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Your Jeep, Ram, Dodge, or Chrysler Won't Move When Shifted To Park or Drive - The Easy Fix

If you have a Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, or Ram vehicle that will not allow you to shift into Drive or Reverse and get moving, you likely have Auto Park engaged. Auto Park is one of many modern safety features that help to keep you and your passengers safe.

Auto Park helps to ensure that you don't accidentally exit your vehicle while it is unsafe to do so. Also, it helps to protect you from moving in the vehicle when a door is ajar.

If a door is ajar, you will see an icon someplace in the driver's information display. In our Jeep Wrangler example, the door ajar icon appears in the top left of the image above. If you were to try to drive off with the door ajar, the Auto Park system will stop the vehicle from moving forward.

Auto Park has some other functions as well. In some circumstances, it may also be disabled and a warning image will appear. The video below can help you understand its full functionality.

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AutoPark Feature

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Park sense is when you want to have the vehicle park itself - not put itself in the PARK position but put itself into a parking SPOT.
These will do like Buick, Ford and others - pull up behind a parking spot hit park sense and your turn signal and park sense will measure the spot as you drive ahead past the spot and then tell you to put it in reverse - let the wheel do its own thing.......... it will park - not P as in PRNDL but park as it move into a parking spot.
There are videos for this showing how it works.
At least that's my take on it.
I am genetically incapable of being politically correct.......
Yesterday today was tomorrow
Tomorrow today will be yesterday
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Jeep Wrangler (2018 year). Instruction - part 19

2. Push the ENGINE START/STOP button once to place

the ignition to the ACC mode (instrument cluster will

display “ACC”),

3. Push the ENGINE START/STOP button a second time

to place the ignition to the RUN mode (instrument

cluster will display “ON/RUN”),

4. Push the ENGINE START/STOP button a third time to

return the ignition to the OFF mode (instrument cluster

will display “OFF”).


AutoPark is a supplemental feature to assist in placing the

vehicle in PARK should the situations on the following

pages occur. It is a back up system and should not be relied

upon as the primary method by which the driver shifts the

vehicle into PARK.
The conditions under which AutoPark will engage are

outlined on the following pages.


• Driver inattention could lead to failure to place the

that your vehicle is in PARK by verifying that a solid
(not blinking) “P” is indicated in the instrument
cluster display and on the gear selector. If the


indicator is blinking, your vehicle is not in PARK. As
an added precaution, always apply the parking brake
when exiting the vehicle.

• AutoPark is a supplemental feature. It is not de-

signed to replace the need to shift your vehicle into
PARK. It is a back up system and should not be
relied upon as the primary method by which the
driver shifts the vehicle into PARK.

If the vehicle is not in PARK and the driver turns off the
engine, the vehicle may AutoPark.

AutoPark will engage when all of these conditions are met:
• Vehicle is equipped with an 8-speed transmission
• Drivers door is ajar or in conditions where driver door is

removed an additional trigger would be if the driver is

off the seat (seat pad sensor detects driver missing).

• Vehicle is not in PARK



Auto Park - A Safety Feature For Parking Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Park engaged jeep wrangler auto

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Wrangler JL Parking Brake Adjustment

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