Tank bags for bmw motorcycles

Tank bags for bmw motorcycles DEFAULT

Room for almost everything

Room for almost everything

The ten appealing Black Collection models offer you comprehensive solutions for numerous applications. The tank bag, side and rear bag in various sizes provide you with storage space between 5 and 60 liters to give you enough space for short trips through town and on longer tours. On your next day trip you will already not want to do without the hip bag or backpack in matching design.

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Something to rely on


Something to rely on

Items are finished in proven BMW Motorrad quality. They have not only been coordinated to match each other, but their materials and everyday practicality have been specifically geared towards your needs. Black diamond ripstop with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating and water-repellent zips as well as waterproof inside bags protect your property. Numerous pockets on the outside demonstrate with every move how well thought out the collection is. Designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists.

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Added convenience, added safety, added sportiness – simply put: more individual character. We have the right accessories for you.

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The Givi Xstream Range Tanklock Expandable Tank Bag features Givi's renowned Tank lock technology which allows for easy and secure fastening to your bike eliminating the need for all kinds of straps, or magnetic limpets, previously used to fasten the bag to the bike.
Thanks to a small ring that is installed on the tank cap, incorporated with the unique structure of the base of the bag, the bag can now be attached by simply aligning it to the ring and pressing lightly until you hear that recognisable sound.
Equally easy is the removal of the bag; to release it you just pull the red lever located in the base.
Materials: 1200D Guzy nylon. PU inserts
  • Water-resistant zips
  • Reflective inserts
  • Rain cover in fluorescent material
  • Weatherproof internal compartment to store the raincover
  • Additional protection against dampness
  • Removable tablet-holder
  • Cable port
  • Handle and shoulder-strap for easier transportation

,br> PLEASE NOTE: In order to fit this to your bike you will need a bike specific tanklock ring.
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SW Motech Pro City Tank bag // Installation + Review

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The Ultimate Tank Bag for your BMW

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