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Best Hidden Camera Apps for Android

Today, with the best hidden camera app for Android, you can turn yourself into a James Bond of sorts. However, please do your spying for legitimate reasons only.

There are so many spying apps being released on Android every other day. Therefore, it can be a bit hard for you to know what to choose, especially if you are a first-timer in this area. All app developers claim theirs is the best, but which one really is?

We have done the footwork for you and in this article we share with you some of the best apps we came across and tested, enjoy!

5 Best Hidden Camera Apps for Android

In this article we look at five of the best spy apps out there, both free and paid ones, that you can use.

1. Silent Secret Camera App

Just as its name suggests, this is a “silent” app in that you can take photos of subjects without them ever suspecting a thing. It is a good app to have at home to monitor your baby as it sleeps. You can also use the app to take surprise photos of your relatives when they come calling.

This is a free app, but it comes with in app purchases. It will also not consume much resources on your smartphone. Once installed, it is pretty hassle-free. Perhaps the one downside that we can mention here is the fact that you still have to point it in the general direction of the subject that you are photographing.

It should be easy to use this hidden camera app. The interface is quite simple, without any configuration needed.  You can easily capture continuous shots and best of all, you can focus the camera easily without your subjects suspecting a thing.

You can download this app here:  or

2. Background Video Recorder

This is a good spy cam app for android. You can be able to record videos discreetly with this app, without the subject under surveillance being any the wiser for it. You may disable the sounds of the camera so that it does not make any sounds.

This is a free app, but it comes with in-app purchases. When you start recording, the screen of your device will go off. The key is to be as discreet as possible. This app will also record in night mode and take clear footage.

You may also schedule the video recording so that it can start capturing footage at the appointed time. You may also use the back or the front camera for recording. You will also be able to trim your videos and better yet, you can even set length of  recording time.

When you start recording, this app will run for about 30 minutes, or when the recorded capacity reaches 4GB. After that, it will go off automatically. It is recommended that you set the total recording time to less than 30 minutes.  However, you can set it to run for a longer time if you have set the footage to be stored in an SD card.

You can download this app from

Background Video Recorder

3. Presence Spy Camera App for Android

The reason why we have included this in the list of best hidden camera app for android is because of its features. It is one good camera app for your home security. First, you can connect it with door sensors so that it alerts you every time the door is opened.

If you have an old smartphone at home that has a camera, you can turn it into your secret camera with this app. All that you need to do is download this app to it, and to your daily-use Android phone too. That way, you can use the old phone as the on-site camera while you use yours to monitor what is going on at home.

Since this app supports multi-viewer use, you can use it to monitor the other electronic items that you have at home. In addition, you can also turn this app into a pet monitor, baby monitor, nanny camera, temperature detector and water leak detector. Just position the home tablet or phone with the camera facing the direction that you want to monitor. You can then alternate between front and back cameras easily.

You can set email alerts when something happens and you are not at home. You can also set push notifications or in-app alerts. With this spy camera app for android, your home security is under control all the time.

The Presence Android app comes in free and premium version. You can make do with the free one but to unlock more features, you need to go pro.

You can download Presence app from

Presence Spy Camera App

4. Trackview Spy Camera

In about 60 seconds, you can finish installing the Trackview hidden camera app for android and immediately turn your smartphone into your security monitor. This is also an IP camera and can do all of the things that the other IP camera apps can do.

Among some of the things that you can achieve with this spy camera app is that it has two-way audio capability. You can speak into it to catch up with your kids when traveling. You can also record and listen to audio from the other end. You can remotely control the use of rear or front cameras. You can also make use of night mode to see the area you are monitoring clearly in low light.

You can use your old smartphone or tablet at home as your recording device. You will be monitoring the area under surveillance from your regular smartphone. If the app detects any event in the area that you are monitoring is detected, it will alert you immediately.

Another important function that you can get from this app is that it can help you find lost items, mostly devices. If the devices have been stolen, you can find them easily with this app and capture the theft.

You can download this app from or on PlayStore

5. Sneaky Cam – Spy Cam for Android

At the size of about 1.5 MB, this app is not going to consume too many resources on your mobile phone. If your android device has 2.2 or later versions of android, a back, front or both cameras, you can use it for capturing photos and videos secretly.

You will be able to hide the photo previews and even in low light conditions, you can disable the flash and the phone will still take good photos. When using the camera app, you can choose a screen of your choice instead of photo preview. You can then make the screen discreet so that you can see the photos that you capture. If you do not need to see the photos immediately, you can set the app to alert you whenever it takes a photo.

This app will not do a few things. It will not mute the click sound of your phone’s shutter. Therefore, you will have to mute that on the phone settings. Apart from that little issue, this app is easy to use and it captures good quality footage.

You can download the Sneaky Cam app from

Sneaky Cam for Android

Wrapping Up

Today, you can get the best hidden camera app for android and take photos and videos discreetly. Spy cam app for android can come in useful in many situations. For example, it can help you keep your home security under control. It can also help you monitor your children when you are away from home.

Also don’t forget to check our best wireless spy camera buying guide.

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Best Spy Camera Apps and Secret Video Recorders for Android

It’s easier for anyone to keep track of the activities at home and workplace with the help of spy and surveillance cameras. However, the situation gets much trickier when you aren’t at home. Also, it is practically impossible for any normal person to carry spy cams attached to shirts every day.

A lot of the times we are faced with a situation where if we could click a picture without alerting anyone, we would. But because it is really difficult to click pictures with your phone cameras without alerting anyone, we drop the idea. We have a list of Best Spy camera apps and secret video recorders to help you click sneaky pictures and videos. There can be many different usages of these applications: pranks, safety, keeping record of the situation, etc. So, without wasting anymore of your crucial times, let’s get straight to the apps.

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Best Spy Camera Apps and Secret Video Recorders for Android

1. Quick Video Recorder

Quick Video Recorder is one of the most popular and useful apps when it comes to spying and secretly recording videos. Quick Video Recorder helps you click pictures and videos without opening the camera app itself. The video gets recorded in the background and the user may continue to do any task which he/she may like. The user can even record video with screen off.

Quick Video Recorder is available for both Android and iOS. The app has over 10M downloads on Play Store. The app offers a minimalistic no-nonsense user interface. As soon as you open the app, you are welcomed with the button to record video. Quick Video Recorder creates two additional icons on the desktop; one to click pictures and one to record video. Clicking on the icons starts recording without even opening the Quick Video Recorder itself.

The settings menu holds a lot of features to tweak the camera and other settings to get the desired result out of the video. With tons of features, Quick Video Recorder is one of the best spy camera apps and secret video recorders for Android.

Quick Video Recorder

Download: Quick Video Recorder

2. Background Video Recorder

Background Video Recorder is another application similar to the Quick Video Recorder. With Background Video Recorder you can record sneaky videos without opening the camera app itself and making shutter sounds. You can also set a timer to start and stop recording.

Though the app contains ads, they do not hinder the experience. You can also tweak video quality and camera to get the desired results. However, it doesn’t offer an additional icon to record one touch videos and hence, users have to open the Background Video Recorder every time they have to record a video.

Background Video Recorder

Download: Background Video Recorder

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3. Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby and Pet monitor

This app is totally different from the two apps given above. It is a perfect alternative to expensive surveillance cameras. If you have any old mobile at your home lying, you can put it to use with this app. It lets you use your old phone as a surveillance camera.

All you have to do is download the app on two devices; the old phone and your personal mobile and connect these two devices. Now your old phone records the video with its camera and you can use your phone to view live-recording of it. This camera system can be used to keep an eye on your babies and pets. You can also talk through the app and let the intruder know that he is being watched.

In my view, it is an amazing solution to temporary surveillance needs. It includes night vision and lots of other features. It definitely is one of the best Spy camera apps available in the market.

Alfred Home Security Camera

Download: Alfred Home Security

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4. iRecorder – Video Recorder

iRecorder is one of the very popular names in spy camera apps. iRecorder is similar to the Quick Video Recorder and Background Video Recorder app mentioned above. There is nothing much to tell about this app honestly. It does what it says really well. You can capture videos in the background and with the screen turned off.

You can also trim videos to save up space. The option to schedule the video recording is also available like the apps mentioned above. Users can customize the camera settings and other options to meet the need.


Download: iRecorder

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5. Easy Video Recorder

Easy Video Recorder app lets you capture videos in the background. It also has the feature to schedule the video recording. It offers one-click video recording without opening the app itself. The most highlighted feature is that you can customize the power button to capture videos without even turning the lights of your phone on (Click Power Button Three times to Record Video).

Easy Video recorder lets you customize the camera functions such as video quality and much more. With all these great features and more, Easy Video Recorder definitely deserves to be on the list of Best Spy Camera apps and Secret Video Recorder in 2020.

Easy Video Recorder

Download: Easy Video Recorder

6. Hidden Camera:

This application is totally different from what we have is a hidden camera detector app. This app is helpful for all the people who like to travel and often find themselves in a hotel. There have been many cases where the personal footages of people have been leaked over the internet by many of these hotels.

Things have gone better in the past couple of years. Yet, there is no guarantee for what’s coming your way. Hidden camera app is designed to detect magnetic fields found around metals and electronic devices. This hidden camera detector app beeps as soon as you bring your mobile closer to an electronic device of some kind.

The app features different modes. Secret cam mode in the app also helps determine what kind of magnetic field it is. It tells you if your phone is near another phone/laptop or there is a camera nearby. The app worked great (Better than I expected it to). Though it cannot and should not be used as the only tool to detect any spying device, it can be used if you see something and can’t determine if there is a camera in there.

Hidden Camera

Download: Hidden Camera

7. Hidden Camera Detector:

Hidden Camera Detector app is similar to the previous. Like the previous app, it also helps in detecting the hidden camera at a particular location. In addition to that, it features an additional feature, Infrared camera detector function.

Infrared Camera detectors use cameras to identify any nearby camera. As soon as you start the feature, you will see, on your screen, what your camera is seeing. There will be an additional green tint on top. Your camera sees infrared rays as bright white light coming from a source where you would be seeing nothing with your naked eyes.

This feature can be pretty helpful to detect any infrared camera nearby. You also don’t have to take your phone closer to the suspected location, you can be at a distance and still you would be able to see the light from the Infrared camera. This app worked great for me and is worth a try.

Hidden Camera Detector

Download: Hidden Camera Detector

8. Who Touched My Phone?

This app is designed to keep a check on who touches and does what on your device. Who Touched My Phone is a great app to keep a check on your kids and other people who use your phone. It can also be used as a precautionary device to check who uses or tries to use your phone in your absence.

This app can create a report of all the apps that are opened and used which you can later on see if someone was doing something suspicious. It can also click pictures with the front camera if someone enters the wrong pattern a few times.

This app can be of great use if you are someone who most often leaves the phone on the office desk and with kids for a long time without paying too much attention.

Who Touched My Phone

Download: Who Touched my Phone?

9. Intruder Detector

Intruder Detector is another application similar to the Who touched my Phone? It is also aimed at keeping an eye on intruders. But this app doesn’t record the activity log of the user. It doesn’t track what the person did on your device. You can click the picture of the intruder and send an email to any predetermined email address to inform that someone without access is trying to unlock your phone.

This app can also show a warning message on the screen warning the intruder that ‘his/her photo has been clicked by the mobile and Police will be informed if the phone isn’t returned right away.’ This app can come in pretty handy if it ever gets stolen anywhere.

Intruder Detector

Download: Intruder Detector

10. Presence Video Security Camera:

Presence Video Security Camera is a similar application to Alfred. It also puts your old mobile phone to use. Similar to Alfred, you have to download the application on two different mobile phones. One has to be used as the camera for recording and the other device, your personal phone, would be used as the device to access what another phone is recording.

No matter if you are out leaving the kids home by themselves or if there is a pet at home, you can always be there while still being away. This app allows you to talk through the phone like a walkie-talkie. This feature comes in handy when you have to calm down your crying kid or scare the thief away.

It also has an amazing functionality that it alerts you when there is something happening at your place. It quickly sends you an alert on your phone about the situation so you can turn the camera on at the right time. This is a useful app and has so many use cases.

Presence Video Security Camera

Download: Presence Video Security Camera

These are all the 10 best spy camera apps, secret video recorder, and Hidden camera detector apps for Android in 2020. Do let us know if you found this post helpful, we love hearing from you.

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The Android market is inundating with apps that help you in your everyday issues and allow you to do so much with just a device. In the amazing versatility of these apps, there are some really cool spy or surveillance apps that provide you much security during different situations.

So, in this post, we are featuring some of the best and free spy or security apps for Android. From quick background video recorder to home surveillance apps, there’s an array of free and useful tools. Take a look at the list to know about each app in detail.

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps

10 Best iPhone Spy Apps

When your child gets his/ her own mobile phone, there are chances that they may get themselves into... Read more

1. Cell Tracker

Cell Tracker

Have someone you need to track? Like a delivery guy or a sales rep for your business? If you give them a company phone, having cell tracker on it can log down their location, where and when they have been to a place, every half hour.

ell Tracker automatically collects the location of the device holder through WiFi/GPRS. Tap on ‘View Now’ to see the list of location the target device had visited.

2. Ear Spy

Ear Spy

Ear Spy lets you appear immersed in your music but in secret, it amplifies the sounds around you via your device microphone all the way to your earphones.

Have your earphones in your ears and under your hoody, but leave your smartphone bare to pick up conversations in its surroundings. The app also has an equalizer to enhance the listening conditions of your surroundings.

3. Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera

If you’re concerned about your privacy being taken over by a spy camera or microphone, then you’ll love the Hidden Camera app. It is a free and interesting app that helps you to detect if there’s any hidden camera or bugging device near you so you can protect your privacy.

The app has a really simple way of working. All you need to do is to move your Android device close to the suspected area (changing room mirror, shower head, or hotel room etc.) and the app will analyze the magnetic activity and tell you if there’s a spy cam or microphone around. Cool right?

4. Alfred Baby & Pet Monitor CCTV

Alfred Baby&Pet Monitor CCTV

Alfred Baby and Pet Monitor CCTV is a versatile app that enables you to keep an eye on your baby sleeping in the other room, your pet during your work hours, or your house and other belonging while you’re busy elsewhere. It is a free and reliable app that converts your smartphone into a home surveillance device in a few steps.

Some of the best features of the app include smart intruder alert that prompts you as soon as it detects some activity, low-light filter that makes the camera keep working even in dark environment, 24/7 live stream that you can access anywhere, walkie-talkie that allows you to interact with your pet or deter thieves, and many more.

5. Quick Video Recorder

Quick Video Recorder

Just as the name says, Quick Video Recorder allows you to start recording video in the quickest possible way. Instead of unlocking phone, going to the camera app and then recording, you can simple tap once and commence recording anywhere. The app is especially useful for reporters and journalists who’re often in situations where one needs to quickly record videos.

Apart from recording in the quickest way, the app offers some other interesting features as well. For instance, you can enable/ disable the camera shutter sound and camera previews, do continuous recording even if the screen is off, and schedule a recording session as per your requirement.

6. Presence Video Security Camera

Presence Video Security Camera

You can turn your spare smartphone into a surveillance camera using Presence. It is a video security camera app for conducting video surveillance of any place from anywhere by just using your smartphone. All you need to do is to download the app on both smartphones and start using its features.

There are many useful features in the app that you’ll find interesting. You can remotely switch between front and back cameras and even turn the flash on/ off, free cloud video storage for video recordings, disturbance alert in-app notifications or via email, and a lot more that’ll be helpful to you as a security device.

7. iRecorder


Want to record videos quickly and without letting anyone know? Try the iRecorder app. It is a unique video recording app that allows you to capture videos even when the phone is locked. There’s also a feature to schedule video recording, edit the recorded videos, easy storage location options, multiple video resolutions as well as integrated Google Drive backup among many other helpful features.

8. Silent Camera

Silent Camera

If you want to take photos or make videos without the camera shutter sound, then Silent Camera app is what you need. It is a free app that allows you to take high-quality photos in a jiffy, that too, without making a single sound.

Apart from the silent camera, there are many other features that enhance your built-in camera’s functionality. These include auto focus/ manual focus, screen selection, white balance, image sizer, as well as many other filters. The captured images and videos are stored in your phone’s SD card.

9. Easy video recorder

Easy video recorder

A background video recorder, the Easy Video Recorder is a helpful app with which you can record videos with just one click (and without having to go to the camera app). You can continuously record video even when your screen is off and all the videos will be saved in the Google Drive or Dropbox.

There are many ways with which you can start/ stop the video capture I.e. through the volume up/ down button, by shaking the phone, and even automatically when the app detects a human face. The app has a simple and easy interface and supports multiple languages and and video modes.

10. Silent Camera Continuous shooting

Silent Camera Continuous shooting

The Silent Camera Continuous Shooting app offers multiple features to shoot videos from your smartphone without anyone knowing about it. It enhances your camera’s functionality manifold and adds many features to your otherwise feature-less camera. Some of its main features include self timer, background shooting, zoom shooting, auto-focus, and many others.

Review: Top 5 Spying Apps for 2020 - Best Spy Apps For Android \u0026 iOS

A spy camera app is a great tool for keeping an eye out on your property, kids, and pets all day. Nonetheless, it does not come without responsibility. Your district might have regulations on the implantation of hidden cameras that work with your app and it is a must to follow those. If you already know all the rules and using a surveillance app is allowed where you live, we might have just the right thing for you!

Spy Camera App for iOS and Android

Picking the right app for your iOS and Android devices can get a little cumbersome because there are many options out there. But with this article, you’ll get to know easily seven of the best spy camera apps for surveillance on your kids, pets, and property.

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With the rising threat of burglary and other crimes, the need for a spy camera app seems justified. No homeowner would like to fall victim to such acts. And if you have already experienced those breaches or do not feel secure, it is imperative to get the said helpful technology right now and use it 24/7.

The apps would be of great importance not only when the police get involved and ask for footage. In rare instances, it might even thwart the crime. That is if your apps let you control your security camera. For example, you being able to trigger the camera’s alarm or voice function from the app to scare the evildoers.


Monitoring via a mediocre spy camera app can make the task difficult, so make sure to check out these best apps that will make your surveillance a lot better. The entries listed here have nuances but they work 100 percent.

1. TheWispy

Starting our list is TheWispy. It’s a spy camera app exclusive to Android devices and known to have high-end surveillance features.

TheWispy has an online platform command center that can be used to send instructions for taking photos and videos to a target device’s camera. You can even get extra spy features, including call recording, GPS tracking, and voice message recording if you purchase the app’s premium version.

The Wispy has three monthly subscription plans as of this writing:

1. Starter Package: $9.99 for 15 days.
2. Basic Package: 19.99 per month.
3. Premium Package: $29.99 per month.

On top of that, TheWispy is a multi-user compatible app. Meaning, the app can be installed on two or more devices under one account. Another plus for this spy camera app is the dedicated 24/7 toll-free customer service support, which customers would surely appreciate when encountering a hiccup with the service.


  • 1. Easy-to-use interface with guides and customer support
  • 2. Can be used in tandem with other spy tools


  • 1. Does not support other app integration
  • 2. Not yet available for iOS and Windows devices

Download TheWispy for Android


2. Alfred Security Camera

Alfred Security Camera for iOS

The Alfred Security Camera app is a free, easy, and stable tool to use for surveillance inside your home. If you are a working parent, you would surely appreciate the comfort and security this app offers whenever, wherever.

The app requires installation on at least two devices; one would serve as the camera and the other would have the control dashboard. In this context, you can use multiple spare mobile devices as cameras and put those at strategic places not easily spotted by hidden camera detectors. This way, you can properly monitor your house, kids, and properties and even get an all-around view of the place.

Additionally, the app comes with a walkie-talkie and siren features that you can use to surprise someone or an intruder. Once installed, you can activate all functions, including motion detection and low-light filter.

The Alfred Security Camera app has these paid subscription service options:
1. $3.99 per month
2. $29.99 annual payment


  • 1. Video recording feature
  • 2. Two-way communication between devices


  • 1. Footage recording quality is not that good
  • 2. No free version

Download Alfred Security Camera for Android

Download Alfred Security Camera for iOS


3. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is the perfect spy tool if you want to keep an eye on your kids and their activities. With its top-of-the-line surveillance features, you are 100% guaranteed able to track a target device’s mobile activities.

The app becomes your way to remotely control your kids’ smartphones and take photos of where they are. It also lets you take advantage of other features like app blocking, call recording and logs, SMS tracking, browsing history and screen time monitoring, and GPS tracking. Furthermore, the data from the target device is transmitted to the controller device in real-time. That means you can take immediate action should there be a need for one. However, the app requires that you purchase a license and set it up.

iKeyMonitor has free and paid versions for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. The free version can meet basic security needs. The paid package worth $29.16 monthly comes with full functionality.


  • 1. Has the best child-monitoring features in an app
  • 2. Comes in free and paid packages


  • 1. $29.16 per month is on top of the purchase of a license

Download iKeyMonitor for Android

Download iKeyMonitor for iOS


4. Silent Camera [High Quality]

Based on its name, it is already obvious what the Silent Camera app does best. It is a decent photography tool that can make your phone camera take photos stealthily. The task is made possible by the app not using the shutter sound when a photo is taken.

You can’t really have much out of this app other than enhanced and covert photography. The app is free, though, and in-app purchases are optional.


  • 1. Simple and easy user interface
  • 2. No shutter sound when a photo is taken


  • 1. Not available for iOS and Windows devices

Download Silent Camera for Android


5. SpyEra Spy Camera App

SpyEra Spy Camera App

SpyEra is a decent and effective app that allows you to monitor activities on phones, tablets, and computers and use those devices’ cameras remotely. Its other features are live call recording and listening, GPS tracking, geofencing, device screen capturing, and instant messaging monitoring.

The app has to be installed on your target device to monitor first. No need to worry about that because the installation process will not confuse you. The information from your target device is then made visible on the online dashboard.

One thing that makes SpyEra an elite spy camera app is its ability to operate under wraps; the app’s operation is undetectable.

The app is available on all mobile platforms, but its pricing might not be for everyone. The paid packages are quite expensive if you are only using those for basic surveillance.

Plans differ per type of device, and below are the prices as of this writing:
1. Smartphone – $89 per month or $389 per year
2. Tablet  – $69 per month or $279 per year
3. One-time all-in package (smartphone, tablet, PC) – $479 per year


  • 1. Has the features you need on a spy camera app
  • 2. Undetectable app operations


  • 1. Its pricing scheme is pricey compared to its competition

Download SpyEra for Android

Download SpyEra for iOS


6. SP Spy Camera App

Infographic for SP Spy Camera App

SP Camera is another top-tier spy camera app. It helps you take photos or videos undetected flawlessly. How? The app displays a fake screen that can show either a calculator or alarm clock interface when you are taking footage. You can see any area in your home by hiding your smartphone that has the app installed there.

The app will automatically record should there be any motion detected in the area where it’s placed. If that is not your preferred mode, you can configure the app to take photos at a given interval. As regards the saving of footage, any photo or video captured by the app is kept safe in a folder that you can secure by selecting a password.

SP Camera has no free version and is only available for iOS devices.


  • 1. Smart and strategic fake screen for undetectable photo and video recording
  • 2. Simple and user-friendly app interface


  • 1. No free version
  • 2. Some features may not work for older phone units

Download SP Camera for iOS


7. Presence Video Security Camera

Photo for Presence Video Security Camera

Like some of its competitors, Presence Video Security Camera requires the use of at least two devices; one for control or dashboard while the other would serve as the spy camera. If you have more gadgets, the better. That’s because multi-viewing is supported. But the app’s most appealing feature might be its wireless sensor compatibility. Using the app together with the said detectors might help reduce false-positive recordings.

As for how the app works, it sends alerts when it detects motion in the area it’s monitoring in real-time, giving you the advantage to take action when needed.

Presence Video Security Camera is already impressive with its basic features, but you can still opt to pay for the pro version if you want Amazon Alexa support.


  • 1. Compatible with voice assistant Alexa
  • 2. Multi- and simultaneous viewing of a single camera feed


  • 1. Some users reported glitches plaguing the app

Download Presence Video Security Camera for Android

Download Presence Video Security Camera for iOS


Which Spy Camera App Did You Like?

Spy camera apps are helpful tools when you simply want to keep yourself, your home, and your properties safe from unwanted people snooping around. Some of those even go beyond basic camera functions – alarm, voice control, and more. No one should compromise security anyway. So, if you want to get one for yourself, make sure the app you are considering offers the features you need in line with your budget. It also pays to check other customers’ reviews about the app if you need a little more convincing. Equally important is to confirm if the app you are considering has 24/7 chat or phone support to quickly solve issues that might come up.

We hope this article aids you in your quest for better security apps. If you have made your choice already, let us know which of the featured options you liked the most!


Android app best camera spy

10 Best Spy Camera Apps For Android & iOS

Sometimes you put a hidden camera in your room or other sensitive places for the security reason or keep an eye on what is going on in a room when you are not in it. in addition, sometimes you might need to capture a photo or video without anyone knowing about it. Especially when you want to prank or capture something for a witness. Hence, putting a hidden camera inside a room is easy, but when you go out, it’s difficult to take a separate camera or place it somewhere in your body. Don’t worry, fortunately, smartphones have become so advanced that you don’t need to buy any separate camera. There are many apps out there which can give your Android or iOS device access to a number of functionalities of nature, and in this article, we will look at 10 best spy camera apps for Android & iOS.

1. Quick Video Recorder – Background Video Recorder

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Quick camera recorder is one of the best spy camera apps for Android & iOS devices. It has the option to enable/disable camera shutter sounds and camera previews. Also including a feature or continuous recording when your screen is off, and even you can schedule recording time.

When the duration time of recording reaches 30 minutes or 4GB in size, it will stop recording. So you can set limit time and repeat recording feature to try.


  • Trim videos after you record them
  • Enable/disable preview views
  • Enable/disable shutter sounds
  • Supports “Night mode”
  • Schedule your camera to record video at specific times
  • Supports back and front cameras
  • Supports Dash Camera mode
  • Unlimited video duration. Easily set the time duration you want to record
  • Supports “auto stop recording” when device storage is low
  • Multiple video resolutions (HD-720p, Full HD-1080p, 480p…)

2. Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby & Pet Monitor CCTV

Download for Android

Download for iOS

This apps is one of the 10 best Spy Camera apps for Android & iOS and it features more than an expensive security camera. You can get live stream, instant intruder alert, night vision, walkie-talkie, and unlimited cloud storage to store, share, and playback your video footage.
To use this app you require two devices. If you have a mobile and a tablet both, you can install the app on both. Your tablet becomes the camera which records surroundings and your mobile phone becomes the viewer through which you can see what is being recorded by the camera.


  • 24/7 Live Stream: Watch the high-quality live video from anywhere.
  • Smart Intruder Alert: Get instant alert when the camera picks up any movement.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage: Playback, download, and share your video footage at any time.
  • Night Vision: Reinforce security when it’s dark.
  • Walkie-talkie: Deter thieves, interact with visitors or pets, and soothe babies.
  • 360 Camera: Cover a larger area with both lenses.
  • Zoom, Schedule, Reminder, Trust Circle, Siren and more…

3. Background Video Recorder

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This app allows you to record video on your phone in the background and meanwhile using your phone. Consist of option to enable/disable camera shutter sound and camera preview.

Moreover, you can schedule the phone to start recording at a certain time and hide it in a good spot. After you are done you can use the app to trim the video to size and save storage space by only keeping the parts you need.


  • No preview.
  • Support video orientation
  • Can record during a phone call.
  • Turn screen off and continue recording in background mode.
  • Supports front and back camera.
  • Full HD video (1920×1080) recording.
  • Enable/disable notification, screen message when start/stop recording.
  • Auto sync video with Google drive… to help you find your videos when you lost your phone.
  • Protect videos by pattern locks screen.
  • Show/Hide video from Gallery.
  • quick record by the widget on the home screen

4. iRecorder – Video Recorder

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As like mentioned apps this app also allows you to record videos in background mode or when the phone is in locked mode. While recording you can customize the advanced settings, schedule the recording time and setting up video trimmer. Start the video recording directly without accessing the main application.


  • Record videos in the background while your device is locked or another app is running.
  • Record with back or front camera.
  • Trim videos after you record them.
  • Supports auto white balancing with multiple advanced options.
  • Integrated Google Drive Backup.
  • Adjust timer and record videos at a specific time and for a specific period.
  • Easy to configure duration, camera, and video quality.
  • Supports “auto stop” when device storage is low.

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10 Best Night Vision Camera Apps For Android & iOS

10 Best Night Vision Camera Apps For Android & iOS

5. Silent Camera HD

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This app is designed for a quiet or silent environment. Take photos of your sleeping baby, natural behavior of your pet or hushed library in a silent mode not sound. It’s mostly liked by users because of its high-quality images.


  • High-quality
  • High-speed continuous shooting
  • Timer shooting
  • Autofocus / manual focus
  • Scene Selection
  • Color effect
  • Composition guide
  • Touch Shutter
  • Geo-Tag
  • Image Size Selection
  • Volume Key Shutter
  • (Photo Editor & Dramatic Filter

6. Presence Video Security Camera

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If you have an old phone at home and you are not using it. Why not put it work? By the help of the Presence app, you can change your old phone into a security camera. Download the app on both phones and sync them together and get a live view of your home when you are away.
This app informs you when something is happening. It’s also a webcam, baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam, home surveillance cam, party cam, or any cam. At home, in the kitchen, the garage, the nursery, the office or wherever – watch what’s happening live and record it at the same time. You will be alerted by email or a push notification when something is happening in your absence.


  • Video alerts, inform you when something is happening
  • Invite trusted friends to keep an eye on things when you can’t
  • Install wireless sensors and connect your home to your smartphone
  • Add smart plugs, lights, meters, and robotics stands to control your smart home

7. Sp Camera

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This app is designed for iOS users. With the help of this app, you can record video, or take pictures without being seen while the device shows one of the fake backgrounds. It can automatically record and save video if any motion occurs on the scene with a motion detector sensor.


  • Photo Mode: automatically capture a photo without tap any buttons with Photo Timer.
  • Motion Detector Mode: automatically record only if any motion occurs on the scene.
  • Timelapse Mode: record video in fast motion action up to 8x.
  • Do both capture photo & record video at the same time.
  • Ability to zoom in & zoom out up to 10x.
  • Ability to record silent video (without sound).
  • Support photo capturing and video recording with volume buttons.
  • Save photo and video in a passcode-protected private app folder or save to camera roll.

8. Easy Calc – Camera Eye

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This app is also one of the best spy camera apps for iOS users. Record video, audio or take pictures without being noticed. It includes delayed trigger, sequencer, and so many other options. The monitor detector is available as a paid feature inside the application.


  • Set a pin on the files.
  • Easy Calc keeps your media files separately from the camera roll for privacy.
  • Select the video quality to save storage space.
  • Rear Camera: HD Video 1 minute.
  • Front (face) Camera: HD Video 1 minute.

9. Easy Video Recorder

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Record the video by one click easily with the option to enable/disable camera shutter sound. It can continuously record video when your phone screen is off. Also, you can schedule recording, an easy to use one-click Video Recorder & support for multiple languages.


  • The power button can be used to start or stop recording. (Press the power button three times in two seconds to start or stop recording.)
  • Shake the phone to start or stop video recording.
  • Enable/disable preview views.
  • Unlimited video duration. Easily set the time duration you want to record.
  • Can compress video recording files with password.
  • Share recording files.

10. [High Quality] Silent Camera

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There will be no shutter sounds to attract unwanted attention. Not only this app mute all sounds on your phone, but it also handles the visual side. Take pictures when your screen remains black. Making it tremendously more difficult for anyone to notice what you are doing.


  • Words as a silent by default.
  • User screenshot
  • The option of continuous shooting.
  • Options regarding photo notifications, vibration settings and more.

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It is very significant for users of these spy camera apps to make sure you are not violating any privacy laws while using one of these apps. Therefore, check the applicable ordinances and ensure you conduct yourself in a manner that won’t lead to any unwanted repercussions. Moreover, don’t forget to share your feedback or ask your question using the comment section down below.

Best Android Spy Camera Apps

5 Best Spy Camera Apps for 2021

Alfred Security Camera

What We Like

  • Flashlight and night vision feature for darker scenes

  • Instant movement alerts

  • Easy to set up with Gmail account

What We Don't Like

  • Need to keep the camera device plugged in at all times

This app requires two devices, which is easy if you have an old mobile phone or tablet lying around. Install the app on both, and the old one becomes the “camera” that surveys the area you want to monitor. The other, your regular phone, is the “viewer” through which you can see what’s being picked up by the camera. Passively view what’s happening in the camera area, or record parts of the action. Use the walkie-talkie feature to talk between the two devices or scare away intruders. Alfred is free to download and has in-app purchases.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Silent Secret Camera HD

What We Like

  • Simple interface

  • Easily take continuous shots

  • Selective focus

What We Don't Like

  • As "stealth" as it may be, you still have to point your phone's camera at the photo subject

Designed for stealth photo ops, this Android app helps you take silent photos of your sleeping baby, a hushed library, outdoor wildlife, or in any other quiet environment. The silent operation, in conjunction with secret screen settings, is also helpful for taking spontaneous photos without friends or family knowing you’re doing it. Silent Secret Camera HD is free with in-app purchases

Download for Android

Background Video Recorder

What We Like

  • Record video even when your screen is off

  • One-click video recorder shortcut

  • Supports night mode

What We Don't Like

  • Performance may not be consistent across all devices

This robust video recording app records video with an option to disable camera sounds so others around you won’t know you’re recording. You can also schedule a recording for a future time. The app has additional features that allow you to use your front or back camera, trim videos after you record them, store videos, and set the maximum video recording time. Background Video Recorder is free with in-app purchases.

Use the video recorder shortcut or the pink floating button within the app to easily start and stop recordings.

Download for Android

SP Camera

What We Like

  • Capture photos and videos at the same time

  • Record video in slow or fast motion

  • Change video recording resolution

What We Don't Like

  • Not all features are available on older devices

Use this app to capture photo and video images on the sly. It uses fake on-screen images (such as a web browser or a clock) to hide the fact that you’re using it. Leave the camera set up in a particular location (such as a room in your home), and it will record when any motion happens there. Or, set it up to automatically capture photos every few seconds. Your photos and videos remain secure in a password-protected folder. SP Camera costs $9.99.

Download for iOS


What We Like

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa

  • Supports multiple viewers

  • Many possible uses

What We Don't Like

  • Some users report technical difficulties

This home security solution enables you to use an old device as your in-house camera along with your current one to monitor it. Set it up to monitor activities in your home and get motion alerts in real-time. Unlike some of the others on this list, Presence is compatible with wireless sensors that can detect window and door entry, water leaks, temperature, and more, for an even more advanced security system. You can even set up the app to control other electronic devices in your home. Presence is free for the basic version, or upgrade to Pro for additional features.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

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Installing a spy cam app on yours, your partner’s, and especially your kids’ smartphones is a very wise decision. It can benefit you in many ways, depending on the situation. Just make sure that you do it legally and use an app with multiple helpful features.

Using a Spy Cam App to Monitor Your Children

According to statistics, 67% of teenage boys and 71% of teenage girls have shared sexually suggestive content with their boyfriend/girlfriend online. This definitely is a good reason to install Spapp Monitoring on your teen’s smartphone as this way, you will be able to notice this.

Getting your children to understand the dangers of sharing private photos online with anyone is one of the parent’s primary duties. In today’s world, where the number of sexual crimes against children is growing at an alarming rate, teaching responsibility is a must. Installing a spy camera application will help you do this as seeing potentially dangerous pictures will prove your kid needs a refresher talk.

Using a Spy Camera App to Track Your Spouse

Spapp Monitoring is a program that will allow you to monitor every important aspect of the smartphone, not only its camera. This includes tracking and copying all messages, recording calls, marking GPS routes, and even monitoring browser history.

If you use the spy cam solution to track your spouse, you can benefit the same way you do with kids. You’ll know that your significant other isn’t taking and sharing as inappropriate images. Installing Spapp Monitoring on both partners’ phones might be a good choice for couples that look to rebuild mutual trust.

Using a Spy Camera App to Back Up your Photos

Spapp Monitoring is designed in a way that makes it send regular updates with collected info to your account. You can set up the notification system that will alert you when an update comes. You can also set the frequency of those updates.

Having a spy cam app running non-stop means that your phone will automatically upload all pictures you take with the device into cloud. You can access them from any computer or mobile device. The best thing is that you can be sure the precious images will remain with you even if something happens to the device.

Does Using a Spy Camera App Break the Law?

The answer to this depends on how you go about using the application as well as the laws in your state. One thing that is the same for every place is that installing spy software of any kind is illegal without consent.

This means that you must first get the person you want to monitor to agree on this. This would be a challenge, even if you are family. Note that parents who pay for their kids’ phones can use tracking apps without permission. This ‘privilege’ runs out when the child becomes legal.

If you have an explicit permission to install and use this spy camera application, you must read Spapp Monitoring’s Terms of Service.

In this document, you will find extensive information on all legalities pertaining to this software. Read carefully as by installing and activating the app, you indicate your consent to the terms.

In this particular case, this means that you agree to obey the laws of your state in regards to using Spapp Monitoring. You also accept the responsibility of researching those laws in detail.

As this spy cam app is rather sophisticated, you should study all its features before using them. This way, you’ll be able to set up a monitoring pattern that will suit your needs best. Note that this program does not only ‘spy’ on pictures/videos taken by the camera. It also allows you to control the phone remotely to an extent. This includes recording ambient surroundings by using a command that activates smartphone’s hardware. Then, the solution will ‘broadcast’ its findings through the most convenient route for you.

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