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Flat Top Grill Cover - Compatible with Blackstone Griddle Cover 36 Inch - Hard Cover Lid with Wood Handle - Black Flat Top Shelf Grill Covers for Black Stone Grille 36 in - Made in USA

Flat Top Grill Cover - Compatible with Blackstone Griddle Cover 36 Inch - Hard Cover Lid with Wood Handle - Black Flat Top Shelf Grill Covers for Black Stone Grille 36 in - Made in USA

Griddle Guard

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Product Details

  • QUALITY AMERICAN GRIDDLE BRAND: Our hard cover lids are proudly designed and made in the United States. GriddleGuard is a true quality griddle brand that knows how to make the best home accessories for your outdoor grill.
  • PERFECT FIT: Engineered and designed to be compatible with the Blackstone 36 Griddle on both the rear or side grease models. This cover will still hang on the back of the rear grease model, even with the grease tray on the back of the griddle. Also compatible with Sam's Club Members Mark Griddle, Nexgrill, Camp Chef, Royal Gourmet Grill, Cabelas, Grill Smith, Char Griller, and more!
  • WOODEN HANDLE: We use wooden handles on our hard covers, for heat resistance. Others use a metal handle that gets too hot for comfortable and safe handling. Using your Blackstone grill cover should be a good experience for the whole family!
  • LONGER & WIDER HANGING HOOKS: The long, wide, and sturdy hanging hooks allow you to safely hang this cover on the back of your griddle. You'll never have to worry about the cover coming off the back of the griddle while you are cooking.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO USE: This is one of the lightest hard bbq cover lids you will find for your Blackstone 36 inch griddle. It only weighs 7 lbs, which makes it easier to take on and off your griddle each time you want to cook. You won’t have to set your beverage down when it’s time to uncover your griddle! Made from rust-proof aluminum for easy maintenance.
Package Dimensions37.5 x 23.6 x 2.9 inches (95.3 x 59.9 x 7.4 cm)
Item Weight9.88 pounds (4.45 kg)
ManufacturerGriddle Guard


Flat Top Grill Cover - Compatible with Blackstone Griddle Cover 36 Inch - Hard Cover Lid with Wood Handle - Black Flat Top Shelf Grill Covers for Black Stone Grille 36 in - Made in USA

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Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: Aside from the handle, how does this compare to the Blsckstone brand hard cover?

    Answer: I like this better allows me to remove it and the brackets on the cover allows me to set it behind the griddle. Especially when you put the soft cover on the griddle. The other option has a handle on the middle of the hard cover. This one is on the side.
  • Question: It would be great if you made a hinged version.

    Answer: I agree its easier to maneuver
  • Question: Will this work with royal gourmet gd401?

    Answer: I do not know, I have a black stone and it fits great, you would need to ask the manufacturer
  • Question: Does this fit the blackstone 1554 griddle?

    Answer: Yes!
  • Question: What gauge is this aluminum?

    Answer: Hi, The cover is 16 gauge aluminum. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!
  • Question: Will this cover prevent water from hitting the griddle to prevent rust.?

    Answer: Y
  • Question: Can you use it as a cover when cooking?

    Answer: Yes don’t see why not. It covers perfectly
  • Question: My griddle top measures 37.25 o.d.

    Answer: Hi there, Here are the dimensions of the lid: (36-7/8" x 22-3/8" x 2-1/16") Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!
  • Question: Will it fit the sams club members mark grill. Actual measurements 36.25 x 20.125

    Answer: No, this lid was designed for the Blackstone Griddle 36”. The Sams Club griddle is much more narrower than the Blackstone so the lid doesn’t fit snug as it should even though it’s a 36” griddle as well.
  • Question: Will this cover fit the Camp Chef 36" Griddle?

    Answer: I own a Blackstone 36" griddle and it fits, looks and works great......If your griddle is 36" W x 22" D it will fit.

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Ti•• ••es

October 13, 2021

Easy to use, too new to answer durability.

It fit perfectly, is lightweight, and accomplished what I wanted. Maybe a little expensive, but I would recommend it if your blackstone doesnt have a good cover.

ro•• •• p

October 12, 2021

Not worth the price

No directions included nor tools to attach the handle. Nuts are hard to tighten. You need a 5/32 allen wrench for the screws and a 7/16 wrench. The welds don't look great and the handle came cracked. It does fit the grill. $20-$30 would be a better price.

me•• ••ad

October 10, 2021

Looks well built and sturdy.

me•• ••to

September 17, 2021

Grossly overpriced for what you get

To say this thing was a disappointment would be an understatement. “Lightweight” is just their dressed up version of “cheap and flimsy.” Technically, it will cover the cooking surface of your Blackstone, which is why I bought it. But at $100, this thing is just under 25% of the cost of the entire griddle and I was expecting some serious quality. But what I got is worth maybe $15-20 max. It’s specifically marketed as being compatible with a rear grease trap but, again, they’re using “compatible” as a dressed up way to say “technically functions with.” The hanging hooks aren’t really long enough to work with the rear grease trap so it forces the cover to test on the trap and hang out at an awkward angle, and causes a lot of extra stress on the hooks themselves due to the weight distribution. I tried to capture this in the photos but the grease trap is mostly obscured by the back of the Blackstone and the front of the cover. On top of that, the craftsmanship is garbage. The wood on either end of the handle is all splintered and fraying. They couldn’t even be bothered to sand it down to make it look presentable before slapping some cheap lacquer over it and calling it good. I should return it and get my money back but that adds a lot of unnecessary hassle so I’ll just deal with it since it still technically does what I need it for. But if you were to ask if I’d order this again, or recommend it to anyone else, that’s a hard no.

Er•• ••cG

August 10, 2021

Light weight, easy set up, fits perfectly!

Ca•• ••ll

August 8, 2021

Exactly as subscribed in ad

Fit as described

sa•• ••ar

July 18, 2021

this was great for the CharBroil's griddle Model # 18952074

The charbroil model 18952074 is 22 and 6/16 where others are 1.4 in I did a lot of looking and this was the only one that I found would fit the charbroil model 1852074. I did put the screws with the nut on the outside so they would not hit. but I think it would have worded either way. This is a small company and a great company in the USA so I say buy form them

ka•• ••cy

July 10, 2021


I own a 36 inch blackstone. This lid fits perfectly including over the drip tray without a problem. This is a must buy. Great service from owner directly.

Am•• ••er

July 9, 2021


Covers nicely, can put down while griddle is hot and be fine. The hard top cover makes a nice tabletop when the griddle is not in use. Kinda handy on many levels!

H.•• ••GE

June 19, 2021

Flimsier than expected

It scratches easily and is more lightweight than expected. A light wind could blow it away. The handle bolts require a not-included Allen wrench that is awkward to tighten next to the handles. Standard Phillip-head screws would have made assembly easier.

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HARD COVER GRIDDLE LID OVERVIEW Protect your griddle surface with GriddleGuard's Diamond Plate hard cover lid that fits and is compatible with the Blackstone 36” Cooking Station with side and rear grease management systems. This hard cover features hanging brackets so you can hang it up on the back of the griddle and use it as a wind-guard while your are cooking. The wood handle gives this cover a much classier look and is positioned on the cover so that you can use the top as a tabletop prep surface before or after cooking. Aluminum material makes this hard cover lightweight and easy to lift on and off the griddle. The superior design of this hard cover gives it a more sleek and stealth look that will have your friends asking where you got it from. Some assembly required. *Griddle NOT included. FEATURES Made in the USA from high quality materials. Superior design. Lightweight. Precise bends, cuts, and welds. Wood handle. Hanging hooks/brackets. SPECIFICATIONS Made to fit and is compatible with the Blackstone 36” Griddle on both the rear grease management system and the side grease management system. Material: Diamond Plate Finish: Diamond Plate Weight: 7lbs. Buyer Notes: Some assembly required. Some minor blemishes may be on materials from handling. Designed to only fit Blackstone 36" Griddle. Griddle is NOT included. Lid will get hot while cooking so only lift from wooden handle. Material isn't heavy duty, it's made to be durable but light weight for easy lifting.


  • MADE IN USA - We manufacture our products in our 80,000 Sq. Ft. facility located in Arizona. This lid is made from high quality diamond plate with a polished finish. Griddle NOT included.
  • PERFECT FIT - Our lid is engineered and designed to fit the Blackstone Griddle 36” with the side grease management system and the rear grease management system. Keeps rodents from getting in your griddle.
  • WOODEN HANDLE - We use wooden handle’s for our lids so you can use the handle even if the lid gets hot while cooking. Our lid has a flat top which is great to use as a serving table after cooking.
  • LONG HANGING BRACKETS - Our Blackstone griddle cover has longer hanging brackets which makes it super easy to hang your lid on the back of your griddle which works great as a wind deflector.
  • FULLY WEATHERPROOF - This hard cover is made from aluminum which prevents rust and corrosion from harsh weather conditions.

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