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The best cheap Beats headphones sales and deals for October 2021


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If you're looking to score a pair of cheap Beats headphones, then you've come to the right place. We're rounding up all the best Beats headphones sales and deals that are available online.

Beats headphones are something of an institution when it comes to consumer audio tech and are absolutely up there with the very best brands when it comes to popularity. Acquired by Apple back in the heady days of 2014, the Beats brand has gone from strength to strength and now encompasses a wide range of over-ear headphones and in-ear earphones. For you Beats deals hunters, that means some fantastic cheap Beats Headphones sales on the older models, although the new ones are often for sale as well. There are Beats Headphone prices for everyone as well, thankfully, as prices range from just $45/£59 all the way to $249/£249.

If you can hold out till November, the Black Friday 2021 sale is also a perfect opportunity to snag Beats headphones on sale.

Cheap Beats headphones prices: the options explained

On the over-ear and on-ear side of the Beats headphones range you'll find the Beats Solo Pro and Beats Studio 3 Wireless leading the charge with the best sound and highest price. The Beats Solo 3 Wireless is the most popular option, and also one of the more recent, with an on-ear slightly more compact design. Meanwhile, the Beats EP is a cheap Beats headphone option that goes for under $100. You can also still pick up a pair of Beats Pro headphones, made for DJs - though they're no longer listed on the Beats website.

Meanwhile, the Powerbeats Pro are the latest true wireless earbuds in the Beats in-ear headphone range, offering totally wireless listening with a sporty finish – think Apple Airpods but with better noise isolation and better sound. 

They're backed up by the Powerbeats3 Wireless, the previous wireless option that connects the earphones behind your neck. The Powerbeats3 and the slightly newer Beats X, a more traditional style of wireless earbuds, are your best bet for cheap Beats headphone sales right now. However, at the bottom end, you also have the wired urBeats3 earphones, available with either 3.5mm or Lightning connector for an iPhone. This is where you'll find the best Beats headphones prices, but not necessarily the quality to back them up.

Beats headphones sales: choosing which to buy

If you're shopping the latest Beats headphones sales but aren't sure which ones to get or where to find the best Beats prices, you've come to the right place. We've compared every model still readily available - both the newest models and also the now slightly older and cheaper ones - to show you what each pair of Beats headphones does best to help you decide on a pair. You can also find deals on Beats headphones and more with our Memorial Day sales roundup.

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Powerbeats Pro

The best Beats headphones for working out

Design: In-ear | Noise cancelling: No | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 9h | NFC: No | Controls: Touch | Weight: 22g | Colors available: Black, Ivory, Navy, Moss | Year released: 2019 | Launch price: $249/£219

Excellent battery life

Snug fit while exercising

The best in-ear Beats sound

Even more expensive than AirPods

The Powerbeats Pro were certainly worth the wait, especially if you've been waiting for the most exercise-friendly Beats headphones yet. Sure, we had the Powerbeats 3 back in 2016, but these are true-wireless, meaning there's no cable connecting the two earpieces here. The hook that reaches behind the ear feels better than ever and ensures your Beats stay in place during any activity.

In addition to that signature bass-heavy sound, you're getting surprisingly adept quality in mid-range clarity as well as superior noise-isolation to the AirPods. Make no mistake though, Beats are at their best with high-energy, big tunes. So, if you're hitting the gym, these are the Beats you want. They're not waterproof mind, so be careful if you go running in the rain.

We're loving the 9-hour battery and that can be boosted to around 24 hours thanks to the charging case that comes with the new Powerbeats Pro headphones. Running late? A five-minute quick charge gives you 90 minutes of playback. Nice.

Even better, the Powerbeats Pro see regular inclusion in cheap Beats headphones sales, making them a fantastic option for deal hunters in particular. 

Beats Solo Pro

The best Beats for active noise-canceling audio

Design: : On-ear | *Noise canceling: Yes | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 40h (22 with NC) | NFC: No | Controls: Touch and voice | Weight: 267g | Colors available: Black, Ivory, Dark Blue, Light BLue, Red, Gray | Year released: 2019 | Launch price: $299 / £269

Great noise-cancelation

40-hour battery life

Useful transparency mode

The newest Beats on the block are a fantastic addition to the series and a tempting purchase for anyone looking for a set of cans with decent noise-canceling tech.

Studier than the Solo 3 line and sporting a cool matte finish in each color, the Beats Solo Pro feel like the biggest step up in quality the series has seen in some time for its larger line of headphones. Beats work best with iPhones and pair fast thanks to modern chipsets and we're loving the hands-free Siri integration too which is a first on the Beats Solo Pro.

The active noise-cancelation brings Apple's Beats somewhat closer to the best offerings from Sony and Bose, although those two are still ahead by some distance. We do like the simple-one button access to the transparency mode here though. This optional feature allows some outside noise to come through, which can be handy in an office if you want to be aware of someone calling your name or making sure you're aware of traffic around you when walking or cycling.

You'll see one of the higher Beats headphones prices attached to this particular set of cans, but for a 2019 model with such power as these it's easily worth it. 

Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones

Still a fantastic pair of headphones

Design: On-ear | Noise cancelling: No | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 40h | NFC: No | Controls: touch+wired | Weight: 215g | Colors available: Matt Black, Satin Gold, Satin Silver, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Red, Black/Red | Year released: 2018 | Launch price: $299/£250

Punchy sound

Excellent wireless connection

Often available at a discounted price

If you have a modern iPhone and want a pair of the best Beats headphones made specifically for Apple's latest range, you really should take a look at the Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones. In addition to a fantastic wireless connection and punchy sound, you're getting a huge battery run-time. A single charge can last for up to 40 hours which could last you for an entire week's worth of commuting between charges. 

The Solo 3 Wireless are the most popular over/on-ear headphones in the Beats range and are regularly featured in cheap Beats headphones sales. They're also available in a whole range of different color designs so there's plenty of scope to choose a color scheme that best represents your personality - whether that's jet black or blingy gold! 

They fold neatly away in a bag and don't look massive on your head - although there are no noise cancelling options with this model - for that you'd need either the Beats Studio 3 Wireless or the newer Beats Solo Pro. If you're looking for cheap Beats headphones prices on a set of over-ear cans that don't feel outdated in their spec, the 2018 Solo 3 model is for you. 

Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones

The best Beats headphones for noise-cancelling

Design: Over-ear | Noise cancelling: Yes | Wireless: Bluetooth | Battery life: 22-40h | NFC: No | Controls: touch+wired | Weight: 260g | Colors available: Black, White, Blue, Red, Grey, Black/Red | Year released: 2017 | Launch price: $349/£299


Looking for a great deal on what is still probably the most popular headphone brand on the planet? We will rock you with the best Beats deals on the web. Beats by Dr Dre headphones might not be as omnipresent as they once were, but these days the sound quality and value for money they represent has improved immensely.

It's still true that if you're into hip-hop, rock and pop, Beats headphones are a great choice, but nowadays they sound mighty fine with jazz and even classical thanks to greatly improved engineering, tuning and wireless technology. Beats headphones used to have a fairly terrible reputation among 'audiophiles' for the quality of their sound compared to their cost but most recent Beats by Dre headphones sound good to excellent.

The Powerbeats Pro are arguably the best true wireless earbuds you can buy, Studio3 Wireless are right up there with any of the best noise cancelling headphones, and the likes of the brand flagship Solo 3 and gym-friendly Powerbeats are very solid. The new Solo Pro is also superb although sadly so new that you're unlikely to see many deals on it.

Cheap Beats deals are a perennially popular online search, and in the run-up to back to school season, we're likely to see even more people looking for bargain Beats headphones. There are noise-cancelling headphones that help you to concentrate, in-ear buds that make it easy to listen to music on the bus, and all at a range of prices, including affordable options for students. Here are the best deals we can find.

Today's best Beats by Dr Dre headphone deals

Beats Studio Buds

These are really well-priced true wireless earbuds, yet are absolutely packed with features. There's active noise cancellation, an eight-hour battery life, plus the same easy pairing with iPhone that all recent Beats headphones have… but now there's also Android Fast Pairing. They're new in summer 2021, so we don't expect major price drops yet, but if there are, you'll find them here.

Beats Flex

Beats Flex are the cheapest Beats headphones ever, bringing 12-hour battery life and solid connectivity from Apple's W1 chip, all at a low-low price. They're very much like Beats X, but for the budget conscious. As a result of the low price, you don't see so much in the way discounts on them regularly, but you'll see any price drops below.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless

The Beats Solo3 Wireless is iconic. Instantly recognisable, it's also a well-built wireless headphone that sounds good in both wireless and wired modes. They are comfortable to wear and the battery life provides up to 40 hours of listening time. The remote control built-in to the right ear cup is intuitive and easy to use. But the newest feature is the W1 chip, Apple's new Bluetooth technology, that improves battery life and makes pairing the headphones with Apple effortless. These are always getting discounts including RIGHT NOW.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

(Image credit: Beats by Dr Dre)

Powerbeats Pro are a 'game changer' for Beats; the quality of them is over and above anything the brand has produced before. Designed for workouts and running, the clever design of these true wireless buds means they stay still in your ears during even the most arduous physical jerks. Battery life is way better than most true wireless buds at 8-9 hours and they recharge incredibly fast. Admittedly the battery case provided is on the large side. What's even more impressive is that in terms of audio quality these are easily good enough to use outside of the gym. In fact, the overall combination of comfort, fit, sound, convenience and battery life makes them probably the best pair of earbuds you can buy right now.

(Image credit: Beats by Dr Dre)

Beats Studio3 (or Studio 3) Wireless

The Studio 3 is the Beats by Dre flagship: a luxe pair of cans with excellent sound and noise cancelling to rival Bose QC35 and Sony WH1000XM3. The noise cancelling adapts to the sound around you, helping to completely wipe out the rest of the world – the big, pillowy earcups help here, too. It's generally agreed these are the best sounding Beats headphones, but they aren't cheap. Even more reason to look out for a Black Friday deal on them – several retailers are offering £100 off the RRP. 

Beats Solo Pro

(Image credit: Beats By Dr. Dre)

The latest addition to the Beats fam, these are the on-ear brothers of the Studio 3 Wireless. There's similarly impressive noise cancelling – although the fact the brilliant Studio 3 are physically larger means they remain Apple's best NC headphones – and an impressively natural sounding Transparency Mode, so you can listen in on travel announcements and conversations.

Our only reservation we have with the Solo Pro is, like all on-ear headphones, it can pinch spectacles against your head, but it's better than many rivals in that respect. With Beats' usual exceptional battery life and its new, much improved signature sound – still full and weighty, but not just pure 'oomph-oomph-oomph' – Solo Pro is a great pair of cans. 

Beats X Wireless

Available in black or white (the grey and blue variants appear to have been dropped, even on the Beat by Dre website), these in-ears were announced just after the iPhone 7, the AirPods and alongside the superb Beats Solo 3 Wireless over-ear headphones, all of which feature Apple’s W1 wireless chip which augments Bluetooth for easy reconnection to your iOS device as well as easy device switching between your iCloud-registered devices.

Beats by Dre Powerbeats 3 Wireless deals

If you're living the active lifestyle and need a lightweight way of delivering tunes to your skull you might want to consider the older but probably still popular Powerbeats 3 Wireless headphones. The 12-hour battery life is great for multiple lengthy workouts between charges and the wireless tech is excellent for tangle-free times.

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Best Black Friday Beats Headphones Deals for October 2021

Believe it or not, but leading retailers Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart have kicked off their Black Friday deals, bringing some handsome discounts on Beats headphones. You’ll want to shop these Black Friday Beats headphone deals now, because manufacturers all around the world — Apple, which owns Beats, included — are dealing with the fallout from a microchip shortage and are finding it difficult to keep up with increased demand, so retailers can’t fill the shelves.

Now the Beats headphones Black Friday deals have started, sales are starting to spike and it won’t be long until they’re on backorder with shipping windows that spill into late December or January 2022. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to Beats headphones. It’s the same for all the other major players, including Bose and Sony, who are seeing increased sales due to the Black Friday headphone deals. So if Beats are on your holiday wishlist, shop these Beats headphone deals now.

Today’s Best Beats Headphone Deals

Should You Shop the Beats Headphones Black Friday Deals Now?

If you want to have them in your hands in time for the holidays, then you’ll need to shop the Beats headphones Black Friday deals now. That’s because Beats products are some of the most common on wishlists, and with manufacturers unable to source the microchips needed to make them it won’t be long until they’re on back order or listed as out of stock as retailers have to halt new orders. This is the exact same position people shopping for Bose headphone deals are also in.

The increased shopping now, earlier than usual, is also fueled by the fact the Beats headphones Black Friday deals happening now bring such considerable discounts that it’s hard to imaging them being any cheaper on Black Friday — maybe an extra $10 or $20 off, if anything. So the question you need to ask yourself is whether a few extra bucks in your pocket is worth waiting weeks for the headphones you order at the end of November to arrive, missing the holiday season.

Beats Studio 3 Wireless

Beats Studio 3 Wireless

One of Beats’ most popular models is the Studio 3 wireless headphones, a solid set of noise-canceling headphones that blend new active noise canceling (ANC) technology with a recognizable look. The Studio 3s are comfortable to wear thanks to the considerable padding around the headband and the soft squishy ear cups, and the headphones are super easy to pair, especially if you use Apple products like an iPhone or iPad, and are somewhat of a permanent presence on headphone deals list.

The Studio 3s aren’t as bassy as you might expect from Beats, which could be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your point of view. If you’re more interested in clarity of sound and accuracy then you might appreciate the bass taking a back seat for once. But if you love a thumping bassline and you like what you’ve heard from other Beats headphones, you might be surprised at how modest the bass is here. Either way, though, these headphones are undeniably comfortable to wear, have solid noise canceling, and have a great battery life to keep you going all day.

Beats Solo3

If you want a pair of stylish headphones but your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the Studios 3s and you’re looking for cheap Beats headphones, then the Solo3s might be for you. They have similar wireless ease of use and strong battery life, and they also offer great compatibility with Apple products. They’re not quite as comfortable as the Studio 3s but they are equally stylish, with the distinctive Beats look and feel.

They have solid audio quality for their price, with nothing that sticks out too much and a sound that will appeal to most or all listeners. If you’re after a good looking pair of wireless cans that will fit right in with your Apple products, these could be the choice for you.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

If you prefer true wireless earbuds to over-the-ear options, you’ll want to check out the ever-popular Powerbeats. The Powerbeats Pro are top of the line when it comes to true wireless headphones, with exceptional battery life, a cheery, bright sound, and a comfortable fit. They make the ideal pairing with an iPhone for music on the go, and their sporty design means they’ll stay firmly in your ears and you needn’t worry about dropping one of your pair while you’re out and about.

The buds themselves are relatively compact for an over-the-ear style, so they aren’t bulky or heavy. The downside to this is that the charging case they come in is rather chunky, but the upside is that there’s plenty of battery life squeezed into the case. The buds themselves lasted 8 to 9 hours in our testing, and the charging case carries an amazing 24 more hours of life. And if you’re planning to use the Powerbeats Pro while exercising or in the rain, then you’ll be pleased to know that they are water-resistant with an IPX4 rating.

Beats Powerbeats 4

If you’re looking for Beats headphone deals but don’t want to spend as much on Powerbeats Pros, then the Powerbeats 4 may be for you. You’ll find the same secure fit and water-resistance as the Pros, but these have a wireless connection to your device but a wire connecting the two headphones, unlike the true wireless format of the Pros. You’ll find these still have excellent battery life though, lasting an impressive 15 hours of playback between charges.

In the box, you’ll find a variety of tips to customize the fit to your ears, and a fast-charging cable to get you up and going quickly. They have the driving sound you’d expect from Beats, plus comfort and a more affordable price than other options in the line. All in all, a winner on many fronts.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.

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