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Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. Pink Socks.

Stu Undercoffler (Eric Roberts) is a corrupt CEO whose drive for power has led him to make some highly unethical choices. Once Stu's self-serving decisions have begun to spread darkness through the world, there's no stopping it. After losing his wife, Stu begins to have a crisis of conscience but starts to believe he is being stalked and has been hallucinating. Is he losing his mind or have his former victims come back to wreck havoc on him?

Popular reviews

  • Edith

    It's hard to say if this is a bad movie worth seeing, although it stands on its own by possibly possessing some self-awareness of its nihilism. Surrealist cinema is more alive than ever, the incoherent randomness of inexperienced filmmakers is a pleasure many of us strive to obtain in something like this. To even explain the movie would deprive you of the joy in experiencing it, a Pandora's Box of unraveling confusion and unclear motives. The cover I have isn't nearly as telling as the one listed here, somewhere along the way they thought to market this as an action movie-- of which there is none -- and further delights. There is one certainty however, you're going to get Eric Roberts as Eric Roberts no matter what character he is supposed to be, and that's enjoyment you can count on.

  • Duncan Coe

    Humans are animals and plants are plants

    I laughed from beginning to end, really fucking hard. If you fed an A.I. a shitload of random movies and then told it to make a movie, it would shit this out. This movie is a shitpost and I love every scene. Every scene is a question of "what the fuck is going on here?"
    It's just a bunch of scenes and bits stapled together with astoundingly, hilariously, gut-bustingly bad acting.
    Even the characters don't know what's going on some times
    Perfect movie to get stoned and watch with other movie weirdos

    I still couldn't tell you what this is actually about lol

  • Chuck Dowling

    If you're going to make one of these 12 dollar movies, at least make it weird and energetic. Spreading Darkness attempts weirdness, and low budget weirdness is infinitely more entertaining than low budget straight drama. Still, this thing is a mess. Can't tell you what it's about even. It's just weird and energetic. Has a policy of putting a random hot girl in almost every scene, which I don't mind. Features more cast members from Showgirls than I was expecting. Also, it's edited by Duwayne Dunham, editor of Return of the Jedi (!) and much of Twin Peaks (!!).

  • Evan “Kaizō Haya-shill” Pincus

    There's a moment in Spreading Darkness where a nervous Eric Roberts shows up at James Duval's door and nervously announces that he thinks he's losing his mind. If that doesn't sum up this whole baffling microgenre of low-budget 2010's surrealist conspiracy thrillers, I don't know what else could. Convinced movies like this and Blue Dream are to Amazon Prime what those "Elsa Spider-Man" videos are to YouTube- I simply cannot believe they were made by human hands and not some algorithm that mixes and matches components like James Duval, Hallucinations and Shadowy Corporate Conspiracies until a movie comes out. I need more of these ASAP, cuz they're truly unlike anything I've ever seen except for each other (both movies mentioned…

  • Steven Millan

    Pity poor Eric Robert(RUNAWAY TRAIN,THE DARK KNIGHT),the critically acclaimed Oscar nominated actor whose drug problems drove him to endless amounts of low budgeted Straight-To-VHS video/VOD/DVD/Blu Ray genre features that outdid the numerous films of Cameron Mitchell,Michael Madsen,Jeff Fahey,Jan Michael Vincent,Cuba Gooding Jr.,and Gary Busey and topped John Carradne's 500 film credits record(with YouTube film critic-turned-actor Shawn C. Phillips speeding up to catch up with him[film credits records-wise]) as he carelessly takes upon any film project that comes along his way to both pay the bills and have something to do,as this mightily dopey thriller from director/co-writer Josh Eisenstadt(DARK REEL) has Roberts as a crooked CEO who is prone to heavy amounts of endless drinking(large amounts of alcohol) and cheating on…

  • SeraphicWings

    Is Eric Roberts even a real person because he certainly does a crappy job at acting as one. Anyhoo.


    Please, do watch this movie just for that.

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Movie Info

Bullets fly and bodies fall as a corrupt businessman becomes increasingly paranoid that he's being stalked by his former victims and a psychiatrist who rewards patients with pink socks.

  • Genre:

    Mystery & thriller, Comedy

  • Original Language:


  • Director:

    Josh Eisenstadt

  • Writer:

    Josh Eisenstadt, Aaron Pope

  • Release Date (Streaming):

  • Runtime:

  • Aspect Ratio:

    Scope (2.35:1)

Cast & Crew

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Spreading Darkness Spreading Darkness2017.jpgDirected By Josh Eisenstadt Written By Josh Eisenstadt, Aaron Pope Cast Eric Roberts, Dominique Swain, John Savage, Musetta Vander Produced By Esther Goodstein, Aaron Pope Cinematography By Will Barratt Film Editing By Josh Eisenstadt, Mathias Hilger, Duwayne Dunham Music By Phil Marshall Studio Black Elephant Productions, Casual Productions Distributed By Shoreline Entertainment, GatebreakR, Synkronized Country United States Language English Release Date November 14, 2017 Runtime 101 Minutes
Sours: https://to-hollywood-and-beyond.fandom.com/wiki/Spreading_Darkness_(2017)
HELLBLADE SENUA'S SACRIFICE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 13 - Darkness is Spreading

Spreading Darkness

Original title
Spreading Darkness
Running time
101 min.
United States United States

Josh Eisenstadt


Josh Eisenstadt,Aaron Pope


Phil Marshall


Will Barratt


Eric Roberts,Dominique Swain,Bonnie Aarons,Musetta Vander,Robert Davi,James Duval,John Savage,Irene Bedard,Louis Mandylor,Rena Riffel,Blanca Blanco,Elissa Dowling,Catherine Annette,Andrew Lauer,Shayla Beesley,Jules Hartley,Tara CardinalSee 4 More


Black Elephant Productions,Casual Productions

Comedy. Thriller | Independent Film (US)
A corrupt CEO grows increasingly paranoid he is being stalked by his former victims and a psychiatrist who rewards patients with pink socks.
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Darkness (2017) spreading

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