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Title: The Layers of Luce

Author: McKenna.

Fandom: The film, Imagine Me and You

Pairings: Rachel/Luce

Ratings: R for sex, though, it's not very graphic.

Warnings: As I stated, this story has sexuality in it as well as my attempts to talk like a British girl, so, I hope that you can get through both. If not, this isn't the story for you.

Disclaimers: Imagine Me and You belongs to Ol Parker, and thus, these are his characters, so, I'm just toying with them. I claim no rights.

Author's Notes: I was watching the interview on the bonus features of the DVD and the first question asked to Piper Perabo (Rachel) and Lena Headey (Luce) was if they felt they were jipped in the sex department. They of course said yes, but, agreed it was justifiable, as the film was a comedy and not a drama. Well, my fanfiction muses went bizerk and I figured that I would give them some. This takes place after the movie, and what I think might've happened between the two lovely women.


“You’re a wanker number nine!” I shouted- using my mouth much like the Cathedral that Luce had been talking about. I do think I filled up the cathedral, and the shops alongside it. I’d never been so loud in my life.

I watched as blokes and women poked their heads out of their cars and gave me quite the odd looks. Certainly I’d have done the same if some crazy woman was shouting obscenities about football players on top of a Range. It worked, though, and there I saw her.

“I can do this!” I shouted again, not quite as loud, but now I had her attention. “I can do this!”

It was far off, and despite all of the traffic jam, I could tell it was her. Such a tiny thing wore so many layers of clothing, and still, she was so lanky, so fit, and anyone who was anyone could spot that richly ruddy hair and I grinned, hopping down and starting up the jog. I wove in and out of cars and watched as those same blokes stared at me curiously. It was still freezing, just turning to winter, and I felt the chill right down into my bones.

I don’t know who grabbed the other first, but at that moment everything else was stilled and all I saw was Luce. Her face was pink from the weather and I wasted no time in pulling her close, kissing her, just gently at first though reaffirming, possessing, whatever you’d like to call it. She kissed me back and before I knew it we were smiling to one another.

She tugged my hand, and I waved in the general direction of my parents and Luce’s mum, hopefully they’d get her home alright and she wouldn’t want to coast off of the road listening to their bickering. I thought I might have seen them kissing, but my mind was otherwise occupied, it perhaps was playing tricks on me. Coming back to reality, I noticed we were situated behind a shop, in some dank, cold alleyway and she kissed me again.

“You’ve got to tell me more,” She said in between kisses. “What happened?”

It took me some time to get my lips off of hers and I forcibly pushed her back, grinning softly at her deviant behavior. Taking a deep breath I explained it all, explained how Heck had wanted me to let him go because he simply couldn’t bare the thought of me loving another. She listened, occasionally stroking her fingertips over my cheek, brows furrowed with concern. Holding my face between her hands she kissed me again.

“And how did you find him when you left?” She asked.

“He left me, just after we’d gone ‘round my parent’s house for my birthday, he told me all that and then he left.” I answered, sighing softly.

Her thumb brushed over my bottom lip and I thought of the time at the flower shop where she settled me down and wiped my lips, as if she was making them new for her kisses. It felt the same this time; she leaned forward again and claimed my lips, wrapping her arms around me. I’d forgotten a jacket, just gone on impulse, and the extra body heat certainly did feel quite lovely.

I don’t remember who got the taxi or who paid for it, but somehow we were back at Luce’s flat, not far off from Flowered Up. She shrugged out of her jacket when we got into the room. I took a look around. It was small, though tidy, with dozens of floral arrangements decorating the place. It suited Luce and I smiled as she wrapped her jacket around my shoulders.

“Would you like some tea? Coffee? You’ve got to be freezing.” She smiled, voice low, as she turned on some lamps.

“I’m all right, thanks.” I smiled to her again and wrapped her coat around me. Luce’s little flat was a bit drafty and I made my way to one of the sofas, taking a seat upon it.

She gazed at me for a moment, before sitting beside me and looking straight out. Her hand went out for mine to take. “Would you like to have a look around? Well, I mean, of course I’ll show you around, but, you see…”

“Sure, I’d like that a lot.” I said gently and we got to our feet, hand in hand.

She toured me around, showing me the rooms in the flat; the kitchen, the sitting room, the study, and finally her bedroom. The other places in the flat were nice, tidy, and very Luce. Sprays of flowers appeared here and there and photographs of the same vibrant plants were positioned tactfully over the painted walls. Her bedroom, though, struck me as the most Luce-like thing in the entire place.

It was layers upon layers of things; starting with her duvet and stopping at her carpet. My eyes took in every little sight each treasured trinket, from the way it smelled just like her hair to the colors that accented her so brightly, the same hazel-blues of her eyes, and the same reddish browns of her hair. They say there’s always that one part of the house that everyone likes to be in, and I could tell this was Luce’s. I walked over, still in my daze, and picked up a photo frame from the night table housing a smiling little red head and a middle-aged man. Before I could ask her, though, she answered.

“That’d be my dad,” Her voice was soft and low and her hands were in her back trouser pockets.

“Ah, you favor quite nicely.” I chuckled and noticed that the two held the same winning smile.

“I sure hope not, I like to believe my hairline hasn’t receded just yet.” She winked and I laughed, tightening her furry-hooded coat around my shoulders.

She gently took the photograph from my hands and gave it a good look, drinking in the memory before she replaced it on the tableside. I reached up to brush that rogue strand of hair from her eyes and she smiled at me, a genuine smile, before I felt her lips on my own once more.

To be totally honest, I was more-than-slightly overwhelmed at all the feelings coursing through me. This was no longer some illicit affair lived out through tiny kisses and feeble attempts at taking one another in the back of the flower shop- no, this was real and tangible now, and the thoughts of reincarnation screamed through my mind. Perhaps we had been together in another life, perhaps we’d been friends or lovers, or didn’t get the chance, and now we were here, living it out.

She pressed me down against her unmade bed with a touch so gentle that it made me gasp. She did it again, brushed her fingertips over my lips and kissed me so passionately that I’d forgotten where I was. When she pulled back to push up the grey thermal top I was wearing, I asked her why she did that, brushed my lips like that.

“I want to remember them, in every sense. The way they look, taste, and how they feel; the sound they make when they touch mine…” Her face was inches from mine and her hands were gentle as they coursed through my hair.

“Feel free to train your memory,” I mumbled back and she kissed me again, breath exhaled, and I reached to unzip one of the many layers of Luce.

This caused a chain-reaction of clothing removal and after Luce had reverently removed her coat from my torso and the thermal underneath it, I was left simply in a plain, boring bra and still my trousers and pants. I suddenly wished I had worn something more vibrant or edgy, but the way Luce looked at me made it all worth while. She made me feel, just by those burning eyes, that I was much more vibrant and edgy.

It took a lot of finagling to get the rest of Luce’s clothing off and at one point I stopped to laugh a bit. “How many shirts have you got on, woman?” I joked and rolled the thin fabric of yet another t-shirt off of her body.

“I get cold easily, what can I say?” She smirked and helped me remove it, until we finally matched.

We kissed for what seemed like hours upon end. When Luce finally pulled back my lips felt swollen and puffy, from overuse, no doubt. She stared at me, spotting the nervousness in my eyes. I was sure about us, that stood unquestionable, but I’d never been with a woman before, intimately of course. Luce knew this, I knew this, and we shared a look that reaffirmed this. She reached around and undid the clasp of my bra with a few fingers, while her eyes stayed on mine. I was impressed at that little parlor trick and I touched her face. She kissed my palm before lowering her head to my chest.

It wasn’t a new experience, by terms of technicalities. I’d been with men, who’d done the same exact thing with their lips and mouths, but with Luce…with Luce it made my back arch and the way she so gently handled my breasts, I honestly could’ve wept. Men are all about power and dominance and getting what they want right then, but Luce took her time and I found this the perfect opportunity to try out my luck on her own bra. The clasp was standard, three prongs, and in the back, but I couldn’t get it for the life of me. It was the opposite of removing my own bra, the mirror, and without looking up from her handiwork, she reached around and undid it, sliding it off of her chest.

I touched her, gently at first, and I felt her tremble, much like she had when we rolled around at Flowered Up. I could feel it course through her and into me and that made me bite my lip. I wasn’t very vocal in bed, found it a bit harrowing, but, Luce was testing that. When she looked up from where her mouth had been on my breasts, I felt the room’s air splash against the spots she’d been kissing and sucking. It made me gasp once more and she smiled at me, eyes still bright and charming, though holding something much more unobtainable. Upon noticing this, my heart tried to leap out of my chest and met resistance of my very ribcage, the sound audible in my eardrums.

My touches became bolder and I circled around her nipples with my fingertips. She shook again and I looked at her, wanting to make sure this was alright, by her standards. She gave me another reassuring grin and the hands once previously outlining the contours of my chest began lowering to my stomach. I once believed I didn’t have stomach muscles, but I could feel them now, tensing and twisting as her hand made its descent. I whimpered- a sound foreign to my own ears. When she reached the button on my trousers, she undid it gently as well as the zip, and moved her mouth up to mine once more.

I took her lead, followed her, and undid her jeans as slowly and with as much calculation as she’d undone mine. While we kissed she got me out of my trousers and socks, leaving me upon the welcoming softness of her bed in nothing but my pants. They, too, were boring, but, Luce didn’t seem to mind. She pulled away again and stared down at me, one hand sliding through my already messy hair as she spoke, having to clear her throat a few times before finally getting the point across.

“Lily of the Valley means you’ve made my life complete…” She said, tracing her fingers down over the bone of my hip.

“Tell me more…” I coaxed as she worked her way out of her jeans and the two pairs of socks she was wearing.

“Hmm… Primrose means I can’t live without you.” She mumbled, kissing the side of my neck, making my eyes fight to keep open and the sounds fight to keep quiet.

“What…else?” I managed, feeling as she made her way to my earlobe and began nipping at it. This was a whole new side of Luce, like the removal of layers had brought her out, and my fingernails drug over her bare back, feeling lean muscles all the way through.

“Gloxinia means love at first … sight.” She whispered into my ear, in such a tone that the groan came without warning out of my throat.

“Oh, Luce,” I whispered as her hand sprawled out on my stomach. Her fingertips were somewhat calloused, and I could only imagine the amount of times she pricked herself on a thorn or tore her skin on a bit of nettle.

When her fingertips breached the waistband of my pants, I held my breath. She stilled her fingers and picked her head off from doing such lovely things to the bottom of my throat. Her eyes found mine again and softened, her whole face illuminated by them as she began moving once more. At first she was tentative, scared almost, touching me like one would hold a snowflake. Her eyes never left and I gave her another smile, I wanted her, and I needed to feel her. When her fingertips wove around that small, sensitive bit of flesh I whispered her name, partially in disbelief that a few gentle touches had me feeling this way.

It only progressed from there. Her fingertips left that pearl-sized bundle of nerves and found their way at the very core of my desire. She kept my eyes and used her other hand to touch the side of my face. I was biting my lip and trying not to squirm too frequently when she entered me, causing my head to jerk back with a sharp-as-shark-teeth gasp. She moved slowly at first, getting me used to her fingers while I held onto her waist, moving my hands over her hips and down the front of her checkered pants. She continued, speeding up some, the affect making it hard not to moan, until finally, I did, her name falling once like a stone into the void.

When this happened she stopped totally and looked at me, pressing kisses over my forehead and nose, cheeks, and finally lips. She wasn’t even half-finished with her task, so I was curious. “Are you alright?” She asked, softly again, voice a whisper, a flurry of emotion evident in it.

“Yes, Luce, I’m perfect.” I said and pushed the hair back from her face, leaning up to kiss her again; then, decided I would help reinforce that statement.

“Yes, you are…” She whispered once more and started up again, slow at first though picking up where she left off. My hands fell to her pants, and I removed them, with some help from her. Grinning at this, she took mine off as well, an embarrassed chuckle when she realized she hadn’t done that yet.

Once more, I imitated her, every touch I delivered and every caress I gave was formulated from something Luce had done to me. I had heard often that imitation was the greatest form of flattery, and I was hoping that Luce was feeling flattered. She certainly seemed happy, compliments and gentle requests left her lips and I complied, finally getting to the same rhythm as she, though she had slowed to wait for me to catch up. She pulled me up with her free hand so that I was nearly in her lap, our fingers never ceasing their duties as she stared at me. Our foreheads touched and I watched it, her face, twitching, changing. She tugged the sensitive skin of her lower lip in between her teeth and her brows crinkled together. I knew she was close, as was I.

We tried to kiss at that moment, but the need for air reigned over it. Our lips brushed and touched, though it wasn’t a proper kiss, it was perfect for the moment.  I heard the somewhat far-off sound of bedsprings squeaking though barely registered it, trying to get enough oxygen into my lungs at the exchange between us. Gasps filled the space in between our lips and I heard a few staggered cries of “Rachel” and responded with my own utterances of “Luce” which started off soft and grew in volume, wave after wave of whatever this woman was doing to me, hitting me, drowning me, until finally…

She was the one to toss her head back first and I was quick to follow, rocking through something that had positively shattered me. I couldn’t help slumping against her, my head on her chest, her hands in my hair, stroking down my back. I could hear her heart, pounding incessantly in her chest and imagined my own to sound something similar. We stayed that way for a few moments, before the over-heated state of my body began to regulate and I shivered as a wave of goose pimples washed over me. She was quick and attentive, sliding the sheets up and over me, not leaving me though, arms winding around my middle as I turned to face her.

What a sight she was- completely glowing, eyes laughing, and hair royally messy from the previous actions. In a charge of intimacy I reached out and smoothed a bit of it down. She continued grinning and scooted her pillow closer to me. The one I was resting against smelled just like her; flowers, sandalwood, and something only she could mix up, another layer.

“You’re on my side, you know…” She said playfully and I grinned, nuzzling into the pillow for affect.

“I wondered why I’d felt so at ease.” Winking, I moved closer to kiss her again.

“What? You think the essence of me is imprinted in my bed sheets?” She chuckled and smoothed some of my hair down as well.

“Yes, I do, I really do, and now the essence of you is imprinted all over me, too.” I said gently, not wanting to break the mood between us.

“And you as well, you’ve got quite sharp claws, Rachel.”

“Claws?!” I said, laughing, “Well, then!”

“Oh, I’m only joking, but you’ve definitely left your mark on me.” She winked and I leaned over to kiss her, running my hand over where I had probably scratched her, right under her shoulder blades, I felt her wince, and we shared a laugh.

“You have from the moment I saw you, Luce.” I murmured against her lips and smiled a bit, noticing it had grown rather dark in the room.

“You’re amazing,” She whispered and pulled me closer. Her nose nuzzled into the top of my head and we settled there.

As I was falling asleep, I uttered a quiet, “Can I stay here, tonight?” She chuckled of course, and I took that as a yes, seeing as her arms didn’t loosen around me and the soft, evenness of her breaths blew against my cheek.


I awoke several hours later and smiled to myself as the remembrance of last night flooded my head. When I turned to say good-morning to the one I’d shared such an evening with, I noticed her spot was empty and I frowned. Had she been getting second thoughts? I sat up and looked around, only to spot, on the table beside me, a large arrangement of gorgeous flowers that hadn’t been there the previous night. I recognized the Primrose and the Lily of the Valley, but the other flower was hard to detect and as I leaned closer I noticed the tiny envelope tucked inside the arrangement.

“Rachel- Primrose, Lily of the Valley, and Gloxinia… forever… -Luce.”  I covered a hand over my mouth as I remembered the previous conversation of flowers at a more-than-tender moment last evening. I replaced the card and settled back into her bed, smiling idiotically to myself.

I must’ve been like that for quite some time before she came back in the room, wearing a sleep shirt that barely covered the bottom of her arse. I grinned to her and she proffered me one of the two paper cups of coffee in her hand.

“Sorry, woke up and realized we were out, so I went to get some at the shop.” She smiled and drank from hers.

“Hopefully not like that.” I surveyed her garment choice again and opened the sheets to her once more. She crawled closer and settled against me. I drank from the store-bought coffee, allowing the caffeinated beverage to clear my head some.

“‘Course not.” She sipped, “I just went naked.”

Laughing, I nearly spilled the coffee all over the bed and managed to steady it, settling it on the tableside. “I love my flowers, they’re gorgeous.”

“You’re gorgeous,” She beamed and I took the coffee cup out of her hands, setting it next to mine.

As I leaned down to kiss her, slightly tainted by the coffee’s taste, I heard the shrill ringing of the phone, when I tried to tell her, she shook her head. “Let it go.”

While we progressed and I got the long shirt off of her body, I half-listened as Luce’s phone machine told whoever was calling that she was busy at the moment or not home. Short and sweet and very much in the spirit of Luce. My ears were totally pricked when the unmistakable sound of Luce’s friend Edie permeated the once-quiet air.

“JESUS’ JAM!” The voice came, Wales-accent very evident. “I phoned your mum! She told me everything about you and Rachel! Why haven’t you phoned me yet you lazy trollop?” Edie sighed over the recorder. “Well, I’m sure you two are still mussing up the sheets, so give me a jingle when you’re decent…” Then, a soft chuckle was heard. “I’m proud of ya, darlin’, you got Barbie.”

I collapsed on top of Luce with a long, hard laugh that shook my shoulders like two matching tubs of trifle.  I gazed at her, naked, laughing, and totally comfortable. “Barbie?” I asked.

“Oh boy,” She smiled. “Can I explain this later?”

I pressed my lips to hers once more. “Definitely.”


Imagine Me & You

This article is about 2005 German-British film. For the 2016 Filipino film, see Imagine You and Me.

2005 film

Imagine Me & You is a 2005 romanticcomedy-drama film written and directed by Ol Parker, and starring Piper Perabo and Lena Headey with Matthew Goode, Celia Imrie, and Anthony Head. It centers on the relationship between Rachel (Perabo) and Luce (Headey), who meet on Rachel's wedding day.

The film takes its title from the first line of the song "Happy Together". Writer and director Parker reveals on the DVD audio commentary that the film was originally titled Click, after the French term for love at first sight, but conflicts with the 2006 Adam Sandler film Click necessitated the name change.


The film opens on Hector "Heck" (Matthew Goode) and Rachel's (Piper Perabo) wedding day in North London, England which Rachel's overbearing mother, Tess, (Celia Imrie), is in charge of planning. Rachel's father Ned (Anthony Head) and her younger sister Henrietta, nicknamed "H" (Boo Jackson), are supportive. Flower shop owner Luce (Lena Headey) and Henrietta are chatting with Hector and Cooper "Coop" (Darren Boyd). Henrietta takes an immediate liking to her, and she asks if Luce can sit by her during the wedding. Rachel arrives with her father and the ceremony begins. During the ceremony, as Rachel walks down the aisle, she makes eye contact with Luce and does a double-take. At the reception afterwards, Luce introduces herself to Rachel, who is blocking her attempts to get a drink, admitting that her wedding ring fell in the punch, and the two fish it out before going their own ways.

Some time later, Rachel goes to Luce's shop and invites her and Hector to dinner, with Rachel planning to set Luce up with Coop. Luce confides to Heck that she's a lesbian and is bemused as Coop attempts to seduce her. During the meal, Luce espouses her belief in love at first sight, while Rachel counters that it takes time to find the right person. Later on that night, Rachel and Luce share a moment together on the balcony as it rains.

The next day while grocery shopping, Hector and Rachel run into Luce and a female friend, Edie (Eva Birthistle). Hector then tells Rachel that Luce is gay. Hector inquires as to the relationship of Luce and Edie, but they assure Rachel and him that nothing is going on. Edie says Luce "loves another."

Hector sets Luce and Rachel up to spend some time together as friends despite Rachel attempting to avoid Luce. The two spend an evening together, visiting a football match and an arcade. At the end of the night, Luce walks Rachel back to her flat. Rachel leans forward to kiss Luce but withdraws at the last moment and goes inside her home.

Rachel continues to resist her growing attraction to Luce. Unable to deny what she is feeling, Rachel eventually confronts Luce directly at her flower shop. The two discuss the state of their relationship in a back room, concealed from any potential customers. She tells Luce that a romance between them cannot happen, turns to leave, and returns seconds later to kiss Luce. Their foreplay gets interrupted by Hector, who has stopped by to pick up flowers for Rachel, feeling guilty about the distance growing between them. Later, Rachel and Luce agree that they cannot betray Hector. Hector quits his job and when he returns home drunk, she confesses all to him as he sleeps, but does not say who her love is. Hector, who was feigning sleep, calls Coop for support. Coop confronts Luce after deducing that she is the one Rachel loves. Luce decides that being near Rachel without being with her is too hard. She makes plans to go on an extended trip out of the country, leaving care of her shop to her mother.

Days later, while Rachel and Hector are celebrating her birthday, Rachel finds out about Luce's trip, and Hector realizes who Rachel is in love with. Wanting Rachel to be happy, he leaves. Rachel confesses to her parents that she is in love with a woman, and she tracks down Luce. Rachel gets stuck in traffic and tries to call Luce, who ignores her. However, Rachel realizes Luce is in the same traffic jam when she hears the same man on a bicycle singing "Happy Together" and comments, "I've heard that song before." Rachel proceeds to climb on the roof of her car. She then uses the lessons Luce taught her at the football match about how to yell loudly to call to her. The two women reunite and kiss each other in the middle of a crowded London street.

During the end credits, we see the characters some time later. Heck is on a plane, all set to write his travel book, when he discovers a young woman with whom he has instant chemistry (Angel Coulby) will be sitting next to him for the long flight. The scenes continue with H and her young boyfriend playing at a playground, Coop holding a baby, and Luce and Rachel enjoying each other's company.



Box office[edit]

On 27 January 2006 the film opened in 106 theaters in the United States. In its opening weekend, the film made US$51,907. It stayed eight weeks on theaters in the US and made US$672,243 in total.[2] In the Netherlands, the film grossed over €97,470, debuting at #10 in its second week. Worldwide the film grossed over US$2,635,305.[2]

Critical response[edit]

On Rotten Tomatoes, Imagine Me & You holds an approval rating of 34%, based on 98 reviews, with an average rating of 5/10. The site's critics consensus reads: "Aside from its lesbian theme, Imagine Me & You can only offer more of the same generic rom-com cliches."[3] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 49 out of 100, based on reviews from 25 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[4]

Common Sense Media stated: "Thank heaven for British romcoms; less crude than their American counterparts and more witty and charming, they show the joy in falling in love, and this one's a worthy addition to the pantheon. What's refreshing about this movie is that every character is interesting and lovable – even the womanizing Cooper (Daren Boyd)."[5]

BBC wrote, "Love at first sight is the subject of debut director Ol Parker's Imagine Me & You, a witty and immensely enjoyable British romantic comedy."[6]

The critical response from gay-friendly sites has been extremely positive: Autostraddle ranked the film at 18 on its list of the 103 best lesbian films of all time.[7]

Luce and Rachel were both included on's "Top 50 Lesbian and Bisexual Characters" list.[8][9]


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Deslea R. Judd
Copyright 2011

Fandom: Imagine Me And You
Character/Pairing: Luce/Rach
Rating: PG.
Spoilers/Timeframe: Whole movie.
Summary: Would be longer than the fic. This is fluff. Much like woollens.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. Interpretation mine.
Feedback: deslea at deslea dot com.
More fic:

Their first Valentine's Day, Luce wakes Rach with a kiss, and presents her with a knitted cardigan.

Rachel makes all the right noises, suppressing a twinge of dismay. It reminds her uncomfortably of her last Valentine's with Hec, which consisted of breakfast in bed and a scarf. She reminds herself that Hec is having a lovely Valentine's Day with his new girlfriend. Rach has only met Sandy once, over Skype, but Sandy seems sweet and utterly devoted. Rachel approves.

Luce is watching her. "Too boring?" she wonders. She doesn't look offended in the least.

Rach isn't as secure as Luce, and she finds her partner's calm acceptance oddly unnerving. "No," she protests, then stops herself. "A little." She is training herself to be truthful with Luce. It was kind-hearted lies, more than anything, that broke Hector's heart.

"The first time you tried to kiss me, you were wearing a cardigan," Luce says with a hint of mischief. "I daydreamed about you in that cardigan. Who knew wool could be that hot?"

Rachel feels her face go warm and red. "I kept thinking about you in that awful hat."

"Put it on," Luce urges. "Humour me."

Rach laughs. Reaches for her bra and shirt.

Luce stays her with a hand on her forearm. "No," she says, her voice dropping a little. "On its own."

She swallows. Pulls it around her. Heart tripping at double-speed as Luce slides questing hands into her hair.

She thinks that cardigans aren't so boring after all.


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Luce and Rachel - Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Imagine me and you

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