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Printable Coupon: $3 off Blue Rhino Propane Tank + Walmart Deal

There's a new printable coupon available for $3/1 Blue Rhino Propane Tank (with an exchange or not) that you can use at Walmart or Lowe's to get a good deal after coupon.

Deals available this week using the coupon include:


Blue Rhino Propane Exchange, $14.92
$3/1 Blue Rhino Propane Tank printable coupon
Total after Coupon: $11.92 ea.


Blue Rhino Propane Exchange, $19.97
$3/1 Blue Rhino Propane Tank printable coupon
Total after Coupon: $16.97 ea.

If you can't find the coupon, there is also a $3 mail-in rebate available for Blue Rhino propane exchange at participating locations (through 12/31/20).  There's a limit of 1 rebate per household per calendar year.

How Does a Propane Exchange Work?

When your propane tank is empty, simply bring your old tank with you to the store (like Walmart or your local gas station that does tank exchanges).  It's super important to leave the tank outside the store since propane tanks are flammable. 

Then, head inside the store and tell the cashier you'd like to purchase a propane tank exchange.  An employee will help you out by taking your empty propane tank and giving you a full one from the propane exchange kiosk.

Should You Exchange or Refill Your Propane Tank?

It can be a bit cheaper to get your tank refilled rather than do a tank exchange, but there are some benefits to doing the exchange.  First, the exchange tanks has been inspected, cleaned, and tested for leaks.  Second, there are more locations for exchanges than refills, so it may be difficult to find a good place to get your tank refilled.  And, third, propane exchange locations are usually open on nights and weekends (which is usually when we run low on propane in our house!).

How Long Does a Propane Tank Last?

The average propane tank will last for about 18 to 20 hours of grilling on most grills.  The propane tank itself has an expiration date of 12 years from the date of manufacture.  So, if you refill instead of exchange, make sure you watch the date and do an exchange around the 12 year mark.

How Can I Tell How Much Propane is Left in My Tank?

Since each tank weighs about 18.5 pounds when they are empty, you can weigh the tank to see how much propane is left by subtracting 18.5 from the total.  Each 1.5 pounds will last for about an hour of cooking.

For additional printable coupons, check out Coupons.com, Savings.com, Lozo, and Smart Source.  If this coupon is no longer available, you can search for all available coupons in my Coupon Database.  Plus, check out the daily featured printable coupons with deals and my online coupon code database for online shopping.

Sours: https://www.centsablemomma.com/blue-rhino-propane-tank-deal/

Walmart stores don’t just sell useful products at affordable prices. They also offer essential services that will help you keep the items you buy in top condition!

With that in mind, you might be wondering whether Walmart will fill or exchange propane tanks at its many stores. Here is what I discovered.

Does Walmart Fill & Exchange Propane Tanks In 2021?

Walmart does not fill propane tanks in 2021 as Walmart stores do not have the necessary equipment to refill empty propane tanks. However, Walmart does exchange empty propane tanks for full ones in many of their stores for as little as $14.99 for a Blue Rhino 20lb tank.

So, how does Walmart’s propane tank exchange work? Here’s everything you need to know, from pricing to the types of tanks eligible for exchange.

Does Walmart Exchange Propane Tanks?

While Walmart stores and employees do not have the equipment needed to refill empty propane tanks, you can exchange empty tanks for full ones in many of Walmart’s physical stores.

In order to exchange an empty propane tank purchased from Walmart, simply take yours into any Walmart store that sells propane tanks.

Due to federal restrictions, you cannot complete a propane tank exchange through the Walmart website. This is because propane tanks cannot be returned by standard mail.

You can exchange a propane tank at Walmart regardless of the condition the tank is in. The brands that Walmart sell and, therefore, exchange in-store include:

  • Amerigas propane tanks.
  • Blue Rhino propane tanks.
  • Backyard Grill propane tanks.
  • Flame King propane tanks.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Propane Tank Exchange + How Does It Work?

If you have an empty propane tank lying around the house, then you might be happy to know that Walmart accepts any working propane tanks (even the really old and dinted ones) in exchange for their tanks.

Once you have brought your existing tank into Walmart, they will exchange it with a full, cleaned, and inspected propane tank.

Typically, it usually costs around $5 to $6 per gallon to exchange an empty propane tank. This makes it slightly more expensive than it would be to refill a propane tank.

However, there are more exchange stations across the country, many of which are in handy stores such as Walmart, which makes exchanging tanks far more convenient than refilling them.

Plus, Walmart prides itself on offering its products and services at low prices. As such, they will exchange a five-gallon propane tank for just $14.92.

If you are looking to fill a Co2 tank at Walmart, you can also see my guide here, where I cover this topic in more detail!

How Much Do Propane Tanks Cost At Walmart?

You can also buy brand new propane tanks from Walmart, either through the Walmart website or in your local store.

If you choose to buy online, you will be able to choose from a wider selection of propane tanks. This is because the Walmart website sells products from third-party suppliers as well as the stock it has in-store.

The propane tanks available on Walmart.com include:

  • Coleman Propane 16oz Camping Fuel 4-pack, $13.87.
  • Flame King 20lb Propane Cylinder Tank, $49.99.
  • Flame King 20lb Horizontal Propane Tank Refillable Cylinder With OPD Valve And Gauge, $119.75
  • Manchester Tank 20lb, $38.62.

To find out whether or not your nearest Walmart stores stock any of these or other propane tanks, it’s worth calling ahead and asking. Or, you can check the stock of your local store using the Brickseek Walmart Inventory Checker.

What Other Stores Fill Propane Tanks?

If you would rather get your propane tank refilled rather than exchanged at Walmart, then there are other stores you can go to. However, it is harder to find a refill station for propane tanks than it is an exchange station.

That doesn’t mean to say that it’s impossible. In fact, a lot of national chains offer propane tank refilling in many of their outlets. For example:

Additionally, if you are traveling in an RV, you might want to read up on Walmart’s overnight parking policy. Also, don’t forget to see our other posts on whether or not Walmart refills Co2 tanks and the Dollar General propane tank exchange service.


Even though you cannot get propane tanks refilled at Walmart, you can exchange empty tanks at many Walmart locations.

So long as your local Walmart sells propane tanks, you will be able to exchange your empty one for a full one at a discounted price.

Given that Walmart’s selection of propane tanks are really affordable already, this is a more convenient option than finding a store that offers refills.

However, if you would still rather your propane tank was filled rather than exchanged, there are several US chains that offer the service.

Sours: https://querysprout.com/does-walmart-fill-propane-tanks/
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Walmart: Propane Exchange as low as $2.92!

walmart propane
Grilling season is around the corner – and that’s worth celebrating! My husband will actually grill year-round, but it’s much more pleasant when the sun is out. It’s been too long since we’ve had a grilled burger!

In this week’s Walmart ad, you’ll find an amazing deal on propane tank exchanges or purchases. Most Walmart stores carry Blue Rhino brand tanks – and if so, you can save another $6 after coupon and rebate. This offer is advertised through April 5, 2014 (it has been extended!).

NOTE: My local ad advertised $18.92, but the actual price was $15.82 when I went to purchase! I paid $15.82 + tax, got a $10 gift card and can submit for the $3 rebate = $2.82!

Need to EXCHANGE a Propane Tank?

$18.92 Blue Rhino Propane Exchange (return your old tank)
(zip 73019; no longer available)
Pay $15.92 + tax, get a $10 Walmart gift card
Submit for $3.00 Blue Rhino Mail-in Rebate
As low as $2.92 after all discounts!

Need to BUY a NEW Propane Tank?

$46.82 Blue Rhino Propane Purchase (new tank)
(zip 73019; no longer available)
Pay $43.82 + tax, get a $25 Walmart gift card
Submit for $3.00 Blue Rhino Mail-in Rebate
As low as $15.82 after all discounts!

TIP: If you’re headed to Walmart anyway, you may want to order your FREE Gain Dryer Sheets (after cashback) now and pick them up when you go to grab your propane tank!

Thanks, Nerissa and My Litter!

Sours: https://www.bargainstobounty.com/2014/03/walmart-propane-exchange/
How to exchange your propane tank at home depot

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