8x10 kitchen layout u shaped

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The first part of our U-shaped gallery was huge wasn’t it? I hope you found some eye candy in there. In part two here we grouped together the smallest kitchens we could find.

The two most important tips I can give you for designing small spaces is to never use lot’s of dark colors. They absorb the light and make the space feel even smaller.

Use medium to light tones with lot’s of lighting anywhere you can get it. Recessed in the ceiling and under cabinet lighting are two of the most popular options but consider strip lighting above the cabinets that shines up the wall too if your cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling.

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Enough talk. Here are the pictures.

Making efficient of of a small kitchen in a condo.

That table looks lonely. I would have preferred more counter space and found seating someplace else.

I really like this backsplash.

This smaller space works much better than most larger ones.

Keeping it simple with a splash of color really works well.

I've never seen a stainless farmhouse sink before. I like it.

Not a dream kitchen but a more realistic one.

Thanks the designer for turning this drab kitchen into something special. src

I like the frosted glass on the upper cabinets.

I have never seen a soapstone counter that I didn't like.

Classic New England. Right down to the fresh snow outside.

I think there are a couple more inches usual between the countertop and upper cabinet helping to make the room seem a bit more open.

With small spaces like this there's no excuse not to have the appliances laid out in the classic work triangle.

The sconces on the far wall are a nice touch and draw you into this space.

This is one of my favorites in the entire collection. The green and brown work so well together. I might be partial since green is my favorite color.

Is having the back door open while taking the picture supposed to make the room feel larger?

A little herringbone at the backsplash works for me.

If it's possible, go with an open concept for a small u-shaped kitchen.

Matching the stools to the appliances is a nice idea.

Adding shelves where you don't have the room for cabinets will help keep counters from getting cluttered.

Updated: September 30, 2015

Sours: https://countertopinvestigator.com/21-small-u-shaped-kitchens/

U Shaped Kitchens

By Meg Escott

Let's jump straight in and take a look at design options for u shaped kitchens.

The idea of this page, and others in the kitchen layout ideas section of this site is to concentrate on kitchen layout options, and save you spending hours browsing through interiors photos with different looks but similar layouts.

For all the layouts below there would be some flexibility for location of appliances.  See How to Design a Kitchen for info on placing your appliances.

This page forms part of the kitchen design layout series on house plans helper.

Thin U shaped kitchens

Here's a basic kitchen to start - surrounded by walls / window.  This kitchen layout would have 42 - 48 inches (107 - 122cm) between the facing aisles.  Read more about aisle widths.  The sink is often placed beneath the window.  If the window was in another position the position of the appliances could easily be swapped.

basic u shaped kitchen

One of the main variations on this kitchen is if one of the tails of the U shape becomes a peninsula.  The peninsula might be single, 1½ width or double width.

In the layout below the peninsula has cabinets hanging from the ceiling to provide more storage.

u shaped kitchen with single width peninsulaSingle width peninsula

Here the peninsula has been made wider to provide seating and the overhead cabinets have been dropped.

U shaped kitchen with double width peninsula with seating

Mid Size U Shaped kitchens

Here's a mid size kitchen.  The distance between facing aisles here would be up to around 6ft (183cm) which means there's plenty of room for two cooks.

mid size u shaped kitchen layout

Your kitchen might fit a U shaped kitchen with short tails.

mid size u shaped kitchens with short tails

Or you could build this kitchen into an alcove.  In this design you can have an open or self-contained kitchen depending on whether or not the pocket door(s) are open or closed.

U shaped kitchen in an alcove

Kitchen design layout sometimes requires trading off counter space for storage.  If you're short on storage space in your kitchen, one of the tails of the U can be a wall of three quarter or full height kitchen cabinets, either full depth or half depth.

U shaped kitchen with half depth full height kitchen cabinetsOne tail of the U with half depth full height kitchen cabinets

I guess you could make the base of the U full height cabinets as well!

If you've got space for a mid to large U shape, it's also worth considering a G shaped kitchen.

Large U shaped kitchen

As the U shape grows larger, there's room for a kitchen island floor plan or a farmhouse kitchen.  It becomes necessary to keep the appliances in an L shaped kitchen configuration so that the appliances don't get too far apart.

In the farmhouse kitchen layout below, the distance between the facing aisles is at least 8ft (2.44m) plus the width of the table.  Read more about table clearance.

In this type of kitchen layout there's already sufficient counter space around the appliances so the other side of the U can be used for three quarter or full height kitchen cabinets.

haped kitchen with tableFarmhouse kitchen layout with one side of the U with 3/4 or full height cabinets

More Unusual U Shaped Kitchens

Not all corners are necessarily 90 degrees...

45 degree U shaped kitchen45 degree kitchen

Most of the time when I see a 45 degree (or any other angle for that matter) kitchen I always try to see if a standard U shape would fit better.  The 45 degree design fulfills the purpose of filling up extra space with kitchen space but it isn't as efficient to use.  For example I'd change the arrangement above into a mid size standard shape with a 1½ width or double width kitchen peninsula.

Semi circle curved u shaped kitchenSemi circle curved kitchen

Imagine a lovely bay window or open plan loft with this arrangement.  Wall cabinets would be in short supply and drawers are hard to implement in the base cabinetry because of the curve - but sacrifices have to be made for beautiful shapes.


The main goals of good kitchen design layout are to...

  • Have sufficient counter space.
  • Have sufficient storage.  Have a look at some different kitchen storage solutions and kitchen storage ideas.
  • Have an effective layout, including a kitchen triangle (I call it a kitchen polygon!)
  • Have the right amount of ‘preparation privacy’ for you.  That’s the amount of physical and visual privacy from the dining area and the rest of the home.

So now that we’ve had a look at all the layouts let’s discuss how these kitchens perform in relation to the kitchen design layout goals.

I have to say that thin to mid u shaped kitchen designs are my favorite, and in my opinion the best layout where, for the most part, there's one cook preparing food.  Everything is within easy reach, there's loads of counter space and storage and I feel kind of protected as I'm cooking - it's my area and there's no need for anyone else to be there.  Although help with clearing up is always welcome!

Counter Space

The standard U shaped kitchen has great counter space because there are two corners of counter space.


Lower cupboard space
Again the corners make storage so there’s tons of lower cupboard space.  It is important though to get kitchen storage solutions that make access to the corner cupboards easy.

Upper cupboard space
Even if you choose to have one edge of the U as a peninsula into the room you have the option of putting in upper cupboards that hang down.

Kitchen Layout Effectiveness

The beauty of a U shaped kitchen is that the stove, sink and refrigerator will tend to be on different branches of the U making it a very efficient space.  If the design is a fairly thin U shape – say 42 - 48 inches (or 1.07 - 1.22m) of floor space between the units then you’ve got one of the most effective work spaces there is for one person.  I think it’s important that the refrigerator and any self service activities are placed at the tip of one of the tails of the U otherwise they will interfere with the cooking activity.  This shaped kitchen becomes inefficient (too far to walk) when the units become too far apart, say at 8ft or 2.44cm.

Preparation Privacy

If the end of the U shape is open to the eating area or other area of the home the U shaped kitchen isn’t great for privacy.

If one of the sides forms a peninsula between the kitchen and the eating area then the u shaped kitchen can be made to quite private, particularly if a the peninsula includes a section at bar height to shield the counter top from view.

For the cook, the U-shape tends to by physically private even if the arrangement might not be visually private.  A full U-shape doesn't go anywhere and there's no island for kids to run round so the cook is unlikely to have to contend with too many unwanted visitors.

More kitchen design for you...

More room design for you...

Sours: https://www.houseplanshelper.com/u-shaped-kitchens.html
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50 Unique U-Shaped Kitchens And Tips You Can Use From Them

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A u-shaped kitchen is a highly coveted layout for a househunter since they offer so much space for cabinetry. The u-shaped layout places units around the cook on three sides with the top of the ‘u’ left open for a doorway or an open plan living room. U-shaped kitchens can be combined with dining areas or even a kitchen island if the width of the room allows. An open plan room often presents the opportunity to make one arm of the ‘u’ into a peninsula that can be accessed from both sides, such as for use as a breakfast bar or as a dual sided storage volume. Find all this and more in this inspirational gallery.

Generally speaking, there are six types of kitchen layouts: The One Wall, Galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, Island and Peninsula. There are no strict positions in which to order the stove, fridge or sink, and a kitchen can be combinations of one or more of the typical layouts. For example, you could have an L-shaped kitchen with an island or a peninsula, or a galley kitchen that is linked at one end. In designing a functional kitchen, the kitchen work triangle should be considered, which means that the distance between the sink, stove and fridge should be no more than 1200mm apart. Though, the concept of the kitchen working triangle is now evolving further to take into account multiple cooks, as well as new gadgets and appliances. In comparison to when the concept originated in the 1940s, where kitchens were a utilitarian place typically home to the housewife, our kitchens and equality have come a long way. Microwaves, separate cook tops to ovens, prep stations with an additional mini sink and teamwork all interrupt the traditional triangle. As modern kitchens present an increase in dedicated task zones, secondary triangles become commonplace.

Play with floor levels. This unique u-shaped kitchen is sunken below the floor level of the open plan living room, allowing onlookers a birds-eye view.

Colour coordinate upper units with the wall colour. The wall cabinets in this blue kitchen have been used as reference for the room’s paint colour. Colour coordinating the paint with the units in this way helps the space appear more open.

A different tack has been taken in this blue kitchen, with wall cabinets placed around the full u-shape. However, one side of the arrangement is open to the dining room, and windows run around the rest of the countertop level bringing plenty of airiness to the scheme. Cleaning the backsplash after cooking dinner in this kitchen becomes an exercise in window washing!

Forget the plinths. With the abundance of cabinets typical to a u-shaped kitchen you may be looking for new ways to help your design look more open and spacious. Leaving off the base plinths can help expand the look of your floor space – though do be prepared to get down low to clean out the recess regularly if you’re dropsy with your vegetable choppings.

Create a wrap around storage volume to an adjacent area. The tall height of the oven housing unit and fridge freezer housing has been continued around the corner into the lounge in this open plan home. The extension is used as a media unit surrounding the tv facing the lounge.

Define edges with lighting. LED strips placed just beneath the lip of a kitchen countertop and wall units create an ambient glow.

Make a feature of a niche shelf by picking it out in a different colour. A dark wood tone adds sophisticated flair to an all white kitchen.

Match the baseboard to the backsplash. This grey and white kitchen brings in grey not only through a tiled backsplash but with a coordinated kickboard.

In a long open home, a mid-way u-shaped kitchen can be used to effectively divide the floor plan.

Bring in colour with countertop appliances and accessories. This red kitchen set looks great with warm rustic brick walls.

Black appliances in a white kitchen look punchy and modern. This design has black pieces situated on each of the three straights of the u-shaped kitchen to maintain balance.

Shortening the returns of a u-shaped kitchen can leave room for a fully-fledged dining set.

Combine cabinet finishes, like this wood grain and white gloss modern kitchen.

Let your budget inspire you rather than restrict. Choosing Scandinavian kitchen style can be a cost effective exercise, since the magic of the Scandi aesthetic is simplicity.

Use every nook and cranny for storage in a tiny u-shaped kitchen. Shape shelves into the eaves.

  • 17 |
  • Visualizer: Julian Malik & Magdalena Tutak-Malik
Tailor the design to suit your own lifestyle. One side of this setup has cabinets facing out to the living room where a wine rack on hand. A raised bench is in place where you can easily pop the cork.

Build a lighting soffit. A wood effect soffit has been installed around the ceiling perimeter of this white kitchen, complete with recessed spotlights.

Where there is plenty of natural light, don’t be afraid to go dark with the cabinetry.

Take tiling to the top. This white kitchen has metro tiles stacked almost to the rafters. Dark grout accentuates the tile design.

Get wired – without any hassle. If you don’t want to punch holes in the ceiling for spotlights or install a lighting soffit, how about positioning some exposed bulb kitchen pendant lights. With exposed electrical wiring being on trend you can feel free to string wires from a single power point. If you fancy a bit of colour then go for lengths of brightly bound electrical wire; there’s the pick of the rainbow available out there.

The golden touch. Take your kitchen scheme upmarket with a flurry of gold finishing touches. Try a gold faucet, cabinet handles, tile trims or planters. Leave out your best cooking oils too, they will decorate the countertop with their own golden essence.

Forget making do with a tiny kitchen tv – go big using a projector.

Break with stereotypes. The positioning of the fridge with an adjacent oven at the neck of the ‘u’ in this layout is quite unconventional. The tall units at the back make the plan feel almost like a galley kitchen. The fridge and oven are often situated in tandem in modern kitchens, though some manufacturers warn that the proximity is detrimental to your fridge by making it work harder to achieve the desired internal temperature.

Select an extractor unit to be the main feature.

If you tire of colour schemes quickly, use easily replaceable items to colour the room. Keep bold colours confined to mugs, trays and tea towels to make a decor change gentle in effort and low on price.

Use similar tones but different materials. These coffee coloured wall cabinets match with the walnut wood grain below – yet the change in texture brings interest and makes the space appear less crowded.

Leave a wall free of upper cabinets to make a space appear larger.

Take an indoor kitchen to the great outdoors with a living wall. This one brings a lovely quirk to a tv wall.

Open shelving dipped within a bank of wall cabinetry gives the scheme added depth.

Draw inspiration from a raw concrete kitchen floor, and install an industrial kitchen design.

Kitchen flooring can zone the cooking area from the rest of an open living room.

Create a colour stripe, like in this red and white u shaped kitchen with peninsula.

Colour the opposite side of a peninsular to fit with dining room or lounge decor.

In a large layout, a peninsular can be dedicated entirely to dining, with prep taking place only along an L-shape.

Similarly, if space allows, situate seating on the inside of the peninsular to look outward over the rest of an open plan room.

Think on another level. This u-shaped kitchen is a collection of optical illusions and undulating bench heights.

Mark out a dining area using a contrasting countertop.

For a true ‘u’, how about this curvaceous little number?…

… Or this sleek u-shaped kitchen island.

Create interesting angles where there are none. This geometric peninsula is matched by a diagonal cut baseline across the wall units.

Camouflage a kitchen extractor unit against wall decor, or distract the eye with colourful accessories on adjacent shelving.

This u-shaped kitchen installation allows footfall to move straight past without anyone disturbing the cook.

Use bold wall tiles to add wow factor to a white kitchen…

… Feature floor tiles work well too.

Fashion a glass divide across the length a peninsular to contain cooking splashes or prep mess.

Revamp a tired rustic u-shaped kitchen with some cheerfully painted cabinets and contrasting accessories.

Add personality with unexpected touches. These copper pendant lights and kitchen backsplash give this white kitchen a unique energy.

Don’t think you have the space to complete a u-shaped design? Half depth units can be used along one of the walls to create the effect.

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Bast modular kitchen design -- U shape kitchen design ideas (2021) How to make modular kitchen,

U-shaped kitchen ideas – for ultimate efficiency at your fingertips

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

  • The versatility of this classic layout means it will work no matter what the size, shape of style of the kitchen

    These clever U-shaped kitchen ideas offer something for every space, no matter the size. The design is probably the most practical of layouts and can provide an additional run of potential storage or appliance space compared with a galley kitchen or L-shaped kitchen.

    U-shaped kitchens can work in large spaces, but even small kitchens can benefit from a U-shaped design. Just be sure you have at least two metres of moving-around space between the opposite banks of units.

    The design concept of the ‘golden triangle’ is a natural fit with a U-shaped kitchen layout. When designing your space, keep your fridge, cooker and/or hob and sink between 120cm and 270cm away from each other.

    This will make for a practical, time-efficient and safe use of your space, something that is harder to achieve in longer, galley or L-shaped kitchens, for example.

    Be guided by the size of your room and the light levels when deciding on the look, style and colour of your kitchen. In a smaller space with a central window it may pay to stick to a largely white scheme.

    Modern hi-gloss units will help to keep light levels up as will glazed tiles and stainless-steel surfaces. Larger kitchens may be more able to handle deep colour, dark wood finishes and even hits of pattern.

    U-shaped kitchen ideas

    1. Keep it smart

    A charcoal grey U-shaped kitchen with white worktops

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    The peninsula unit is a great tool for creating a U-shaped kitchen within a larger space. This smart modern design features conventional units along one wall and one window. It also has a peninsula that continues the run of storage and worktop space without the need for a third wall.

    Keeping the space open along one side like this is a great solution for open-plan areas where you want to define a kitchen without screening it from view.

    2. Think minimal

    A white kitchen with silver handles and a double island

    Image credit: David Giles

    This impressive white kitchen has the look of a U-shaped design, while incorporating a walk-through in front of the high level units along the back wall.

    In essence, this design consists of two islands and one wall of floor-to-ceiling unit. By choosing white for cabinetry, ceilings, walls and floor, the boundaries between surfaces blur. This gives the impression of a compact U-shaped design that gradually opens up as you move around.

    Get the look
    Buy now: Kitchen, Howdens

    3. Go dark

    A wooden U-shaped kitchen with cat artwork

    Image credit: Paul Raeside

    If you are looking for kitchen-diner ideas, a U-shaped design is well worth considering. Depending on your space, it may be easy to incorporate a table and chairs at the opposite end of the U shape.

    Consider matching tabletop and worktops for a tailored look. Be bold in a small space, with dark-wood kitchen units and bare white walls. If you can pare back cupboards to the minimum, you may find you have capacity for a table and chairs.

    This smart kitchen has a look all of its own and demonstrates a very individual approach to kitchen design, making the space feel fresh and special.

    4. Work a small space

    A small U-shaped kitchen with wooden worktops and white metro wall tiles

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    Turn a galley kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen by using the third, short wall to house an appliance, such as the range cooker shown here.

    Continue the run of wall units on this third wall for a defined, well designed space that makes the most of all available space without feeling cramped. This is helped by a predominantly white colour scheme tempered by the warmth of wood.

    5. Set up a breakfast station

    A peninsula with a wooden worktop and white bar stools

    Image credit: Neale Smith

    Extend a worktop to form a worktop-level breakfast bar and the third side of a U-shaped kitchen. Like a peninsula, a breakfast bar can extend a kitchen space out into the centre of a room, free from any walls.

    Integrate kitchen and living areas with the use of a single floor treatment and by introducing elements of kitchen storage outside the boundaries of the kitchen. The open kitchen shelving idea shown above stores a collection of wine and water glasses.

    6. Think outside the box

    A kitchen with black worktops, light cupboards and wooden flooring

    Image credit: Rachael Smith

    Even a long narrow space can be home to a U-shaped kitchen: just fit one or two units at right angles at each end of your main bank of storage.

    This forms a very shallow U shape, but a U shape nonetheless and it’s a design that defines the practical kitchen area from the wider eating and entertaining area beyond. The play of hi-gloss cabinet fronts and veneer carcasses helps to further define this division.

    7. Plan around a window

    A white U-shaped kitchen with a large window above the sink

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    In this U-shaped kitchen, a wide window is the central anchor point of the scheme, filling the space with light and showing off matte-finish units, rich wood and glazed tiles in their best light. The use of wood finishes on the floor and worktops brings a warmth and cosiness to an otherwise pale decorating scheme and adds a rustic edge.

    8. Introduce an island unit

    A kitchen with cream cupboards with blue wall tiles

    Image credit: David Giles

    In a small space, you may prefer to have the look of a U-shaped kitchen while swapping out one long run of units on one side for an island unit. This may make your space more useable and is especially useful if your kitchen incorporates a back door. Don’t be afraid to showcase your personality in a compact room. Here, an array of houseplants add a homely touch.

    10. Add colour and pattern

    A pale green U-shaped kitchen with a floral blind on the window

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Swap wall units for open shelves on one side of a U-shaped kitchen and it will help to open up the space a little, especially next to a full-height cabinet, such as oven housing. Using a contrasting wall paint will help to highlight the absence of cabinetry. Pops of red and pink on small appliances, kitchen linen and accessories enliven this predominantly green kitchen colour scheme.

    11. Add character

    A kitchen with white cabinets, wood worktops and pale green walls

    Image credit: Alexander James

    While chimney breasts and windows can prove tricky to design a U-shaped kitchen around, tackled well they can turn into design features in their own right.

    The integration of a hob, oven and cooker hood into this chimney and the fit of base and wall units around the adjacent alcove and window spaces bring oodles of charm and character to this space. A lovely warm green on walls makes the perfect backdrop to country-cream units and oak worktops.

    Get the look
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    What are you waiting for? Get planning your ideal U-shaped kitchen now!

    Sours: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/kitchen/u-shaped-kitchen-ideas-182494

    Kitchen layout shaped 8x10 u

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