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With permission from these creative designers, we bring you our top collection of Face Paint Designs for your character to wear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Save and share designs using Design & Creator IDs, and feel free to share your work with us, too!

These custom design creations are listed in the order of approval. We will update this page with more content from time to time!

Bring your character to life with these set of brows and freckles created by Twitter user StarrHDPlusPlus. There are 8 styles, so we recommend searching her Creator ID instead to look for the design that suits your character!

Side-swept bangs.jpg
These face paint designs are meant to be worn with hats, so you can have side-swept bangs! This design is available for every hair color, so if yours is not in the list, you can search Twitter user @1000forest's Creator ID instead!

These beautifully-made custom designs for face paint were contributed by the following users. If you want to see more of their work, you can check their pages!

If you want your work to get featured, you can say so in our Custom Design Share Board and don't forget to show us your work!

You can also send us a direct message in our Twitter account @Game8_ACNH!
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Nintendo Direct - Able Sisters
You must first have the Able Sisters tailor shop set up on your island before you can use this feature.
How to Unlock the Able Sisters Tailor Shop

ACNH - Custom Designs Portal Screen

You can use the Custom Designs Portal to save and share designs online with other players.

Custom Designs Portal - How to Share Custom Designs Online

The design ID may have been deleted. In this case, you can search the User ID instead and see their catalog of creations.

ACNH - All Custom Designs
Custom Design Guides

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Animal Crossing Custom Designs



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FlagPaintingPictureUniformLogoFontSignWallpaperBeddingCarpet / RugDecorationStall


AnimeMovieVideo gameSportsCartoonSpaceSci-FiMusicTV ShowFantasyCuteOutdoorCasualStreetwearDesignerSpookyNaturalCool80s90sFunnyMemeAestheticOriginalSchoolMangaVillager






ChristmasHalloweenEasterSt. Patrick's DayValentine's DayNew YearChinese New YearThanksgivingIndependence Day




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Animal Crossing | ACNH

Face Paint - How To Apply & Remove

Learn how to change your face paint design in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) works. Includes info on how to apply and how to remove face paint, custom designs, and more!!

Table Of Contents

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Check Out the Beginner Guide & Tips

How To Apply Face Paint

Face Paint Process

1Access a mirror or dresser to change your appearance
2Select the Face Paint option at the bottom right & then choose "custom design"
3Select the design you wish to put on and preview it

1. Access A Mirror Or Dress

Change Appearance

"Would you like to change your appearance? Yes/No"!!

By interacting with a mirror or dresser, you'll be able to change & customize your character's appearance as you like. Make sure to get these items first!

2. Move To The Rightmost Tab

Face Paint

"No Face Paint / Custom Design"!!

In order to be able to edit face paint, navigate to the rightmost tab labeled "Face Paint/other" with the L/R buttons.

3. Choose The Design You Want To Put On

Face Paint

You can preview and choose a given design on this screen. If there's something you don't quite like about the design, you can also choose to edit it.

How To Remove Face Paint

Remove It Through The Inventory Screen

Face Paint

Choose The Item You Want To Remove

Face Paint

"Do you want to remove this?"!!

Can Also Remove At The Dresser/Mirror

You can, of course, remove face paint at the dresser or mirror as well. Navigate to the same Face Paint tab and then select "none" to remove it.

Face Paint Designs & Ideas

Create Own Face Paint Design

Custom Design App

"Wear/Display Here/Display on Ground/Change Design"!!

Accessing face paint is also possible from the Custom design app on your Nook Phone, so you can use that if you don't have a mirror or dresser. The one drawback here is that you won't be able to preview your look until you actually put it on!

Check Out Best Custom Design Codes!

Custom Design Face Positions

Face Paint

The 4 quadrants of the 32x32 grid will correspond to the parts of your face in the manner outlined in the above picture!

Suggest Custom Design To Us!

If you found any good face paint designs or ideas, feel free to share them with us in the forum below! We may even feature it in our site!

Check Out Custom Design Forum!

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50+ AESTHETIC ⭐️ FACE PAINT Design Codes for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH Patterns)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Face Paint Designs - ACNH Halloween Face Paint Design Codes

If you take a tour to a Halloween island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you may encounter villagers who wear creepy face paint wandering the island like a ghost, which created a more terrifying atmosphere. Want to own incredibly horror face paint to scare others? Now, we bring different ACNH Halloween Face Paint Designs with creator codes and ID codes for searching. 

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                       ACNH November Update Predictions

Animal Crossing New Horizons Face Pain Designs for Halloween - ACNH Halloween Face Paint Codes

In real life, people will do some cosplay for Halloween convention to have fun with friends and kids. There are numerous creative ideas each year. Players can also customize their characters with custom designs for the face paint and costumes or clothes. The face paint designs including the creation of eyebrows, freckles, bangs, cheeks, and more. For the preparation of Halloween, many gamers have worn Halloween-themed dresses, outfits, and hats, as well as applied spooky face paint and makeup. To fit the theme and spirit of Halloween, blood, scar, bat, holes, the third eye, tears, and black/gray elements are popular. Here is a collection of ACNH Halloween face paint design codes from Pinterest, any infringement please contact us to delete. Save and share your wanted designs using the Design or Creator ID. Except for these face paint in Animal Crossing, you can also find inspiration for your scary Halloween face paint designs from real-life ideas, which looks more horror. 

You can also change the color of the face and body through the body paints mechanism that is added with the ACNH fall update. You can use these body paints to dress up your character for Halloween. How to unlock body paints? 

1.  Go to the Nook Stop Terminal in the Resident Services building.

2.  Choose " Redeem Nook Miles"

3.  Select “Body-Paint Costume Tips.” 

4.  Click "Redeem" (ensure you have at least 2,400 Nook Miles to buy the ACNH item)

5.  The machine will print the "Body-Paint Costume Tips" item and you will get a new set of body paint colors after reading it. 

If you need ACNH nook miles ticket, Akrpg.com provides cheap Animal Crossing NMT for sale here.

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Design Codes

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 1 

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 1

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 2

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 2

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 3

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 4

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 4

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 5

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 5

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 3

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 6

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 6

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 7

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 7

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 8

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 8

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 9

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 9

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 10

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 10

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 11

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 11

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 12

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 12

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 13

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 13

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 14

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 14

ACNH Halloween Face Paint Code 15

ACNH Halloween Face Paint 15

Sours: https://www.akrpg.com/news/342--animal-crossing-new-horizons-face-paint-designs--acnh-halloween-face-paint-design-codes

Animal face crossing codes paint

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Valentine's Day Face Paint custom designs - Animal Crossing New Horizons

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