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Double Beds

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Sprawl out in comfort and style when you shop the Fantastic Furniture spacious double bed range. Fantastic has your back (or your side, or your front or your stomach – we won’t judge you on how you choose to sleep)!
Big enough to stretch out on without taking up the whole bedroom, a cosy double bed is the perfect sleeping solution for teens, students and guests. With a style to suit every taste and budget, your new double bed is waiting for you here at Fantastic Furniture.
From a sleek timber look to soft and plush fabrics, browse everything from minimalist double bed frames to those with extra storage room underneath, you’ll be sure to find your Fantastic when you shop the collection. With our amazing range of double bed frames to choose from, you can have quality, style and comfort, at the lowest prices guaranteed. Check out our double bed frames for yourself by visiting your local store or browse our extensive range right here online. Use the filter options to narrow your search by price or colour and find one that complements your decor.
Each bed includes exact details assembled size in its product description, so you can ensure it will fit your bedroom space perfectly. We understand that sometimes the item you choose will be too big, too small or not quite right. With our 60-day change of mind policy, it’s ok to change your mind.
Don’t forget to pair your new bed with one of our built to last double mattresses. Super comfy and affordable, you can pick up your new bed and mattress in-store, have them delivered direct to your home or use our speedy Click & Collect service to pick it from your local store.


Double Beds

Double Beds

Whether you prefer a modern or traditional style, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect double bed for your home at Dunelm. We stock double beds in a range of styles and designs, including wooden, crushed velvet and double beds with storage. Browse our collection today.

Sleep happy with a beautiful double bed from Dunelm. Whether your tastes – and your bedroom – are modern and sophisticated or traditional and ornate, you’ll easily find the dream double bed in our extensive collection. If you like everything pared down to the absolute minimum, go for a simple shaker style bed, or a neat metal frame for total minimalism. If plushness and luxuriating are your thing, you’ll want one of our padded double beds, with built-in headboards designed for lengthy spells reading and being waited on hand and foot.

Modern Double Beds

We’ve also got plenty of modern looking beds in a double size, designed by our skilled fashionistas, that are guaranteed to satisfy your urge to keep everything up to date in your bedroom. At present, it’s all about neat lines and Art Deco angles, the perfect blend of unfussy looks with those touches of class that you can’t quite put your finger on, but know they look fantastic.

Traditional Double Beds

If you want your double bed to match your traditional bedroom, whether that’s a Victorian metal look or something wooden and cottage-inspired, you’re going to find exactly what you’re looking for here. There’s always something solid, homely and reliable about these styles of bed that will really set off the room they’re placed in, and invite you to share their comfortable allure night after night.

Double Beds with Storage

Are you looking for some extra storage space in your bedroom? Who isn’t! Many of our double beds have legs that are high enough to slide some storage boxes underneath, and that can be perfectly fine for some. But if storage and style are of equal importance to you, a divan double bed could be just what you’re looking for. They come with either drawers or a lifting mechanism, so you can keep things stored away underneath, with no wasted space. It’s great for bedding, out of season clothes or just everyday storage room for things that you can’t put anywhere else. Please note that some non-divan beds have very low sides, so not all beds can be used for storage.

Now you’ve chosen your perfect double bed, it’s time to head over to our mattress section to choose the one that suits your needs as well as your bed. Also, check out separate headboards if the bed you choose doesn’t have one, and make sure you’ve got bedding, pillows and any toppersyou might want – they all add to the overall look and feel of the bed, and are just as important as the frame itself.

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Bed - We All Have Our Favourites

We all love to sleep. Sleep time is the only time of the day that lets us relax without a care in the world. A deep sleep at the end of a tiring day is enough to make us forget all our stress. A good bed with side storage makes it so much easier for us to drift into a deep sleep. It can turn our nightmares into sweet dreams. From camping to lounging, kids’ beds and adults’ beds come in a variety of sizes.  

Beds - For a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

If you’ve shifted to a new house or if you’re planning to buy a new set of furniture for your home, a comfortable bed frame needs to top your list. A classic bed frame complements your bedroom decor and choice of furnishings. Beds have been an integral part of a home since ancient times. They have evolved and changed with the needs and preferences of people. You can find beds in different materials and styles. Choose the one that best suits your needs and your room. 

Choose from Storage and Non-storage Options

A cot occupies the major part of a room, so it is advisable to go for one that comes with an attached storage compartment or cot bed that come with storage bed with drawers. You can look for double beds with storage, hydraulic beds, king size beds with storage, single beds with storage, and more. You can store your blankets, quilts, and other winter wear in these storage beds once the winter season comes to an end and take it out when the cold season sets again. You can also store extra bed linen, pillow covers, additional pillows, luggage bags, and more. But, if you have sufficient storage space in the form of cupboards or wardrobes, or if you like to maintain a minimalistic home, then you can go for the beds that do not come with a storage compartment. The other benefit of going for beds without storage is that you can easily vacuum under the bed frame to keep your room clean and dust-free. 

How to Select the Perfect Bed for Your Room?

Below are some points that need to be considered before buying beds online.

Size of the Bed

You can find different sizes of modern beds on online sites. Depending on your requirement and room size, you can select the below types of beds. A queen-sized bed or a king-sized bed is perfect for your master bedroom. You can buy single beds for guest rooms. For your kid’s room, you can browse for kids beds, children's beds, beds for girls, kid’s single beds, kids double cot, and more. If space is a constraint, you can go for folding beds, platform beds, trundle beds, bunk beds, loft beds, corner bed and more. You can also go for bunk beds for kids for your little ones and their friends when they come for a sleepover.You can buy a futon which can be converted into a bed when guests are visiting. A futon bed offers extra sleeping space in your living room or study. 

Bed Material

The next step is choosing the right material of the frame. You can find different options, such as wooden, metal, bamboo, and more. Sheesham wood beds go well with almost every decor.

Design of Your Bed

The other factor to consider while buying a cot for your room is whether you want one with a headboard. If you prefer to work while on your bed or read a novel before you sleep, consider going for a bed with an attached headboard. Headboards and footboards come with textures and sometimes offer storage spaces too. 

Comfort is Key 

Make sure the cot fits your height and is not too hard or too soft. You wouldn’t want an uncomfortable bed that just looks good because it will not serve the purpose.  


Check for warranty and go through the materials used. Figure out the materials used and check whether you are choosing an environment-friendly option if that’s something you worry about. 


The bed should be sturdy and should not crank under your weight. You need to choose a steady bed that is sturdy and robust. 


Regardless of whether you’re choosing a single bed or a double bed, make sure that the carrying capacity of the bed frame is sufficient. You can even opt for a double bed with storage space, a king-sized bed with storage space, or even a single bed with storage space, depending on the number of people in your house.


There are times when we run out of space to store quilted bed sheets, pillow covers, comforters, blankets, and so on. Thus, it’s beneficial to invest in beds that come with storage facilities. These beds come with drawers or pull out bed storage compartments (placed below the mattress) that you can use for your storage needs. This saves you the trouble of searching for fresh sheets when your guests decide to stay back. 


Money doesn’t grow on trees (if only it did, though), so you have to pay close attention to the bed that you pick so that it turns out to be a good investment. When you decide to shop for beds online, you can view the prices listed on the landing page. This way, based on your budget, you can make an appropriate purchasing decision. 

Requirement or Preference 

Say you prefer a single bed or a double bed. You can narrow down your search for the perfect bed by figuring out exactly what you’re looking for. Say you don’t have a lot of space in your room or if you don’t want the bed to occupy too much space in your room, you can always pick a single box bed. Or, if you want to stretch out and sleep comfortably on your bed, you can opt for king-sized beds or queen-sized beds. You can even opt for bunk beds for your little ones. 

The Purpose 

There are specific beds for specific spaces. Depending on whether it offers easy portability or high capacity or compact foldability, make sure you get to use the main purpose right. 

Size of the Room

Overall bedroom size should always be taken into account. If the bedroom is too small, a massive bed won't suit your needs. To relax properly you need to have reasonable space around your bed. If you're improving a multifunctional space, consider sofa beds, futons and folding beds that offer more living space when you’re not sleeping on them. 

Make the Most of Space

If you don’t have room for a big wardrobe, or you don’t know where to put your spare sheets then consider an ottoman bed. They’ll give you plenty of extra space to store your things in an easy and convenient way. Trundle beds and bunk beds come in handy when you have less space and more people. 

Give Yourself Room to Spread Out

If you have a big bedroom and your partner is always taking up all the space in the bed then consider investing in queen beds, king beds or super king beds. If you want even more room and comfort, then opt for an emperor bed.  

Buy Comfortable Beds Online for a Relaxing and Rejuvenating Sleep

Call it a luxury, an essential, or a fundamental piece of furniture - a bed is something that we all need and we all deserve to own. A good night’s rest can work like a miracle. It can help you relax, rejuvenate, or offer you temporary relief from your worries and tensions. To sleep peacefully, you need a comfortable bed with excellent body support. To ensure that you find the right bed for yourself and your home, you can check out wide varieties and types of beds on online shopping sites. From hydraulic beds and storage beds to bunk beds for kids and futon beds, bed without storage online shopping sites have an impressive collection of beds along with their specifications, user reviews, and ratings to ensure that you’re properly informed about the product before placing your order. You can also compare the prices of different beds before making a buying decision. HomeTown, Nilkamal, Royal Interiors, The Original Bed Co., and Vintej Home, are among the many brands that sell beds online. Keep reading to know more about the different types of beds to make a well-informed buying decision.

Single, Double, King, and Queen - Different Sizes of Beds 

There are different sizes and different types of beds that you can get delivered to your home. When it comes to sizes, you can buy a single bed, a double bed, a king-size bed, or a queen-size bed as per your requirement. A single bed is suitable for a toddler, a child, or a young adult. A queen-size bed is ideal for single people who enjoy sleeping in a wide space, couples, and couples with toddlers. Whereas the king size beds are for couples and couples with toddlers bed or pets bed. 

Hydraulic Bed, Platform Bed, Folding Beds - Different Types of Beds

There are various types of beds, such as storage beds, bedroom sets, trundle beds, kids’ beds, etc. Storage beds are a wonderful addition to any bedroom, and also, they offer extra space to keep your bed linens and other bedding essentials. You can buy a single bed with storage, double bed with storage, king-sized bed with storage, or a queen-sized bed with storage facility. When it comes to storage types, you can choose from box, hydraulic, drawer, or headboard storage facility. Apart from the storage beds, there are platform beds for rooms with a low ceiling, upholstered beds for luxurious comfort, and trundle beds that can fit under a big bed, among others. 

Children’s Beds for Your Little One

If you have a little one in your home, then there are kids’ single beds, kids’ double beds, beds for girls, beds for boys, loft beds, and even bunk beds for kids. Kids’ beds are available in various attractive designs to add vibrancy to your little angel’s room. Apart from the brand and size, you can choose a bed as per its material, style, and primary colour, among other important considerations. While choosing a bed for your home, do not forget to consider the interior decoration of your bedroom to ensure that the bed enhances the beauty of your personal space. 

Beds for Kids

Children’s bedrooms are places that are very personal to them. Just like us, a child thinks of his/her room to be a sanctuary of sorts. Other than that, decorating your kid’s bedroom is an exciting thing to do. The first thing a kid needs is a bed in his/her room. To start with, you can shop for kids’ bedroom furniture. In Flipkart, you will find an array of kids’ beds and kids’ bedroom furniture items that are reasonably priced. As kids outgrow a lot of things very soon, make sure to get a bed that isn’t all that childish for your little one. Shop for kids’ beds online and get the one you pick delivered to your doorstep without any hassle. Browse through a wide range of kids’ beds online and shop for the one that complements your kid’s room the most. Apart from the usual payment options, Flipkart now has Debit card EMI options as well. This method of paying spares you the pain of spending a lump sum in one go. It’s convenient to buy kids’ beds online with the help of Debit card EMI options or through other safe payment gateways. You can even buy kids’ bed online at discounted rates on Flipkart. 

Loft Beds Vs Bunk Beds

People often assume that loft beds and bunk beds are different names for the same bed design, however, the subtle difference between the two types of beds is based on the purpose they serve. While bunk beds provide compact sleeping solutions by stacking multiple twin bedson top of each other, they do not have room to make space for other needs like a writing desk, a wardrobe or chest of drawers and so on. You can buy a bunk bed for your children, to save ground space for two beds, however, you will still have to make room for other necessities, which might take up more floor space. Loft beds, on the other hand, come with other utilities like a writing desk and a chest of drawers, in their mainframe. In fact, loft beds can often act as independent and personal spaces for your children. In all loft bed designs, your child’s bed is on the second bunk, while the lower bunk comprises of efficient seating and storage space.

Buying Beds Online 

Look through the various options that online stores have to offer and make an informed decision by browsing through several beds online. You can find beds from various brands, such as HomeTown, Nilkamal, Swastik Furniture, Royal interiors, The Original Bed Co., and more, from the comfort of your home. Also, the right size mattress is essential which fits your cot perfectly. So, apply filters and find the right bedroom furniture for your home. You can go through the multiple options available online and choose beds according to your needs, budget, and preferences.  You can stay in the comfort of your home and shop for wooden beds, platform beds, solid wood beds, storage beds, wooden double beds, wooden single beds, and wood furniture beds at the click of a button. This helps save you the trouble of going out to shop. And, since you don’t have to go out to shop, you get to save yourself from skin tanning, hair/skin damage, pollution, stress, long commutes, fatigue, and so much more. Most shopping sites offer frequent sales and discounts, so you can shop for beds and more at throwaway prices. So, shop for the best wood bed online and get a good night’s rest, every night. Happy shopping!  

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