Legend of Zelda series . Kondo began taking lessons on the electronic organ from the age of five . He improved his skills in the instrument in a cover band that played jazz and rock music . Video games were the only place he could find the kind of sound creation that he was looking for . He gained some experience in composing and arranging pieces, using the piano, and a computer by programming sounds in BASIC . Koji Kondo's music is influenced by genre(s) - chiptune video game music.

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    SUPER MARIO BROS. (Main Theme) GROUND BACKGROUND MUSIC for Fingerstyle Guitar + Tabs (Lesson)


    Super Mario Bros.

    Main Theme







    Underground Theme


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    Theme Songs - Super Mario Bros Theme  Bass Tab

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