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Vocabulary Workshop Enriched Test Booklet Form A Grade 4 (orange)

A multi-faceted and robust program, Vocabulary Workshop is also easy to use and incorporates online resources. The instructional approach is rooted in contextual learning coupled with systematic instruction and practice exercises that provide multiple exposures to the words. Vocabulary-building strategies as well as writing exercises, and word relationships/meanings are all incorporated.

Units are covered in one or two weeks. Words for each unit are introduced through the reading of (and/or listening to) a literary passage. These excerpts are taken from a broad range of grade-appropriate written material: magazine articles, myths, fiction, biography, textbooks, and reports. Students participate in preparing dictionary type of entries for each word by completing sample sentences. Additional practice exercises in each unit include choosing the right word, matching the meaning, word studies (prefixes, suffixes, roots), synonyms, and antonyms.

Shades of meaning can be one of the biggest challenges in learning new words and this series addresses idioms, proverbs, similes, metaphors, denotation and connotation, and others. After every three units there is a review lesson that has additional practice exercises in classifying (choosing a word that goes with a group of words), completing the idea, and vocabulary for comprehension (an exercise that involves reading a passage that includes many of the review words and then answering reading comprehension questions). Writing prompts using vocab words are integrated at grade-appropriate levels in all the courses.

The Student Booksare consumable with an accent color and include instructional material as well as all exercises. Teacher Books include all student pages (with answers) plus overview information on the course, planning/pacing guides, ELL support, and teaching strategies for each segment of the units. For every course there are literature suggestions for additional reading. Often, sample sentences used in the lessons will be taken directly from these classic literature selections.

Easy to access and navigate Online Resourcesparallel each unit. Here the student can listen to the introductory passage as well as each word distinctly pronounced. There are also flashcards, games, and practice quizzes for additional reinforcement (and fun!).

Available for grades 1 through 12+, there are a few differences between the elementary levels (grades 1-5) and the upper levels. Course structure in the two levels is essentially the same with the grade-appropriate differences you would expect. Tests are handled differently, however. In Grades 1-5, there are Test Booklets in two forms (A & B) with perforated pages available as separate purchases. These include unit tests as well as a mid-year and final test with answers in the Teacher Edition. In Grades 6-12+, the test booklets are optional and since we are unable to get the answer keys, we don’t sell them. A final mastery test, however, is included in the Student Book (with answers in the TE).

Grades 1-5 teacher and student books are 8.5”x 11” with 18 units (12 words) each.
Teacher and student books for Grades 6-12+ are smaller (6”x 9”) with 15 units (20 words) plus five Review and five Word Study units. These upper-level courses also have a few additional features. They include QR codes that will take the student directly to the online resources. Additionally, there are illustrations to accompany the introductory passage as well as many still photos from classic movies (i.e. the 1956 version of Around the World in 80 Days). These photos “just happen” to parallel the classic reading suggestions for each course. ~ Janice

Sours: https://www.rainbowresource.com/product/080760/Vocabulary-Workshop-Enriched-Test-Booklet-Form-A-Grade-4-orange.html?

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Sadlier’s Vocabulary Workshop Goes Digital

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Pdf orange vocabulary workshop book

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Unit 1 Level G - Vocabulary Workshop - Grade 12 SAT

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