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golf-cart-rental-myrtle-beach.jpgGolf cart rental Myrtle Beach can help you make sure that your family will have a good time when you go on your next beach vacation. Although you can rent a car, you may find that a golf cart rental could be a perfect way to move around on a beach or island.

If you decide to rent a golf cart for a few days or only a couple of hours, you’ll get a great deal of flexibility and it will allow you to travel to spots that cars cannot reach. For your upcoming beach vacation, there are three reasons why you should consider renting a golf cart as your main mode of transportation.

Pros of Golf Cart Rental Myrtle Beach

Quickly Move Around The Beach While Looking Cool

If you are on a vacation, you could have a wonderful time if you can explore the beach and find new areas that can’t be accessed by cars. For instance, if you’re in a place with a lot of beaches, you can rent a golf cart to travel down the coast. It could be perfect when you plan to remain within an island or a place where there are only a few roads. Aside from that, you could also travel to different places while staying cool underneath the canopy.

Some companies even allow their workers to use golf carts because it lets them move around quickly and go through small paths. Additionally, the workers could carry different things. Golf carts will let you navigate a beach community efficiently and quickly. Golf carts with headlights could be ideal if you’re traveling on the beach at night. Rather than walking through these unfamiliar spots, you could depend on a golf cart rental to take you to your final destination fast.

Carry Many Items At Once

If you want to have a great vacation, you might want to use your golf cart to bring the things you’ll need. Rather than walking to the place where you want to go and carry a lot of items by hand, you could use your golf cart rental to bring the things you’ll need such as ocean toys, water, towels, and umbrellas.

Golf carts are also best for people with special needs. If you have a toddler or a baby who still can’t walk to the beach because it’s too far away, or if you have an elderly or a disabled family member then a golf cart can help. A golf cart lets everyone have fun and travel to places without having to carry heavy items.

Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

Before, golf carts used to be operated by gas, which isn’t good for the environment.  Additionally, users will have to look for gas stations to refuel the golf cart periodically. Now, you will find several golf carts in the market that are electric-powered, which will let you enjoy the ride without having to worry about refueling or hurting the environment.

Call Best Golf Cars now if you’re thinking of renting a golf cart for your next vacation in Myrtle Beach.

Best Golf Cars – Off Seaboard Street
Sales, Service, Parts, and Rentals
1400 Enterprise Ave
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Best Golf Cars – Myrtle Beach
Retail location
4824 Hwy 17 Bypass South
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Best Golf Cars – North Myrtle Beach
Retail location
950 N Hwy 17
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582




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   We also have the New ONWARD Club Car line available!  Club Car Quality Design... Your Custom Details.  Click HERE now to build your own custom Onward!

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Call our Sales Desk at 843-828-4868 for more information. 

Located inside Ocean Lakes Family Campground, Ocean Lakes Golf Cars has a vast selection of new and refurbished golf cars for your lifestyle and leisure activities!  In addition to golf car sales, we also have an extensive parts, accessories, and service department to accommodate all major brands of golf cars.  For guests of Ocean Lakes Campground, we offer golf car rentals, personal golf car storage, and golf car registration. Browse the selection here to find the golf car to suit your personalized style and needs!  Please contact one of our experienced sales staff members or technicians if we can be of assistance to you.  Thanks for visiting Ocean Lakes Golf Cars!  

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golf cart Myrtle BeachResidents of Myrtle Beach have been seeing the continuous increase of custom golf carts in many neighborhoods. And as the months go by, people are noticing more unique modifications not only to serve the different purposes of golf carts but also to the satisfaction of the owners.

There are various reasons why a golf cart owner would opt to modify his cart. Some want their golf carts to be more convenient and comfortable; thus, they have safety upgrades installed on their carts. These may include covers, luggage area, and personalized rear-view mirrors. Others simply want to have a highly unique cart that they can be proud of. The likes of these carts include ones that are made to look like a Ferrari or Chevy. Others, however, simply opt to have the color of the cart changed into something unique. Add a couple more important upgrades and they are all set with their golf carts.

What important upgrades should you have on your custom golf cart?

Although golf cart owners are free to choose which upgrades they want to be added to their golf carts, there are some important ones that should be prioritized. This is especially true if you want your cart to be street legal, which basically means you can use your cart in your neighborhood.

Keep in mind that while the use of golf carts is allowed in communities and cities in South Carolina, there are several municipalities that implement strict requirements in using golf carts along streets and major highways. Before you spend all your money and time in planning for the modifications of your golf cart, you might want to check with your local community and government for any requirements regarding golf cart use.

Generally, custom golf cartsthat are allowed to be used in local neighborhoods and streets should be electric and should have the following safety features:

  • Seatbelts
  • Turn signals
  • Brake lights
  • Headlights
  • Windshield wipers

In addition to these, owners will also have to obtain insurance and state registration for their golf carts before using them on the streets. Another important requirement to follow is that it should only have a maximum speed limit of 25 mph.

Who buys custom golf carts?

According to many Myrtle Beach golf cartretailer and sellers, their most common buyers are baby boomers. This is primarily because of the convenience a golf cart brings to seniors, allowing them to go around town and neighborhoods safely. Plus, golf carts are fairly easy to manage, use and maintain. And they can even have fun customizing their carts based on their personality and needs and favorite sports team.

Aside from baby boomers, golf carts seem to be a popular option for people who have recently retired or are looking for an easy and convenient mode of transportation while vacationing in Myrtle Beach. The environment-friendly aspect offered by owning a golf cart adds to its appeal to buyers. Because custom golf cars are powered by electricity, users and owners will not have to worry about going to the gas station every once in a while or stressing over the increase of gas prices.

Another aspect that buyers are looking at is the way a golf cart brings the family together and allows them to enjoy their surroundings at a much slower pace, which is most true when driving to and from the beach or park.

Beyond Custom Golf Carts In Myrtle Beach

The popularity and convenience of golf carts have reached other states and cities beyond Myrtle Beach. They are not only seen in many vacation hot spots but also in other places where they can serve a purpose.

If you are looking to buy your custom golf car, contact Best Golf Cars and let them help you find the best and most suitable golf cart for your needs.

Best Golf Cars
1400 Enterprise Ave. Myrtle Beach, SC, 29578
Phone (843) 353-4130
Toll-Free 1-800-972-4654
Fax (843) 448-7772

Best Golf Cars – Market Common
Coventry Crossings Shopping Plaza
1600 Farrow Parkway
Myrtle Beach, SC

What Are the Myrtle Beach Golf Cart Rules or Laws?

Golf Carts

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 We offer a large fleet of Gas Golf Carts for dependable transportation. 

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 We offer the best rates on the Grand Strand! Group Rates Available during off season! Rent a Golf Cart near me.


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Best Golf Cars




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  • February 2021

    Extremely nice to do business with. Everything from new golf cars to replacement parts. ALL at great prices. Don't miss pricing them out, if looking for a new golf car or accessories for your current golf car! They also offer on-site service or they'll come to you and fix your golf car. #greatservice

  • June 2020

    I recently purchased a new golf cart from Best. The process was simple and they were super easy to deal with. They offered a lot of upgrades at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend them.

  • June 2020

    Kyle was so helpful..the guys in service did a great job had my cart running 2 hrs after leaving there shop..Steve in parts...bless his heart he tries so hard, I had to laugh when charged me $20.00 tax on a $15 part..the owner needs to be commended for supporting adults with special needs

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From Best Golf Cars

Best Golf Cars is the Grand Strand's leading authorized Club Car dealer since 1988, also selling Tomberlin and Garia golf carts and street legal LSV's. Specializing in custom builds, we service ALL makes and models and have OEM parts available in our shop. Vacation golf car rentals are also available. Stop by and visit us today just off of Seaboard Street or at our showroom on Farrow Parkway in Market Common.

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King of Carts rents Club Car golf carts along the Carolina Coast. We rent to North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach, Cherry Grove, Murrells Inlet, Litchfield Beach, Pawleys Island and other areas along the Carolina Coast. We also provide Golf Cart sales, parts and service. We provide delivery and pickup service for most of the Carolina coastline. 

We offer clean Club Car golf carts for; 1 day, 2 days, 3 day, 4 days, 5 day, or weekly 7 day rentals. We have the newest golf cart fleet in the area. Call us today at (843) 650-2497 to reserve your Club Car golf cart. Proud to serve the Carolina Coast, helping make great vacations since 1999!

  • Rentals available all year round.
  • You must be 21 years old with a valid drivers license to rent any golf cart

Call843-650-2497 for custom scheduling and pricing.


To view our current pricing schedule, click a golf cart rental link below.


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