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We carry a comprehensive selection of fencing parts and materials designed to complete your natural wood fencing project including gates, posts and hardware.  We carry the Adjust-a-Gate solution which allows you to configure the exact width and height of your gate based on a sturdy steel tension frame configurable to maintain a perfect rectangular shape.  We also carry a wide variety of Simpson hardware, the perfect components to complete your fencing project.

Contact us or visit our q & a page for additional information.   Our experienced staff is ready to answer your questions and provide guidance.

Price  -  Contact us for details.  New Mexico residents add sales tax. 

Post Dimensions  -  Posts are available in either wood or steel.  4" x 4" x 8' tall redwood or cedar.  2 3/8" x 7' or 8' tall 16 ga. galvanized steel. 

Gate Dimensions.

  • Model AG-72 adjusts up to 72", has 2 rails, uses 4' or 5' pickets
  • Model AG-36-3 adjusts from 36" to 60", has 3 rails, uses 6' or 7' pickets
  • Model AG-60-3 adjusts from 60" to 96", has 3 rails, uses 6' or 7' pickets 

Delivery -  Available in the Four Corners area for an additional charge.  You can also come to us


Do you have a sagging gate that you want to fix? Check out these 2 DIY kits below to make your job easier: the Adjust-a-Gate Kit and Homax EasyGate.

Adjust-a-Gate on Wood Panel Fance

Review of the Adjust-a-Gate:

Steel Frame in the Adjust-a-Gate KitFirst is the Adjust-a-Gate. As you can see, this simple anti-sag gate kit contains a rectangular metal frame and a diagonal support strap.

The frame adjusts horizontally to fit a gate that measures 3 to 6 feet wide. Therefore, you can get a custom fit for your opening without having to purchase a special package.

In addition, you can use Adjust-a-Gate with a variety of materials. For example, it works with wood, vinyl or composite planks.

What You Get with the DIY Gate Package:

The kit comes with an adjustable steel frame, lockable 2-way gate latch, post hinges, gate hinges and truss cable system. You just supply the wood, vinyl or composite boards.

You get comprehensive step-by-step instructions, which enable average homeowners to construct a professional-looking gate on their own. Therefore, you can save time and money while ending up with a great-looking gate (that doesn’t sag!)

By the way, this gate hardware kit is designed for lifetime use. In other words, it’s not just a short-term fix that will require repair in a few years. You can straighten and strengthen your gate in a single fix.

Note: You can buy 2 kits and a UL301 Drop Rod kit to build a double gate up to 12 feet wide. The versatile frame system allows you to conveniently measure on-site and build a large drive-thru gate on a budget.

The following video demonstrates how to install the Adjust-a-gate Steel Frame on your gate, plus potential problems you might run into and how to solve them.

Specs for the Adjust-a-Gate Kit:

We’ll review the Homax EasyGate Kit next. However, in the meantime, check out the Adjust-a-Gate VS Homax Easy Gate Kit comparison video.

Homax EasyGate Repair Kit Review:

Homax Easy Gate Kit for DIY Gate RepairSimilar to the No-Sag Adjust-a-Gate Kit, the Homax EasyGate has versatility in its application. For instance, it workson gates, doors, prefab fence panels as well as custom gates.

In addition, this set-up don’t limit you to a height restriction. Plus, you can use them on various horizontal rail lumber sizes (ie. 2×4’s, 2×6’s and more).

Furthermore, you can mount them on internal or external posts, and you don’t need a Z brace like with the Adjust-a-Gate Kit.

In comparison, the Homax kit can adapt to more gate builds and repair project than the Adjust-a-Gate simply due to its separate parts. That said, this particular kit is designed for use with openings 25″ to 72″ wide.

What Comes in Homax Do-it-Yourself Gate Package:

Homax Easy Gate Black Metal BracketsThe package includes 2 hinged brackets, 2 non-hinged brackets, 36 mounting screws and step-by-step instructions. Just like the Adjust-a-Gate above, you just supply the lumber.

Well, you’ll need tools for the project, which are minimal. You just need a drill, screw driver and a saw. In fact, the simplistic design of this kit allows homeowners to assemble a square, no-sag gate in as little as 20 minutes. (Heck, I’m happy with under and hour!)

Although they look like standard brackets, the Homax hardware has a welded one-piece design for maximum strength. In addition, the parts resist rust, including the screws. In other words, you can expect your gate fix to last a long, long time, even with frequent use.

Specs for the Homax EasyGate Kit:

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Adjust-A-Gate Overview - FAQ

Shop:Adjust-A-Gate Kits

OverviewFAQPicturesInstructionsInstallation Guide

I saw the Adjust A Gate on your website. I am building a wood fence that requires a large gate opening (approx 16' wide) to accommodate a large boat. The double swing Adjust-A-Gate seems as if it may work for my application but it says that it opens in only. Do you have anything or can you suggest? Anything that swings out? I may need to build the gate out of wood with external hinges, but I wanted to ask the experts. Thank you in advance.

The adjust-a-gate kits come equipped with a standard hardware package that we do not alter and cannot substitute for, however there are options for solving your dilemma. The gate kit will arrive with a pair of male lag screw gate hinges (approx. 4" long) that screw into a wood post and female strap hinge that fits the square steel upright of the gate frame. The kit also arrives with a simple gravity latch and double kits will include a drop rod. Typically the gate kits are installed so that the male lag screws screw into the wood post on the inside of the gate opening. In other words the male hinge points towards the other gate post, be it another hinge post in the case of a double gate or a latch post in the case of a single gate. This may allow the gate to only open in one direction, typically inwards. Opening the gate outward becomes impossible because the pickets on the wood gate bind with the pickets of the fence section.

There are a couple remedies for this. One, unscrew the male lag screw so that the space allowance for the hinges are increased and allows the gate to open in both directions without binding on the adjacent fence panel. You may need a longer male lag screw or a J-bolt male hinge to accomplish this depending on how thick your pickets and panel are. Longer male lag screws and J-bolt male hinges may be found in our chain link parts catalog here are are compatible with the female hinge that attaches to the gate.

Another option is change the position of where the standard male lag screw is installed. It could be screwed into another side of the hinge post. Consider mounting the male lag screw into the face of the post or the inside of the post. Either change will affect how the gate opens and in which direction. Keep in mind this may put your gate out of alignment, or no longer flush with the permanent fence sections by a few inches.

Third, if either of the above options won't work, consider other hardware alternatives. Nearly any type of hinge designed for wood gates will work and we feature a multitude of different sizes and shapes online in our wood gate hardware catalog found here. A pair of strap hinges or tee hinges may be used instead of the standard hardware. These wood gate hinges simply mount to the face of the gate and face of the adjacent wood fence panel and would allow the gate to open 'out'. Most of our hinge sets are sold by the pair and include lag screws for mounting into wood. You may use these and mount the hinges to the wooden 2x4 used in the Adjust-a-Gate kit and to the 2x4s or 4x4 wood adjacent post. You may also wish to consider using thru-bolts and nuts to install these type hinges instead of the lag screws typically supplied for larger, heavier gates.

I have a round steel galvanized chain link style post, or would like to use one instead of a wood 4x4 post. Can I still use this Adjust-a-Gate kit for wood gates?

Yes you may, however you may need additional hardware. Standard gate hardware is supplied with this kit as shown above and in the installation manual found here. The gate hinge which is supplied is a male lag screw as shown above. This hinge is designed specifically for a wood post which may be a 4x4, 4x6, or 6x6. You cannot drill a hole a drive this screw into a steel post. Instead, you may use a standard chain link style male hinge, or a J-Bolt style hinge.

What is the difference between the 3-rail steel gate kits and the 2-rail steel gate kits?

The difference between the 2-rail kits and the 3-rail kits is the height of steel verticals in the gate kit and the quantity of horizontal rail brackets. The 2-rail gate kits are 45" high and ideal for building a gate 4' high which typically has only two horizontal rails. The 3-rail gate kits are 60" high and are ideal for a 5' high gate or taller which normally has three horizontal rails. Heights of steel gate kits cannot be modified. There are steel mounting tabs which accept the wood 2 x 4 (2 x 4 not included) preinstalled for horizontal rails which will hold the pickets.

Can I add a motorized gate opener such as the GTO PRO2000XLS to your Adjust-A-Gate Kit?

Thank you for writing. Our Adjust-a-Gate kits consist of an adjustable steel frame and hardware suitable to construct a steel frame for a wood gate. You may add nearly any of our gate openers for an automated gate application. The GTO brand of gate openers is ideal for residential and light commercial automated gate applications. Choose the gate opener model based on the weight and size of the gate(s) you wish to automate. The GTO PRO2000XLS gate opener is suitable for gates up to 12" wide and weighing 400 pounds. Consider other models of GTO gate openers if your gate exceeds these limits such as the GTO PRO3000XLS or GTO PRO4000XLS single gate openers.

There are a few things to keep in mind when adding a GTO gate opener to any wood gate, even one made with our Adjust-A-Gate adjustable steel gate frames for wood gates.

You will want to attach the gate operator mounting points preferably to steel mounting points, both on the gate and gate post. Wood has a tendency to become soft in time and the "pushing" and "pulling" of the gate operator can cause mounting bolts and screws to become loose. If this is impractical and you are forced to mount the gate operator to a wood surface, both part of the gate and gate hinge post, do so with larger metal washers or plates on both sides. Use bolts to attach all items which extend clear through the wood and "sandwich" the gate and gate post to help prevent the bolts from "pulling" themselves out.

You may wish to add a piece of steel or wood mid rail if using one of our shorter Adjust-A-Gate single gate kits such as model numbers AG-36 or AG-60. These two models have steel frames for wood gates approximately 45" high, making them ideal for wood gate projects 4" and 5" high. In general, wood fence pickets may extend up above and down below the top and bottom rails by no more than 6-9". If you extend pickets beyond these general limits, they may have a tendency to warp prematurely. Adding an extra backer board can keep fence pickets straight. Our adjustable gates frame for taller wood gates, such as models AG-36-3 and AG-60-3 both have steel tabs for attaching a mid rail. These models have a steel frame measuring approximately 60" high and are ideal for wood gates 5" high and taller. It is ideal, but not necessary, that the gate operator be mounted roughly at mid height on the gate and gate post for equal weight distribution.

We suggest you leave a space between pickets which will allow wind to flow through the gate. Solid privacy gates can be subject to more wind than picket or semi-privacy gates. Even a small space left between pickets can relieve stress on the gate(s), gate operator(s), and hardware.

You will also want to consider replacing any screws provided with the Adjust-A-Gate steel gate kits with bolts and washers. Bolts are generally stronger and will outperform screws in most applications. You will want to reinforce your gate to make it as strong and rigid as possible for automating.

Also, consider adding a GTO electric lock to your gate project, such as the FM144 or FM142 for the latch side(s). This will help relieve stress on the gate operator arms and help provide for a more secure gate.

Adding a gate opener to any gate will prove to be a extremely convenient, secure, and worthwhile investment in your property. Please review our extensive GTO gate opener accessories for automated gate entry, exit, and safety devices compatible with your automatic gate opener.

We look forward to working with you.

I would like to use a round chain link style post as a hinge post, what size do you recommend?

The correct size steel post will of course depend on the height, width, and approximate weight of the gate. In general, a 2-1/2" O.D. (2-3/8" actual) HF40 post will accomodate most gate sizes. When possibly, avoid "free-standing" gate posts which do not have anything attached to them; a fence post with either a stretch of chain link of a panel attached to it will gain additional structural support. A 3" O.D. (2-7/8" actual) is a better choice for larger wood gates. If you are stretching the limits of one of our Adjust-a-gate kits, a 4" O.D. post should be used.

When I use a round post for my Adjust-a-Gate Kit, how do I attach my adjacent wood fence panel to it?

Hoover Fence Co. carries a few styles of wood to steel fence post adapters.

Do you offer any Adjust-A-Gate kits for vinyl styles of fence?

Yes, Hoover Fence offers Adjust-a-Gate Kits for vinyl privacy fence gates and agricultural style post and rail vinyl gates.

Do you offer an Adjust-A-Gate kit for composite board fencing?

It is likely most will work for composite fencing as well. However the model AG-36-3S was specifically developed for use with composite lumber. The frame of this kit is 1-1/4" instead of 1-1/2" like the standard gate kits, features a J-Bolt hinge, instead of a lag screw, is black in color, and still has frames that accept a 2x4 (1-1/2" actual) horizontal rails.

Do you offer non-adjustable fixed width gate frames?

Yes, Hoover Fence can fabricate nearly any type of gate frame or complete gate by request. We offer custom gate frames fabrciated with welded frames for swing and slide gates. these are commonly made of galvanized square or round tubing. We also offer the posts, gate hinges, latches, gate openers and guarantee compatibility.

I recently purchased a 3-rail Double Adjust-A-Gate Kit w/Drop Rod, 36-60" each. What size post hole and concrete footer size do I need for the hinging and latching posts for the Adjust-A-Gate adjustable steel framed gate kit?

This all depends on the size of gate and location for the installation of the gate kit. The height of the wood gate, width of the wood gate, and thickness of wood fence components used will all affect the weight of your wood gate. We prefer to use western red cedar fencing components as they have excellent weathering properties and are light weight and easy to work with. You may order a wood gate kit, 2x4 backrails, and only the amount of pickets you will need directly from our website. Treated lumber is also a popular choice for wood fences and gates, however weigh more per picket, rail, and post than the western red cedar counterparts. Your geographic region will also affect the depth and diameter of post holes used for a gate post, be it your hinge or latch post. Check your local building practices for proper depth to dig your post holes; normally the depth of a post hole will coincide and be based on your region's frost depth. Dig post holes to a depth below your local frost line. In general, post holes should be dug 30-36" deep and be 10-12" in diameter. Larger, heavier gates should have gate posts set 36-42" deep and 12-18" diameter. Another basic rule of thumb often used when installing fence and gate posts is to bury 1/3 of a post in the ground and dig the post hole diameter to three times the diameter of the post. For example a 6' high fence using 4x4s as posts should have post holes 2' deep and 12" in diameter. Be sure to 'bell' your holes which means to dig them larger in diameter at the bottom than at top. 'Carrot-shaped' holes, holes which are larger in diameter at top than at bottom can have a tendency to heave. Another good fencer's tip is to leave your concrete level down a few inches from grade, or the surface. This also helps to prevent gate and fence posts from heaving.

Dig post holes deeper and larger in diameter if you encounter poor footing soil such as sand, or are digging in a wet location.

I have a Shadowbox Fence, can I use an Adjust-A-Gate Kit for my gate?

Yes you can, here is an example of a way to do this. The Adjust-A-Gate gate frame can be used just like a wood frame in most cases.

Adjust-A-Gate Kit on Shadowbox Fence Gate
Adjust-A-Gate Kit Fence Completed Install with SECRET Trick to customize your Install !

No more dragging fence boards and gate latches that won't latch (or unlatch). The Adjust-A-Gate is the perfect Do-It-Yourselfersteel-framed gate kit. Thanks to it's adjustable truss cable design, the Adjust-A-Gate will never sag or drag. It will fit 3', 4', 5', and 6' high wooden gates of nearly any style. Unique steel sleeve construction allows frame to adjust to nearly any opening for a perfect fit and with its tough, corrosion resistant powder coating that is colored to coordinate with the wood. When building a gate for a new fence or upgrading a gate on an existing fence the possibilities of the Adjust-A-Gate are endless. As a contactor you will always have the right gate for the job (no more wasted trips and man hours). As a homeowner the Adjust-A-Gate will go up easy and look like the pros installed it.

Give your fence the portal it deserves. 

Tired of wrestling with that saggy old gate? Not sure how to build a new gate that will fit right and stay solid in future? The answer may be Adjust-A-Gate, an innovative gate-building kit that's perfect for the professional or the do-it-yourselfer. 

The Adjust-A-Gate kit is one of those "why didn't I think of that" products. It's simply a metal framework that is combined with standard 2x4 lumber to create a custom-fit gate for fences that are four, five, or six feet high. There are two widths available, one for 36-inch to 60-inch wide openings and another for 60-inch to 96-inch wide openings. A pair can be used together to accommodate openings from 10 to 16 feet. Kits available for 2-rail or 3-rail gates.

Adjust-A-Gate SchematicSTEEL GATE FEATURES:
- Fits 3 to 16 feet wide gate openings
- Fits gates 4, 5, or 6 foot high
- 1-1/2'' galvanized steel square frame, .045'' wall thickness
- Powder coat finish ensures long-lasting finish
- Adjustable anti-sag diagonal truss cable
- All hardware & Screws Included (hinges & latch)
- Hinges tested up to 3000 lbs. per hinge before bending
- UPS shippable, Wood not included

Adjust-A-Gate Long-Lasting Powder Coat Finish, Anti-Sag, Hardware Included, 3000 lbs. Weight Load, Per Hinge, UPS Shippable, Wood Not Included


Gate adjust post a metal

Which Adjust-A-Gate™ do I need?

For 2-rail gates up to 48” tall with a 36” - 60” opening, you would need AG36-36

For 2-rail gates up to 48” tall with a 60” - 90” opening, you would need AG60-36

For 2-rail gates 48” and taller with a 36” - 72” opening, you would need AG72

For 3-rail gates 60” and taller with a 36” - 60” opening, you would need AG36-3

For 2-rail gates 48” and taller with a 36”-60” opening, you would need AG36

For 3-rail gates 60” and taller with a 60” - 90” opening, you would need AG60-3

Is the Adjust-A-Gate™ easy to assemble?

The Adjust-A-Gate™ building kit is installed on-site to perfectly fit your gate opening every time. Just add wood or composite boards to match your fence. With no previous experience required, our DIY gate kit is a great fit for any skill level.

What tools and materials do I need to install an Adjust-A-Gate™?

With minimum tools required, our DIY gate kit can be installed with everyday household tools. A Phillips screwdriver, adjustable wrench, drill w/ spade bit, and wire cutters is all you need to install your brand new Adjust-A-Gate™.

My current gate is sagging. Will the Adjust-A-Gate™ help?

The Adjust-A-Gate™ steel gate frame kit is the perfect solution for straightening and strengthening your old gate. Also, included in the box is a hardware kit with our patented truss cable system that keeps your gate from sagging or dragging. Use it to fix an existing gate or build a new gate up to 72" wide.

Does the Adjust-A-Gate™ work with metal post alternatives like the Lifetime Steel Post?

It absolutely does! With our LTP Hinge/ Latch Adapter Kit you can quickly and easily connect any Adjust-A-Gate™ product to the Lifetime Steel Post fencing system.

Is there a warranty on my Adjust-A-Gate™?

Lifetime Fence fully stands behind our product. Lifetime means forever. Your Adjust-A-Gate™ comes with a limited LIFETIME warranty.

I have questions for my particular application, do you have a “ask the expert line”?

Yes, you can call (800) 955-2879 to speak to our customer service experts.

What is the difference between the 2-rail and the 3-rail Adjust-A-Gate™ kits?

The difference between the 2-rail and 3-rail kits is the height of the steel verticals. The 2 rail kits are 47” high typically used for 5’ & 6’ High gates and the 3 rail kits are 60” high typically used for 6’ and taller gates. The 3 rail kits offer additional 2x4 rail brackets for a 3-rail application.

What is the widest gate opening I can make with the Adjust-A-Gate™?

With a single gate, you can have an opening of up to 8’. For a double drive, using 2 Adjust-A-Gate™ kits, you can have an opening of up to 16’

I have round steel posts. Can I use the Adjust-A-Gate™ kit with my posts?

Yes! However, you will need additional hardware. The Adjust-A-Gate™ kit comes with standard wood post corner hinges. You will need standard chain link style male post hinges to attach the Adjust-A-Gate™ to your round steel posts.

Can I use other types of fencing material?

Yes, the Adjust-A-Gate™ kits can be used with Wood or Composite material.

If I have an opening that is less than 36”, can I cut the horizontal bars down to fit my opening?

Yes, you can cut the horizontal spreader bars to fit your opening.

Tip: spray the cut ends with any weather resistant spray paint. 

Does this gate come with hinges?

Yes, the Adjust-A-Gate™ kits come with all the hardware needed to assemble a gate, just add wood. Hardware included: Post hinges, gate hinges, 2-way latch, truss cable and screws. You could also add your own personal touch with custom latches, hinges, or fasteners.

Do you have a drop rod kit that allows my gate to stay open?

Yes, our model UL301 is great for both single and double drive gate applications.

Can I use the Adjust-A-Gate™ on a deck application?

Yes, the Adjust-A-gate™ kits are perfect for deck application where stairs are included, perfect for keeping pets in or off the deck and safety for children.

Can the Adjust-A-Gate™ open in or out depending on my application?

Yes, although Adjust-A-Gate™ is deigned to open in, the post hinges can be placed on the opposite side of the posts for an outward swing.

Can this gate be attached to masonry?

The gate includes hardware for wood or composite posts. Masonry hinges (not included) with a 5/8” pin will work with our gate frame hinges.

Does the gate adjust vertically?

No, Adjust-A-Gate™ kits adjust horizontally only. The kits come in 4 heights, 34” 45” 47” & 60”

How do I cover the gaps on each side of the gates?

We recommend overlapping the fence board on the hinge side and attaching the fence boards to the end of the vertical gate frame on the latch side. We include self-tapping screws to attach the end fence boards to the steel frame.

If I build a double gate, does it allow the full width of both gates? Example: AG36 at max extension is 60” or 5’ post to post but if I build a double gate, can I put the posts at 10’ or 120” apart?

When you build a double gate, you actually lose 1” so 9’9” or 119” would be the max post to post distance with this gate size, or you simply lose 1” with any double gate using our gate frame kits.


Lifetime Fence Adjust-A-Gate™ AG36-3 Installation To Lifetime Steel Post

How to Adjust an Old Gate

Constant opening and closing, years of use and exposure to weather all combine to cause gates to sag and drag on the ground. Under normal stress, gates are inherently unstable by design and can also become loose or not latch properly, according to First Class Fencing. How you should adjust a gate or fix a gate latch often depends on the type of problem you're having and whether or not the gate is made of wood or metal.

Check the Gate Post

First, check the post that the gate is attached to. If it wiggles but is still structurally sound (no rot or rust at the base), you may be able to replace or strengthen the concrete footing, according to This Old House. To do so, first, remove the gate. Dig around the current concrete base, then chip and chisel the old concrete out. Wear safety goggles and expect it to take some time. Plumb and square the post, supporting it with stakes.

Mix bagged concrete according to the directions on the bag, pour the concrete into the hole and let it set overnight. Reattach the gate to the post. If the post is rotted or rusted at the base, you will need to dig out the old post and replace it with a new, sturdy post. This same procedure applies to the latch post, should it require maintenance or replacement.

Recondition the Hinges

Sometimes adjusting an old gate is a simple matter of light maintenance on the hinges. Tighten all bolts and screws. That alone may solve the problem. If it appears as if bolts or screws are failing, remove and replace them. Take the old bolts or screws to the hardware store to get an exact match. Lubricate the hinges with spray lubricant several times a year (depending on the amount of use the gate gets).

Replacing Gate Hinges

The gate may need entirely new hinges. This is a straightforward task requiring a wrench, screwdriver and a power drill. New hinge hardware normally comes with the screws and bolts you'll need. If not, be sure to get them when you buy the hinge. With wooden gates, you may run into more problems than simply replacing the hinges, however.

If you encounter split or rotted wood on the gate, you'll need to move the position of the hinges on the gate up or down a few inches. You may need to use epoxy wood filler to repair cracks or holes. Be sure to purchase high-quality epoxy wood filler that you can drill into when it's dry.

Adding Gate Latches

Lubricate the latches and make sure they are secured tightly to the gate and latch post. These two steps may solve the problem. If normal settling has caused the gate or latch post to shift slightly, you can move the latch up or down. On a wooden gate, you can also move the latch side to side. Just be sure to fill any screw holes in the wood with epoxy wood filler before drilling new holes. A latch that's worn out or failing will need to be replaced entirely.

Installing a Turnbuckle

If the gate is sagging and it doesn't have diagonal cross bracing, you can install a turnbuckle. This solution applies mostly to chain-link fence gates because most wooden gates are built with diagonal bracing. Attach the turnbuckle to the top corner on the hinge side, and then attach the other end to the lower corner on the latch side. Tighten the turnbuckle, removing the sag.


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