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Your O2 voicemail is available to all O2 customers while abroad. If you plan on using your voicemail while you are away you will need to make sure that you know your voicemail pin number.

If you do not know your voicemail pin, or haven’t set it up, then you will need to re set your pin before you travel.

How to reset your voicemail pin;

  • Text the word reset to 802901.
  • You will receive a text message with a 5 digit code.
  • Next ring your voicemail as normal by dialling 901.
  • You will be prompted to enter your 5 digit code.
  • You will now be able to reset your voicemail pin. Your pin can be any combination of numbers between 4-10 digits long.

When abroad, just call 901 as usual to use your voicemail. This will work in most countries. If it doesn’t work, call 1780 free from your mobile or +447802 090 100, and O2 will send you a text with the correct number you need to call.

Depending on which country you are in, you’ll either go straight to voicemail or to your voicemail greeting. If you reach your voicemail greeting, press * on your keypad and enter your pin to listen to your messages.

And remember, if you are an O2 customer you may save money on your mobile usage while abroad by downloading the app TU Go. You can find out more here.

If you would like any more advise about how to use your voicemail while you are abroad the please contact us.

Interested in a full unified communications approach to your business? Check out how our Managed IT Services can provide you with the ultimate business connectivity. Alternatively, view our full list of services here.

Sours: https://www.vivio.co.uk/support/using-your-voicemail-abroad-o2/

Voicemail 901

How do I set up my security PIN?

To keep your messages secure you need to set up a voicemail PIN. We’ll ask you to set one up the first time you call 901, or if your phone’s been reset.

How do I personalise my greeting?

Voicemail 901 comes with a standard greeting. To personalise your message, just:

  1. dial 901 from your O2 mobile
  2. press *
  3. choose option 3
  4. follow the prompts to personalise your message.

You can change your greeting as often as you like.

How do I check my messages?

While you're listening to a message you can press:

  • 0 to pause or continue
  • 4 to skip back five seconds
  • 6 to skip forward five seconds.

After you've listened to a message you can press:

  • 1 to replay it
  • 2 to save it
  • 3 to delete it
  • 5 to return the call
  • 7 to forward the message to another mailbox or leave a voicemail for the caller (Pay Monthly customers only)
  • 8 to hear who called you and when
  • 9 to reply by text (Pay Monthly customers only).

How do I manage my messages?

While you're listening to a message you can press:

  • 0 to pause or continue
  • 4 to skip back five seconds
  • 6 to skip forward five seconds.

After you've listened to a message you can press:

  • 1 to replay it
  • 2 to save it
  • 3 to delete it
  • 5 to return the call
  • 7 to forward the message to another mailbox or leave a voicemail for the caller (Pay Monthly customers only)
  • 8 to hear who called you and when
  • 9 to reply by text (Pay Monthly customers only).

How much does it cost to use voicemail?

If you're a Pay Monthly customer, calls to 901 are free. If you're a Pay As You Go customer, they’re charged at your standard tariff rate. If you’re abroad, it costs the same to listen to a voicemail as it does to make a call to the UK. There’s no charge for receiving a message if you don’t listen to it.

How do I use voicemail when I’m abroad?

Before you travel, you’ll need to make sure you know your PIN.

Calling 901 as usual works in most countries. If it doesn’t, call 1780 free from your mobile, or +44 7802 090 100, and we'll text you the right number to call.

Depending on which country you're in, you'll either go straight to your messages or to your voicemail greeting. If it's your greeting, press * and type in your PIN.

If you forget your PIN when you’re abroad, try texting RESET to 802901. If that doesn’t work, contact us and ask us to reset it. You'll then need to change it before you can listen to your messages.

How do I change my PIN?

You can change your pin any time, just:

  • call 901
  • press *
  • Choose option 4
  • Follow the instructions for setting up a PIN.

When you set your PIN, try to choose a number that’s difficult to guess. So don’t go for repeat or consecutive numbers, or the year you were born.

What if I forget my PIN?

You can reset your PIN at any time, just text RESET to 802901. You'll be sent a temporary PIN, which you’ll need to change before you can listen to your messages.
You can change your PIN any time, just:

  • call 901
  • press *
  • choose option 4
  • follow the instructions for setting up a PIN.

When you set your PIN, try to choose a number that’s difficult to guess. So don’t go for repeat or consecutive numbers, or the year you were born.

How do I switch voicemail off?

If you don’t want Voicemail 901 on your phone, dial 1760 free from your mobile to switch it off.

What if I already have O2 Call Alert?

You can’t use Voicemail 901 if you have O2 Call Alert. If you want to swap between the two, call 1710 free from your mobile. Get more information on O2 Call Alert.

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Sours: https://www.o2.co.uk/help/digital-services/voicemail
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Getting Started

Voicemail 901 is set up and ready to go on all new O2 phones. If it is has been switched off on your phone for some reason, just dial 1750 free from your mobile to activate it. On activation follow the prompts to personalise your PIN. If you miss any of the prompts the process is to simply dial 901, key * and then 4.

How do I set up a Voicemail PIN

You will automatically be prompted to set your own PIN when dialing 901 for the first time or if your PIN is still set to the default (8705). To change your PIN:

  • At any time dial 901, key * and then 4.

Switch Voicemail Off

To turn your Voicemail off, from your mobile:

Record your greeting

Let people know they have reached you with your own personal greeting. To record your greeting:

  • Dial 901 to access your Voicemail
  • Key * and then 3

Follow the prompts and record your message.

Check your messages

  • To retrieve your messages at any time, dial 901.

To Listen to you messages from a landline

  • Dial your mobile number
  • Press * to interrupt the greeting
  • When prompted enter your mailbox pin number
  • Key 2 to listen to your messages
  • This is charged at your standard landline costs (dependant on Service Provider).

If you have not changed your PIN via your O2 mobile phone you will not be able to access your messages from a landline or your mobile.

Find out when your messages were received

You can set Voicemail up to tell you the time and date your messages were received by:

  • Dialling 901
  • Keying * for greetings and mailbox settings, then 4 and then 2
  • Following the prompts

If you don't want to set this up for every message, you can still find out the time, date and caller number of specific messages by keying 8 during or after the message.

Get notified by either text or ring back

Choose how you're told about new messages

There are three ways we can let you know when you have a new message:

  • Text message
  • Phone call - you will receive a call straight after the message has been left, then a further two calls at 5 minute intervals followed by a text, if the message has not been listened to.
  • The on-screen Voicemail symbol (this depends on handset type see Related Links)

You can choose the method that suits you best and change it at any time by:

  • Dialling 901
  • Keying * for greetings and mailbox settings and then 4
  • Following the prompts

How do I extend/ reduce divert to voicemail?

To change the ringing time on a "voicemail" divert

  • Key **61*901*11*NO.SEC# SEND (ADD SEC IN INCREMENTS OF 5)

The maximum time delay that can be set is 30 seconds.

How do I set up my Voicemail for overseas travel

Before leaving the UK dial 91780 from your handset, you will receive a text message with your personal Voicemail Retrieval Number. Save it to your address book so you have it to hand for all your trips abroad.

To do this whilst roaming dial +447802 090 100 and you will hear your number Voicemail Retrieval Number.

Apple Visual Voicemail Reset

Sometimes, the visual voicemail feature on Apple iPhones can stop working. O2 suggest the following steps to reset voicemail on an iPhone.

NOTE: Following these steps will destroy all voicemail messages on the phone, plus lose any saved WiFi settings (e.g. Eduroam)

  1. Turn off voicemail by dialling 1760 from the phone. You should heard a message confirming voicemail has been deactivated.
  2. Perform a reset of network settings on the iPhone. (Home -> Settings -> General -> Reset -> Network Settings) The exact steps may vary based on the iOS version.
  3. Send an SMS message to 9011, with the word "STATE" (Note the capitalisation).
  4. After a few minutes, power off, and power back on again the iPhone.
  5. Re-enable voicemail by dialling 1750.
  6. Re-test to see if Visual Voicemail is working.


No Answer**61*NUMBER#*#61###61#
Phone Off/Unreachable**62*NUMBER#*#62###62#
On Busy**67*NUMBER#*#67###67#

Replace NUMBER with the number you wish to divert to. Use 901 to divert to O2 voicemail. If you divert to a number other than O2 Voicemail, you will be charged for the diverted call.

Sours: https://www.phone.cam.ac.uk/your-phone/mobile/voicemail
How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone and Android (Any Carrier)

O2 Voicemail Number – Complete Step-by-Step Guide 2021 [Updated]

This is the post if you want to know all about o2 Voicemail Number in details. Today we have shared a complete step by step guide related to o2 Voicemail number.

Basically, Voicemail is a voice answered machine or a Voice system, that allows people to send and receive voice messages. Just Like a normal text message it also has information, although it is present in the form of a person’s voice format.

The word Voicemail is more often used to describe any service operator network that carries voice messages from sender place to receivers device.

What is o2 voicemail number

What is o2 voicemail number

By default o2 voicemail number is 901. It is a virtual answering machine that answers all your calls when you are not present or busy with something. Hence, it also informs you through notification if you receive any new voice message on your cell phone.

If you are an O2 customer then it is available to you by dialling 901 from your mobile device. The company has already included these services with all new O2 mobile device.

The best thing about this feature is its user friendly interface. To begin with this feature you have to first turn it on.

Now you want to know how you can activate O2 Voicemail number service on your number. Follow below step by step process or you can contact on Customer service number toll-free:

Activate O2 Voicemail service.

  • Firstly, Open dialer in your O2 mobile.
  • Dial 1750 and click on the call button.
  • Now your VM service is now activated.

Deactivate O2 Voicemail Number

  • In your O2 mobile Dial 1760 Number.
  • Next press dial button.
  • It will automatically Deactivate this service from your number.
Deactivate O2 Voicemail Number

How to Change Default Greetings

The company has set a default message for all the caller but if you want to change it with your own voice you can do it. In order to change the default greetings in O2 Voicemail, check below steps:

  • First of all, Dial 901 on your mobile.
  • Next, press * button
  • Then you will hear a number of options.
  • Select option number 3 from the list.
  • Greeting menu will appear now select 2 option to record your own voice greeting.
  • From Option 3 a new greeting will record with a new nametag.
  • Finally, follow the next step to complete the process.

How to Check Your O2 Voicemail Message

Check Your O2 Voicemail Message

You have two option to check voicemail messages i.e; Using landline or your mobile. Both the process are totally different.

Check message on Landline

Checking messages on a landline is quite easy you only have to dial your own number and then it will ask for Pin code. In this process, you will require a pin code to access your mailbox from a landline.

For your information, when you have called 1901 for the first time it will ask you to create a Pin code for your mailbox. If you don’t remember your Pin code, contact Customer service number. Enter the Pin code and you are all good to go check your voicemail inbox.

  • You don’t require your mobile device so switch off your number. So that when you call on your own number it will redirect you to Voicemail section.
  • Just like that dial your Mobile number from a landline.
  • Once you hear greeting, hit the *(star) button.
  • Now you have to enter your Pin Code (By Default Pin is 8705).
  • At last, follow the instruction to listen, remove or save your voice message.

Check message on Mobile

  • To Listen to Voice message on your device you have to dial O2 Voicemail number android i.e; 1901 from your device.
  • You also have another option that is long-press 1 button (in some of the device speed-dial voicemail is set to Number 1).
  • After call connected to your mailbox, you will hear menu options like:
    • To pause voice message press 0.
    • For continue listening to a voice message press 0 again.
    • Button 4 & 6 is for Skip Message Back & forward for 5 seconds.

Once you have listened to all your message then a new menu option will appear to save, delete and play again.

  • Button 1 is used to replay your voice message.
  • Number 2 & 3 is used to save and delete the message.
  • Dial number 5 to return from your message.
  • Number 7 is to skip your message in the forward direction for 5 sec.
  • Button 8 will give you information regarding who called you and the time frame.
  • If you want to reply to the voice message you heard by text dial 9 button.

Cost for O2 Voicemail number

What is the cost in abroad

Now you are wondering how much does it cost to activate o2 voicemail number on your number. For your information let me help you,

  • For all pay & Go, a customer of O2, Listen to voicemail are chargeable. You can check all call charges here or type https://www.o2.co.uk/freesim/.
  • According to the new tariff plan, For all the monthly pay customers, it will come out of your allowance which cost you around 35ppm.

O2 voicemail number abroad


If you are a traveller or a business person and used to travel a lot, then you may want to know O2 voicemail number abroad. To check your O2 Voice messages abroad you have to dial the same number (901) as you dial when you are in the UK.

This will only work in a country where you have a network connection. If you are able to use your number in another country then you are able to use O2 Voicemail number service.

The cost of Voicemail service abroad is the same as you call to another number in the way back to the UK. The charge of a normal call and the charge to listen to a voice message abroad is the same.

If you have any kind of problem in abroad for voice message dial +447802 090 100 from your O2 mobile number.


Some Frequently Asked QnA

Q1: How to change number of rings before voicemail o2?

This method will only work for all O2 mobile. In order to control the number of rings before calls divert to voicemail, you have to dial a number in the same order.
**61*901*11*30# and hit Dial button.
here 30, at last, means the time in seconds before calls divert to the mailbox.

You can set it according to your need in the multiple of 5 means, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. Where 5 seconds is the minimum time & 30 seconds it the maximum. Watch this video for more information https://youtu.be/UqX9zBxURtE

Q2: How to change Pin code of Voicemail?

Firstly, Dial 901 number from your register mobile number.
After greeting press * button and hit number 4.
After that you have to follow the instructions.

Q3: Number to turn off Voicemail completely?

Alternatively, if you wish to cancel voicemail service or turn off Voice message on your number, you have to dial 1760. It will switch off the feature temporary or if you change your mind in future dial 1750 it will start again.

Sours: https://isprovider.org/o2-voicemail-number/

Number? o2 voicemail

Want to turn off O2 voicemail in quickly?

There can be several reasons why you would want to disable the voicemail feature on your phone. 

Whether you are avoiding additional charges from your network provider or avoiding people trying to contact you, there are many ways to go about it depending on your cellular provider and phone.

Luckily, O2 provides us with a quick and easy approach to manually disable your voicemail feature, which we will discuss in this article.

We will also discuss simple alternative techniques in case the first trick does not work.

All About O2 Voicemail Feature

o2 voicemail

Voicemail 901 is O2’s advanced answer-phone function that takes care of our incoming calls and texts.

It has a personalised greeting feature, which answers our missed calls, and a notification system that lets us know whether we have new messages.

This service involves calling 901 several times so Pay Monthly customers get to access all its features for free, while Pay As You Go users need to pay the standard tariff rate for every call.

Aside from this, the same rates apply when receiving and listening to messages abroad.

How to Set Up O2 Voicemail

how to setup o2 voicemail

This feature is readily available on all of O2’s new mobile phones.

But there are instances in which you would need to set it up on your smartphone manually. 

Luckily, you can do it on your own in less than a minute by calling 1750.

After a few minutes, you will experience a message saying that your voicemail service is up and ready to go. 

You can also try contacting your number using another phone to check whether you have successfully set it up.

Aside from turning on your O2 answer-phone service, you can also place a security PIN for added safety. You can do this by calling 901 for free.

You can even personalize your greetings and messages as follows:

  • Dial 901 and press * on your phone.
  • Choose the third option and follow the on-screen instructions to complete this step.

How to Turn off O2 Voicemail

how to turn off o2 voicemail

Since this service is readily available on all O2 mobile phones, knowing how to turn it off is essential, mostly if you are avoiding spam calls and messages.

Aside from O2’s quick and easy dial method, there are several alternative ways to go about it, depending on your phone model.

O2 Turn Off Voicemail: Quickest Method

The easiest and quickest O2 turn off voicemail feature method is calling 1760 on your mobile phone for free.

Once you have dialed this number, people trying to reach you will no longer be able to leave messages to you when you are away.

But to ensure that you have successfully disabled this service, we suggest calling your number using your friend’s phone.

Don’t worry because you can always reactivate this feature by calling 1750.

Alternative Method: Manually Disabling the Feature

Although calling 1760 is the easiest and quickest trick to turning off your O2 voicemail, there are instances in which this technique does not work.

Whether it is due to service outages from O2’s end, or software damage on your phone, let us look into the alternative methods on how to turn off O2 voicemail without calling 1760:

For iPhone Users

turn off o2 voicemail iphone

Android and iPhone smartphones have the function to deactivate this service through their settings menu.

If you are an Apple user, here is how you can do this:

  • Click on the Phone icon under your home screen. Make sure you are in the keypad section.
  • Enter #404 and press the green call button to turn off this service.
  • Check whether you have successfully disabled the feature on your smartphone.
  • You can do this step by calling your number using a different phone.
  • If your number prompts you to leave a message, try doing steps 1and 2 again.

For Android Users

turn off o2 voicemail android

Android users may have a different way of deactivating this service from iOS customers.

Here is how you can disable this feature on an Android smartphone:

  • Click on the Phone icon under your home screen.
  • Press Menu and then go to Settings.
  • Click on the Voicemail option and tap on Visual Voicemail.
  • Check whether you have successfully deactivated this feature.
  • If not, try doing steps 1 to 3 again.

If the method above does not work, you can still disable this service by following these steps:

  • Tap the Settings icon found on your home screen.
  • Select the Device option, and then press Apps.
  • Click on the Phone option and choose More Settings.
  • On this page, make sure to disable Forward When Unanswered, When Busy, and When Unreached.
  • Check whether you have successfully deactivated this feature. If not, try doing steps 1 to 4 again.

Switching to O2 Call Alert

Aside from calling 1760, you can also disable your current Voicemail 901 service if you switch to O2 Call Alert.

You can do this method by calling 1710 on your smartphone for free.

Compared to O2’s Voicemail 901 feature, this Call Alert service lets you know whether you have missed a call by sending you a message containing the caller’s number.

You can check out this link for more information regarding this feature.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Messages

O2 is among the top cellular providers here in the UK, and like any other company, it puts its customers’ peace of mind on top of their priorities.

Because of this, its Voicemail 901 service lets its customers know whether they have a missed call from their loved ones.

Although this feature is readily set up on their mobile phones, disabling it is as easy as pie.

Calling 1760 may be the easiest way to go about this ordeal, but there are other alternatives to turn off O2 voicemail that you can do on your own.

Further Read: Check out how to redeem your O2 unclaimed rewards.

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How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

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