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Angel Names


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "bearer of good news"
  • Description:

    Evangeline is a romantic old name enjoying a major comeback, thanks to its religious overtones, Eva's popularity, and the star of the TV megahit Lost, Evangeline Lilly. Evangelia and Evangelina — two variants of Evangeline — are sure to tag along for the ride.

Evangeline Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "gift of God"
  • Description:

    Nathaniel was derived from the Hebrew name Netan’el, meaning “gift of God,” composed of the elements natan, meaning “to give,” and ’el, in reference to God. The name is featured several times in the Old and New Testaments, typically spelled Nathanael. In the New Testament, Nathanael is also known by his other name, Bartholomew.

Nathaniel Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "ardent; fiery"
  • Description:

    Seraphina is one of the most-searched name on Nameberry, destined for even greater popularity. The highest-ranking angels, the six-winged seraphim, inspired the lovely name Seraphina, which was brought into the contemporary spotlight when chosen by high-profile parents Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for their second daughter, following the influential choice of Violet for their first.

Seraphina Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "who is like the Lord"
  • Description:

    Micah is a biblical name that growing numbers of parents are looking at as a more unusual alternative to Michael, projecting a shinier, more lively image.

Micah Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "God has healed"
  • Description:

    Raphael is a romantic archangel name that sounds both artistic and powerful. Raphael is also a great cross-cultural choice, with significance for people with both Latinate and Jewish roots, plus plenty of grounding in the English-speaking world.

Raphael Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "God is my strength"
  • Description:

    Gabriel was derived from the Hebrew name Gavri’el, taken from the elements gever, meaning "strong," and ’el, in reference to God. In Abrahamic religions, Gabriel is the archangel who heralded the news of Jesus' birth, and appears in Christian, Jewish and Muslim texts. He presides over Paradise, serving as the angel of mercy, life, joy, judgment, truth and dreams.

Gabriel Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "who is like God?"
  • Description:

    Michael was derived from the name Mikha’el, which comes from the rhetorical question mī kā’ēl, meaning "who is like God?" in Hebrew. In the Bible, Michael is the archangel who led the other angels to victory in a war against Satan, one of only two archangels (the other is Gabriel) recognized by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. The widespread popularity of Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan were major contributors to its long-running success.

Michael Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "my cover is God"
  • Description:

    Castiel, which vaulted into the Top 1000 on the wings of the angel hero of the television show Supernatural, is the name of the Angel of the day Thursday. It may also derive some appeal from the newly-fashionable "Cas" syllable, as in Cassian and Cassius.

Castiel Continued


  • Origin:

    Greek, Italian, Spanish, Russian diminutive of Angela
  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    The gorgeous Angelina Jolie has promoted the star power of her name and changed Angelina's image from delicate to intense, from older Italian mama to stylish multi-cultural child. Kids might relate to the dancing mouse in the series of charming children's books, Angelina Ballerina, or to the Harry Potter character, Angelina Johnson Weasley, a member of Dumbledore's army.

Angelina Continued


  • Origin:

    French variation of Michael
  • Meaning:

    "who is like God"
  • Description:

    Michelle is the feminine form of Michel, the French variation of Michael. Michael was derived from the Hebrew name Mihka’el, meaning “who is like God.” The alternate spelling Michele, with one “L,” was the original version of the name. Michelle appeared as a later Anglicization in the 20th century.

Michelle Continued


  • Origin:

    Italian feminine variation of Gabriel
  • Meaning:

    "God is my strength"
  • Description:

    Gabriella is the feminine form of Gabriel, a name derived from the Hebrew Gavri’el. Gavri’el is composed of the elements gever, meaning "strong," and ’el, referring to God. Gabriella is used among a variety of cultures in the US, including Italian Americans, Latinos, and in the Jewish community. Gabriela is the Spanish spelling.

Gabriella Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Cael is the name of the angel of the zodiac sign of Cancer and also of a warrior of Irish mythology. Its ascendance to the Top 1000 over the past decade probably has to do with its similarity to Cale and Kale (and Kyle and Cayden etcetera).

Cael Continued


  • Origin:

    Italian, Polish, Russian diminutive of Angela
  • Meaning:

    "angel or angelic"
  • Description:

    Angelica is by far the choicest form of the angelic names -- more delicate than Angelina, more feminine than Angel, more modern than Angela. But though Angelica is so lacy and poetic, it lags behind the bolder Angelina (probably for obvious reasons).

Angelica Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Angela was a Top 10 name from 1965 to 1979, the fifth most popular name for three years, and staying in the double digits until the turn of the 21st century. Today, though, Angelina or Angelica would be more fashionable options.

Angela Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "God is my light"
  • Description:

    It's the name of an Old Testament archangel that's symbolically given to boys born during Chanukah, but the possibility of unsavory nicknames (urinal?) make the short form Uri a better bet.

Uriel Continued


  • Origin:

    French, feminine variation of Gabriel
  • Meaning:

    "God is my Strength"
  • Description:

    The quintessentially elegant and worldly Gabrielle -- designer Coco Chanel's real name -- is on its descent after years on the rise.

Gabrielle Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "angel of Saturday"
  • Description:

    This name of the archangel who protects those born under the sign of Capricorn is one of the most attractive and distinctive December baby names or January baby names. Cassiel is a little-known member of the increasingly popular Cass family, which includes Cassius, Cassian, and Cassia.

Cassiel Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "angel, messenger"
  • Description:

    Old-school Italian name that could find new fans thanks to singer Adele, who chose it for her son after months of baby name mystery. Angelo is in the same name category as Rocco, the name of Madonna's son, and may get a fresh coat of cool.

Angelo Continued


  • Origin:

    Spelling variation of Layla (Arabic); Sami variation of Helga (Finland)
  • Meaning:

    "night; holy"
  • Description:

    Beguiling and lovely, Laila is one of the lilting variations of Leila and Layla. It's the name of the former-boxer daughter of Muhammad Ali and of actor Shawn Wayans. In Finland, the Sami people use this in place of the Scandinavian name Helga.

Laila Continued


  • Origin:

    Hebrew, Slavic or Irish
  • Meaning:

    "pearl of wisdom; gift; or oak tree"
  • Description:

    Though Dara was an (extremely wise) male figure in the Bible, this name feels mostly feminine to modern Americans. The Irish Gaelic version, Darragh, is well-used in contemporary times for boys.

Dara Continued


  • Origin:

    Feminine variation of Michael
  • Meaning:

    "who is like God"
  • Description:

    This most proper form of the name shot up the charts in the nineties, only to sink just as precipitously, supplanted by upstarts Makayla and McKayla ad infinitum.

Michaela Continued


  • Origin:

    Spanish and English
  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    Angel is a perennial Hispanic boys’ name, but it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer that brought it into the Anglo-male camp, where it's now heard more frequently, though it still poses some gender confusion. Angel is very popular, and very traditionally masculine, in the Latino community.

Angel Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    A son of Noah in the Bible who is also thought to be an ancestor of the Greek people and the guardian angel of Greece.

Javan Continued


  • Origin:

    Hebrew, feminine variation of Raphael
  • Meaning:

    "God has healed"
  • Description:

    A euphonious and lovely name with a dark-eyed, long-flowing-haired image, Raphaela is, like Gabriella and Isabella, beginning to be drawn into the American mainstream.

Raphaela Continued


  • Origin:

    Spanish and Portuguese version of Hebrew Raphaela
  • Meaning:

    "God has healed"
  • Description:

    Spell it Rafaela (Spanish), Raffaella (Italian), Rafaela (German), or Raphaela (Hebrew), this is a euphonious and lovely name with a dark-eyed, long-flowing-haired image, which is, like Gabriella and Isabella, beginning to be drawn into the American mainstream.

Rafaela Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "sprite, changeling"
  • Description:

    A relatively modern (18th C) Irish Gaelic name, Síofra has its roots in superstition: in the past, when babies were born in Ireland their families feared that the fairies would steal the baby and leave an elven changeling child in its place. It’s an uncommon name just starting to pick up in its native country.

Siofra Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

    "helper of God"
  • Description:

    If you're seeking a biblical name somewhat similar to the popular Samuel but way more distinctive, this could be the one.

Kemuel Continued


  • Origin:

    Diminutive of Angela
  • Description:

    Cute nickname of Angela and other angelic names, Angie is now being used on its own, although its popularity has fallen in recent years. That said, Angie is one of those surprising classics, hanging on in the girls' Top 1000 continuously since its inception in 1880.

Angie Continued


  • Origin:

    Hebrew variation of Dinah or Adinah
  • Meaning:

    "judged or delicate"
  • Description:

    Dina is a 20th century version of either Dinah or Adinah, two Old Testament names not related to each other. Dinah was the beautiful daughter of Jacob and Leah, while Adinah or Adina was a male soldier, though the name is also used for girls in modern Israel.

Dina Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

    An undiscovered surname possibility with upscale overtones, could be enlivened with nickname Ingo.

Ingram Continued


  • Origin:

    Angel name
  • Description:

    Amael is the name of an archangel that governs virtues and the month of December. This name might also relate to the Arabic Amal, which means hope or inspiration. Amael makes one of the many ancient and unusual names for December babies.

Amael Continued


  • Origin:

  • Meaning:

  • Description:

Baby Names 👶🏽 Ideas and Lists
Angel baby names
Baby Names are here to help you find that perfect baby name. Use this angel themed baby names page to search for baby names that you may be interested in.  Search our other baby names by theme pages here. Also browse by alphabet here, or browse our baby names by origin pages here.

Angel names with Meaning

Abasdarhon  =  angel of the fifth hour of the night.
Abraxos  =  ancient name attributed to an angel.
Adnachiel  =  angel who rules November.
Adonael  =  an archangel.
Adonai  =  one of seven angels of the presence, or elohim; creator.
Aeshma  =  Persian archangel.
Af  =  angel of light.
Agla  =  angel who saved Lot and his family.
Akriel  =  angel who aids those with infertility.
Amitiel  =  angel of truth.
Amriel  =  angel of the month of May.
Anael  =  angel influencing love, passion and sexuality.
Anapiel  =  angel whose name means "branch of God."
Anahel  =  angel who rules the third heaven.
Anpiel  =  angel who protects birds.
Ansiel  =  name of an angel known as "the constrainer."
Arael  =  variation of Uriel; prince over the people.
Araqiel  =  angel with dominion over the earth.
Araton  =  one of seven ruling angels over the provinces of heaven.
Ariel  =  "lion of God;" angel of protection.
Armisael  =  angel of the womb.
Asariel  =  "whom God has bound;" rules the moon.
Asroilu  =  guardian angel of the seventh heaven.
Astanphaeus  =  one of the seven angels of the presence; third gate guardian.
Asteraoth  =  name of an angel who thwarts power.
Atrugiel  =  great prince of the seventh heaven.
Ayil  =  angel of the zodiac sign Sagittarius.
Azbogah  =  name of the high ranking angel of judgment.
Azrael  =  archangel of death.
Azriel  =  name for the angel of destruction.
Balthioul  =  angel with the power to thwart distress.
Baradiel  =  angel of hail. 
Barakiel  =  angel of lightning.
Barrattiel  =  angel of support.
Barbiel  =  angel of October.
Bariel  =  ruling angel of the eleventh hour of the day.
Barman  =  angel of intelligence.
Barquiel  =  ruling angel of the seventh hour of the day.
Baruchiel  =  angel with power over strife.
Bath Kol  =  female angel of divine prophecy.
Bazazath  =  archangel of the second heaven.
Bethor  =  one of seven ruling angels of the province of heaven.
Briathos  =  name of an angel who thwarts demons.
Cahethal  =  seraphim angel over agriculture.
Camael  =  angel name that means "he who sees God;" chief angel of powers.
Cassiel  =  angel of Saturn.
Cerviel  =  angel ruler of the principalities.
Chamuel  =  archangel whose name means "he who seeks God."
Chayyliel  =  angel whose name means "army;" a powerful angel.
Cochabiel  =  angel prince who stands before God.
Dabriel  =  angel of the first heaven who rules over Monday.
Dagiel  =  angel who has dominion over fish.
Dalquiel  =  angel prince of the third heaven.
Damabiath  =  angel of naval construction.
Dardariel  =  ruling angel of the eleventh hour.
Diniel  =  angel who protects infants.
Domiel  =  angel who guards the sixth hall of the seventh heaven.
Dubbiel  =  guardian angel of Persia; name means "bear God."
Duma  =  angel prince of dreams.
Dumah  =  angel of silence.
Eae  =  angel who thwarts demons.
Eiael  =  angel with dominion over the occult sciences.
Elyon  =  ministering angel who brought the plague of hail upon Egypt.
Emmanuel  =  angel whose name means "God with us."
Erathaol  =  one of seven great archon angels.
Eremiel  =  great angel who presides over the Abyss and Hades.
Gabriel  =  archangel whose name means "man or hero of God."
Gadriel  =  angel who rules the fifth heaven.
Galgaliel  =  prince angel of the sun, like Raphael.
Galizur  =  great angel who rules the second heaven.
Gamaliel  =  angel who takes the elect unto heaven.
Gazardiel  =  angel who supervises the east.
Geburatiel  =  angel prince who guards the seventh heaven.
Guriel  =  angel of the zodiac sign of Leo.
Gzrel  =  angel who revokes any evil decree against another in heaven.
Hadraniel  =  angel who stands at the second gate in heaven; "majesty of God."
Hadriel  =  guardian angel of the gates of the east wind.
Hagith  =  one of the seven ruling angels of the provinces of heaven.
Halaliel  =  archangel known as "the lord of karma."
Hamaliel  =  angel who rules the order of virtues.
Hamon  =  a great, honored, beautiful prince angel in heaven.
Haniel  =  an archangel who guards the tree of life.
Harahel  =  angel who oversees libraries.
Hasdiel  =  angel of benevolance.
Hasmal  =  fire speaking angel of the throne of God.
Hayliel  =  angel prince in the seventh heaven.
Haziel  =  angel whose name means "vision of God."
Heman  =  angel leader of the heavenly choir, whose name means "trust."
Hermesiel  =  angel who leads one of the heavenly choirs.
Hofniel  =  ruling angel of the bene elohim; name means "fighter of God."
Iaoel  =  an angel of the lord; angel of visions.
Iaoth  =  archangel who has power to thwart demons.
Leo  =  an angel who thwarts demons.
Iofiel  =  archangel whose name means "beauty of God."
Israfil  =  Islamic angel whose name means "the burning one."
Jael  =  cherub who guards the ark of the covenant.
Jahoel  =  one of the angels of the presence and chief of the seraphim.
Jaoel  =  guardian angel who lives in the seventh heaven. 
Jeduthun  =  angel whose name means "master of howling" or chanting to God.
Jefischa  =  ruling angel of the fourth hour of the night. 
Jehudiel  =  archangel who rules the movements of the celestial spheres.
Jeremiel  =  archangel whose name means "mercy of God."
Kabshiel  =  angel of grace and favor.
Kafziel  =  archangel who rules the planet Saturn.
Kakabel  =  angel who rules over stars and constellations.
Kalaziel  =  angel who has the power to thwart demons of disease.
Karael  =  angel who has the power to thwart demons.
Kemuel  =  archon angel and chief of the seraphim.
Kerubiel  =  prince angel of the cherubim.
Kokabiel  =  prince angel of the stars.
Kutiel  =  angel of water and the use of diving rods.
Labbiel  =  angel whose name was changed to Raphael.
Lahabiel  =  angel who protects against evil spirits.
Lamechial  =  angel who thwarts deception.
Lassuarium  =  angel who rules the tenth hour of the night.
Laylah  =  angel who oversees and protects childbirth.
Machidiel  =  angel governing the zodiac sign of Aries and the month of March.
Marmaroth  =  angel who has power to thwart fate.
Mendrion  =  angel who rules the seventh hour of the night.
Metatron  =  one of the greatest archangels, second only to God.
Michael  =  great archangel whose name means "who is as God."
Mihr  =  angel of divine mercy; angel that governs September.
Miniel  =  angel invoked to induce love.
Mitatron  =  an angel of the third heaven.
Morael  =  angel of awe that rules the months of August September.
Moroni  =  brought messages to Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism.
Muriel  =  angel who rules the dominions and the month of June.
Naaririel  =  great prince angel of the seventh heaven.
Nahaliel  =  angel who governs running streams; "valley of God."
Nanael  =  angel who governs the sciences, and philosophy.
Narcariel  =  angel that rules the eighth hour of the night.
Nasargiel  =  good angel with a lion head that rules hell.
Nathanael  =  angel ruling over hidden things, fire and vengeance.
Naya'il  =  angel of testing.
Nelchael  =  angel of the schemhamphorae.
Nuriel  =  angel of spellbinding power and of hail storms.
Och  =  one ruling angel of the provinces of heaven.
Omael  =  angel of chemistry and species perpetuation.
Onoel  =  name of an archon angel...
Ophaniel  =  prince angel over the ophanim.
Ophiel  =  one ruling angel of the provinces of heaven and Mercury.
Oriel  =  ruling angel of the tenth hour of the day.
Orifiel  =  archangel over thrones, and the second hour of the day.
Orphamiel  =  angel known as the "great finger of the Father."
Osmadiel  =  ruling angel of the eighth hour of the day.
Ouriel  =  archangel who commands demons.
Pamyel  =  ruling angel of the ninth hour of night.
Pathiel  =  angel whose name means "opener of God."
Peliel  =  angel who rules the virtues.
Peniel  =  angel who rules Friday and resides in the third heaven.
Pesagniyah  =  angel who ushers prayers of grief to heaven.
Phaleg  =  one of the seven ruling angels of the provinces of heaven.
Phanuel  =  archangel who is an interpreter of revelations.
Phounebiel  =  disease thwarting angel.
Phul one of the seven ruling angels of the provinces of heaven. = 
Pravuil  =  an archangel who keeps all the records of heaven.
Pronoia  =  an archon angel who helped make mankind.
Purah  =  angel of forgetfulness.
Puriel  =  angel whose name means "the fire of God;" angel of punishment.
Qaspiel  =  angel who rules the moon.
Quabriel  =  ruling angel of the ninth hour of the day.
Rachiel  =  ophanim angel who rules Venus and governs sexuality.
Rachmiel  =  angel of mercy whose name also means the same.
Radueriel  =  angel who can create other angels and oversees archives.
Raguel  =  angel who watches over the behavior of angels; "friend of God."
Rahab  =  angel of death, destruction, but also the sea.
Rahatiel  =  angel prince of the constellations; name means "to run."
Rahmiel  =  angel of mercy and love.
Ramiel  =  angel who oversees visions and souls during the day of judgment.
Raphael  =  great archangel whose name means "the shining one who heals."
Rathanael  =  angel of the third heaven and thwarter of demons.
Raziel  =  angel chief over the thrones, guarding the secrets of the universe.
Remiel  =  angel who leads souls to judgment; name means "mercy of God."
Rikbiel  =  angel who oversees the divine chariot; chief of wheels.
Rizoel  =  angel with power to thwart demons.
Rogziel  =  angel of punishment whose name means "the wrath of God."
Ruman  =  angel who takes account of evil men's deeds while in hell.
Sabaoth  =  archon angel of the presence.
Sabathiel  =  angel or intelligence who communicates divine light.
Sablo  =  angel of graciousness and protection.
Sabrael  =  archangel who guards the first heaven.
Sabrathan  =  ruling angel of the first hour of the night.
Sachiel  =  ruling angel of Jupiter whose name means "covering of God."
Sagnessagiel  =  angel who guards the fourth hall of the seventh heaven.
Sahaqiel  =  angel prince of the fourth heaven.
Salathiel  =  rescuing angel of Adam and Eve.
Samkiel  =  angel of destruction and purifier of souls from sheol.
Samuel  =  fruling angel of the first hour of the day.
Sandalphon  =  giant angel whose name means "co brother" (of Metratron).
Saniel  =  ruling angel of the sixth hour of the day.
Sarakiel  =  angel who rules the ministering angels.
Sarandiel  =  ruling angel of the twelfth hour of the night.
Satqiel  =  angel prince of the fifth heaven.
Seraphiel  =  chief angel of the seraphim angels.
Shamsiel  =  angel whose name means "light of day."
Shepherd  =  angel of repentance.
Shoftiel  =  angel whose name means "the judge of God."
Sidqiel  =  angel prince of the ophanim; ruler of Venus.
Sidriel  =  angel prince of the first heaven.
Simiel  =  archangel.
Sizouze  =  angel of prayer.
Sophia  =  angel whose name means "wisdom."
Soqedhozi  =  angel who weighs the merits of of men before God.
Sorath  =  angel who is the spirit of the sun.
Sorush  =  angel who punishes souls on judgment day.
Soterasiel  =  angel whose name means "who stirs up the fire of God."
Sraosha  =  angel who sets the world in motion.
Suriel  =  angel of healing whose name means "God's command."
Tagas  =  governing angel of singing angels.
Tartys  =  ruling angel of the second hour of the night.
Tatrasiel  =  great angelic prince.
Temeluch  =  angel caretaker who protects newborn babies and children.
Temperance  =  angel of the elixir of life.
Theliel  =  angel prince of love.
Tubiel  =  angel of summer.
Tzadkiel  =  angel of justice and guardian of the gates of the east wind.
Ubaviel  =  angel of the zodiac sign of Capricorn.
Umabel  =  angel of physics and astronomy.
Uriel  =  great archangel whose name means "God is my light."
Usiel  =  an angel who stands before the throne of God.
Uzziel  =  cherubim angel whose name means "strength of God."
Varhmiel  =  ruling angel of the fourth hour of the day.
Vequaniel  =  ruling angel of the third hour of the day.
Verchiel  =  ruling angel of the month of July and of the zodiac sign Leo.
Vretiel  =  swift in wisdom archangel responsible for recording God's deeds.
Xathanael  =  the sixth angel created by God.
Yabbashael  =  an angel of the earth whose name means "the mainland."
Yefefiah  =  archangel who is the prince of the Torah.
Yehudiah  =  benevolant angel of death.
Yerachmiel  =  an archangel who rules earth.
Yeshamiel  =  angel who rules the zodiac sign of Libra.
Yofiel  =  angel prince of the Torah commanding 53 legions of angels.
Zaapiel  =  angel punisher of wicked souls.
Zaazenach  =  ruling angel of the sixth hour of the night.
Zabkiel  =  angel who rules over the thrones.
Zachariel  =  angel governor of Jupiter.
Zachriel  =  angel who governs memories.
Zadkeil  =  archangel who rules heaven and stands in the presence of God.
Zagzagel  =  angel prince of the Torah and of wisdom.
Zakzakiel  =  angel of the seventh heaven who records good deeds.
Zaphiel  =  angel ruler of the cherubim.
Zaphkiel  =  archangel whose name means "knowledge of God."
Zarall  =  cherub angel who guards the ark of the covenant.
Zazriel  =  angel whose name means "strength of God."
Zehanpuryu  =  high ranking angel whose name means "one who sets free."
Zerachiel  =  angel of the month of July and the sun.
Zophiel  =  angel whose name means "God's spy."
Zuriel  =  angel ruler of the principalities whose name means "my rock is God."
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Image: Shutterstock

Angels are mythical or spiritual beings depicted as messengers of God, who guide and protect people. They are portrayed as having halos, wearing white robes, and floating through the air with the help of their majestic wings.

Most of us are familiar with Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, the Archangels. But there are many other angels who are not very well known. There are Biblical angels, cherubs, seraphim, and guardian angels overseeing several months, days, natural, elements and Zodiac signs. Besides, there are simple and straightforward angel names like Angelo, Angel, and Angelica.

If you want to give your little baby a name that means angel, then MomJunction has just the list for your little cherub.

Angelic Baby Names For Boys:

1. Cael:

The name Cael belongs to the angel of the zodiac sign Cancer. He was also one of the warriors of the Irish mythology. The ascendance of Cael to the top 1000 baby names can be attributed to its similarity with Kale and Cale. And since the name is short already, you don’t even have to snip it further for the nickname.

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2. Castiel:

The moniker Castiel vaulted into the top 1000 baby names by riding on the wings of the angel hero in the famous television series “Supernatural”. This moniker also derives some appeal because of the ‘Cas’ syllable in it, just like Cassius and Cassian. For the nickname, you can opt for simple and straightforward, Cas. The meaning of this Hebrew name is, ‘my cover is God’.


3. Haniel:

Haniel or Hanniel is the anglicized form of the Hebrew name ‘Chammuw’e’ and means ‘favored of God.’ In the Bible, Haniel is the name of the leader of the Asher tribe. And in the Jewish lore, Haniel is the name of the angel associated with the planet Venus. So you have a dual reference here!

4. Gabriel:

Gabriel is the archangel who gave the news of Jesus’ birth. He is featured in all the Abrahamic texts. Gabriel also presides over the heaven as an angel of joy, life, truth, dreams, and judgment. As a Biblical name, Gabriel has been one of the top 25 baby names for eight years. It’s mostly opted by parents who want an appealing alternative to Michael.

5. Michael:

In the Bible, Michael is the archangel who led the other angels in a war against Satan. He is one of the two archangels recognized by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike. In the Michael, meaning ‘who is like God’ was the most popular American boys’ name for over half a century. This moniker is now in the ninth spot and is given to over 15000 babies every year.

6. Javan:

Javan, the son of Noah in the Bible, is believed to be the ancestor of the Greek people and the guardian angel of Greece. It’s a Hebrew name and means ‘Greece.’ This name remained in vogue for over a decade, but fell out of favor in the turn of the century. We think it will now make an unusual and classic choice.

7. Raphael:

Raphael is one of the seven archangels who attended the throne of God as the angel of healing. He’s also considered the patron of science, doctors, travelers, and healing. This name sounds both powerful and artistic. Raphael, the Renaissance painter, is the most noteworthy namesake. Even several celebrities have chosen this name for their sons, including Ana Ortiz and Robert De Niro. Currently, it’s one of the top 10 names in France.

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8. Angelo:

Angelo is an old-school Italian name that is back in the popularity charts again, thanks to the famous singer Adele, who chose it for her son. It means ‘messenger.’ Angelo has several namesakes, like Angelo Badalamenti, the American film composer, Angelo Bortolo Bertilli, American football player and Angelo D’Aleo, singer for The Belmonts. Anjelo is a spelling variation of this name.

9. Malach:

Malach is the Anglicized form of the Hebrew name Malak, meaning ‘angel.’ In the Bible, Malak is a word used to denote a messenger from God. This moniker is familiar not just with the Jews, but also with the African-American parents. You can also go with its variation Maliq, Malak, or Malek.

10. Michelangelo:

Michelangelo is an Italian compound name composed of Michael, which means ‘who is like God’ and Angelo, which means ‘messenger or angel.’ This artistic name would make an unforgettable impression on everyone who hears it. Apart from the renowned Renaissance painter and sculptor, it also belongs to the famous Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni. And it is the name of one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well.

11. Uriel:

Uriel is the anglicized form of the Hebrew name Uwriyel, which means ‘’flame of God’ or ‘the light of the Lord’. It’s the name of one of the seven archangels whose names were removed from the list of recognized angels in 145 AD, and we don’t know why. He was considered the wisest of all the archangels, as his light was not just physical, but rather ultra-spiritual.

12. Evangelos:

Evangelos is the Greek name, composed of the elements ‘eu’, which means ‘good’ and ‘angelos,’ which means ‘messenger’. Hence, the name means ‘goof messenger.’ You can keep Vangelis, the modern short form this name as the nickname. It would make your child appear no less than a king.

13. Samuel:

Samuel is one of the prophets in the Jewish mythology. He was destined for a holy life right from the birth. He even established the Hebrew monarchy by anointing both David and Saul as Kings. This Old Testament name is quite popular with the Christians, with close to 11,000 boys named Samuel annually. The nickname Sam propels the popularity of this name.

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14. Raguel:

Raguel, the Latin form of the Hebrew name Reuwel, belongs to one of the seven archangels in the Book of Enoch. He is known as the archangel of harmony, fairness, and justice. He oversees the other angels to ensure that they are working in harmony with the humankind. He also tries to keep corruption away from heaven. The meaning of Raguel is ‘friend of God’.

15. Ramiel:

Ramiel is an Arabic name, meaning ‘thunder of God’. He is one of the seven angels mentioned in the ‘Book of Enoch’. As the angel of hope, Ramiel has two important duties – guiding the souls of the faithful to heaven and divine visions. It’s believed that Ramiel was also responsible for the destruction of the army of Sennacherib.

16. Hariel:

Hariel is the archangel who rules over December, Capricorn, and the dawn. He is also the ruler of science and arts and the angel of tame animals. Hariel, we think, is an unusual alternative to the Harry. It can also be considered as a distinctive middle name for your son.

17. Yael:

Yael or Jael is the name of the cherub who attends to the throne of God. Yael is a common name in Israel and means ‘to ascend’. Just remember to pronounce this name with two syllables. Or you can spell this name as ‘Ta’el’. On the other hand, Jael is the name of a place in northern Israel.

18. Kemuel:

If you want a moniker that is on the lines of the famous name Samuel, you can go with Kemuel. Kemuel is the name of the seraphim chief who stands at the window of heaven. The meaning of this Hebrew name is ‘helper of God’.

19. Raziel:

Raziel is the name of the archangel who guards the secrets of the universe. He is also known as the angel of mysteries. Raziel is an offbeat name with loads of character. It is masculine and sounds distinctive and stylish. The little Raziel would always be armed for the battle, whether on the playground or school.

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20. Zerachiel:

Zerachiel is the name of one of the archangels in the Book of Enoch, meaning ‘God’s command’ in the Hebrew. He is the angel of the children, the sun, and healing. Zerachiel holds dominion over the earth. His main duty is to lead the souls to judgment.

21. Zadkiel:

According to pseudo-Dionysius, Zadkiel was the name of the archangel of benevolence, mercy and freedom. He is said to be the angel who held Abraham’s hand to prevent him from sacrificing his son. Zadkiel is also associated with ritual magic. The meaning of Zadkiel is ‘righteousness of God’ in Hebrew.

22. Orifiel:

Orifiel is an Old Testament archangel meaning ‘my neck is God’. He is believed to direct his gaze backward in time to the world of the past. You can also spell this name Orifiel. This moniker has a serious and studious image, just like its namesake archangel.

23. Kafziel:

Kafziel is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘speedy one of God’. He is an angel of the Jewish legend. Unlike other angels, Kafziel is not a doer, but a watched. Also called the angel of tears and solitude, Kafziel presides over the deaths of kings. He is also associated with the Seventh Heaven, the Saturn.

24. Engel:

If you want a straightforward angel-inspired name, go with Engel. Engel is the German variation of the name Angel. Ingal, its variation, is the name of the Old Norse God. This name is used widely in Germany. In fact, it has entered the top 1000 list too. We think it can climb even further with parents wanting an alternative to Angel.

25. Abaddon:

Abaddon is the anglicized form of the Greek name Apollyon and means ‘destroyer’. In the New Testament, Abaddon is the name of the angel-prince of the infernal regions and the minister of death. This name peaked in the European regions in the 1920s and is now making its way back again.

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Angelic Baby Names For Girls:

26. Parisa:

It’s strange how just one letter can turn a name from oh-so-ordinary to special. Parisa is an exotic Persian/Iranian name that would make an excellent import to the English-speaking world. You can even take it as a variation of Paris and Marisa. The meaning of Parisa is ‘like an angel’.

27. Rosangel:

Rosangel is an Italian compound name composed of the elements ‘rosa’, which means; Rose’ and Angela, which means ‘angel.’ Hence, this divine name Rosangela means ‘rose-angel.’ This name may sound utterly exotic to the Americans ears, and that’s what makes it different from other angel inspired names. And there’s always an option of shortening it to Rose for the nickname.

28. Seraphina:

Seraphina is inspired by the six-winged archangel, named Seraphim. The name came into the spotlight when Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck chose it for their daughter. Its revival can also be because of the current parents taste for old-fashioned and elaborate feminine names. This name is not in the top 1000 baby name list, but we think it would make it soon.

29. Rabia:

Rabia conjures a beautiful image redolent of mythology. It’s the name of one of the ten angels who accompanies the sun of its daily course. The moniker Rabia is hugely popular in the Arabic countries and means ‘spring’. And it has started to be drawn into the American mainstream as well. Rabia Balkhi, the Persian poet is its famous namesake.

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30. Ariel:

Ariel is the anglicized form of the unisex Hebrew name ‘Ari’el’, which means ‘lion of god’. In the Bible, Ariel is applied to the city of Jerusalem and the name of the chief of the exiles, But in Apocrypha, Ariel is the name of the archangel ruling the waters. It’s also the name of the moon of Uranus. And how can we forget the jovial spirit in Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”.

31. Angel:

Angel is a Spanish name used more for girls than boys, as a term of endearment. It comes from the Greek word ‘angelos, and means ‘messenger or announcer’. It ranked 42 on the Social Security Administration baby name list for boys. And it’s highly popular with the Latino families, standing among the top 70 names for boys. Melanie Brown named, the Spice Girl named her daughter Angel Iris.

32. Angelica:

Angelica is one of the most popular and most used angel-inspired name. It’s more feminine than Angel, more delicate than Angelina is and more chic than Angela is. This moniker was taken from Italy by England in the 17th century and was once heard widely plays and poetry, including the famous Shakespearean play, “Rome and Juliet”. You can also opt for its rarely used spelling variants- Anjelica.

33. Evangeline:

Evangeline is the English literary name composed of Greek element ‘eu’, which means ‘well’ and ‘angeles’, which means ‘messenger’. Hence, the name means ‘good angel’. This romantic and classic name has always been popular with the masses, thanks to the religious overtones. The name got a kick via the star of the megahit television series “Lost”. Eva is the most obvious nickname for Evangeline.

34. Angelina:

All thanks to the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, this moniker is more popular than ever. Angelina was once considered a delicate, Italian name, but it’s now one of the most happening heavenly names. Children will relate this name to “Angelina Ballerina”, the charming children’s book. And we have a reference to “Harry Potter” character as well. Remember Angelina Johnson, a member of Dumbledore’s Army.

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35. Laila:

Laila is the angel of conception who protects and oversees childbirth. This name is an exotic and a lilting variation of Layla and Leila. Even Muhammad Ali was so betrothed by the name that he named his daughter Laila. You can also opt for its spelling variants, Layla. It’s one of the top 30 names in Australia and United Kingdom.

36. Angela:

The name Angela was used widely throughout the 20th century and it still sits pretty at number 221, though Angelica and Angelina are more preferred now. This moniker was one of the top 10 names from the years 1965 to 1979 and the fifth most popular name for 3 consecutive years.

37. Angelette:

Angelette is the French variant of the name Angela. This variation is sweet, strong, and traditional; exactly what most of the parents look in a name. It stayed in the double digits until the turn of the 20th century. We think Anji or Anjel would make great nicknames for Angelette.

38. Angelisa:

Angelisa is the uncommon variation of Angelica. It’s lacy, poetic feminine and would suit a delicate and mild girl to a great extent. This name is coming back into style, mainly because of its virtues of purity and simplicity. Yes, it is similar to its trendy sisters Angelica, Angelina and Angela, but beats them all with the stylish ‘s’ in it.

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39. Micheangela:

Michelangela is the feminine version of Michelangelo. This moniker has a royal European feel to it. In fact, it’s one of the top 100 names in Rome.

40. Gotzone:

If you are looking for something truly unique, go with Gotzone. Gotzone is the variation of the Basque name Gotzon and means ‘angel’. It made a surprise return in 2013, after having been in obscurity for ages. Even though it has a deep history, it feels modern and sounds distinctly feminine. It’s really hard to find a name with all these qualities.

41. Melek:

If you want to go the exotic way, pick Melek, the Turkish name, meaning ‘angel’. This royal name was well used in the ancient times in Turkey. But was popularized in the recent years via Feriha Melek, a popular Turkish figure. You can even opt for its Arabic variation, Malaika. We think both sound beautiful.

42. Tien:

If Asian name is what you want for your little princess, pick Tien, a Vietnamese name, meaning ‘angel’. Tien is the 56th most popular name in Vietnam. This name has several namesakes as well, including Tien Shinhan in “Dragon Ball” (though he’s a male). And it sounds elegant too!

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43. Mariangela:

This one of the loveliest combination name we have seen in a while. Mariangela is the contracted form of Maria and Angel and means ‘rebel angel’. This name may seem middle-aged, but we’re sure it will make a comeback.

44. Aniela:

Aniela is the Polish form of Latin name Angela. It’ a perennially classic name in Poland and has been in the top 100 since the year 1993. You have the possibility of keeping Anne as a nickname, which is awesome in itself.

45. Dina:

Dina is the ‘angel of learning and wisdom’. This old-timey name is now coming back into style, and with more resonance and strength than most of the two-syllable names.

46. Dara:

Dara is the wise, male angel appearing in the Bible. The moniker is an Irish version of Darragh and is used in the contemporary times for boys. The name Dara feels neither drab nor unfashionable. It has a certain timeless quality and grows with the children. And the name is cross-cultural as well, ideal for parents looking for an exotic name.

47. Angelique:

Angelique is the French variation of Angela. This name is on the rise, along with its sister names Angelica and Angelina. You can credit the popularity of this name to Angelique Bouchard Collins, the glam girl of “Dark Shadows’. After a long run of monikers ending with ‘a’, a name ending with ‘e’ is definitely fresh.

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48. Evangelina:

Most of you must have surmised by now than Evangelina is the variation of Evangeline. This name has been one of the top 100 baby names from the last century, and there’s absolutely no sign of it fading. Select Eva or Eve for the nickname. And if you want something hip, use Vangie.

49. Erelah:

Erelah is a rhythmic Hebrew name, meaning ‘angel’. Eralah is quite distinct from other angelic baby names. It is more dainty and feminine than Dara and Gotzone and more substantive than Dina and Rosangel.

50. Charmeine:

Charmiene, the variation of Charmaine belongs to the angel of harmony. The meaning of Charmaine is ‘singer’. This name entered the top 100 list in 1913 and then in the top 50 within just a decade. It’s said that there more than 10,000 baby girls were named Chameine when it was at its peak.

We hope you liked our compilation of angelic names. If we missed your favorite, tell us in the comment section below!

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Angelic names ring especially true when you spend those quiet moments staring at your sleeping “angel” — but as plenty of parents know, as that angel-baby grows into young adulthood they can become far from angelic. In fact, although angelic names for babies are on the rise (as are many “expectation” names), according to founder Jennifer Moss, you may want to think carefully before setting on an angelic name for your little one. “The problem with those types of names is that they infuse an expectation of a certain characteristic or personality trait into your child — a trait that they might not be able to live up to,” Moss says. “What happens if ‘Justice’ has to go before a judge? Or your ‘Angel’ doesn’t feel angelic all of the time? We at don’t feel that’s fair to impose on your child for the rest of their lives.”

Still, if you have your heart and mind firmly set on an angel name that will always bring you back to your child’s cherubic days, no matter how whiny a teenager they’ve become, go ahead and check out the list below. The angelic names for baby girls, boys, and kids of any gender ahead are fit for a real-life cherub — or at least a kid who looks angelic even when they misbehave.

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Angel names for babies

The name Angel is of Spanish origin and is generally considered a boy’s name, although we think it could be just as beautiful for a baby girl. You can also consider one of these eight baby names that are based on Angel.

Names that mean “miracle” or “blessing”

Baby names that mean miracle

These 12 beautiful girl names below mean “miracle,” “gift from God,” or “blessed.”

  • Mireille
  • Marvel
  • Marvella
  • Mireya
  • Micaela
  • Mikelle
  • Mirabelle
  • Bea
  • Gwyneth
  • Annie
  • Sachi
  • Atara

These 13 boy names below also mean “blessing,” “miraculous,” or “gift.”

  • Asher
  • Benedict
  • Bennett
  • Zelig
  • Barke
  • Aaron
  • Loreto
  • Neo
  • Jesse
  • Darko
  • Matthew
  • Miracolo
  • Theodore

The names of prominent angels from the Christian faith

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful name, these angel names are powerful and ethereal. Why not match the angel name with an attribute you hope your child exemplifies?

  • Afriel: Angel of youth
  • Ariel: Angel of nature
  • Cassiel: Angel of temperance
  • Charmeine: Angel of harmony
  • Dina: Angel of learning
  • Gavreel: Angel of peace
  • Michael: Angel of loyalty
  • Gabriel: Angelic messenger
  • Raphael: Angel of healing
  • Micah: Angel of miracles
  • Uriel: Angel of creativity
  • Forfax: Angel of astronomy
  • Hadraniel: Angel of love
  • Jophiel: Angel of enlightenment
  • Lailah: Angel of conception
  • Manakel: Angel of peace
  • Nathaniel: Angel of fire
  • Ramiel: Angel of thunder
  • Sariel: Angel of guidance
  • Sachael: Angel of water
  • Tabbris: Angel of self-determination
  • Xapham: Angel of creation
  • Raziel: Angel of mysteries
  • Paschar: Angel of vision
  • Zuriel: Angel of harmony
  • Zuphlas: Angel of trees
  • Zadkiel: Angel of prayer

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Giving your child an angel inspired name is one of the best gifts you could ever give them. Angels are majestic, they fly high, and are termed as the messengers of God. Their impressive physical attributes include wearing halos and white robes and flying through the air with their pretty wings. Every parent wants their child, boy or girl, to fly like an angel — a beautiful mythical, spiritual being that represents love, faith, purity, and lots of other positive traits. 

Every child is unique. Angel names too are unique in beauty and sound. Some of these names are rare, others common, yet many are innovatively derived. In the article, all the angelic names have been shortlisted based on extensive research and analysis, to give discerning parents detailed and valuable inputs behind the conception of each incredible name.

Girl Names Meaning Angel

Girl Names Meaning Angel

Parents expecting their little angel soon would desire a name that connotes all the heavenly, angelic characteristics associated with angels. To give your precious angel a name that lives up to the miracle of her being born, the following angelic names are perfect options to consider.

Without further ado, here are 35 of the best angelic names for your baby girl:

1. Agnola

The female name ‘Agnola’ is a Greek, Italian origin name that in Greek means “angel,” and its meaning is “pure” and “virginal” in Italian. It’s a variation of the name ‘Agnes’ — a common English girls’ name —  and also a close variant of ‘Agnolla.’  This lovely name is unique, heavenly, and perfect for your sweet, angelic baby girl.

2. Alya

‘Alya’ is a highly popular name of Hebrew origin, meaning “to ascend.” It’s short, simple, yet very elegant to hear. This fabulous name is just the perfect contender to make the list of names that mean angel. As per its Arabic associations, the name Alya means “heavenly, sky, heaven, loftiness.” Quite literally, this beautiful name implies “angel” in every sense. 

3. Angel 

The Greek origin name ‘Angel’ is one of those special names that neither go out of style nor lose their magnetism. Angel, meaning “messenger of God,” is a truly evergreen name with notable distribution and popularity in the United States and France. Other meanings associated with the name include “fairy,” “divine messenger,” “angel of God,” and “a little messenger from God.” 

4. Angelica

What name is more elegant than ‘Angelina,’ more stylish than ‘Angela,’ and more feminine than the unisex name ‘Angel’? The answer is, the popular angel-inspired girl’s name ‘Angelica.’ This trendy, Italian origin name traveled to 17th century England from Italy. You may recall its popularity skyrocketing after its use in the Shakespearean play, “Romeo & Juliet.” To add a further stylish boost to the name, you may opt for its variant – ‘Anjelica’ instead. The heavenly name ‘Angelica’ means “God’s messenger,” “Angel sent,” “Angelic,” or “Angel.”

5. Angelina

The gorgeous Spanish, Greek, Italian origin name, ‘Angelina,’ has several noteworthy references, including being associated with American actress ‘Angelina Jolie.’ Angelina, meaning “angel” or “messenger,” is associated with popular characters, like Angelina Ballerina (British children’s animated series), Angelina Weasley (a member of Harry Potter’s Dumbledore’s Army), and Angelina Grimke (American abolitionist) among others. This gorgeous angelic name is a perfect pick for your pretty bundle of joy.

6. Ariel

The sweet, heavenly name ‘Ariel’ is a name of Hebrew, Biblical origin, meaning “lion of God.” In the Bible, Ariel is the name of the chief of exiles in Jerusalem. In the modern world, it’s one of the most popular girl names, that comes in additional forms including ‘Ariella’ and ‘Arielle.’ Some popular associations of the name include, the name of the jovial spirit in the Shakespearean play ‘The Tempest,’ the name of the Disney mermaid in “The Little Mermaid,” and the name of Uranus’ moon.

7. Batya

‘Batya’ is a pleasant yet rare girl’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “daughter of God.” In the Bible, Batya is the Pharaoh’s daughter, responsible for having found baby Moses (lying in a basket) along the river Nile, whom she safely brings home to the court. Hence, the name signifies valor and virtuous strength. This unusual angelic name is a wonderful, heavenly name pick for your sweet little angel. 

8. Céline

French-Canadian singer ‘Céline Dion’s’ hit theme score for the Oscar-winning film ‘Titanic’ is what brought this beautiful name to the forefront. The name peaked in popularity instantly after the movie’s release. Newbie parents are loving this cool name for its elegant sound and heavenly message. ‘Céline,’ meaning “heavenly,” is a French first name of Latin origin, also written as ‘Celine.’ 

9. Charmeine

The Latin origin name ‘Charmeine’ is a very unique girl name. More unique than its variant ‘Charmaine.’ The name is associated with the ‘angel of harmony.’ Thus, it’s an apt choice to be on the list of top names that mean “angel.” The meaning of this particular angel’s (angel of harmony)  name is “singer.” She is a close relative of love and peace, embodying a perfectly harmonious state of mind. We feel it’s a remarkable name for your precious newborn.

10. Cielo

‘Cielo’ is a feminine name of Spanish and Italian origin that means “sky” and “heaven.” Both of which are places where angels preside. The name ‘Cielo’ is commonly perceived to be a romantic-sounding name with a lyrical lilt. The name has garnered widespread popularity in Italy, and now the U.S. In Italy, it’s pronounced CHEH-loh, while in Spanish you would hear it as SYEH-Loh.

11. Devika

‘Devika’ is a Sanskrit, Hindi origin girl’s name, meaning “like an angel” or “little Goddess.” In India and Sri Lanka, it’s a sought-after name. This beautiful female name is prevalent in English-speaking countries too, though not as significantly.  Parents looking to select from among names that mean angel should consider this name for its uniqueness, significance, and charming pronunciation. With an astounding name like this, there’s no telling when there’ll be an abrupt, rapid surge in popularity. It’s certainly possible!

12. Dina

The short, elegant name ‘Dina’ is a feminine name with the meaning “angel of learning and wisdom.” It’s a name of Hebrew, Greek, and English origin. In the Bible, in the book of Genesis, Jacob’s daughter was named Dina. Also, it’s considered an alternate name for Jophiel —the biblical angel.

13. Evangeline

‘Evangeline,’ or ‘Eva’ for short, is a name of Greek origin, meaning “bearer of good news.” It’s a contemporary, fresh, and relatively long name for girls,’ and we love how it has the heavenly word ‘Angel’ within it.  If you don’t feel like calling her Evangeline all the time, no worries! Besides the nickname Eva, other sweet-sounding variations like ‘Angie’ and ‘Angeline’ are equally acceptable. The name has associations with films like Disney’s ‘The Princess and the Frog,’ and  the fantasy flic ‘Nanny McPhee.’’ Each of these two films has a character named Evangeline.

14. Gabrielle

The name ‘Gabrielle,’ pronounced gah-bree-el, is a female name of French origin, meaning “God is my strength.”  It’s the feminine version of the Hebrew origin name ‘Gabriel’ —  who as per Abrahamic religions is the archangel who praised and signaled the news of Jesus’ birth. A popular, pitch-perfect variation of the name is ‘Gabriella,’ giving it a traditional and contemporary sound much like the name Gabrielle itself.   

15. Gloria

The Latin origin female name ‘Gloria,’ meaning “glory,” is a sweet-sounding, elegant name with angelic associations. Its most notable adult bearers include the prominent American feminine journalist Gloria Steinem and American singer/songwriter Gloria Estefan. The name’s angelic association stems from the Bible, wherein Gloria is an ancient hymn of praise. The name of this Christian hymn is ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’ (a.k.a. ‘The Greater Doxology’ or ‘Hymn of the Angels’).

16. Heaven

This particular name choice packs quite a punch having the literal, straightforward meaning “Heaven.” To add to the perks, it’s also extremely soft sounding. Heaven means “Heaven — home of the Gods and celestial beings,” making it the perfect choice for your beautiful newborn angel. Want to make it more unique? This name, retaining its original meaning, yet spelled backward is, ‘Nevaeh,’ which is also on our list, and often considered as pretty a name as ‘Heaven’ itself.

17. Jannah

The beautiful, Arabic origin name, ‘Jannah,’ meaning “heaven, heavenly, or Paradise,” refers to the Islamic notion of paradise. This popular baby name for girls of the Islamic faith is a pretty name with global appeal. Jannah is also considered a feminine variation of the unisex name ‘Jan,’ which is the feminine variant of ‘John,’ meaning “God is gracious.” Overall, it’s a fantastic name choice worth considering.

18. Laila

This girl’s name is hugely popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. The exotic and lilting name ‘Laila’ is a name of  Arabic origin. She is the “angel of conception,” meant for the protection and oversight of childbirth. Its popular variants, names like ‘Layla’ and ‘Leila,’ are also prevalent in large distribution Though these versions are less exotic and lilting. Finding heavenly appeal in the name, the great Muhammad Ali named his daughter Laila. 

19. Luz

‘Luz’ is a badass Spanish name for females. It means “light.” Instant associations that come to mind when we hear this name are rays of sunshine and puffy parting clouds; reminding us of heaven, angels, and of course the Lord.  Luz —  Our Lady of Light —  is pronounced “loos,” and belongs to a group of variant names including  ‘Lucy’ and ‘Lucia.’

20. Malaika

The sexy-sounding (due to modern references) African (Swahili), Arabic origin name ‘Malaika,’ is a heavenly name for girls’ that literally means “angel” or “a small child.” This incredible name is a variation of the Arabic word ‘Malak’ (meaning messenger). The most prominent namesakes include Indian (Bollywood) actress ‘Malaika Arora’ and Kenyan, British fashion model ‘Malaika Firth,’ to name a few. Overall, this is a wonderful name pick for your brand new bundle of joy.

21. Mariangela

When you combine two charming names to form one heck of a name for your precious princess, you get the lovely name ‘Mariangela.’ This beautiful Italian origin name means “rebel-angel.” It’s the effect of combining the names ‘Maria’ and ‘Angel’ to result in an angel name with added spice. In Judaism, Mariangela is an angel of the ‘sea of sorrow.’ All in all, this is an incredible name choice for your darling baby girl. she shall thank you for naming her a pleasantly unusual name with a heavenly meaning. 

22. Michaela

The alluring feminine name ‘Michaela,’ meaning in Hebrew ”who is like the Lord,”  has an equally alluring sound, no matter which of its common pronunciations —  Czech, English, German, Greek, Slovak, or Swedish  — you refer to.  This pretty name is the feminine variant of ‘Michael.’ A famous namesake is Cinematographer Michaela Denis. 


This next one is an interesting yet delightful, Italian origin name for girls. The name ‘Michelangela,’ meaning “who is like God;” is the feminine variant of ‘Michelangelo.’ It’s an elegant Italian name that’s been proudly sitting on the top 100 names list in Rome, Italy, for a pretty long while. Today, Michelangela is a top trending baby girl name and one of the ripest for picking among the names that mean “angel.”

24. Miracle

The spiritual name ‘Miracle’ means “wonder,” “marvel,” and “divine work.”  It’s a Latin, American origin girl’s name that is quite popular due to it’s heavenly, angelic inferences. Celebrity namesakes include American actresses ‘Miracle Laurie’ and ‘Miracle Vincent.’ Childbirth is no less than a miracle. Having a baby girl is God’s way of blessing you with an angel, and so, we feel Miracle is one of the best names you can give your baby girl.

25. Nevaeh

Reading this name backward reveals its meaning, which is “heaven.” ‘Nevaeh’ (pronounced “na-VAY-uh”) is a name that popped out of nowhere to become one of the most popular names in the U.S., after the year 2000. It’s a divinely beautiful name that rock band ‘P.O.D.’ singer Sonny Sandoval popularized, by naming his daughter ‘Nevaeh’ in the year 2000. Girls named Nevaeh love introducing themselves, explaining with excitement how their name is ‘Heaven’ spelled backward. 

26. Parisa

‘Parisa’ (pronounced Pah-REE-sah) is an exotic, Persian (Iranian) origin baby girl name that means “like an angel.” It is derived from the ancient Persian name “Parysatis,” which is a Farsi (Persian) word meaning “fairy-like,” or “like a fairy.” This is a unique female name because of how an extra letter makes it distinct from common names like ‘Paris’ or ‘Marisa.’ A top trending name like Parisa would make for a wise name pick for your adorable newborn daughter.

27. Rabia 

The name ‘Rabia,’ meaning “spring,” is a trending name suitable preferably for girls. Other meanings associated with this adorable unisex name are “new beginnings,” and as per mythology — “angel.” As per myth, Rabia is one of the ten angels that daily accompanied the sun. It’s, therefore, a virtuous Arabic name popular in Arab countries. 

28. Raphaela

The name ‘Raphaela’ is an attractive Hebrew origin name for girls.’ It’s the feminine variant of ‘Raphael.’ Today, the feminine version has many takers across Europe.  Going by abundant religious references, Raphael is the angel that brings healing. Raphaela, meaning “God has healed,” is a lovely name choice for your lovely baby girl. Others will be enchanted hearing this euphonious name.

29. Rosangela

‘Rosangela’ is a female name of Italian, American origin. It’s an incredible name derived by combining two names, ‘Rose’ and ‘Angela,’ meaning “Rose of an angel,” or “messenger of God.” This name sounds feels and is beautiful, due in part to the romantic first syllable. Overall, it’s a very unique name. According to statistics, within the United States, you’re likely to find more Rosangela’s in the state of California than in the other states.

30. Seraphina

‘Seraphina,’ meaning “fiery-winged,” is derived from the Biblical name, ‘Seraphim,’ of a six-winged angel called Seraphim. It’s a beautiful name, with its biblical association making it quite a few notches beyond being angelic. This appealing, feminine name of Hebrew origin, has close variants ‘Serena’ and ‘Sophia,’ and a widely acceptable nickname ‘Sera.’ Celebrity couple ‘Ben Affleck’ and ‘Jennifer Garner’ named their second daughter Seraphine.

31. Siofra 

The attractive feminine name ‘Siofra’ is a name of modern (18th century) Irish (Gaelic) origin. The meaning of this name is “changeling, sprite.” A sprite is a supernatural entity (fairy-like or ethereal), while changeling was thought to be a fairy child as per European mythology. Having roots in Irish superstition, this celestial name has been rather uncommon. Yet, it’s now starting to pick up, at least in Ireland.

32. Tien

Its unique origin makes the wonderful girl’s name ‘Tien’ a perfect choice for your baby girl. Tien is of Vietnamese origin. It has the wonderful meanings “angel, spirit, fairy, or the first one” associated with it. The meanings just outlined make it a truly universal name, while it’s also sweet, simple, and pleasantly unique at the same time. No matter what faith you may be from, a name such as this is perfect for your daughter.

33. Tangie

‘Tangie’ is a girl’s name of American origin, meaning “angelic.” This cute given name is certainly not an unheard of name in most English-speaking countries. It’s derived as a variation of the female name ‘Angela,’ or a combination of the two names ‘Tammy’ and ‘Angie.’ Namesakes include actress Tangie Ambrose.

34. Vanina

The shorter variant of the Portuguese, Spanish origin name ‘Evangelina’ is the elegant female name ‘Vanina,’ meaning “bringer of good news.” This name is popular in France and Germany mainly. Also, if you happen to love vanilla-flavored ice cream, but can’t name your daughter that, then this is the closest name to that effect.

35. Xeraphina

‘Xeraphina’ is an American origin name for girls’, meaning “Seraphim” or “angel.” This “x” name is a double whammy, for being a name that starts with a rare starting point, whilst sounding and meaning something so beautiful and relevant. If you like the name  ‘Seraphina,’ yet would like a bit of spice added to it to make it even more distinct, then go for Xeraphina.

Summing Up

Nothing compares to the beautiful significance of an “angel,” except your brand new bundle of joy. This is why naming your bundle of joy a name that means something angelic, is a heavenly and virtuous deed your daughter will always be thankful to her parents for.  The names listed above are all symbolic of the message of God. No matter what faith you’re from, the significance of love, hope, purity, faith, honesty, and inner strength are all angelic characteristics you would like your child to imbibe. 

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Angel Names With Spiritual Meaning

Most of the angel baby names, appropriately enough, end with "el." Consider these options (or their feminizations, which usually use the suffix -elle or -ella) to name your little angel.


If subtlety isn't your thing, the word "Angel" is a perfect baby name choice, for boys or girls. In pop culture, it was most famously used for Buffy the Vampire Slayer's undead true love.

Angelica or Angelique

For a more feminine take on Angel, go with one of these longer foreign variations. Angelica comes from Italy and Russia, while Angelique has French flair.


The archangel of nature shares this name with the Little Mermaid. Ariel means "lion of God."


A more offbeat choice, Azrael has an auspicious meaning—"helper of God"—but a less-than-auspicious set of namesakes: Azrael is the archangel of death, and was the name of the nasty cat in the Smurfs series.


The archangel of solitude bears this name, which comes with the cute nicknames Cassie or Cass.


Daniel appeared numerous times in the Old Testament and was a prophet. It's also considered the name of an angel.


Dina was listed as the angel of learning and language, and the guardian angel of the law, according to the Torah.


This angelic-inspired name means "the bearer of good news," and it's on the rise in the U.S., currently appearing just inside the top 250 baby names for girls.


One of the most popular angel names around, Gabriel was the messenger archangel who appeared numerous times in the Bible. Most memorably, he was the angel who told Mary she would give birth to the son of God. Gabriel's a top 50 favorite name for boys—though you can choose the feminizations Gabrielle or Gabriella for a girl.


Perhaps the most perennially popular angel name out there, Michael was the top name for boys for nearly 50 years, and still ranks in the top 10 names. It means "who is like God?" and has Michelle and Michaela as feminine versions.


This pretty name means "bright sea," and is associated with the angel of the month of June, making it a summery option for girls.


This stylish angel name is associated with the archangel who governed healing—along with the Renaissance artist and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. It has a very appropriate meaning: "God has healed."


This angel name is associated with a type of angel—the Seraphim were the highest ranking angels in Christian angelic hierarchy. Seraphina means "fiery," and while it's a well-known name picked by celebs like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, it still has yet to crack the top 1000 baby names in the U.S.


This archangel is considered the angel of surrender, and is a variation on the popular Zachary, which means "the Lord has remembered."


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Angel of Death. (in Catholicism) MoroniLDS ChurchesThe Golden Plates, Herald of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Mu’aqqibat (type) Islam(type) MunkarIslamAngel of Death The Faith of the Dead MurielChristianityDominions[8]June and Cancer in astrology NakirIslamAngel of Death The Faith of the Dead Nanael Christianity, JudaismPrincipalityNathaniel EnochianNetzachChristianity, JudaismLeader of the Principalities along with Archangel HanielEternity Nithael Christianity, JudaismPrincipalityNurielJudaismHailstorms Ophaniel Ofaniel Christianity, JudaismCherubim; sometimes listed as one of the ThronesPahaliahChristianityThronesVirtuosity PenemueChristianity, JudaismWatcher PhanuelChristianity, JudaismArchangel Repentance and hope Powers (type) Christianity, Judaism(type) Poyel Christianity, JudaismPrincipalityPravuilJudaismArchangel God's scribe and record-keeper Principalities (type) Christianity, Judaism(type) PurielJudaismExamines the souls of those brought to heaven Radueriel JudaismCan create lesser angels with a mere utterance RaguelAkrasiel, Raguil, Rakul, Raquel, Rasuil, Reuel, Rufael Christianity, Islam, JudaismArchangel Angel of Justice RamielRemiel Christianity, JudaismArchangel, Watcher RaphaelIsrafil (Arabic, often associated) Christianity, Islam, Judaism, LDS Churches, YazdânismArchangel, leader of the Virtues, one of the cherubim in the Christian tradition, Raphael performs all manners of healing RazielJudaismArchangel Keeper of Secrets Rikbiel Christianity, JudaismCherubim Sabriel JudaismArchangel Miracles SachielChristianity, JudaismArchangel, Cherub Wealth and Charity SahaquielJudaismArchangel Guardian of the fourth heaven SamaelChristianity, JudaismArchangel, Angel of Death, Fallen Angel Death and fetching souls SamyazaJudaism, ManichaeismWatcherSandalphonChristianity, Islam, JudaismArchangel protector of unborn children (some sources: "twin brother" of Metatron) SarathielChristianityArchangel Discipline and Penance SarielSarakiel, Saraqael, Sauriel, Seriel, Sourial, Suriel, Suriyel, Suruel, Surufel Christianity, Islam, JudaismArchangel SchemhampharaeChristianity, JudaismA list of 72 angels of the 9 choir orders, with esoteric meaning related to the names of God SelaphielSealtiel, Selatiel ChristianityArchangel Patron saint of prayer and worship Seraph (type) Seraphim Christianity, Islam, Judaism(type) Seraphiel[9]Christianity, Judaismseraph Protector of Metatron, highest ranking saraphim Shamnail YazdânismArchangel ShamsielSamsapeel, Shamshel, Shamshiel, Shashiel Christianity, JudaismWatcher Sidriel JudaismArchangel Song-Uttering Choirs (type) Judaism(type) TamielKasdaye, Kasdeja, Kasyade Christianity, JudaismWatcher, Fallen angel TemeluchusChristianity, JudaismTenninJapanese BuddhismThrones (type) Christianity, Judaism(type) Turail YazdânismArchangel TurielChristianity, JudaismWatcher UrielChristianity, JudaismArchangel, one of the seraphim[10]"El/God is my light"; patron of the Arts UzielJudaismArchangel Vasiariah[11]Christianity, JudaismDominionsVehuel Christianity, JudaismPrincipalityVirtues (type) Christianity, Judaism(type) Watcher (type) Grigori Christianity, Judaism(type) WormwoodChristianitywar YarhibolAncient Canaanite religionAngel of the god Baal HadadSprings YomielJomjael, Yomyael Christianity, JudaismWatcher Zachariel[12]Zahariel, Zerachiel ChristianityArchangel ZadkielHesediel, Tzadkiel,[12] Zadakiel, Zedekiel, Zedekul Christianity, JudaismArchangel, leader of the Dominions"Righteousness of God"; archangel of freedom, benevolence, mercy, and the Patron Angel of all who forgive ZaphkielTzaphkiel, Tzaphqiel, Zafchial, Zafkiel, Zaphchial, Zaphiel, Zelel Christianity, JudaismArchangel, leader of the Thronesname means "God's knowledge" ZaqielZavebe Christianity, JudaismWatcher ZephanielJudaismArchangel ZephonJudaism

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