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Onecraigs allows you to search all of the cities/states in the entire Craiglist website or each individual state with one query for the items you are looking to find whether it's a car/truck/motorcycle, tools and materials for your business, a new job, a house or apartment or even that boat you have been dreaming about and much more. Many times sellers are willing to ship smaller items to you if you ask (not always of course). You can just pay them through PayPal or similar. Despite shipping costs these items can still be a good value and save you time over driving across town to pick up an item. It can also be safer since you aren't exposing yourself to possible danger when meeting with a stranger for a transaction.

Search Craigslist by State

Tips for Searching Craigslist

1.To find specific item, like a red convertible Mercedes-Benz you simply add quotantion marks around all of the words you want to require in your search like this - "red convertible Mercedes-Benz".

2.To include multiple words in one search you can use the pipe character (looks like this |). On a desktop keyboard it's above the backslash on the same key. Example; "Mercedes | convertible"

3.If you want to exclude words from a search you can use the minus sign, for example; Mercedes convertible -black. This would result in finding all colors expect black. You can also use multiple minus, signs for example: Mercedes convertible -black -white

4.You can also group search phrases for more filtering by using parentheses for example; "red (C Class | D Class) -2018 -2017". This will search Craigslist for listing containing red and either C Class or D Class but will exclude 2018 and 2017

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Today’s online marketplaces like LetGo, Offerup, and Facebook Marketplace have taken the spotlight away from Craigslist, but unlike the old classifieds – which are long dead – Craigslist is still a viable site for buying and selling. The site is great at finding deals located in your area. With specific Craigslist listings in each market, it’s easy to shop for items that are available in your area without having to worry about shipping.

However, many users want more results than just their local area, which is where third-party Craigslist search applications come in handy.

In this article, I will show you how to use web-based Craigslist search engines as well as smartphone apps to run searches in multiple areas at once. If you’re more interested in selling than in buying, you’ll want to check out our article on how to advertise using Craigslist on multiple sites at once. We also have a good article on how to monitor Craigslist for specific keywords or items.

How Craigslist Works

Craigslist is a really useful site, but users have long seen areas where it could be far more functional. Suggestions in that direction have been in vain, however, because Craigslist has a very definite founding philosophy that is built around serving local communities.

Craigslist could easily include cross-location searching, but the site’s creator wanted people to use the site for geo-localized transactions, not as a way to access statewide, national, or global markets. From the time the site was launched, people have tried to use Craigslist in ways that do not keep with the founder’s vision, and that’s OK. As users, we are not under any obligation to keep Craigslist the way its creators want it to be.

However, be advised that going “against the grain” in this fashion runs the risk of having one’s participation on the site curtailed if it is detected.

Can I Search all of Craigslist At Once?

The simple fact is that it’s highly useful to be able to search all of Craigslist at once. True, you’re not likely to fly across the country to buy a few Beanie Babies, but you might be able to work out a long-distance deal with someone.

Craigslist is also invaluable when trying to research prices and values. A relatively rare item might not show up on your local Craigslist site, but you can find it in a few places nationwide, and from those ads, you can get an idea of what the item is worth. Results from a nationwide Craigslist search help you cast a far wider net across the country or globe, searching for brand new items for sale without having to pinpoint the specific location you want to search.

How to Search Craiglist Outside of Your Area

Although Craigslist does not natively support any type of cross-location searching, third parties have created a plethora of tools for bypassing the site’s self-imposed restrictions. Several services allow you to search Craigslist in its entirety without limiting yourself to a single city.

By casting a broader net, you’re more likely to find the item you’re looking for, especially if you don’t mind driving for it. There are a wide variety of websites to choose from, complete with some recommendations on which sites are great for which services.

Web-Based Craigslist Search Engines

Much of the browsing done on Craigslist takes place on a good, old-fashioned desktop computer. While browsing on the go can be handy (Craigslist has a mobile site just for that), there are plenty of reasons why you’d want to browse at home over browsing on your mobile device.

For one, it’s far easier to navigate through Craigslist with a mouse and keyboard than with a touchscreen, especially if you’re looking for specific items, looking to browse through a lot of listings at once, or simultaneously recording your findings in a database or spreadsheet. For that very reason, we kick this list off with some web-based Craigslist search engines that make it easy to browse through listings outside of your general Craigslist area. Some of these sites can even help you find listings on lesser-known Craigslist alternatives, making it easy to locate the desired item.


SearchTempest narrows your search results a bit more than what you may expect from other search sites, but for many users, the search engine may be the most useful site of all.

Instead of searching in entirety on Craigslist without regard to location, or limiting your returns to one single state or province, SearchTempest allows you to search by a distance from your existing zip code or city name.

That means that shoppers who live near the border of states or Canada can easily search content close to them instead of searching by a general state area, such as Buffalo and Toronto. You can exclude or include US and Canadian city listings, search by category and sub-category, and even include search requests like filtering listings without photos or limiting a price request.

SearchTempest also has options to search by state and worldwide, making it truly one of the most useful sites on this list. Once you enter your search criteria, SearchTempest will group your results by location, making it easy to browse based on mileage and distance.


Statewidelist makes the process of searching your entire state for a specific item far more accessible than the traditional Craigslist site. The site’s homepage requires you to enter your search term, select a category of your choosing (by default, this setting sets to search all categories), and then select the state or Canadian province.

Due to Google search changes, the site cannot list Craigslist results directly, but it does show eBay results. To work around the search-restricted issue, simply click a location found in the “Direct results links” row. The site will then populate Craigslist results based on your specified search criteria.

Other Craigslist Search Applications

While SearchTempest and Statewidelist are two of the best Craigslist multi-location search tools, other sites have an option to search Craigslist outside of your area (along with other site searches like Amazon or Pennysaver).

  • Search All Junk: This search engine allows you to consolidate your results from Craigslist with results from other classified offerings, including Pennysaver, Oodle, Recycler, and more.
  • ZoomTheList: The interface isn’t that pretty, but ZoomTheList can make searching through Craigslist a breeze with its advanced filtering.

Following the ads at the top of your search results, you will see all Craigslist posts for the search criteria you entered.

  • DailyLister: This site is similar to ZoomTheList, containing a full list of options using Google Custom Search. Check this one out if ZoomTheList isn’t doing it for you.

  • Onecraigs: Another “Search All Cities” Craigslist site, this one seemed more focused on major cities throughout the United States like LA and New York City. If you live in a major metropolitan area or you travel quite a bit, this one may be the site for you.
  • Search Craigslist: This site accomplishes what most users need, which is looking to search the entirety of Craigslist. It has a simple interface and an even more straightforward premise: seeking every Craigslist listing regardless of your location. Using a custom Google search engine, Search Craigslist loads every result from the site based on your search terms, with sorting options for relevancy (by default) and date posted. Since the site is searching for active Craigslist postings, everything is up to date and current on the site. Clicking on each listing simply retrieves the information for you, making it easy to load the links inside your web browser.

iOS Craigslist Search Engines

If you’re on an iPhone, using a mobile app is a much better way to browse through Craigslist to find that unique item you want. If you’re on the move, using a mobile app for iOS is the best way to search. After many years, Craigslist has released an official app for iOS, but it is less functional than the third-party apps. Here is the best app to use on your iPhone.

  • CPlus: In many ways, CPlus is the must-have app for iPhone users looking to browse through Craigslist. The app looks good, especially when compared to most other Craigslist services on the market today. CPlus features a color-based interface that makes everything feel a little more simplified while browsing through listings. The app has a ton of features, including, most importantly, the ability to search through multiple cities at once within the app. CPlus can even show your listings within a map view that’s built right into your phone, making it easy to pinpoint the exact location of the item. You also get the ability to post and edit your listings. Our favorite feature: CPlus will grey out listings you’ve already viewed, making it simple to pick up your searches later on in your day.

Android Craigslist Search Engines

The Play Store on Android has dozens of listings for Craigslist apps, with some quality listings making the top cut. The official app from Craigslist is less functional than the third-party apps, sad to say, but you can always check it out. But if you’re looking to search multiple cities or regions for your items on Craigslist, starting with a quick search on your Android device might be the best way to go about it.

  • CPlus: Android is just copying the name and design of the successful iOS app of the same name, but it gets things right on its own. CPlus ranks at the top of our list for Android, as well as iOS, primarily because of its powerful search features. Overall, CPlus on Android does lack some of the visual polish that the iOS version delivers, but it’s also complete with the mapping ability we loved on iOS. Grab this one today.
  • Postings: In terms of visual design, everything about Postings works great. It’s a gorgeous application that almost matches the graphical interface we’ve come to expect and appreciate on Android, making it one of our favorite ways to search through Craigslist regularly. Seriously, this app looks great, incorporating curved edges and a material design that makes it easy to browse while also using the amazing search engine provided by Postings (allows you to search multiple cities at once). Just note that you can’t search the Personals section of Craigslist on this app, due to past issues with the app getting pulled off of Google Play because of that feature.


There’s a lot to love about shopping for items on Craigslist, even if you aren’t looking for something specific. The major problem with Craigslist is that its search functionality is limited to what you can find in your area. While that limitation works well for broad searches, many Craigslist users have the means to travel to get the items they want.

Sometimes, you put together a way to ship items without having to rely on Craigslist or eBay, making the distance between locations a non-issue for most users. These websites and apps make it quick and easy to search all of Craigslist from a single page.

While it may still take a little effort to find what you want, these sites help you use Craigslist to its full potential and help you find that unique item you’ve been looking for online. Third-party search engines and apps are the smartest way to browse the site, whether you’re using your mobile phone, desktop, or laptop computer.

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Top Sites Like Craigslist

If you like to buy or sell used items locally, the initial place to look is probably going to be sites like Craigslist. Craigslist has a lot to offer sellers. It’s free to list and sell on Craigslist.

And because most transactions are local, you can get your money and get rid of stuff quickly.

However, you may not be comfortable with Craigslist for whatever reason. Or, maybe you just want more classified sites to choose from.

These Craigslist alternatives allow you to buy, sell, or trade online if you’re looking for something different.

In This Article

Top Craigslist Alternatives

If you are looking for sites like Craigslist, here are several Craigslist alternatives you can consider. Check out the details of these sites. You might find them a better way to sell your stuff online.

1. Facebook Marketplace

You might think of Facebook as a place to read the latest status updates for your friends or watch viral videos. However, there is place on there called Facebook Marketplace where you can buy and sell items.

Since nearly everyone has a Facebook account, there is a huge marketplace of people buying and selling stuff. If you are having a hard time selling something on Craigslist, consider listing it on Facebook.

Simply type in the name of your local city and online yard sale to find local selling groups. Or use the “Buy and Sell Groups” button in the Explore menu. Or, click the Marketplace tab on the left sidebar of your Facebook page.

You can search for specific keywords within the group if you are looking for a certain product to buy.

If you do not submit any search criteria, the results will look like your regular Facebook news feed. They will be displayed in the order of posting.

Be sure to read the group’s rules before listing a product to sell. Some groups are more restrictive than others.

Similar to Craigslist, you cannot sell firearms with any of the Facebook Yard Sale groups.

Selling on Facebook is free.

2. Offerup

As far as Craigslist alternatives go, Offerup is relatively small. But, it still has a lot of product listings and has become more popular recently with 23 million app downloads. It was also awarded App of the Year by Geekwire.

Sellers and visitors can broadcast their listing on Facebook as well.

Both buyers and sellers can receive ratings too. This can help make the sales process feel more secure and keep scammers to a minimum.

To live up to its namesake, Offerup allows you to accept the seller’s listed price or make your own offer. You can also add listings to your watch list if you are not ready to buy at once.

3. Swappa

Swappa helps you buy and sell a wide variety of electronic items, such as:

  • cell phones
  • cameras
  • watches
  • video games
  • tablets

And more. They even help you buy and sell smart home equipment such as voice assistants, streaming devices and thermostats. As a seller, you won’t pay any fees to sell on Swappa.

Buyers pay a small fee when buying on Swappa, as Swappa helps assist with the sale to ensure all goes smoothly.

The fee is refundable (typically) if the buyer isn’t happy once they’ve received the product.

4. Recycler

If you live in a large U.S. city, Recycler is another good option. Recycler started as a local classified newspaper in Southern California. It became a national marketplace in 2010 and now boasts 18 million monthly users.

You can use Recycler to buy or sell pets, find houses to rent, and even sell used cars.

When you sell on Recycler, you can quickly post your listings to Facebook and Twitter. To boost your exposure on Recycler, it’s also possible to use paid ads to target specific buyers or markets.

5. Oodle

Oodle has a slightly different take on helping you buy or sell locally.

With other sites, you only see listings that sellers posted on that marketplace. On Oodle, some listings are posted directly to Oodle, but they also comb other Craigslist alternatives to expand their listings.

As an example, you might see vehicles listed from in addition to vehicles sold by actual Oodle members.

Oodle can also be a good way to buy or sell antiques as they will also list products from eBay for local pickup.

The site also allows sellers to advertise listings via Facebook.

Oodle has a wide array of categories including pets, personals and services.

6. Bookoo

Bookoo (as in I saved a bookoo amount of money by using Bookoo) is geared as a family-friendly Craigslist alternative. You can list items to sell one at a time or advertise a yard sale.

There are Bookoo locations located all across the country. Many locations are in towns with military bases. This makes it easier for military members to buy or sell belongings with their most recent move.

To help become more personal, Bookoo has sellers create a profile that includes a short bio and picture. The profile also lists the types of items you have listed in the past.

While this site is a little smaller than the others at 2,355,912 current members, it has an easy to use platform for buying or selling. It has live chat support, and a social media feel that is also family-friendly.

7. Geebo

Geebo allows you to buy or sell merchandise, heavy equipment, vehicles, real estate, and services in 160 communities.

You might want to give Geebo a try if you live in a major city like L.A. or Chicago. Geebo could also be a good choice if you live in a mid-major city such as Virginia Beach, Tulsa or Cincinnati.

As a way to make buying and selling safer than other online classified sites, Geebo offers “SafeTrade” transactions. A “SafeTrade” occurs when buyers and sellers agree to meet at a local police department.

If you are hesitant to try Craigslist because you don’t feel safe meeting in just any public parking lot, Geebo can be a good Craigslist alternative.

8. Hoobly

In comparison to the other Craigslist alternatives listed in this article, Hoobly probably has the almost identical look and feel of Craigslist. You can search for just about anything on this site.

In addition, there are product listings in Canada and Europe.

You might have the most success with Hoobly by selling or buying pet animals as there are arguably more listings for this category than any of the other merchandise categories listed. It is free to post or shop on Hoobly.

9. PennySaver USA

Maybe, back in the day, you picked up a free PennySaver newspaper from the newspaper stands at the street corner or grocery store. Now, they have moved online, and you can find local deals by entering your zip code.

They still publish a printed edition as well.

You can publish paid ads on PennySaver as well. It is very much like the classified section you would find in your local newspaper.

10. Ads Globe

Ads Globe is an online newspaper classified ad service. With Ads Globe, you can post unlimited ads for nearly any category including merchandise, autos, real estate, rentals, pets, and travel.

It’s also possible to advertise your business services or events with this Craigslist alternative.


This site is entirely free to use, and you can buy or sell just about anything. has a very simple layout and is reminiscent of the classified ads you would see in a newspaper except with pictures uploaded.

As with many Craigslist alternatives, you will have the most success using if you live in a large city. Although, they do have boards for many smaller regions across each state as well.

12. US Free Ads

US Free Ads has a very basic layout reminiscent of circa-2000 websites.

Unlike some of the other sites that allow unlimited postings for sellers, a free membership with US Free Ads will enable you to only list two products at once.

If you are a frequent seller or want additional selling features, you will need to upgrade.

The Gold membership is $10 per year for 25 ads at once. Or you can choose the Premium membership, which is $9.99 per month for unlimited ads.

To buy on US Free Ads, you only need a free membership. According to US Free Ads, their most popular listings are dogs, horses, and houses.

13. Locanto

This site offers online classifieds in over 60 countries. Most large U.S. cities have a Locanto board. This site does accept paid ads from national retailers so not every listing will be local.

You will probably have the best chances with Locanto if you live in Los Angeles, Miami, or New York. Those cities are their featured boards.

Posting your ad on a city board is free. But, you can pay extra to extend the advertisement to additional cities. You can also pay to remove third-party ads from your listing.

For an additional fee, you can pay to send your ad to the top of a buyer’s search results.

14. USA Today Classifieds

The USA Today is one of the most widely circulated newspapers. It does a great job of presenting the latest news in a digestible format. They also have a classified section for the print and online edition.

This option is probably only best if you have a big-ticket item to sell since it will cost you to publish your listing. However, you can get wide exposure to prospective buyers.

15. Trovit

Trovit is a classified search engine and is ideal for buying. With Trovit, you can search multiple online classified databases for homes, cars, or jobs. The site is fairly well organized and easy to use.

Just choose your country first (Trovit operates around the world) and then choose your subject. You can choose to view Homes, Cars or Jobs at the top of the page.

After that, you’ll be directed to narrow your search to find listings for your item near you.

Note that not all areas have listings on Trovit at this time. This fact could impact whether or not you find cars, homes or job close by your area of residence.

16. eBay

The vast majority of eBay auctions and sales are delivered via mail. But, there are local pickup options for items that are too large or bulky to ship at a reasonable cost.

You might consider this option when looking for or selling antiques, flat screen tv’s, and automobiles (eBay motors).

eBay can also be a good option if your products don’t sell locally on Craigslist or one of these other sites. While it’s possible to sell almost anything on a local classified site, there might be weak demand in your market.

For example, a winter parka or snowshoes will probably sell for a higher price in Alaska than the Louisana bayou. One downside to eBay is that they do charge listing and selling fees in most instances.

Those fees can cut into your profit as you sell. However, you could always raise your price a bit to cover the cost of listing and selling fees on eBay.

17. Mercari

Mercari is a selling app that makes it really easy to sell just about anything online. When you sell through Mercari, you only sell shippable items, so there’s no in-person meetups.

Listings on Mercari are free, but you’ll pay a 10 percent flat fee when your item sells.

Also, Mercari offers for you to print out a prepaid shipping label for when your item sells. That means you’ll want to take into account shipping costs when pricing your items on Mercari.

One interesting thing about Mercari is that when someone buys your item, you need to rate them using the Mercari rating system. The buyer also has to rate you once they receive your item.

This rating system can be helpful in helping you choose who you do business with on Mercari. And it helps Mercari ensure that people who are doing business on the site are trustworthy.


Craigslist is a longstanding site that’s helped millions of people sell items they no longer need or want. The simplicity of the site makes it attractive to use. The fact that it’s free to list and sell also helps to make Craigslist popular.

Craigslist’s long buying and selling history and easy-to-use site make it popular among many buyers and sellers. And, you can find just about anything you could possibly want on the site.

I’ve used the site dozens of times. I’ve sold (and given away) items I just needed to be gone. And I’ve purchased items for my home.

For example, I once bought a large extension ladder for $75. The guy was downsizing from a single-family home into a townhome. The ladder was in great shape, and a new one would have cost me about $300.

If you’re willing to sort through the not-so-good deals, you can find some gems on the site. And possibly just when you need them.

There Are Other Choices

However, for many reasons, Craigslist isn’t right for everyone. It could be a non-option due to security concerns, or simply because your item isn’t selling there.

Luckily, you have alternatives to Craigslist that can help you sell your items and make some cash.

Depending on where you live, some Craigslist alternatives will be a better option than the others. Only time and experience will help you learn which alternative sites are best for your area.

The next time you are ready to buy or sell locally online, give one of these a try. You might be surprised at the results.

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How to Search ALL of Craigslist!
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  • Last Updated: Oct. 29, 2009

About this Add-on

Craigslist Search from Spific is a powerful tool that will help you find the best deals from You can search through all the classifieds on Craigslist or limit your search to specific cities. You can further refine results by date and even find listings from the past ten minutes!

Craigslist is arguably the best Classified / Auction type site online - Take advantage!

Developer’s Comments

To use the search enter the term you are looking for in the search box in firefox and hit enter. You will come to the results page on Spific with the results of your search. By default we search all Craigslist cities and within all time spans. You can specify a specific city easily by selecting one from the drop down list on the results page, the same is true to limit your search by date. You can search in times ranging down to ten minutes.

Craigslist has many great deals every day and is the largest classifieds site on the internet - Our Craigslist search gives you an edge by allowing you to search anywhere within the United States easily rather than go city by city on Craigslist itself!

Version Information


Craigslist 2017 best search engine

Top 4 Craigslist Search Engines

Best Craigslist Search Engines header (new)

As we mentioned in our Craigslist Search article, Craigslist itself only allows you to search for advertisements that are posted on the Craigslist sub-site for your local city or area, and a few surrounding ones.  However, there are certain external search engines that allow you to search Craigslist for advertisements in areas that are much further away from where you are.

While this is an option for finding more and better results, we should caution you that the farther away from home you do business on Craigslist, the greater the risk that something might go wrong with your deal. 

Without further ado, here are our top Craigslist search engines to consider:




  • Good-looking, easy-to-use interface

  • Can include results from eBay and Amazon, too

  • Multiple search options: by category, by state/country/distance, by price, by year, etc.


  • Reliance on Google Search means that some results may be inaccurate

  • On-site advertisements get in the way




  • Separating search parameters from results allows for quick, intuitive use

  • Can search all of Craigslist, or limit it to by state or local area


  • Interface is a bit simplistic and may be difficult to use

Ad Hunt’r



  • Can search other classified websites, such as Oodle and Kijiji

  • Good filtering features, including by word or phrase inclusion/exclusion


  • Sponsored advertisements clutter the screen

Search All Junk (formerly Search All Craig’s)



  • Simple, easy-to-use interface

  • Searches other classified websites, such as Penny Saver and Recycler

  • Can filter by U.S. region or by U.K.


  • Limited filtering functions


Try some of these Craigslist search engines out, and see which one you like best!  Let us know in the comments below, and also tell us if there are any other ones you find that are really useful!

What Searching for Roommates on Craigslist Is Like - Chanel Ali - Stand-Up Featuring

Search All of Craigslist

Welcome to the wtg guide for Search All of Craigslist – Best Methods 2021. Craigslist is a tool designed for finding local services and items for sale. In other words, it limits your searches to one territory at a time. However, there are a number of tools out there that can cast a wider net. Using the following solutions will give you the chance to search statewide, nationwide, or worldwide. t

Search All of Craigslist – Quick List:

  1. Onecraigs– Search All of Craigslist (Best Overall)
  2. – Search All of Craigslist
  3. Search Tempest – Search All of Craigslist
  4. CPlus for Craigslist iOS – Search All of Craigslist
  5. CL Mobile Android– Search All of Craigslist
  6. Crazedlist – Search All of Craigslist

Search All of Craigslist – In-Depth List:

Onecraigs – Search All of Craigslist

how to search all of craigslist at once onecraigs01

Although there are a few web-based Craigslist search engines out there, Onecraigs is our favorite for its adherence to the simplistic, lightweight design of Craigslist itself. It has a search bar that looks through listings in every Craigslist city in the US, giving you immediate access to a wider pool of potential buyers and sellers than the main Craigslist search options. If that’s a little too expansive for your tastes though, there are also options to search Craigslist by state. All you need do is scroll down, select the state you want to search in and then input what you’re looking for in the search bar.

You’ll need to scroll past a few sponsored results on each page, but the tool is entirely free to use, loads quickly, and responds even quicker once you’ve made a search. The results are detailed enough to give you a basic, text run-down of what’s on offer, as well as a URL link directly to the original advert. If you’re searching nationwide, that can also be a great indicator of where your results come from.

A similar great option to search all of craigslist is – Search All of Craigslist - Search All of Craigslist

One of the simplest and most effective Craigslist searchers online, SeachCraiglist returns fast and complete results for any search term you want (just remember the first few results are going to be ads, just like on Google). You can search your results by relevance or data. Date is often better for simple terms that return a lot of results, while relevance is better for more specific searches that have important details. You can also go the related site CraigslistCars straight from the home page, if you’re specifically searching for vehicles.

Search Tempest – Search All of Craigslist

If you don’t live in the U.S. or want to search a wider array of online classifieds, Search Tempest offers everything but the kitchen sink. It can search Craigslist in its entirety, as well as Ebay auctions, and Amazon Marketplace listings. You can customize your search by site, city, and distance from any particular zip code, or you can simply search the entire world.

The scope of Search Tempest can be a little intimidating and unless you want to pay international shipping on items, you are going to want to limit where you search, but for those that want to cast the broadest net possible, Search Tempest can do it.

CPlus for Craigslist iOS – Search All of Craigslist

how to search all of craigslist at once cplus01

CPlus for Craigslist is a great Craigslist search tool for iOS that gives you the option to search in as many cities and territories as you want all at once and is one of a few that is officially licensed by Craigslist. It also lets you set up search alerts, so if you’re looking for something nationwide over a period of time, it can automatically inform you if what you’re after becomes available. If you expect to make regular purchases, you can even input your favorite products or types of adverts to be notified whenever new ones are posted.

If you’re not sure how wide to set your search, CPlus for Craigslist has expansive geo-location support. That makes it quick and easy to find nearby cities that might have what you’re looking for. Once you’ve begun your search, there are advanced filtering and sorting systems to make parsing through the results that much easier.

The app is entirely free to use, although there are advanced features you can pay for if you wish. For $1.99 you can enhance the alert feature, while the pro version unlocks the ability to use multiple Craigslist accounts and to post more often.

CL Mobile Android – Search All of Craigslist

how to search all of craigslist at once

If you’re using an Android device and want to search across broad swathes of Craigslist or a variety of other online classified sites and services, CL Mobile is one of the best available. Although it defaults to searching around your current location or a chosen city, you can search multiple cities and territories at once. You can even expand your search to every city around the world if you so choose, and search across multiple marketplaces like Facebook or Hoobly, among others.


Search All of Craigslist

“Search all of Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace & ebay. Search Nationwide across the US, State-by-state or by Multiple Cities. The easiest way to search all classifieds.”

History of Craigslist

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums.

Craig Newmark began the service in 1995 as an email distribution list to friends, featuring local events in the San Francisco Bay Area. It became a web-based service in 1996 and expanded into other classified categories. It started expanding to other U.S. cities in 2000, and now covers 70 countries.

In March 2008, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese became the first non-English languages Craigslist supported. As of August 9, 2012, over 700 cities and areas in 70 countries had Craigslist sites. Some Craigslist sites cover large regions instead of individual metropolitan areas—for example, the U.S. states of Delaware and Wyoming, the Colorado Western Slope, the California Gold Country, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are among the locations with their own Craigslist sites.

Having observed people helping one another in friendly, social, and trusting communal ways on the Internet via the WELL, MindVox and Usenet, and feeling isolated as a relative newcomer to San Francisco, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark decided to create something similar for local events. In early 1995, he began an email distribution list to friends. Most of the early postings were submitted by Newmark and were notices of social events of interest to software and Internet developers living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Soon, word of mouth led to rapid growth. The number of subscribers and postings grew rapidly. There was no moderation and Newmark was surprised when people started using the mailing list for non-event postings. People trying to get technical positions filled found that the list was a good way to reach people with the skills they were looking for. This led to the addition of a jobs category. User demand for more categories caused the list of categories to grow. The initial technology encountered some limits, so by June 1995 Majordomo had been installed and the mailing list “Craigslist” resumed operations. Community members started asking for a web interface. Newmark registered “”, and the website went live in 1996.

In the fall of 1998, the name “List Foundation” was introduced and Craigslist started transitioning to the use of this name. In April 1999, when Newmark learned of other organizations called “List Foundation”, the use of this name was dropped. Craigslist incorporated as a private for-profit company in 1999. Around the time of these events, Newmark realized the site was growing so fast that he could stop working as a software engineer and devote his full attention to running Craigslist. By April 2000, there were nine employees working out of Newmark’s San Francisco apartment.

In January 2000, current CEO Jim Buckmaster joined the company as lead programmer and CTO. Buckmaster contributed the site’s multi-city architecture, search engine, discussion forums, flagging system, self-posting process, homepage design, personals categories, and best-of-Craigslist feature. He was promoted to CEO in November 2000.

The website expanded into nine more U.S. cities in 2000, four in 2001 and 2002 each, and 14 in 2003. On August 1, 2004, Craigslist began charging $25 to post job openings on the New York and Los Angeles pages. On the same day, a new section called “Gigs” was added, where low-cost and unpaid jobs can be posted free.

The site serves more than 20 billion page views per month, putting it in 72nd place overall among websites worldwide and 11th place overall among websites in the United States (per on June 28, 2016), with more than 49.4 million unique monthly visitors in the United States alone (per on January 8, 2010). With more than 80 million new classified advertisements each month, Craigslist is the leading classifieds service in any medium.

The site receives more than 2 million new job listings each month, making it one of the top job boards in the world. Craigslist also dominates the U.S. rental housing market, with millions of new listings every month. The 23 largest U.S. cities listed on the Craigslist home page collectively receive more than 300,000 postings per day just in the “for sale” and “housing” sections as of October 2011. The classified advertisements range from traditional buy/sell ads and community announcements to personal ads.

In 2009, Craigslist operated with a staff of 28 people.

Financials and ownership

In December 2006, at the UBS Global Media Conference in New York, Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster told Wall Street analysts that Craigslist had little interest in maximizing profit, and instead preferred to help users find cars, apartments, jobs and dates.

Craigslist’s main source of revenue is paid job ads in select American cities. The company does not formally disclose financial or ownership information. Analysts and commentators have reported varying figures for its annual revenue, ranging from $10 million in 2004, $20 million in 2005, and $25 million in 2006 to possibly $150 million in 2007.

On August 13, 2004, Newmark announced on his blog that auction giant eBay had purchased a 25% stake in the company from a former employee. Some fans of Craigslist expressed concern that this development would affect the site’s longtime non-commercial nature. As of April 2012, there have been no substantive changes to the usefulness, or the non-advertising nature of the site; neither banner ads, nor charges for a few services provided to businesses.

The company was believed to be owned principally by Newmark, Buckmaster and eBay (the three board members). eBay owned approximately 25%, and Newmark is believed to own the largest stake.

In April 2008, eBay announced it was suing Craigslist to “safeguard its four-year financial investment”. eBay claimed that in January 2008, Craigslist executives took actions that “unfairly diluted eBay’s economic interest by more than 10%”. Craigslist filed a counter-suit in May 2008 to “remedy the substantial and ongoing harm to fair competition” that Craigslist claimed was constituted by eBay’s actions as Craigslist shareholders; the company claimed that it had used its minority stake to gain access to confidential information, which it then used as part of its competing service Kijiji.

On June 19, 2015, eBay Inc. announced that it would divest its stake back to Craigslist for an undisclosed amount, and settle its litigation with the company. The move came shortly before eBay’s planned spin-off of PayPal, and an effort to divest other units to focus on its core business.

The Swedish luxury marketplace website received a lawsuit filed on July 11, 2012 which among unspecified damages also asked for a complete shutdown of As a consequence, the young company was forced to rename to JamesEdition.

As of 2012, mashup sites such as and were overlaying Craigslist data with Google Maps and adding their own search filters to improve usability. In June 2012, Craigslist changed its terms of service to disallow the practice. In July 2012, Craigslist filed a lawsuit against Following the shutdown of, some users complained that the service was useful to them and therefore should have remained intact.

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