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It’s safe to say that “Super Seigen’s Magnum Opus” is the most difficult level in the history of Super Mario Bros. Go Seigen, a level designer, has been working for the past 10 months to just beat his own level on Super Mario Maker so he could put it on the internet. Now, after 450 hours of attempts, he’s done it.

In Super Mario Maker a level designer has to complete their own level before it can be uploaded. It’s a check to ensure a level can actually be completed before putting it online. Go Seigen has been trying to beat his level for the last 10 months, putting in over 450 hours of attempts alone. It seemed impossible, but on Thursday he finally did it.

Has anyone else beaten it?

The level is currently available to play, but at the time of writing there have been over 500 attempts and nobody has managed to clear the level.

Why is it so tough?

The difficulty in the level lies both in its construction and its execution. It requires players to navigate a long, seemingly impossible level with zero checkpoints and multiple frame-perfect tricks which require timing narrowed down to 1/60th of a second to complete. Together they form an impossible storm of precision and execution so grueling it took someone over 20 days of their life to complete.

How much time did Go Seigen spend on this?

The amount of time is simply staggering.

  • Creation: 112:58:45
  • Practice: 166:35:58
  • Upload attempts: 456:46:24
  • Total time: 30 days, 16 hours, 21 minutes, 7 seconds

I want to try this.

It’s your funeral. If you want to try and beat “Super Seigen’s Magnum Opus” the level code on Super Mario Maker is 7523-0000-03AA-2524.

Good luck.


Hardest Super Mario Maker 2 Levels
Super Mario Maker 2 lets you play a near limitless number of side-scrolling levels anytime, anywhere, but if you’re not up for an extreme challenge, these courses by Alex Tan, better known as PangaeaPanga, should be avoided. Before creating these seemingly impossible levels in Super Mario Maker, he was the world record holder for speedrunning Super Mario World in 2015, completing the game in a mere 1 minute and 38 seconds using arbitrary code execution. Now, he’s come up with Super Skyzo, Zero G’s Given, Panger Things and lots more. Read more to see him play through these stages like a true pro.

Super Skyzo

He’s the infamous person behind the Super Mario Maker course called “Pit of Panga: P-Break”, which took him 9-hours to beat before it could be uploaded to Nintendo’s servers. All of this was livestreamed on Twitch for a live internet audience.

Zero G’s Given

At the end of October 2015, “P-Break” was completed 41 times, so he went on to create an even more difficult course called “Pit of Panga: U-Break”. This was later awarded the Guinness World Record for the “Most difficult level created in Super Mario Maker”.

Panger Things

Just a few more cool facts about Panga is that he started playing through Super Mario World while blindfolded on June 16, 2015, and completed a full run of the game like this just eight days later, getting the inspiration from gamer DavisKongCountry, who played portions of the game blindfolded.

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Hardest Super Mario Maker 2 Levels You Need to Check out (If You Like Pain)

Super Mario Maker 2 has only been out for a short couple of weeks now, but the die-hard Mario fans have been hard at work creating some amazing levels that will make your jaw drop or they might make you throw your controller in frustration. Here are just some of the hardest levels in Super Mario Maker 2 that we’ve come across, so far.

Hector’s Ascension

Creator: ryuSMM

Course ID: X8B-9X8-3FF

Hector’s Ascension requires you to complete the course with the Cat Mario suit equipped and it features a lava theme that requires you to do tons of aerial platforming without touching the deadly molten substance.

There are spikes all across the level and so many other things going on that will make it hard for you to get to the end. With a clear rate of only o.06%, good luck trying to get that world record, let alone complete this course without going insane.

Lethal Ejection

Creator: dansalvato

Course ID: 974-00B-RSG

If you’ve been wandering around the fan-created levels of Mario Maker 2, specifically the most popular ones, then you might’ve run into Lethal Ejection, a terrifyingly difficult SMM2 course that uses on/off blocks and perfectly timed jumps to make your life a living nightmare.

Considering that this YouTuber spent dozens and dozens of attempts to just get past the first few seconds of the course, it just goes to show how painstakingly demanding this course is. Keep watching and you’ll see this guy begin to crumble underneath the pain.

DieVine Garden

Creator: PePanga

Course ID: LM6-TM7-VKF

This Super Mario Maker 2 creation will blow your mind once you watch the creator himself attempt to complete it in the video above. This level requires perfect precision and forces the player to do some insane moves with 3D World Mario like long-jumps, ground-pounds and lots and lots of spins.

Just watching the video of somebody playing it makes my body squirm.

Super Skyzo

Creator: PePanga

Course ID: 9C4-7NB-M0H

You know, I’m totally down for creative and somewhat challenging 2D Mario courses but this stage that was also created by PePanga is just so over-the-top that I don’t even want to attempt this on my own.

If you guys want to deal with the heartache and pain of this ridiculous course then, by all means, be my guest. You might have better luck if you watch the creator complete it with such ease, but I wish you all of the luck.


Creator: Potatotot

Course ID: Y31-GBS-3RG

We all know how annoying and stressful these “troll” levels can be, but I had to include this one on the list just because of how silly and irritating it is.

Fishboned trolls you over and over again, making you think that you’re taking the correct path or doing the right action, and then makes fun of you for falling for the creator’s tricks and traps.

This one has a clear rate of a whopping 1% and you can see why once you spend some time with it.

Stone Temple Pilot

Creator: GlitchCat7

Course ID: QC1-9CH-XWF

Stone Temple Pilot has you running head to head with a huge Thwomp and if you’re not doing long jumps and spins fast enough, prepare to face death. This course requires challengers to use all of Mario’s moves from Super Mario 3D World and literally pushes you to never slow down.

The Terminator

Creator: Barb


With a 0.07% completion rate, Barbs fiery course is full of little tricks and touches that will take several attempts for players to get a good grasp on. Like the name of the course, prepare to be TERMINATED.

Arrow World

Creator: James58

Course ID: W2H-1Q4-N2G

This Arrow World course designed by James58 has such a low clear rate that it’s basically 0% as of the recording of this video.

Only a select few players have managed to complete it (like 8) and with all of the tight platforming, springs, and pow blocks at play, it’s easy to see why people are struggling to get to the end.

Course ID: GJC-43G-BQF

We didn’t post the name or creator of this course because it’s in Japanese, but we still had to share with you guys because it’s really quite challenging. The premise is simple: all you have to do is correctly jump between deadly spikes as little Mario.

But, make one mistake and it’s all over for you and your Super Mario Maker 2 career.

Pit of PePanga: Zero G’s Given

Creator: PePanga

Course ID: NS2-23Y-X6G

PePanga is on a roll creating some truly fantastic courses in Super Mario Maker 2, and Zero G’s Given is no exception. This one is fairly short and sweet, but since it uses zero gravity to make objects and enemies fall slower than usual, expect for there to be some surprises that you might not have been expecting!

That does it for our list of some of the hardest Super Mario Maker 2 courses out there right now! For more on the new Switch title, make sure to check out our review as well as our opinion piece on the online cooperative/competitive multiplayer.

Top 10 Hard Super Mario Maker 2 Levels

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