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Using Indeed Assessments to Administer Candidate Skills Tests

When a candidate has the opportunity to respond to short skills-based quizzes and tests, it can help you narrow down your applicant pool to identify your top candidates. This is helpful for two reasons. First, when a candidate takes a skills assessment, it indicates that they’re interested in your job opportunity and willing to put in the work. Second, these short tests can help you see the applicant’s skills, experience and knowledge in practice.

Below, you’ll learn what Indeed Assessments are, how they can help you filter and screen applicants and how to add them to your job posts. (We also offer screener questions to help you quickly determine whether or not applicants meet your hiring criteria upfront.)

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What are Indeed Assessments?

Indeed Assessments is a free* candidate screening tool that helps you find quality candidates for your open role(s).

*Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply.

We developed Indeed Assessments to help you screen your applicants for skills that matter most to you — whether that’s hard skills, like sales or accounting, industry knowledge like medical billing or food safety, or soft skills like reliability and accountability. Indeed Assessments provide multiple ready-to-use skills tests to help you zero in on great applicants and decide who to contact for an interview.

Skills tests vary in length and complexity based on the topic or industry. Most take 10 minutes or less to complete, and use multiple choice questions or recorded responses to objectively measure an applicant’s skills. An assessment can ask questions that test an applicant’s knowledge, and how they apply that knowledge in practical situations they’ll face on the job. Your applicants would be asked to record or select the response that they believe best answers the question.

Here’s an example of a question found on an Indeed skills assessment:

An employee is on his way to help a customer when a second customer, Rachel, walks in and starts asking the employee about a product. What should the employee do?

  • Suggest that Rachel go to the customer service desk
  • Ask an available coworker to help Rachel and apologize for the inconvenience
  • Focus on answering Rachel’s question and assume a coworker will help the other customer

How to add a skills test to your job post


When you post your job on Indeed, the Customized screening page will show you relevant assessment/test recommendations from our library of 135 skills tests.


Customized screening page screenshot

Once you’ve selected your assessments, you can choose to let Indeed send the assessment on your behalf to all applicants by selecting the checkbox agreeing to the Indeed Assessment Terms. If you prefer to handpick and invite applicants yourself, you can manually send the assessment to individual applicants once the job post goes live.


If you’d like to add assessments to your job post after you’ve already posted it, go to the Jobs tab of your Employer Dashboard and select Edit Job under the title of the job you want to add an assessment to. Click on Skill assessments on the left-hand side of the page.From there, you can select relevant tests. We’ll recommend three different skills tests based on the job description and job title, but you can click View more topics to see more.


You can also send skills tests to candidates who’ve already applied. Simply visit your View Candidate Page, click More Actions and then Send Assessment.

Job seekers can also take Indeed Assessments without being invited by an employer and share their results with you. When they complete an assessment and show the results on their resume, you can see their scores automatically listed. You can also search Indeed’s resume database for job seekers that have passed a specific assessment, and invite them to apply to your posted job. This is a great way to fill your applicant pool with quality candidates.


Filtering and screening candidates based on their scores


When a candidate completes the test, you’ll receive their score (via email). You can also view their score in your Candidate Dashboard. Since all of your candidates take the same assessment for a given job opening (if they choose to take it), you can objectively see how candidates perform in relation to each other.

Indeed Assessments score levels are: Expert, Highly Proficient, Proficient, Familiar and Completed. A score of N/A will be given when a candidate has started but not completed an assessment yet.

Skills test scores can be a great indicator of a candidate’s ability to perform a certain job. However, consider taking a holistic view of candidates through resumes, cover letters, phone screens and interviews to get a full understanding of candidates’ skills and abilities.

Indeed Assessments FAQs


What is the difference between Indeed Assessments and screener questions?

Both Indeed Assessments and screener questions help you narrow down your applicant pool to find the right candidates for your open job(s). However, unlike assessments, screener questions are part of the initial job application process. When a candidate applies for your job, they will be prompted to answer the questions you selected in order to submit their application. Screener questions can be customized and can be yes/no, multiple choice and short answer. Examples of screener questions include: “Do you have a high school diploma?” and “How many years of experience do you have in XYZ?”

Indeed Assessments, on the other hand, are skills tests that candidates take after their job application is submitted. These assessments can give an applicant the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and experience in practice. Topics include typing, customer service, cognitive ability, etc.

Can candidates retake Indeed Assessments?

Candidates may retake an assessment, but only after six months have passed since the last time they took it and if an employer specifically requests it.

Can you require applicants to take Indeed skills tests?

An employer can make an assessment required in their application process, but applicants may/may not decide to go through with taking the assessment. In this case, applicants that don’t complete or pass the assessment will be pushed to the bottom of your applicant list and grouped together as “other applicants”. This will appear as a collapsible section of your list that you can click on at any time to see these applicants.

Can I edit or customize skills tests on Indeed?

Because our skills tests are designed by a team of Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychologists and other experts, they cannot be edited or customized.


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Indeed Assessments Test Answers - How to Take Indeed Assessments 2021

You can search assessments by name, category, or simply scroll down the list.

Then, you can select the one you want and click Take Assessment.

Next, click Start Assessment.

Taking Assessments

Once you've chosen an assessment, a summary of the test will appear. Click the Get Started button to continue.

To prepare, you are given specific instructions. Pay close attention to this area. Carefully read through the directions and gather all materials beforehand. When you’re ready, click Continue.

Finally, a practice question will appear. Remember, you have a limited amount of time to answer each question. You can find your remaining time at the top. When you’re ready, click the Continue button below the practice question.

Keep in mind that when you exit out of an assessment the timer will not stop. It’s best to answer all questions in one setting. Once you’re finished, return to the Resume page to access your score.

Assessment Score

Click View full score report. Your score will show how you performed on each test.


Although assessments can display specific skills on your profile, they do have some limitations.

  • Indeed assessments are timed. If you exit the assessment while it's in progress, the timer will not pause. It's best to only take the assessment when you know you'll have enough time to finish it. 
  • If you take an assessment proactively, you won't be able to retake it. 
  • If an employer asks you to take an assessment, your score will last for six months. After that time, you can retake the assessment.
  • You cannot remove assessments from your resume. However, you can hide an assessment if you want. Just click the toggle to the right, and employers will no longer be able to see it.

If you're on a smartphone or tablet, assessments may not be available in the mobile app. Instead, you can use your device's web browser to access them.

Remember, not all employers use this feature as part of the hiring process, and assessments will not give employers a comprehensive view of your skills or background. However, you should do your best whenever you take an assessment.

Indeed Employment Assessment Test Questions and Answers


Indeed Assessment Test Questions and Answers


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HOW TO PASS PERSONALITY TESTS! (Career Personality Test Questions \u0026 Answers!)

How To Answer Assessment Questions

If you're actively looking for a job, you're likely to get at least one pre-employment behavioral assessment question before you get your dream job. Assessment tests, along with your background check, are crucial tools that employers use to get to know you. How you respond to these assessment questions can help make or break your job application. Many organizations use pre-employment assessment tests to align the best personality traits to the candidates they're looking to hire for their open positions. In this article, we discuss what assessment questions are, why employers administer assessment questions and how to answer assessment questions.

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What are assessment questions?

Talent assessment questions are tests used by employers to help identify candidates who will be the best fit for their companies. Many large organizations use pre-employment tests to know whether the candidates' personality, knowledge, work style and skills fit the open position or the company's culture.

These assessment tests help employers predict a new employee's on-the-job performance, meaning those who pass the screening test can improve workplace productivity by fulfilling their responsibilities if they get the job. Organizations that have developed detailed work profiles and job descriptions that align with the jobs' success factor can have the most valuable results from talent assessment. However, hiring managers must conduct assessment tests in a standardized and consistent manner to generate reliable results.

Recruiters give many assessment questions online, in the organization or store office through a hiring kiosk or a computer. Typically, these assessment questions are combined into the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which hiring managers use to track applicants. The employers may conduct other assessment tests in person.

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Why do employers administer assessment questions?

Many employers use assessment questions during the job interview process. They designed these questions to measure your abilities to perform well in the job. Here are other reasons employers administer assessment questions:

Problem-solving ability

Regardless of the position you occupy in the company, the employer will want to know how you solve common and complex problems. The employer can pose these assessment questions to you during the hiring process to determine your problem-solving skills. Answer this question by demonstrating your ability to assess any situation, review practical solutions and decide the right action based on the circumstance.

For example, if your potential employer asked you how you would deal with a late order delivery, an appropriate response would be, "I would do a double-check of the order, contact the shipment company manager and discuss the late delivery of orders." You can affirm this answer by noting that you'll later look for reliable alternative suppliers of similar products.

Professional ability

Employers administer assessment questions that often relate to the position you're pursuing. Employers try to determine whether you possess the experience, knowledge and successful background to help you handle common job expectations. Always give a complete answer that addresses the fundamental elements of the question. You might provide an example of how you dealt with similar responsibilities in the past.

For example, when you're applying for a freelancing job and the job assessment test asks you to outline the types of freelancing jobs you're familiar with. In that case, a perfect response might be, "I have extensive experience with freelance writing, freelance journalist and freelance photography." Boost your answer by noting your commitment to being a freelancer, meeting deadlines and producing quality content.


Potential employers try to get a sense of how responsible you are during the assessment test. Respond by showing them how they can rely on you to complete any task at a specific time. For example, if your promptness is crucial to your job, the hiring manager might ask you a question such as, "How often did you get to work late in your previous job?"

You respond to this assessment question, demonstrating your dependability and reliability, by giving an appropriate answer such as, "I believe and understand that getting to work on time is my duty and crucial part of the job description." Let the employer know you understand that missing work for a day or arriving late can affect my colleagues and employers.

Conflict management

Your potential employer might provide assessment questions during the recruiting process to see how you can handle conflict in the company. Provide an answer that resonates well with the employer's objectives and convince the hiring manager to consider you for their open position.

Outline strategies you used in your previous jobs to handle conflict in different departments. For example, tell the manager how you use open forums to address issues that might affect the organization. Let the employer know that you are open to continuing to learn how to handle conflicts in the workplace.


Hiring managers measure your competence by using assessment questions. They use aptitude tests to assess your elemental reasoning power, ranging from generic IQ questions to assessment tests for specific skills or abilities. They can use these assessment questions during the interview process to determine what you might do for the company. Potential managers might ask assessment questions to measure your verbal, abstract, numerical or logical thinking. The hiring managers can also determine your reasoning and learning abilities.

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How to answer assessment questions

During the interview process, the hiring manager might ask you questions to assess your ability to perform your responsibilities in the position you're applying for. Here's essential information to help you respond well to assessment questions:

1. Ask the employer to give you an idea of what to expect

Since the assessment tests show your traits, there might be no right or wrong answers. However, your hiring manager can give you a glimpse of what you can expect during the assessment test. Ask the manager if there's anything you can do to prepare for the test or the subject you might need to know about. If you know what the employer is likely to ask, you'll know how to find the appropriate answers.

2. Visualize the information in the question

Approach the assessment question by creating a chart in your mind that might help you get the basics of the question. For example, when you're responding to a question, you can think critically and arrange your answer in items starting from the first to last. Use the written information or charts to help you respond to the questions asked during the assessment test.

3. Underline the keywords in the assessment question

Underline the vocabulary and keywords that might give you an insight into what the employer is asking you to do. For example, an assessment test might ask you to identify specific elements that might be true. The difference between could and must create different dimensions for tackling the questions. Identifying keywords like these can help you understand how to provide an appropriate response to the assessment questions.

4. Do readings before you respond

Before you look for the appropriate answer for the assessment question, make an inference. Typically, using your logic and ability to determine hidden meanings within the assessment test can create your correct answer before you search for the right answer. Using your ideas to form your answer can help you determine if what you envision is close to what the employer wants you to respond to. Using the information you have will enhance your confidence when responding to assessment questions well.

5. Answering questions in the reverse order

Consider responding to the assessment questions in the reverse order, beginning with the last asked question. For example, the potential employer might ask you two to seven or more questions at once and expect you to respond to all questions at once. Sometimes, answering the last questions becomes easier than responding to the questions asked first. Answering the assessment questions in reverse order can help you get the answer right and impress the employer. You might also get time to prepare your mind for the first questions on the list and provide appropriate answers.

6. Use the elimination process

When approaching the assessment questions, use the elimination process. Read the associated text and prompt questions, then go through answers while crossing out or eliminate the options that might not fit or don't answer the employer's question. As you eliminate answers that don't suit the questions, you'll remain with those you can respond to during assessment tests. Be sure to consider the best answers and show the hiring manager your ability to respond to questions.

7. Take personality tests online

Search for websites that offer online tests and try responding to questions related to the job you're applying for. It's necessary to respond to the questions honestly and get the most accurate results. Taking these online questions can help you respond well to the assessment questions asked by the employer.

Personality tests can help determine how emotional, rational and extroverted you are, among other individual qualities. Employers use these assessments to identify whether you're an introvert or extrovert and other qualities you possess. Practice traits can help the hiring manager identify your weak links and look for better ways to improve your qualities.


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Indeed: Taking Assessments

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