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Cinedigm Corp Stock Target Price and Analyst Consensus

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CIDM -  USA Stock  

USD 2.39  0.05  2.05%

The current analyst and expert consensus on Cinedigm Corp is Strong Buy, with 0 strong sell and 2 strong buy opinions. The current projected Cinedigm Corp target price consensus is 3.25 with 2 analyst opinions. The most common way Cinedigm Corp analysts use to provide recommendation to the public is financial statements analysis. Many experts also interview Cinedigm Corp executives and customers to further validate their buy or sell advice. Please note, the number of analysts providing the opinion is not sufficient to provide adequate consensus on Cinedigm Corp. We encourage you to use your own analysis of Cinedigm Corp to validate this buy or sell advice. Cinedigm Corp buy-or-sell recommendation module provides average expert sentiment on the projected Cinedigm Corp target price to derive its highest and lowest estimates based on projected price volatility of 0.353. Continue to Macroaxis Advice on Cinedigm Corp to cross-verify analyst projections. Unlike analyst recommendations, Macroaxis provides advice only from the perspective of investor risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Gross Profitis expected to hike to about 15.7 Mthis year, although the value of Profit Marginwill most likely fall to (2.06) . Cinedigm Corp Cash and Equivalentsis relatively stable at the moment as compared to the past year. The company's current value of Cash and Equivalentsis estimated at 19.42 Million. Total Debtis expected to hike to about 12.3 Mthis year, although the value of Accounts Payablewill most likely fall to nearly 24.8 M.

Cinedigm Corp Target Price Consensus

We track the performance of the top 100 financial experts across various large and mid-size financial boutiques. Cinedigm target price is determined by taking all analyst projections and averaging them out. There is no one specific way to measure analysis performance other than comparing it to the past results via a very sophisticated attribution analysis. Cinedigm target price projections below should be used in combination with other traditional price prediction techniques such as stock price forecasting, technical analysis, earnings estimate, and various momentum models.

Cinedigm Corp Target Price Projection

Cinedigm Corp's current and average target prices are 2.39and 3.25, respectively. The current price of Cinedigm Corp is the price at which Cinedigm Corp is currently trading. On the other hand, Cinedigm Corp's target price is what analysts think the stock is worth or could sell for in the future. The more significant the discrepancy between the two prices, the more it stimulates investors to act.
Low Estimate3.0Odds
High Estimate3.5Odds
Number of Analysts2
Standard Deviation0.353


Note that most analysts generally publish their price targets in research reports on specific companies, along with recommendations for the company's stock.Although price targets are often quoted in the financial news media, there could be a delay between the publication of the latest analyst outlook on Cinedigm Corp and the information provided on this page.

Cinedigm Corp Analyst Ratings

Cinedigm Corp's analyst stock recommendations are determined by taking an average estimate of all analysts we track and classifying them as Strong Buy, Buy, Hold, Strong Sell, or Sell. Ratings generally communicate what analysts sense about Cinedigm Corp stock, and they use a lot of effort and time to analyze it and arrive at a rating. That suggests that analyst recommendations are the outcome of an objective and thorough examination of Cinedigm Corp's financials, market performance, and future outlook by experienced professionals. Cinedigm Corp's historical ratings below, therefore, can serve as a valuable tool for investors.

Average Consensus Estimates

About Cinedigm Corp Target Price Projections

Cinedigm Corp's target price is an analyst's projection of its future price. Price targets can be assigned to all types of securities, from complex investment products to stocks such as Cinedigm Corp and even bonds. If the target price is unavailable, it is most likely because there were not enough analyst opinions to come up with a consensus estimate. When setting a price target estimate, an analyst is trying to determine what the Stock is worth and where the price will be in a year from now. Generally, the target price of Cinedigm depends on its intrinsic valuation, beta (i.e., risk over market), and overall volatility. Most analysts publish their price targets in research reports on specific companies, along with their buy, hold, or sell recommendations. Stock price targets are often quoted in the financial news media. Macroaxis uses multiple feeds to provide overall target price projection for Cinedigm Corp

PPandE TurnoverLong Term Debt to Equity

Additional Cinedigm Corp Value Projection Modules

Most investment researchers agree that the mispricing and readjustment of any Stock value happens often and is sometimes even predictable, but there is no strong theory explaining why it happens. The current price of Cinedigm Corp is a key component of Cinedigm Corp valuation and have some predictive power on the future returns of a Cinedigm Corp.

Sophisticated investors, who have witnessed many market ups and downs, frequently view the market will even out over time. This tendency of Cinedigm Corp's price to converge to an average value over time is called mean reversion. However, historically, high market prices usually discourage investors that believe in mean reversion to invest, while low prices are viewed as an opportunity to buy. Please use the tools below to analyze the current value of Cinedigm Corp in the context of predictive analytics.

Please note, it is not enough to conduct a financial or market analysis of a single entity such as Cinedigm Corp. Your research has to be compared to or analyzed against Cinedigm Corp's peers to derive any actionable benefits. When done correctly, Cinedigm Corp's competitive analysis will give you plenty of quantitative and qualitative data to validate your investment decisions or develop an entirely new strategy towards taking a position in Cinedigm Corp.

Currently Trending Themes

If you are a self-driven investor, you will appreciate our idea-generating investing themes. Our themes help you align your investments inspirations with your core values and are essential building blocks of your portfolios. A typical investing theme is an unweighted collection of up to 20 funds, stocks, ETFs, or cryptocurrencies that are programmatically selected from a pull of equities with common characteristics such as industry and growth potential, volatility, or market segment.

Invested few shares


Continue to Macroaxis Advice on Cinedigm Corp to cross-verify analyst projections. Unlike analyst recommendations, Macroaxis provides advice only from the perspective of investor risk tolerance and investment horizon. Note that the Cinedigm Corp information on this page should be used as a complementary analysis to other Cinedigm Corp's statistical models used to find the right mix of equity instruments to add to your existing portfolios or create a brand new portfolio. You can also try Global Correlations module to find global opportunities by holding instruments from different markets.

Complementary Tools for Cinedigm Stock analysis

When running Cinedigm Corp price analysis, check to measure Cinedigm Corp's market volatility, profitability, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, growth potential, financial leverage, and other vital indicators. We have many different tools that can be utilized to determine how healthy Cinedigm Corp is operating at the current time. Most of Cinedigm Corp's value examination focuses on studying past and present price action to predict the probability of Cinedigm Corp's future price movements. You can analyze the entity against its peers and financial market as a whole to determine factors that move Cinedigm Corp's price. Additionally, you may evaluate how the addition of Cinedigm Corp to your portfolios can decrease your overall portfolio volatility.

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The data published in Cinedigm Corp's official financial statements usually reflect Cinedigm Corp's business processes, product offerings, services, and other fundamental events. But there are other numbers, ratios, or fundamental indicators derived from these statements that are easier to understand and visualize within the underlying realities that drive quantitative information of Cinedigm Corp. For example, before you start analyzing numbers published by Cinedigm accountants, it's critical to develop an understanding of what Cinedigm Corp's liquidity, profitability, and earnings quality are in the context of the Communication Services space in which it operates.

Please note, the presentation of Cinedigm Corp's financial position, as portrayed in its financial statements, is often influenced by management's estimates, judgments, and sometimes even manipulations. In the best case, Cinedigm Corp's management is honest, while the outside auditors are strict and uncompromising. Whatever the case, the imprecision that can be found in Cinedigm Corp's accounting process means that the reasonable investor should take a skeptical approach toward the financial statement analysis of Cinedigm Corp. Please utilize our Beneish M Score to check the likelihood of Cinedigm Corp's management to manipulate its earnings.

Report was successfully generated

Is Cinedigm Corp (CIDM) Stock a Smart Investment Friday?

Cinedigm Corp (CIDM) stock has risen 352.63% over the last 12 months, and the average rating from Wall Street analysts is a Strong Buy. InvestorsObserver’s proprietary ranking system, gives CIDM stock a score of 66 out of a possible 100. That rank is mainly influenced by a long-term technical score of 98. CIDM's rank also includes a short-term technical score of 66. The fundamental score for CIDM is 33. In addition to the average rating from Wall Street analysts, CIDM stock has a mean target price of $3.25. This means analysts expect the stock to gain 25.97% over the next 12 months.

Overall Score - 66
CIDM has an Overall Score of 66. Find out what this means to you and get the rest of the rankings on CIDM!

See Full CIDM Report

What's Happening with CIDM Stock Today

Cinedigm Corp (CIDM) stock has gained 2.59% while the S&P 500 has risen 1.07% as of 2:03 PM on Friday, Oct 1. CIDM has risen $0.07 from the previous closing price of $2.51 on volume of 3,408,768 shares. Over the past year the S&P 500 is higher by 28.77% while CIDM has risen 352.63%. CIDM lost -$0.32 per share in the over the last 12 months. Click Here to get the full Stock Report for Cinedigm Corp stock.
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Why Cinedigm Stock Is Surging

The entertainment studio will create NFTs for its growing audience.

Joe Tenebruso
Author Bio
Joe honed his investing skills as an analyst for Stock Advisor, Supernova, and Fool One. He battle-tested his investment philosophy and strategies as portfolio manager of Tier 1, a market-crushing Motley Fool real-money portfolio that delivered 24.58% annualized returns during its existence. Now, Joe’s mission is to pass on what he’s learned -- and what he continues to learn -- as a contributing writer to Follow @Tier1Investor
Follow @Tier1Investor

What happened

Shares of Cinedigm (NASDAQ:CIDM) jumped Thursday after the film and TV content producer announced its plans to enter the booming non-fungible token (NFT) market. By the close of trading, Cinedigm's stock price was up 18.5% after rising as much as 31.5% earlier in the day.

So what

Cinedigm's shares have soared in recent days on speculation that it would enter the NFT space. An NFT is a unique digital asset that uses blockchain technology to register ownership and prevent duplication. Demand for NFTs has reached a fevered pitch this year, with one selling for a staggering $69 million earlier this month. 

A person is pointing to an upwardly sloping line.

Cinedigm's stock is up sharply on excitement for its new NFT strategy. Image source: Getty Images.

Investors theorized that, as a digital entertainment company, Cinedigm could create NFTs based on its growing library of films and TV shows. Well, Cinedigm CEO Chris McGurk apparently thought that was a pretty good idea.

"Cinedigm is excited about the rise in consumer adoption and commercial prospects for NFT," McGurk said on Twitter late Wednesday. "Given our extensive film library, deep connection to fandom and collectibles, and CIDM's strong brand partnerships and technology capabilities, I have directed our product team to develop new NFT products to enhance the user experience of our loyal audiences." 

Now what

Although NFTs could present Cinedigm with a new source of revenue and profits, investors may want to temper their enthusiasm. "To be clear, these new NFT initiatives are to support our core mission: creating great streaming channel and content experiences for our passionate user base," McGurk said. 

This article represents the opinion of the writer, who may disagree with the “official” recommendation position of a Motley Fool premium advisory service. We’re motley! Questioning an investing thesis -- even one of our own -- helps us all think critically about investing and make decisions that help us become smarter, happier, and richer.

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Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Forecast, "CIDM" Share Price Prediction Charts

Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2021November 2021Open: 2.334Close: 2.338Min: 2.249Max: 2.349Change: 0.19 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2021December 2021Open: 2.353Close: 2.377Min: 2.353Max: 2.394Change: 1 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022January 2022Open: 2.390Close: 2.704Min: 2.374Max: 2.704Change: 11.61 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022February 2022Open: 2.710Close: 2.785Min: 2.710Max: 2.925Change: 2.7 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022March 2022Open: 2.757Close: 2.970Min: 2.738Max: 2.972Change: 7.17 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022April 2022Open: 2.957Close: 3.041Min: 2.898Max: 3.041Change: 2.74 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022May 2022Open: 3.067Close: 3.305Min: 3.053Max: 3.305Change: 7.2 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022June 2022Open: 3.337Close: 3.332Min: 3.332Max: 3.514Change: -0.16 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022July 2022Open: 3.312Close: 3.250Min: 3.246Max: 3.312Change: -1.91 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022August 2022Open: 3.253Close: 3.088Min: 3.087Max: 3.253Change: -5.32 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022September 2022Open: 3.094Close: 3.178Min: 3.064Max: 3.194Change: 2.66 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022October 2022Open: 3.167Close: 2.828Min: 2.828Max: 3.167Change: -12 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022November 2022Open: 2.800Close: 2.827Min: 2.729Max: 2.827Change: 0.92 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2022December 2022Open: 2.844Close: 2.857Min: 2.841Max: 2.877Change: 0.45 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023January 2023Open: 2.870Close: 3.163Min: 2.854Max: 3.163Change: 9.25 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023February 2023Open: 3.195Close: 3.253Min: 3.195Max: 3.406Change: 1.79 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023March 2023Open: 3.250Close: 3.444Min: 3.216Max: 3.455Change: 5.64 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023April 2023Open: 3.439Close: 3.512Min: 3.382Max: 3.512Change: 2.08 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023May 2023Open: 3.543Close: 3.789Min: 3.530Max: 3.789Change: 6.5 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023June 2023Open: 3.824Close: 3.808Min: 3.808Max: 3.994Change: -0.43 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023July 2023Open: 3.787Close: 3.737Min: 3.730Max: 3.787Change: -1.32 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023August 2023Open: 3.718Close: 3.583Min: 3.578Max: 3.733Change: -3.76 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023September 2023Open: 3.568Close: 3.665Min: 3.546Max: 3.677Change: 2.65 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023October 2023Open: 3.659Close: 3.295Min: 3.295Max: 3.659Change: -11.05 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023November 2023Open: 3.293Close: 3.318Min: 3.211Max: 3.318Change: 0.75 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2023December 2023Open: 3.316Close: 3.338Min: 3.316Max: 3.359Change: 0.66 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024January 2024Open: 3.350Close: 3.647Min: 3.334Max: 3.647Change: 8.13 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024February 2024Open: 3.682Close: 3.745Min: 3.682Max: 3.890Change: 1.7 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024March 2024Open: 3.727Close: 3.929Min: 3.697Max: 3.938Change: 5.14 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024April 2024Open: 3.928Close: 4.006Min: 3.868Max: 4.017Change: 1.94 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024May 2024Open: 4.019Close: 4.291Min: 4.019Max: 4.291Change: 6.34 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024June 2024Open: 4.368Close: 4.305Min: 4.305Max: 4.479Change: -1.47 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024July 2024Open: 4.280Close: 4.208Min: 4.202Max: 4.280Change: -1.71 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024August 2024Open: 4.217Close: 4.058Min: 4.058Max: 4.217Change: -3.93 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024September 2024Open: 4.051Close: 4.149Min: 4.031Max: 4.160Change: 2.35 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024October 2024Open: 4.125Close: 3.789Min: 3.788Max: 4.129Change: -8.88 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024November 2024Open: 3.770Close: 3.789Min: 3.694Max: 3.791Change: 0.51 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2024December 2024Open: 3.817Close: 3.814Min: 3.805Max: 3.842Change: -0.08 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025January 2025Open: 3.824Close: 4.149Min: 3.824Max: 4.149Change: 7.83 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025February 2025Open: 4.228Close: 4.221Min: 4.221Max: 4.371Change: -0.15 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025March 2025Open: 4.204Close: 4.415Min: 4.182Max: 4.418Change: 4.78 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025April 2025Open: 4.394Close: 4.495Min: 4.352Max: 4.495Change: 2.25 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025May 2025Open: 4.511Close: 4.744Min: 4.500Max: 4.744Change: 4.9 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025June 2025Open: 4.823Close: 4.775Min: 4.775Max: 4.961Change: -1 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025July 2025Open: 4.747Close: 4.702Min: 4.687Max: 4.748Change: -0.96 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025August 2025Open: 4.691Close: 4.548Min: 4.548Max: 4.694Change: -3.14 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025September 2025Open: 4.539Close: 4.614Min: 4.517Max: 4.641Change: 1.64 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025October 2025Open: 4.617Close: 4.264Min: 4.264Max: 4.621Change: -8.27 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025November 2025Open: 4.245Close: 4.262Min: 4.179Max: 4.264Change: 0.41 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2025December 2025Open: 4.292Close: 4.304Min: 4.280Max: 4.324Change: 0.28 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2026January 2026Open: 4.316Close: 4.601Min: 4.308Max: 4.601Change: 6.19 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2026February 2026Open: 4.681Close: 4.718Min: 4.681Max: 4.851Change: 0.78 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2026March 2026Open: 4.695Close: 4.880Min: 4.670Max: 4.901Change: 3.79 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2026April 2026Open: 4.885Close: 4.986Min: 4.830Max: 4.986Change: 2.03 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2026May 2026Open: 4.983Close: 5.196Min: 4.983Max: 5.196Change: 4.09 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2026June 2026Open: 5.276Close: 5.242Min: 5.242Max: 5.439Change: -0.65 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2026July 2026Open: 5.240Close: 5.176Min: 5.171Max: 5.241Change: -1.24 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2026August 2026Open: 5.178Close: 5.028Min: 5.028Max: 5.178Change: -3 %▼ Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2026September 2026Open: 5.004Close: 5.106Min: 4.997Max: 5.122Change: 1.99 % ▲Cinedigm Corp - Class A Stock Price Forecast for 2026October 2026Open: 5.111Close: 4.927Min: 4.927Max: 5.111Change: -3.73 %▼

Investment good cinedigm is a

Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ:CIDM)

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CIDM Breaking News! - Top NFT Stock to Buy Now!? - CIDM Cinedigm Stock Chart Technical Analysis!

Cinedigm Corp Stock Forecast NASDAQ:CIDM

Cinedigm Corp stock price up 2.09% on Monday
(Updated on Oct 18, 2021)

Buy candidate since 2021-10-14Gain 7.49% PDF

The Cinedigm Corp stock price gained 2.09% on the last trading day (Monday, 18th Oct 2021), rising from $2.39 to $2.44. , and has now gained 4 days in a row. It will be exciting to see whether it manages to continue gaining or take a minor break for the next few days. During the day the stock fluctuated 9.83% from a day low at $2.34 to a day high of $2.57. The price has fallen in 6 of the last 10 days and is down by -6.87% for this period. Volume has increased on the last day along with the price, which is a positive technical sign, and, in total, 1 million more shares were traded than the day before. In total, 7 million shares were bought and sold for approximately $15.97 million.

The stock lies in the middle of a very wide and strong rising trend in the short term and a further rise within the trend is signaled. Given the current short-term trend, the stock is expected to rise 72.7% during the next 3 months and, with a 90% probability hold a price between $3.87 and $5.08 at the end of this 3-month period.

Signals & Forecast

The Cinedigm Corp stock holds buy signals from both short and long-term moving averages giving a positive forecast for the stock. Also, there is a general buy signal from the relation between the two signals where the short-term average is above the long-term average. On corrections down, there will be some support from the lines at $2.35 and $2.30. A breakdown below any of these levels will issue sell signals. Volume is rising along with the price. This is considered to be a good technical signal. Some negative signals were issued as well, and these may have some influence on the near short-term development. A sell signal was issued from a pivot top point on Friday, September 24, 2021, and so far it has fallen -7.22%. Further fall is indicated until a new bottom pivot has been found. Furthermore, there is currently a sell signal from the 3 month Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD).

Support, Risk & Stop-loss

On the downside, the stock finds support just below today's level from accumulated volume at $2.08 and $2.00. There is natural risk involved when a stock is testing a support level, since if this is broken, the stock then may fall to the next support level. In this case, Cinedigm Corp finds support just below today's level at $2.08. If this is broken, then the next support from accumulated volume will be at $2.00 and $1.88.

This stock has average movements during the day and with good trading volume, the risk is considered to be medium. During the last day, the stock moved $0.23 between high and low, or 9.83%. For the last week, the stock has had a daily average volatility of 8.18%.

Our recommended stop-loss: $2.33 (-4.70%) (This stock has medium daily movements and this gives medium risk. There is a sell signal from a pivot top found 16 days ago.)

Is Cinedigm Corp stock A Buy?

Several short-term signals, along with a general good trend, are positive and we conclude that the current level may hold a buying opportunity as there is a fair chance for Cinedigm Corp stock to perform well in the short-term.

Current score: 2.723

Predicted Opening Price for Cinedigm Corp of Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The predicted opening price is based on yesterday's movements between high, low, and the closing price.

Fair opening price October 19, 2021Current price
$2.45 $2.44 (Undervalued)
Buy Candidate Unchanged

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On Aug 02, 2021 "Alliance Global Partners" gave "$3.00 - $3.25" rating for CIDM. The price target was set to $1.62+0.6%.

Daily Average Volatility: 8.18 %

Overall Risk: Very HighHighMediumLowVery Low

8.18 %
Daily Average Volatility

Very High
Very Low

Resistance: $2.51
Price: $2.44
Support: $2.08


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Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ:CIDM) investors should pay attention to a decrease in hedge fund interest lately. Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ:CIDM) was in 3 hedge funds' portfolios at the end of September. The all time high for this statistics is 8. There were 4 hedge funds in our database with CIDM positions at the end of the second quarter. Our calculations also showed that CIDM isn't among the 30 most popular stocks among hedge funds (click for Q3 rankings and see the video for a quick look at the top 5 stocks).

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At Insider Monkey we scour multiple sources to uncover the next great investment idea. For example, Federal Reserve has been creating trillions of dollars electronically to keep the interest rates near zero. We believe this will lead to inflation and boost real estate prices. So, we recommended this real estate stock to our monthly premium newsletter subscribers. We go through lists like the 10 most profitable companies in the world to pick the best large-cap stocks to buy. Even though we recommend positions in only a tiny fraction of the companies we analyze, we check out as many stocks as we can. We read hedge fund investor letters and listen to stock pitches at hedge fund conferences. You can subscribe to our free daily newsletter on our website. Keeping this in mind let's view the recent hedge fund action regarding Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ:CIDM).

What does smart money think about Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ:CIDM)?

Heading into the fourth quarter of 2020, a total of 3 of the hedge funds tracked by Insider Monkey were bullish on this stock, a change of -25% from one quarter earlier. By comparison, 1 hedge funds held shares or bullish call options in CIDM a year ago. With the smart money's positions undergoing their usual ebb and flow, there exists a few noteworthy hedge fund managers who were upping their stakes meaningfully (or already accumulated large positions).

The largest stake in Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ:CIDM) was held by Sabby Capital, which reported holding $2.8 million worth of stock at the end of September. It was followed by Renaissance Technologies with a $0.1 million position. The only other hedge fund that is bullish on the company was Millennium Management.

Judging by the fact that Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ:CIDM) has witnessed bearish sentiment from the smart money, logic holds that there was a specific group of money managers that slashed their full holdings last quarter. Interestingly, Peter Rathjens, Bruce Clarke and John Campbell's Arrowstreet Capital sold off the largest investment of all the hedgies tracked by Insider Monkey, valued at an estimated $1 million in stock, and Donald Sussman's Paloma Partners was right behind this move, as the fund cut about $0 million worth. These bearish behaviors are intriguing to say the least, as aggregate hedge fund interest dropped by 1 funds last quarter.

Let's also examine hedge fund activity in other stocks - not necessarily in the same industry as Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ:CIDM) but similarly valued. These stocks are Amtech Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASYS), Twin Disc, Incorporated (NASDAQ:TWIN), First National Corporation (NASDAQ:FXNC), Inspired Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ:INSE), TRACON Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:TCON), Randolph Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ:RNDB), and Hunt Companies Finance Trust, Inc. (NYSE:HCFT). All of these stocks' market caps are closest to CIDM's market cap.

[table] Ticker, No of HFs with positions, Total Value of HF Positions (x1000), Change in HF Position ASYS,7,11347,-1 TWIN,4,14625,-4 FXNC,2,6506,0 INSE,5,14453,-2 TCON,5,22756,0 RNDB,2,613,0 HCFT,5,1880,0 Average,4.3,10311,-1 [/table]

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As you can see these stocks had an average of 4.3 hedge funds with bullish positions and the average amount invested in these stocks was $10 million. That figure was $3 million in CIDM's case. Amtech Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASYS) is the most popular stock in this table. On the other hand First National Corporation (NASDAQ:FXNC) is the least popular one with only 2 bullish hedge fund positions. Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ:CIDM) is not the least popular stock in this group but hedge fund interest is still below average. Our overall hedge fund sentiment score for CIDM is 25.3. Stocks with higher number of hedge fund positions relative to other stocks as well as relative to their historical range receive a higher sentiment score. This is a slightly negative signal and we'd rather spend our time researching stocks that hedge funds are piling on. Our calculations showed that top 20 most popular stocks among hedge funds returned 41.3% in 2019 and outperformed the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) by 10 percentage points. These stocks gained 28.1% in 2020 through November 23rd and surpassed the market again by 15.4 percentage points. Unfortunately CIDM wasn't nearly as popular as these 20 stocks (hedge fund sentiment was quite bearish); CIDM investors were disappointed as the stock returned 5.3% since the end of September (through 11/23) and underperformed the market. If you are interested in investing in large cap stocks with huge upside potential, you should check out the top 20 most popular stocks among hedge funds as most of these stocks already outperformed the market in 2020.

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