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Officer Kolstadt North Las VegasAll men probably daydream of being heroes on occasion. When the daydream ends, we tuck the fantasy away in the back of our minds and await our opportunity. Former North Las Vegas Police Officer Brian Kolstad, 31, was less patient than most of us. Rather than wait for his moment of glory he expedited things a bit by faking his own shooting.


The eight-year veteran, who has since resigned, claimed that he had been engaged against his (imaginary) enemy in a gun battle and would have been mortally wounded had the bullet not struck his badge. Investigators now say that Kolstad used a screwdriver to damage the badge so as to… Well, I don’t really want to get in this guy’s head. It seems like a scary place.

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#NLVPD wants you to join us for our 21st Annual Safe Halloween celebration Wednesday, October 27!
This year, families will be treated to a FREE movie double feature at the West Wind Drive-In, located at 4150 W. Carey Ave. in North Las Vegas. At 6:30 p.m., "The Addams Family" will light up the screen, followed by "Goosebumps" at 8:30 p.m.
Each vehicle must have at least one child who is 12 years or under and one adult who is at least 21 in order to attend the Safe Halloween …
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North Las Vegas Police Department

North Las Vegas Police Department, NV

North Las Vegas Police Department

Detective Chad William Parque | North Las Vegas Police Department, Nevada
North Las Vegas Police Department, Nevada
Officer Raul Paul Elizondo | North Las Vegas Police Department, Nevada
North Las Vegas Police Department, Nevada
Officer James B. Slagle | North Las Vegas Police Department, Nevada
North Las Vegas Police Department, Nevada

Officer James B. Slagle

North Las Vegas Police Department, NV

EOW: Friday, November 30, 1973

Cause: Automobile crash

Total Line of Duty Deaths: 3

  • Automobile crash 2
  • Gunfire 1

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North Las Vegas citizen academy

North Las Vegas Police Department

North Las Vegas Police Department (NLVPD)
North Las Vegas Police Department patch

North Las Vegas Police Department patch

Common nameNorth Town Police, North Las Vegas Police
Motto"Committed to Excellence"
Operations jurisdictionNorth Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Size100.48 mi (161.71 km)
Population242,975 (2017)
Legal jurisdictionNorth Las Vegas , Nevada
Governing bodyCouncil-Manager
Headquarters2332 N. Las Vegas Blvd, North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Police Officers292
Mayor of North Las Vegas responsible
Agency executives
Area Commands2
Detention Centers1
North Las Vegas Police Department

The North Las Vegas Police Department (NLVPD) is the police department of the City of North Las Vegas in Clark County in southern Nevada.

Although North Las Vegas and Las Vegas are part of the same metropolitan area, share city limit boundaries, and are within Clark County, NLVPD is not part of the larger Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.


NLVPD was established in 1946 to serve the growing community of North Las Vegas, which at that time consisted of four square miles and had a population of around 3,000.[1] Since then, NLVPD has grown dramatically to keep pace with the growth of North Las Vegas and the rest of Clark County.[2]

As of 2016, NLVPD provided law enforcement services to an area of 100.48 square miles (260.2 km2) and a population of approximately 233,808 citizens. As of July 2016 NLVPD had 309 commissioned personnel (Police and Detention Officers) and 106 civilian support personnel.[3] The agency grew rapidly, adding 150 officers during the period 2006-2009. However, the number of personnel has been reduced by the financial crisis that began in 2009.[4]

In 2004 NLVPD created a website to promote recruiting, [1]


The Department is led by a chief of police, who reports to the city manager.

Under the chief are one assistant chief, and four subordinate captains who run day-to day department operations in three bureaus: Operations (2), Investigations, and Detention Services. Administrative Services are managed by a civilian deputy director.

  • Operations Command is divided into two geographical area commands, operating from separate facilities. These are the Northwest Area Command (NWAC) and the South Area Command (SAC). The Traffic Division also belongs to the Operations Command.
  • Investigative Command includes the Detective Bureau, Crime Scene Investigations Bureau, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Problem Solving Unit (PSU), K-9 Unit, and Narcotics Investigations Division.
  • Detention Command Detention services are conducted at the Las Vegas city jail in a shared services agreement. 48 NLVPD employees work in that facility.
  • Administrative Command includes the Communications Division (911 emergency dispatch), Animal Control Division, Resource Management Division, Community Services Division, Records Division, Validations Office, the Victim Witness Program, and Police Department Training Division.

The Special Assignments Unit (SAU) includes the Public Communications Office (public information officer, recruiting), and Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP). The SAU is supervised by a sworn police supervisor who reports to the Chief of Police.


Other Programs[edit]

  • Chief's Advisory Council
  • Línea Comunitaria Latina (Latino Community Connection)
  • Citizens' Academy
  • Explorer Program
  • Citizen's Patrol

In popular culture[edit]

The Department has been portrayed in reality television programs such as Fugitive Strike Force and COPS. It was also the inspiration for the short-lived television series Nasty Boys.


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