Monster truck party decoration ideas

Monster truck party decoration ideas DEFAULT

Monster Jam Party

DIY Monster Truck Trophies

When you are hosting a Monster Truck themed party, it’s only right that you also host a race for your guests. Get ready to put on your creative cap and craft a one of a kind DIY Monster Truck Trophies. You can find recycled items around your home and buy some inexpensive items that will still be sure to have the trophy looking like a million bucks to the kids.

Gather recycled tin cans, candy tubes, strong adhesive, gold or silver spray paint, a mini monster truck toy, small wood plaques, plastic beaded necklaces, and cardboard numbers to create the trophy.

You can start off by adhering both sides of the candy tubes onto the small plaques of wood. Then place the recycled tin can on top of the wood, followed by the monster truck on the tin can. This will be the beginning works of your award-winning trophy. You can use the beaded necklaces to place around the tin cans to give it that extra fancy look. When everything is in place, go ahead and spray the entire piece gold or silver.

When your guests see this creative DIY monster truck trophy sitting atop the table full of decorations, they will be sure to want to win the race and take this piece home!


Monster Jam

If your child loves huge, monstrous vehicles, no birthday party theme will be as exciting as the Monster Jam Party Supplies! You'll be able to get tableware items for a big meal, party favors like molded tire cups, hats, and boxes, and decorative items like pinatas, 3D table covers, and birthday banners.


Keep on truckin’!

Whether it’s the real thing or their Hot Wheels replicas, Monster Jam monster trucks’ popularity is larger than life. Monster Jam is the world's largest and most famous monster truck tour, featuring crowd favorites like Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Monster Mutt, El Toro Loco, Captain's Curse and Blue Thunder. Boys love the heart-stopping action and dream of one day getting behind the wheel of one of these 12-ft.-tall behemoths. During a Monster Jam freestyle run, the Monster Jam trucks face off one at a time, smashing their way around (and often through) the obstacles on the track, including busses, cars, dirt jumps, planes, recreational vehicles and more!

Quick pre-planning tip:

Make a master list of supplies you’ll need for the party and shop ahead for decorations, tableware and take-away party favors. That way you’ll have less to think about when the date is near. You’ll need decorations like wall decals, balloons and banners, too!


Find party ideas and get creative with the help of our Ideas & Inspiration blog. We’ve got the latest trends and great DIY party ideas (like a Monster Jam party!). You’ll find girls’ themes, boys’ themes and even first-birthday ideas and events. We’ll help you get creative, even if you’re really not.


Hint at the theme of the party with officially licensed Monster Jam 3D invitations and let the anticipation begin! Have the birthday boy fill out the paper invitations in his own writing, and let him be involved in the party preparations. It will pump him up!


Every birthday party needs decorations, especially a Monster Jam party. Decorations set the scene, after all. Adorn the walls with their favorites like Grave Digger and El Toro Loco. Include wall decals, banners, themed table décor, even a piñata, and you'll have a real party! Bring the adrenaline-pumping fun of Monster Jam alive and carry the theme throughout the venue. It’s time to celebrate, so don’t forget the balloons! You provide the ambience, they’ll provide the sound effects.

Balloon Bouquet

Float in the fun with a Monster Jam balloon bouquet! Great for adding decoration anywhere in the party room, they also make wonderful centerpieces or even a chair decoration for the guest of honor. Put it together fast with our balloon bouquet kit that includes 10 balloons, curling ribbon and a balloon weight.

Birthday Banner

Make your party extra special with a high-definition Monster Jam personalized banner. It’s the first thing guests will see, and everyone will know who the guest of honor is! Just select a font, color and customized message. Banners are made of heavy-duty vinyl so they are durable enough to use indoors or out.


Create a rip-roarin’ party table for cake and more. After all, they’ll work up an appetite with all that monster truckin’. Choose from a full line of Monster Jam themed party supplies. Set the table with party plates, napkins, plasticware and cups. The table’s not complete without a 3D centerpiece. You can choose party supplies individually, or you can select a pre-made party pack to simplify the process. The party supplies are officially licensed and sure to light up the imagination of your little one and guests on the big day.


Your little daredevil has a larger-than-life attitude. Create the same energy with monster trucks and racing fun in your party venue during your child’s party. A Monster Jam party complete with decorations and activities from is just the theme to get his engine running. Our Monster Jam cups, piñata, activity placemats and ring toss game will keep that excess energy focused so they won’t be doing wheelies and back flips. Or try the monster truck custom shop so they can create their own monster truck and take it with them for an awesome keepsake.

Monster Jam Pinata

Make your monster truck bash a smash with this fun Monster Jam piñata kit! Not only are piñatas fun for kids of all ages, but they’re now easier than ever to feature at your child’s celebration. This kit has everything you’ll need, including the toys and candy to fill the piñata, plus a blindfold.

Activity Placemats

Give your monster truckers something to do with this fun activity placemat kit. Need to keep little guests entertained while you serve up lunch or cut the cake? Monster Jam 3D Activity Placemat Kits are the perfect solution! And they make clean-up easy as cake. Includes four placemats and four crayons.

Ring Toss Game

Pump up the party games with the Monster Jam 3D Ring Toss Game. It’s the perfect activity for your Monster Jam party. Encourage everyone to play, and hand out mini monster trucks to the winners. The little Monster Jam fans won’t want to stop playing this game!

Monster Truck Custom Shop Activity

Let them create their own version of the baddest Monster Jam monster truck ever! The Creativity for Kids Monster Truck Custom Shop Activity lets kids design their own monster trucks using paint and stickers. It comes with 3 plastic trucks, 2 sticker sheets, a paintbrush and acrylic paint.


No party is complete without take-away gifts for the guests, so don’t let your guests go home empty-handed! Choose from an array of Monster Jam party-favor options, because we’ve got it all. Create your own gift bags with things like stickers and blowouts, or even a tool belt pouch. Then add goodies for gobbling. Or choose from one of our convenient filled favor boxes, which include themes like cookies, lollipops and toys. Either way, we’ll help make your party preparation that much easier, and who doesn’t like easy? Plus, your party will get rave reviews!

Favor Boxes

They’ll be glad they came when you hand them the Monster Jam 3D Party Favor Box. Set one out at each place setting or send one home with guests as they leave. Make the day memorable for all!


Sweeten up the festivities with a Monster Jam Lollipop favors. Try one of our delicious, color-coordinated Whirly Pops!

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Monster Truck Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Smash! Crash! It’s a monster truck birthday bash! Rev your engines and get ready for a truckload of fun! These monster truck party ideas include everything you need for planning a mud flying good time. We have ideas for inviting your party crew, decorating in true monster truck style, themed food ideas that kids will be excited to eat, party activities to keep the kids entertained and party favors they’ll love.  So get into gear and let’s get this party started!

Cheryl from Moms & Munchkins styled, wrote and photographed this epic Monster Truck Party. Stop by her blog to get more ideas for a mud-slinging good time!

Monster Truck Party Invitations

A party just wouldn’t be the same without the laughter and excitement of all the party guests! You can simplify your invite process by using these creative printed invitations – just fill in the party information and you’re good to go! As an added bonus, you can purchase the Thank You cards at the same time so you’re ready to fill those out after the party.

If you want to go the DIY route and make your own party invitations, here are some popular racing & monster truck terms that would work for the party invitations:
  • Rev Your Engines!
  • Get Into Gear!
  • Start Your Engines!
  • Speed On Over To Celebrate!
  • Join us for a truckload of fun!
  • Get ready for a monster good time!
  • Smash! Crash! It’s {child name}’s Birthday Bash!

Pressed for time but still want a personalized touch? Try our Monster Truck invitations, which can be printed to include your child's name and all of the party details! For a unique touch, you can make your own Monster Truck invitations. This can be a fun activity to get you and your child excited for your Monster Truck party! Here are some Monster Truck invitation ideas for your upcoming Monster Truck party:

  • Attach a card-style invitation to a personalized Monster Truck favor such as a bag tag or zipper pull.
  • Include Monster Truck stickers or Monster Truck tattoos with your invitations. Seal the envelopes with a personalized Monster Truck sticker printed with your party information or special message.
  • Cut a rectangle out of colored construction paper to create the cab of a monster truck. Cut two large circles out of black construction paper to make wheels. Paste the wheels onto the cab and write your party details on 1 wheel and a birthday message on the other.

Monster Truck Party Decorating Ideas

The right decorations can make all the difference at your Monster Truck party!  Monster Truck events are filled with big trucks, crunched cars to jump over and lots of mud! To help set the scene for this party, there are plenty of different wall decals to decorate behind the party food table. Don’t want decals on the wall? No problem! Use some foam poster boards covered in wrapping paper and you can stick the decals on that instead.

  • Buy, borrow or salvage some large rubber tires and display them around the party area. You can create a table out of a wooden board and piled tires. Create an obstacle course or photo backdrop!
  • Place monster truck toys in a sand box or play area for your guests to play with! Toys also make for great monster truck decorations at the party table or entrance.
  • Hang Monster Truck banners and posters around your party area.
  • Group sets of red and black balloons around the party area. Include a few Monster Truck balloons for a touch of fun in your Monster Truck decorations!
  • Decorate the family van, truck or SUV to look like a monster truck! Cover the truck in banners, garland or monster truck logos. Use it as a backdrop for photos or serve snacks out of the truck bed.

Every monster truck party needs monster trucks, right? Use a few of your child’s monster truck toys to help decorate the party table. Your food area can be set up like a mechanic shop with metal trays, wooden boxes, and pails. Or you could do something completely different and set it up like an event concession stand with popcorn, hotdogs, nachos with cheese, soda and more. Here are some items to help decorate your party table and eating area:

Monster Truck Party Food

As we all know, kids can be picky eaters so it’s always a good idea to stick to the kid-favorites at a party. Some ideas that fit with the monster truck party theme are:

  • Spare Tires – mini chocolate donuts
  • Dipsticks – chocolate covered pretzel rods or chocolate ladyfinger cookies
  • Crush – Crush sodas
  • Mud – chocolate pudding
  • Dirt Cups – chocolate pudding with chocolate cookie crumbs on top
  • Stoplight Brownies – brownies cut into rectangle shapes with one green, one red and one yellow candy coated chocolates on top to look like traffic lights
  • Concession stand foods like hot dogs, popcorn, chips, bread pretzels, pizza slices, etc.
  • Nuts & Bolts – Bits & Bites Snack Mix

Here are some free printable food tent labels to help you describe your creative food choices.

For the cake, a simple chocolate cake with chocolate icing (mud) and crushed chocolate cookies would be a great choice. You can easily decorate this with small toy monster trucks and cars.

Monster Truck Party Activities

With all that sugar, you’re sure to need some high-energy games for your little partiers. There are plenty of DIY games that you can set up that are fun for kids of all ages.

  • Monster Truck Custom Shop Activity – let the guests paint and decal their own monster trucks to take home as a party favour
  • Monster Truck Bowling – using a remote control monster truck or one that you pull back on to drive, try to knock over plastic bowling pins or empty plastic water bottles.
  • Body Shop – set up your own body shop where you can apply temporary tattoos to guests.
  • Monster Jump – set up ramps (using supplies you find around the house) and let guests take turns racing monster trucks down the ramp and jumping over small toy cars. You could award prizes for the furthest jump.
  • Monster Jam 3D Ring Toss Game
  • Monster Jump Game – like a Pin The Tail On The Donkey Game but with monster trucks.

Monster Truck Party Favor Ideas

Before you close the party down here are some creative favor ideas that the kids will love:

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