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Christmas Address Labels

It is never too early to start planning your holiday correspondence and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. This winter season, up your holiday card assortment with Christmas address labels from Shutterfly. Whether your Rolodex features those who are nice or people from the naughty list, you can send them beautiful note cards filled with season’s greetings right to their mailbox. Personalize your Christmas Address Labels with a photo or unique design to send with your Christmas cards or holiday gifts.


Shutterfly makes it easier than ever to upload your favorite pictures and turn them into a beautiful card set for Christmas, birthdays and other holidays. This Christmas, you can send your greetings in style with our one-of-a-kind mailing return address labels. There are dozens of options to match your holiday greeting card, or you can pick your favorite from a variety of stylish, festive Christmas tree address label templates. From there, it’s easy to customize the fonts, colors, and wording for complete holiday stationery sets that are truly unique and elegant. The easy-peel Christmas holiday return address labels are professionally printed on quality paper, and Shutterfly will send your printable custom labels directly to your door. With festive designs like Christmas trees, mistletoes, Santa, snowmen, Christmas wreath and reindeer, you can make Christmas return address label stickers that suit your style this holiday season.


Is your fruitcake the hit of every party? Wrap it in brightly-colored tissue and secure it with a holiday address label to guarantee your next party invite. (For an even better present to show up to a party with, wrap a bottle of wine in a similar fashion for the perfect hostess gift. Wine will ensure you remain on the nice list). Return address labels make for easy additions to RSVP cards, too, and can be included with the little ones’ belongings to make sure they don’t get lost when frolicking between holiday parties. Your kids will love designing custom mailing labels and envelope seals with their name on it with Shutterfly's fun and festive Christmas address label templates.


Do you have your Christmas cards ready for the mailbox but aren’t sure what else to get for your loved ones? Shutterfly has dozens of unique photo gifts that make the perfect presents for moms, dads, grandparents and all the special people in your life. Choose between personalized fleece blankets and pillows for those cold winter nights, or water bottles and customized iPhone cases as thoughtful Christmas gifts for the active, busy bees in your life. To adorn the Christmas tree, make your loved ones a personalized Christmas ornament with their favorite photos to wish everyone happy holidays. Shutterfly makes it super simple to create the perfect, unique gift to match every personality on your nice list. Whether you use your return address labels to send your holiday gifts or as gift tags, they add a fun and festive touch. This holiday season, step your Christmas card efforts up a notch by displaying Christmas cards properly. Shutterfly makes it a no-brainer (and makes it easy) for you to have elegant correspondence that reflects both your personality and the joy of the season. With festive self-adhesive Christmas labels and unique Christmas gifts, your loved ones will see the thought and care you put into the holiday season.


Free Address Label Templates

These free address templates are going to save you a ton of time by letting you type in your address and print them on labels which can then quickly be stuck in an envelope.

These free address templates aren't just functional either, they look great and come in lots of different designs and styles. Besides return address templates, there are also some recipient address templates and wraparound templates.

Besides using these free address templates for your everyday mailing, they'll also look great on wedding invitations, party invitations, Christmas cards, or other bulk mailings.

These free address templates look great when printed on adhesive label paper but you can also print them on regular paper and use a glue stick to attach them to your envelope. If you're using label paper, check each website to see which paper will work best. You can also use full-sheet labels and then cut the address out with scissors.

There are more free labels you can create and print for your wine bottles, water bottles, and canning jars, as well as anything you'd like to give a vintage look.

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Free Address Label Templates

Why a Label Template?

The holidays are a blur. There are so many things to plan and do. So it's inevitable that things are bound to slip through the cracks. In this article, we're addressing one little detail that goes a long way into upping your personalized approach to the Christmas – label templates. Label templates are a nice yet simple way to personalize all your communication this holiday season.

But what are label templates?

They are thematic placeholders that you can use to attach to your gifts, letters, packages, and Christmas cards. You can use label templates as labels (think address labels) or as gift tags (to tie on gift boxes, gift bags), or simply as Christmas decoration (attach to anything you want!)

For making the labels, you have two options: paper or sticker.

Paper: print your labels on nice heavy card stock, colored or black and white, cut them out, punch a hole, tie on your gift with a cute tie.

Sticker: print your labels on special sticker paper, detach, then place on your gifts, cards, or letters.

In this article, we will give you some of our favourite Christmas label templates with different themes, holiday messages, and printing formats.

Oh, and you have a lot of people on your Christmas list, then writing out a label for each person might be too time-consuming. If handmade place cards, Christmas cards, or invitations are not your thing, there is a clever alternative – mail merge using your email. You just enter all the information into an Excel file, and your electronic Christmas cards or invitations can be easily mass emailed.



First up we have these classic, versatile Christmas label templates from Avery. These are basic, functional printable Christmas designs with ample space for your text. You can choose from different formats from one of three categories: Christmas gift tag template, Christmas card, or Christmas gift tag template.

Avery allows you to customize these before you print them off. You can type out all the info, build the templates, and then print them off when you're ready to go. They come in various sizes for added customization.

We really like the simple, minimal designs. There are a bunch of classic holiday looks to choose from, and you'll surely find something you like. Oh, and best of all, they're free! And while there are extra paid options if you desire, we think the free label templates are more than good enough.

The Inspiration Board

The Inspiration Board

Here are some awesome, extremely simple Christmas Gift Tags from The Inspiration Board. We really like these tags because of their stylish minimalism – a simple holiday “Merry Christmas” message, on a clean white background. Black and white or red and white? You decide. We also like the classic “gift tag” shape, with a spot for a hole-punch as well.

If you're looking for that classic gift tag look, and want a simple template to mark all your holiday gifts, then you can't go wrong with this free template. One thing to keep in mind here is that you get free pdf templates, not an editable Photoshop file where you can change things like font and text. If this holiday label is not exactly what you need, then you might want to consider other options on this page.

Online Labels

Online Labels

Online Labels is a website that focuses on (you guessed it) labels! As a result, there are tons of options to choose from.

There are label templates for different purposes, in all sorts of different designs, shapes, and sizes. You can customize them right on the webpage, and you have the option to print or purchase high-quality pre-printed labels from the website.

This is definitely a premium option, which also means it's not free. But if you're looking for convenience and customization, this is it. They have so many great printable Christmas labels that you're sure to find one that meets your needs.



Here's a curated list that we found on the HGTV blog. HGTV compiled a bunch of free label templates for you to use. You will find free printable labels in various designs like famous, black & white, fun, graphic, party, handmade, etc.

You'll have to do a bit of digging because there are 75 designs on that page, and not all of them are labels. This page includes things like Christmas wraps, handmade gift ideas and cards, coloring pages, place cards, calendar tags, ornaments, and other Christmas craft goodies.

Each template has a clickable download link for you to print at home and fill in your details. Some of these designs are PDF templates, and some are editable Photoshop files.



Freepik has 15466 creative label templates across 10 collections. Some are free, and some you will need to pay for. Freepik's Christmas tag templates are all available for instant download as editable files that you can customize in Illustrator or Photoshop.

There are a lot of options to choose from here – gift labels, letter labels, greeting card templates, stickers, gift tags, and much more. You will find all kind of traditional designs featuring reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Merry Christmas with creative typography.



Vecteezy is another great service with plenty of high-quality templates. Although there are some “free” options available, most of the designs are not free. But what you are getting here is many high-quality graphic images, and not just template designs.

What sets Vecteezy apart is the quality of its designs. Another neat feature is that you can edit designs right there in their editor – although this is something you will need to pay for.

Vecteezy's templates are editable vector files, which means you can adjust them without losing quality.

Do you have your favorite printable gift tags this holiday season? Share them in the comments below!


Address free label templates holiday

FAQ – How Do I Create (Christmas) Address Labels In Word?

FAQ – How Do I Create (Christmas) Address Labels In Word?

Our top tip for creating Christmas address labels is to use Word's Mail Merge tool.

With only a month and a bit to go until Christmas, plenty of people will be turning their thoughts towards creating seasonal address labels to add a festive touch to their mail, from individuals who want to make Christmas labels for sending cards and gifts to family and friends to businesses who want the perfect finishing touch for their Christmas correspondence and seasonal packaging.

Address labels are a really easy way to add a festive flavour to anything that you need to send in the post at this time of year and the easiest way to print Christmas address labels (especially if you have a LOT of people on your “nice” list) is to use Word’s “Mail Merge” tool; this allows you to combine a single document (your label template) with a data source (e.g. a spreadsheet of addresses) to create a personalised address label for every person on your list.

The quickest (and easiest) way to complete a mail merge is to use the Mail Merge Wizard, which guides you through the six steps of a mail merge (and lets you go back and forth if you need to correct a mistake).

Label Planet’s Quickfire Guide To Using The Mail Merge Wizard

  • Find a compatible template code OR download a label template OR note the measurements for your label size.
    The Wizard works best if you use a built-in template. If your labels DON’T have a compatible template code, download and save a Word template from the template information page OR make a note of the measurements for your label size to create your own label template.
  • Start the Mail Merge Wizard!
    Open Word and create a blank document. Click on the “Mailings” tab at the top of the page, select “Start Mail Merge”, and click on “Step-By-Step-Mail-Merge-Wizard”.
  • SELECT DOCUMENT TYPE – tell Word that you want to create a set of address labels.
    In the Mail Merge panel on the right-hand side, click on “Labels” and then “Next”.
  • SELECT STARTING DOCUMENT – select the label template you want to use for your address labels.
    If you are using a built-in template: click on “Change document layout” and “Label options”; select the correct label vendor (e.g. A4/A5), locate your code in the list, and select OK.
    If you are making your own label template: in the “Label options” box, click on “New Label”, and enter the measurements for your label size.
    If you are using a Label Planet template: click on “Start from existing document” and then “Open” to locate your saved label template. Delete the “LP…” text to start with a blank label template.
  • SELECT RECIPIENTS – select the data source you want to use to personalise your address labels.
    You can enter your list manually at this point but it’s much easier to use a list that you’ve already saved. Click on “Use an existing list” and then “Browse” to locate your list; this can be an Excel spreadsheet, an Access database, an Office address list, your Outlook contact list, a Word data file, or a text file – most people use an Excel spreadsheet so we’ll talk you through the process using this type of data source.
    You will now be presented with two boxes; the first asks you to select the sheet in your spreadsheet that contains your addresses and to indicate if the top row contains column headings (e.g. Name, Address Line 1, Postcode etc). The second box asks you to indicate which addresses in your spreadsheet you want to use; by default, they are all selected but you can filter out a specific group, remove individual addresses, or check for duplicate addresses.
    If you are using a built-in template or a label template you have made, a placeholder («Next Record») will appear in all of the labels in your label template except for the first one.
    If you downloaded a template you will need to enter this rule manually; click on the “Rules” button in the “Mailings” tab and select “Next Record” from the dropdown list. You can repeat this process for each label OR you can copy this first rule and paste it into the remaining labels (ideal if you have a LOT of labels on each sheet). It’s best to do this during the next step so that you don’t accidentally delete these rules while you add your design.
  • ARRANGE YOUR LABELS – add your seasonal design to your address labels!
    To create a set of address labels with the SAME design, add your design to the top left label and use the “Update All Labels” button to copy it into the rest of your labels.
    NB: this option is NOT available if you are using a label template downloaded from an external source – you will need to use copy and paste to fill in your label template as usual.
    When creating address labels, you can use the “Address Block” tool to create a single placeholder for your addresses OR you can add individual placeholders for each of the fields in your database (a “field” is one of the columns in your spreadsheet – e.g. the “Name” field is the column that contains the name of each recipient):
    ADDRESS BLOCK: click on the “Address block” button and choose the format you want to use. If information from a particular column DOESN’T appear in the preview window you can use the “Match Field” button to tell Word to use that particular column for a specific section of each address.
    For example, Word refers to the first line of an address as “Address 1”; if your spreadsheet uses a different column heading, Word may not connect your column with that part of the address block – i.e. it won’t know where to get that bit of information from and so will leave it out of each address.
    INDIVIDUAL PLACEHOLDERS: click on the “More items” option to add a placeholder for a particular field (column).
    NB: the Next Record rule MUST come BEFORE the first placeholder in each label; this rule tells Word to move onto the next row in your spreadsheet and if it is in the wrong place you will end up with duplicate address labels or mismatched information. It is also important to note that you cannot put rules into a text box, which means that you cannot put placeholders into a text box either – they must be in the main body of the label template to allow Word to execute the Next Record rule when it completes your finished mail merge.
  • PREVIEW YOUR LABELS – take a peek at what your address labels will look like after you complete the mail merge.
    The preview completes the mail merge for the first page of your address labels, giving you the chance to check that your addresses fit neatly into your label design (and to go back and make adjustments if they don’t). We STRONGLY recommend using the “Preview another label” and/or “Find a recipient” options to check through a selection of your addresses – especially if you know that one address is particularly long (and so might not fit even though the other, shorter, addresses do fit).
  • COMPLETE THE MERGE – merge your label template and your data source together.
    This brings together your Christmas label template and your list of addresses to create one personalised address label for each of the recipients on your list. You can now choose to make minor adjustments to individual labels (using the “Edit individual labels” tool), to save your merged label template, or to print your address labels…
  • Test Print Your Merged Label Template
    While you might be tempted to print all of your Christmas address labels at once, we recommend doing a TEST PRINT first; click on “Print” and then select the “From…To” option (enter a range that is smaller than the number of labels on your label sheets) OR set the “Page range” option to “Pages: 1”. This will allow you to check that your label template aligns correctly with your label sheets BEFORE you print all of your address labels at once.
  • Print Your Address Labels
    Once you are happy that your label template will produce the correct alignment, you can print your finished set of address labels. As a final tip, we would recommend keeping an eye on your labels as they print out – just in case there are any “surprises” in some of the later addresses in your spreadsheet!

Label Planet’s Range Of Christmas Address Labels
We have massive range of address labels that are just PERFECT for Christmas – whether you want plain white labels (for a subtle background OR as the perfect starting point for a truly dazzling design), gloss labels and semi-gloss labels (for a subtle seasonal shimmer), gold labels and silver labels (for a touch of seasonal luxury), pastel coloured labels, Kraft labels (for that homemade feel), and transparent labels (choose between matt labels and gloss laser labels or gloss inkjet labels; ideal for envelopes or packages that have already been printed with a Christmas pattern or design!).

Visit Our Address Labels Section To View All Of Our Address Label Sizes & Materials
We have FIVE label sizes in our address labels range so you should be able to find one that’s a perfect fit for your envelopes and/or packages; whether you’re looking for large shipping labels for Christmas goods (LP4/99 and LP8/99), medium address labels for standard envelopes (LP14/99 and LP21/63), or small return address labels for adding company details or a short seasonal message of good cheer!

Address Sheet Label Templates For Google Drive, Free Download

18+ Holiday Label Templates

In making the labels you can imply that has sole style of its own kind, holiday flyer template will make every one of it discernible and attractive. At example format, you can have the basis on what you can have as your own heading which you can change its font style, size and designs creating the plain labeling be more creative and sparkling. You can also visit Holiday Postcard Template. With this  Holiday Template you can move on to a new level of having a label that can be unique in many ways it can be. The features of it can be made any of your desired patterns be shown to the label you are completing and create new ones you can use.

Free Holiday Label Template

  • AI
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher


Free Holiday Gift Label Template

File Format
  • AI
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher


Free Holiday Address Label Template

  • AI
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  • Google Docs


Free Holiday Label Template

free holiday label templateFree Download

Holiday Gift Label

holiday gift labelFree Download

Free Download Holiday Thanking You Label Example Template | Simple wishes and thanking you is a very vital component associate with any holidays. With our simple thank you label PSD vector templates for photoshop, one can easily use innovative designs for their thank you cards that they need to send to their loved ones. You can also see Downloadable Label Templates

Free Download Sample Creating Holiday Mailing Labels | With the advent of technology in the modern day era, emails have been a very important resource in sending holiday Mailing Label Templates. With our vector templates for holiday mailing labels, one can easily classify their mailing lists and turn their mail contents even more attractive and eye catchy.

Example Format Free Valentine’s Holiday label Template

Christmas Holiday Label Sample Format Free Template | Christmas is a wonderful holiday and perhaps the most awaited day on the calendar. Christmas holiday greetings are sent and received by everyone for many years. With our extensive collection of free PSD vector templates for Christmas labels, one can find the best suitable designs for themselves.

Holiday Label Template Free Download Example Format | Holidays are all about fun and frolic. Even the designs related to these are all bright and vibrant thus incorporating the essence of the holiday. With this PSD vector template pack of such free holiday labels, designers can use all these bright colours alongside the essential elements of the holidays.

Summer Holiday Design Labels Template

Summers are a wonderful time of the year with the bright sun and everyone enjoying out in the nice weather. With this PSD pack of vector templates about the summers, designers can get the design into the exact mood due to the fine detailing on these templates. Download one for yourself today.

Design Vintage Holiday Label Template

Vintage designs are something which is very much in demand these days. With our free collection of extensive vintage designs for holiday labels one can find the best one for their designs. Download our PSD vector file pack for photoshop today.

Holiday CD Label Template

Holiday CD’s are very common these days when people love to record their special moment for storing them forever to be cherishes. With our huge collection of such innovation label designs, anyone can find the exact design for their needs here. Moreover the PSD templates download is free.

Christmas Holiday Label Template

Christmas cards and holiday themed designs are very wide spread and found in almost everything. With this label template pack, one can find a suitable match for their designing needs and these quirky vibrant colours are perfectly suited to the needs. Download the PSD vector files today.

Address Label Holiday Template

The beautiful red colour alongside the popping out graphics with a very intuitive design on any front makes this design stand out from the rest. Use our collection of free PSD vector file pack for photoshop to use in any next holiday themed design.

Summer Holidays Badges & Labels Template

Holidays Typographic Design Label Template

Unique Gift Label For Holiday Favorites

Best Holiday Gift Tags & Labels Template

> Conclusion

Holiday calls for all people to come together and have a good time. Holiday Label Template are very important as they help us to send our happiest greetings and wishes to our loved ones. Our extensive collection of such holiday labels, designers can design the best possible cards for any kind of holidays all very easily on photoshop.


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