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How to Get Into Rice University: Admissions Data and Strategies

Houston, Texas is home to one of the nation’s finest private research institutions—Rice University. No matter how you measure Rice’s performance, this school of roughly 4,000 undergraduates comes out shining bright. The university is consistently ranked in the top 20 among all universities, as well as in the area of undergraduate engineering. This well-resourced school boasts a 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio and resides near the top of any list ranking quality of academic instruction and quality of campus life.

Excited to apply to Rice yet? Well, welcome to the club. Today, the school receives 29,000+ applications and accepted just 9% in 2021. Back in 2007-08, the school received just 8,800 applicants and accepted 25%. Given this turn toward increased selectivity over the past decade, you’ll need every advantage you can get. The purpose of this blog is to provide you with:

1) An understanding of the big-picture of Rice University admissions.

2) Data to help you assess your chances of admission of more accuracy.

3) What the Rice University admissions committee looks for and how to get your application to stand out from the crowd.

To accomplish these goals we will touch on the following topics:

  • Rice University’s Class of 2025 acceptance rate
  • Rice University’s Class of 2025 ED acceptance rate
  • SAT, ACT, and class rank of accepted Rice University applicants
  • Admissions trends from the Class of 2025
  • The demographics of current Rice University undergraduates
  • Rice University’s yield rate
  • How Rice University’s admissions officers evaluate candidates
  • Tips for applying to Rice University
  • How to assess whether applying to Rice University is even worth the $75 application fee (for you)

Let’s begin with an examination of the most recent admissions data.

Rice University’s: Overall Acceptance Rate – Class of 2025

In creating a freshman class of 1,226 students, Rice admitted 9% of the 29,544 who applied in the 2020-21 admissions cycle. This is down from last year’s 10% acceptance rate.

Rice University Early Decision Acceptance Rate – Class of 2024

Those who are serious about attending Rice should definitely consider applying via binding early decision. For the Class of 2025, Rice accepted 18% of ED applicants. They took 478 students out of 2,635 ED applicants.

Rice University Admissions – SAT, ACT, and Class Rank

Those enrolled in the Class of 2025 sported middle-50th standardized test scores of 1500-1560 on the SAT and 34-35 on the ACT. An astonishing 93% of Class of 2024 (most recent available) members placed in the top decile of their graduating high school class, while 99% earned a spot in the top quartile.

Admissions Trends & Notes – (Class of 2025)

  • The total number of applications increased from 23,443 to 29,544.
  • Rice received almost an identical number of ED applications to the previous year.
  • The ACT range increased for the Class of 2025, with a 34 now qualifying at as a 25th percentile score.
  • Rice University continues to rank as one of the best schools for international students.

Who Actually Gets Into Rice University?

Let’s look at the demographics of the Rice University Class of 2035:

  • 50% of students are from Texas.
  • 37% of the students are from other U.S. States and Territories.
  • 13% are international students.
  • The percentage of Asian student has increased by 7% in the last two years.
  • 67 students in the Class of 2025 are international students coming from China.

As at any highly-selective university, competition is toughest among those hailing from states with endless streams of qualified applicants (the entire Northeast & the West Coast). If you come from a less populated state like Alaska, North Dakota, or Montana, your location is more likely to provide a boost to your admissions chances. Rice University does like to have a substantial percentage of students from the Lone Star State.

Looking at ethnic identity, the breakdown of members of the Class of 2025 was as follows (many students selected more than one):

  • Asian American: 40%
  • Hispanic: 17%
  • African American: 11%
  • White: 48%
  • American Indian: 1%

The breakdown by gender of the Class of 2025 is narrowly split in favor of women:

One would think that women would enjoy an edge given the disproportionate number of men in STEM disciplines, yet the acceptance rates by gender are almost identical.

Yield Rate

Rice University’s yield rate—the percentage of accepted students who elect to enroll, divided by the total number of students who are admitted is 41%. For comparison, many other top private universities have superior yield rates such as Northwestern (55%), Duke (54%), and Vanderbilt University (47%).

How Rice University Rates Applicants

There are nine factors that Rice University ranks as being “very important” to their admissions process: rigor of secondary school record, class rank, GPA, standardized test scores (test-optional for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 cycles), the essays, recommendations, extracurricular activities, character/personal qualities, and talent/ability. No factors are deemed as “important” and “considered” items are an interview, first-generation status, alumni relation (legacy), geographical residence, state residency, racial/ethnic status, volunteer work, paid work, and the level of an applicant’s interest in Rice.

In the admissions office’s own words: “Rice does not view offers of admission as entitlements based on grades and test scores. Our admission process combines an examination of academic ability with a flexible assessment of an applicant’s talents, experiences, and potential, including potential diversity contributions; it precludes any quick formula for admitting a given applicant or for giving preference to one particular set of qualifications without reference to the class as a whole.”

They also factor in the adversity one has faced in life and strive to create a class that diverse across socioeconomic and racial lines. Further, they look “beyond indicators of academic competence” looking for “other qualities among applicants, such as creativity, motivation, artistic talent, and leadership potential.”

It definitely helps if you are recruited as an athlete to join one of Rice University’s 14 Division I sports teams. Nine percent of the student population are varsity athletes.

Tips for Applying to Rice University

If you plan on joining the 29,000+ Owl hopefuls for the next admissions cycle, you should know the following:

  • Rice University expects to see evidence of advanced coursework in high school. Taking multiple advanced classes, particularly within your area of academic interest is a must.
  • You must apply to one of the six academic schools on your application. Each has different admissions requirements and standards. If your application is denied, you cannot be reconsidered for a second-choice school.
  • Rice University does offer optional interviews. They do “recommend an admission interview for freshman applicants as an excellent opportunity to showcase academic and personal successes while learning more about Rice. The Admission Committee values on- and off-campus interviews equally in the admission review process.”
  • Rice University weighs “demonstrated interest” in the admissions process. Therefore, you will be judged on whether or not you made a campus visit (in non-pandemic times) contacted an admissions officer, etc.
  • Make sure to dedicate sufficient time and effort to the supplemental essays required by Rice. In the 2021-22 cycle they are as follows:

All applicants must answer:

  1. Please explain why you wish to study in the academic areas you selected. 150 word limit.
  2. Based upon your exploration of Rice University, what elements of the Rice experience appeal to you? 150 word limit.
  3. Rice is lauded for creating a collaborative atmosphere that enhances the quality of life for all members of our campus community. The Residential College System and undergraduate life are heavily influenced by the unique life experiences and cultural traditions each student brings. What life perspectives would you contribute to the Rice community? 500 word limit.
  4. In keeping with Rice’s long-standing tradition (known as “The Box”), please share an image of something that appeals to you.

Architecture Applicants Only

Architecture applicants will not be required to answer question #3 (above). Instead, they will answer questions #1 and #2 above, along with #4 and #5:

  1. Why are you determined to study architecture? Could you please elaborate on your past experiences and how they have motivated you to apply to Rice University and the School of Architecture in particular?
  2. Please expand on relevant experiences and motivations outside of your academic trajectory that have inspired you to study architecture, focusing on aspects that are not accommodated by other prompts in the application.

The key to answering #2 is to learn everything you can about Rice and communicate genuine reasons why it is the right place for you. For more, read our blog entitled Mastering the “Why This College?” Essay.

Should I Apply to Rice University?

With acceptance rates of 8-10% in recent years, Rice is a school that is looking for students that are at (or above) the 98th percentile on standardized tests and who placed toward the very top of their high school class. Just about all “A”s in an AP-heavy curriculum is expected. If Rice University is your aim, make sure to also have a rock-solid backup plan. All students need to make sure that they formulate an appropriate college list, containing a complement of “target” and “safety” schools. You’ll definitely want to get your counselor’s input during this process.

Dave has over a decade of professional experience that includes work as a teacher, high school administrator, college professor, and independent educational consultant. He is a co-author of the books The Enlightened College Applicant (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016) and Colleges Worth Your Money (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020).

Sours: https://www.collegetransitions.com/blog/how-to-get-into-rice-university-admissions-data-and-strategies/

Helpful Links

Rice’s CBE evaluation and selection process yields a strong class each year. We seek students who demonstrate academic prowess and show strong promise of leadership and interest in bettering their communities. The application has many areas of evaluation, and we are careful not to weigh any one section over the rest in our contextual review.

Still, we recognize some find comfort in knowing the profile of a student accepted to Rice. Below are the statistics for the class of 2025.

Decision PlanApplicantsAdmitsAdmission RateEnrolled
Early Decision2,63547818%463
Regular Decision26,9092,3249%763
Test Scores (Ranges of Deposited Students)
Assessment25th Percentile75th Percentile
SAT Composite15001560
ACT Composite3435
Enrolled Students by Gender
GenderNumberPercent of Class
Enrolled Students by Geography
Geographic Location% of Enrolled Students
Outside of Texas50%
In Texas37%
Enrolled Domestic Students by Ethnicity (Based on Federal Definitions)
Ethnicity% of Enrolled Domestic Students
Asian American34.83%
Hispanic or Latino17.13%
African American or Black9.55%
Enrolled Domestic Students by Ethnicity (Based on all Self-Identified Race/Ethnicity Data)*
Ethnicity% of Enrolled Domestic Students
Asian American40.45%
Caucasian or White47.94%
Hispanic or Latino17.13%
African American or Black11.24%
American Indian or Alaskan Native1.12%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander0.66%

*Students indicating more than one race/ethnicity are counted in each of their self-identified race/ethnic categories. The percentages add up to more than 100.

Enrolled International Students by Geography
Country# of StudentsCountry# of Students
Argentina2New Zealand2
Costa Rica1Saudi Arabia2
Ecuador2South Korea7
Ireland1United Kingdom4

Admission statistics for the Class of 2025 as of Aug. 25, 2021.

Sours: https://admission.rice.edu/apply/class-profile
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Class of 2025 acceptance rate drops to 6.7 percent, lowest ever

UPDATED: This piece has been updated to include the admission rates for the Class of 2025 for universities that were not previously included.

Vanderbilt’s overall acceptance rate fell to 6.7 percent for the Class of 2025, the lowest acceptance rate in the university’s history.

A 3.7 percent drop from 10.4 percent last year, the Class of 2025’s acceptance rate puts Vanderbilt among institutions such as Yale University, University of Chicago (UChicago) and the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) last year. These schools all had around a 7 percent acceptance rate for the Class of 2024. This year, Yale posting a 4.6 percent acceptance rate and UPenn a 5.7 percent acceptance rate.  UChicago still has not released admission statistics. 

Only 2,248 of the 42,125 applicants in Vanderbilt’s regular decision (RD) pool were accepted, another historically low at 5.3 percent acceptance rate. This year also saw the early decision (ED) rate fall to 18.1 percent, per a Feb. 19 update from Vanderbilt Undergraduate Admissions.

Vanderbilt’s regular decision acceptance rate has declined over the past five years, excluding the Class of 2024. The university accepted 8.8 percent of applicants to the Class of 2020, 8.6 percent to the Class of 2021, 7.3 percent to the Class of 2022, 6.3 percent to the Class of 2023 and 9.0 percent to the Class of 2024.

The gap between ED and RD acceptance rates widened for the Class of 2025. While the ED acceptance rate for the Class of 2024 was 2.3 times higher than the RD acceptance rate (9.0 percent versus 20.7 percent), this year’s ED acceptance rate was 3.4 times higher than the RD acceptance rate (5.3 percent versus 18.1 percent).

Per Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Douglas Christiansen, this year’s class was socioeconomically, racially and geographically diverse, with students admitted from every state and 74 countries. 

“The class itself is simply extraordinary,” Christiansen said. “We just see the name and brand of Vanderbilt growing.” 

Recent Acceptance Rate Trends

According to US News’ 2021 Best National University Ranking, Vanderbilt is tied with Brown University at 14th, preceded by Duke University and Dartmouth College and followed by Rice University and Washington University in St. Louis (WashU).

Rice and WashU both posted higher overall acceptance rates than Vanderbilt for the Class of 2025. Rice accepted 9.3 percent of all applicants while WashU accepted 13 percent, nearly double of Vanderbilt’s overall acceptance rate. While the acceptance rates for Duke, Dartmouth and Brown remained below Vanderbilt’s, they declined at a smaller rate from last year, at 5.8 percent, 6.2 percent and 5.4 percent, respectively.

Compared to last year’s acceptance rates at these schools, Vanderbilt’s acceptance rate of 6.7 percent for the Class of 2025 is the lowest, with Duke at 7.7 percent, Dartmouth at 8.8 percent, Brown at 6.9 percent, Rice at 11 percent and WashU at 16 percent. Vanderbilt’s acceptance rate for the Class of 2024 is the fourth-lowest out of these statistics at 10.4 percent.

In recent years, Vanderbilt’s overall acceptance rate has decreased, with the exception of the Class of 2024. There was an overall 10.4 percent acceptance rate for the Class of 2024, 9.1 percent for the Class of 2023, 9.6 percent for the Class of 2022, 10.9 percent for the Class of 2021 and 10.7 percent for the Class of 2020. 

Increase in applications

The steep drop in acceptance rate traces in part to a widened application pool. This year, the university saw a 28.5 percent increase in the number of applications, ultimately admitting 3,162 students to the Class of 2025 from a pool of 47,174 applicants.

“The increase in applications had to do with going test-optional because of COVID, being able to turn so quickly on the dime to get everything virtual and because we invited students back to campus last fall,” Christiansen said.

In addition to the larger application pool, Vanderbilt also accepted 641 fewer students this application cycle compared to last year. Per Christiansen,  these numbers reflect the changing realities of COVID-19.

“We had to admit more last year because we knew some students may not choose to come or may not be able to get here. It was an anomaly year compared to others in our history,” Christiansen said. “When you really look at the numbers, 2023 is more comparative to the entering Class of 2025 than 2024 because there was so much unknown last year.”

Christiansen also clarified that the decrease in accepted students did not have to do with high deferral rates for the Class of 2024. Per Christiansen, only 39 students in the class of 2024 deferred their admission to Fall 2021.

“There’s some popular literature out there that says it will be so much harder to be admitted this year due to deferred students,” Christiansen said. “Some of our peer institutions had upwards of 300 deferrals. This wasn’t the case for Vanderbilt.”

Test-optional policy

The rise of students applying to Vanderbilt reflects a nationwide increase in applications to elite universities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many schools, including Vanderbilt, implemented a test-optional policy for the Class of 2025. This adjustment will remain for students applying for Vanderbilt’s Class of 2026.

Per the Undergraduate Admissions’ website, 56.3 percent of Vanderbilt applicants voluntarily submitted test scores, and 61.1 percent of admitted students applied with test scores.

“Throughout this year, we’ve remained steadfast in the practice of context-based, holistic admissions,” the page reads. “For students who applied without standardized test scores, our evaluations of their academic achievement relied more heavily on the rest of their academic record including the transcript, relative position in class, rigor of coursework, and grade trend over time.”

Effect of COVID-19 on the application process

In the first fully virtual college applications season, students grappled with how to connect with schools and show their potential. Admitted students Sarah Frank and Briana Ratangee told The Hustler that the pandemic made the application cycle more uncertain. Both students applied to more schools than planned due to worries about increases in applicant numbers. 

“Applying to college during this past cycle was way more nerve-wracking than what I think a regular year would be like,” Frank said in a message to The Hustler. “Getting into Vanderbilt lifted a weight off my chest.”

A Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholar, Ratangee felt that virtual learning gave her more time to dedicate to her college applications. 

“The cancellation of many activities just gave me so much more free time to help represent myself fully in my essays,” Ratangee said in a message to The Hustler. 

Virtual admissions events

Since going completely remote last March, Christiansen said Vanderbilt’s Undergraduate Admissions team has been working to improve the virtual offerings available to prospective and admitted students. Per Christiansen, some virtual offerings are here to stay, even when in-person learning and events are back in full swing. 

“We had a few things [virtual programs] out there before, but now it’s just very robust,” Christiansen said. “I suspect we’ll continue some virtual things that allowed us to eliminate barriers for students who may not have been able to visit.”

Per Christiansen, one-on-one interactions with prospective students were noticeably absent from this year’s application cycle. 

“Admissions officers are used to traveling. I haven’t flown for over a year now,” Christiansen said. “We miss being with students. We miss those interactions.”

Several admitted students commented that the lack of in-person events limited their relations with their prospective universities. 

“It was harder to form deep connections with colleges despite the vast virtual webinars and tours I attended,” incoming first-year Emini Offutt said in a message to The Hustler.

Offutt cited the MOSAIC Multicultural Student Recruitment Program as key in his decision to attend Vanderbilt. Connections with students from various racial and socioeconomic groups helped him to form the connections for which he’d been longing, Offutt said.

“[MOSAIC] worked very hard to connect top students from various racial and socioeconomic groups and impacted my love for Vanderbilt,” Offutt said. 

What’s next for waitlisted students?

Vanderbilt’s waitlist process will occur as normal, Christiansen said. Typically, around 10 percent of the class are originally waitlisted, and, per Christiansen, each undergraduate school maintains its own waitlist with a number of students proportional to the respective school’s enrollment. Christiansen cited Vanderbilt’s Undergraduate Residential Requirement as a primary driver of the waitlist, as over-enrolling students causes long-term housing issues. 

“If we go over, I have a four-year problem, not a one-year problem,” Christiansen said.

Per Christiansen, Vanderbilt’s applicant pool has become increasingly competitive in recent years.

“The students on our waitlist now would have been our top scholarship recipients five years ago,” Christiansen said. 

What’s next for admitted students?

Similar to last year, virtual opportunities for accepted students are available, including a tailored virtual tour and speaker panels with current students, parents, faculty and administration. Admitted students have also begun to participate in online events and meet their fellow classmates in GroupMe, Facebook and Discord chats. 

Some students admitted via RD have already committed to attend Vanderbilt.

“It was a no-brainer for me to commit,” Offutt said. “I am stoked about getting into Vandy! The day after RD results, I committed straight away.”

This piece will be updated as more information about admission statistics becomes available.

Sours: https://vanderbilthustler.com/39616/featured/class-of-2025-acceptance-rate-drops-to-6-7-percent-lowest-ever/
Rice University Ranking and Acceptance - Scholarship

Get into Rice University

Rice University by the Numbers

Rice University is tied with Cornell for 16th place in the most recent US News and World Report’s list of National Universities, but only Rice has an intimate connection with NASA. Founded in 1912, what was originally called the Rice Institute now enrolls about 4,000 undergraduate students on its 300-acre urban campus in Houston, Texas. Its admission rate for the Class of 2023 was 8.7 percent across both admissions rounds. 

Before arriving on campus, all incoming freshmen are assigned to one of eleven residential colleges on campus. There are between 300 and 400 students assigned to each residential college. Even though 30 percent of the student population lives off-campus in a given year, off-campus students remain affiliated with their residential college. Varsity athletes at Rice compete across 14 sports (7 men’s teams and 7 women’s) in the NCAA Division 1 for their mascot Sammy the Owl, but unaffiliated students can compete in 27 club sports and 9 intramural sports teams. In addition, students can join one of Rice’s 250 clubs, which range from the Aikido Club to the Rice Oceans Club. 

Undergraduate students at Rice can pursue 50 different majors across 6 divisions of study: the School of Architecture, the School of Engineering, the School of Social Sciences, the School of Humanities, the School of Natural Sciences, and the School of Music. In addition, Rice offers graduate studies in the School of Business, and the School of Continuing Studies. Rice also offers 25 minors, from Naval Science to Politics, Law, and Social Thought. There are three Interdisciplinary Programs students can pursue including Air Force Science, Military Science, and Writing and Communications. Pre-professional programs include pre-med, pre-business, pre-law, and education, and students can earn certificates in Civil Leadership, Engineering Leadership, Language and Intercultural Communication. Rice boasts a 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio and median class size of 14 students.


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Applying to Rice University

Students applying to Rice can either apply Early Decision or Regular Decision. The Early Decision round, which is due November 1st, is binding, but significantly improves applicants’ odds—last year, Rice admitted 15.5 percent of applicants in the early round. Students applying Early Decision can apply Early Action to other schools, but must withdraw their applications if they are admitted to Rice in the Early Decision round. Applications for Regular Round are due January 1st and are non-restrictive. 

To apply to Rice, students can either use the Coalition Application, the Common Application, or the QuestBridge Application, for high-achieving low-income candidates. Either way, students will need to send either self-reported or official SAT or ACT scores. Rice superscores standardized tests, which means your highest sections scores across all test dates will be considered. Students can also request on-campus interviews by December 7th, or off-campus interviews by January 3rd. Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars must submit their application by December 1st, and architecture students must submit a portfolio and answer additional questions on their applications. 

Rice University Admissions Wrap Up

Class of 2025 (ED)
In the Early Decision admissions round this year, 421 students were accepted to the Rice Class of 2025 out of 2,635 applicants for a 16 percent acceptance rate. The total number of applications, an increase of 29 percent, marks a new record, due in part to the test optional policy added this year due to the pandemic. Of the admitted students, 57 were QuestBridge scholars, 12 percent were international students, and 44 percent were out-of-state students.

Class of 2024
Last year, there were 23,443 total applications to Rice and 2,346 students admitted to the Class of 2024 for an admit rate of 10 percent. This was a slight increase from the previous year’s 8.7 percept acceptance rate (a record low). Of the accepted students, 1,906 were accepted in the regular decision pool, joining the 440 students who were admitted Early Decision. 

Class of 2023
Rice set a record-low admissions rate for the Class of 2023, accepting only 8.7 percent of their 27,084 applicants over the early and regular rounds. At this rate, Rice only accepted a total of 2,364 students for the Class of 2023 over both rounds. The rate of admissions was higher for the Early Decision round, where Rice accepted 408 from 2,628 applicants for a rate of 15.5 percent.

There was also a 39 percent increase in Early Decision applicants for the Class of 2023, which is speculated to be because of the Rice Investment, which was announced in September, 2018.

The Rice Investment was created to offer scholarships for domestic families making up to $130,000. Under this grant-based financial aid resource, students with a family income below $65,000 receive free tuition, room, and board. Students whose families make between $65,001 and $130,000 are guaranteed full tuition (on an annual basis), and families who make between $130,001 and $200,000 can qualify for half tuition. As a result, rates of domestic applicants have increased, and with an anticipated yield of about 40 percent, Rice expects their domestic accepted students to make up a larger percentage of the admitted student body starting in the fall of 2019. 

Top Tier Admissions Can Help You Get Into Rice University:

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"Thank you to Mimi who wrote my personalized report back in junior year, to the entire team, and definitely to E! My quick acceptance into Cornell owes much to your insights and guidance. Although I have been accepted to Cornell, the process with Top Tier has made me want to stay competitive in college — whether for internships, or for graduate schools later in life. I thank you for that!"
–P.O., Application Boot Camp student

–L.J., Application Boot Camp student

“Once again, I am so impressed with your program. I am amazed at the sheer 
amount B. accomplished in four days! Equally as important, she feels
 really great about her essays. She loved working with each of you as well as 
A. (a great pairing for her!).  

I know how hard each of you worked this week; I hope you get to enjoy some
 well-deserved R&R!” –N.G., Application Boot Camp parent

"G is excited to go to her first choice, the University of Miami! She continues to say that Application Boot Camp was the best investment we ever made for her education." –R.J., Application Boot Camp parent

"I liked the process of having multiple people read my essays before finalizing a draft. This made me confident that my essays were clear and concise while also captivating to a diverse audience. Everyone was also patient and encouraging. Boot Camp took away so much stress coming into Senior Fall, allowing me to focus on my academics and earning my highest term average ever." –S.A., Application Boot Camp student

"I know first hand how you run your business.  Off the charts ethical! We look forward to continuing our relationship with Top Tier's Application Boot Camp."

-Parent of Application Boot Camp (Dartmouth) students

"Thank you so much for your help and guidance. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you and the Top Tier Admissions Team! I'm still in between UPenn and Georgetown, but I will make sure to visit both."
–S.I., Application Boot Camp student

"Clearly, Application Bootcamp and Top Tier took a lot of anxiety out of the whole situation. Our children know a number of kids who did not get into their top choice ED school, only to be devastated and stressed as they are without a plan for ED II and regular decision and have not worked on a range of essays for other schools. So while F & J’s EA-only strategy is not for everyone but made sense for them since they did not have a clear lead school when they were applying, being prepared made all the difference. The help Bootcamp provided in honing their voice and words into essays that reflect their intent was fantastic. In the end, it is all about having choices they are happy with, and I am happy to say they both have those now!"
–F.A., parent of Application Boot Camp students

"E., I just wanted to let you know that I got into Barnard Early Decision! Thank you for everything you have done!!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for me! Thank You!!" - H.L., Personal Boot Camp student

Barnard, Class of 2023

"I wanted to say thank you again for all your help! I got into UPenn, Cornell, Barnard, Wellesley, Wesleyan, Tufts, University of Michigan, and Wake Forest, and am waiting to hear from Georgetown; I think I'm leaning towards UPenn. Thank  you so much for all your guidance; I don't think I could have done it without your help!" --I.R., Application Boot Camp student

"We are thrilled! Duke is absolutely fantastic and is the exact right fit for K. Application Boot Camp definitely helped her get into Duke during their most selective year in history, a year in which they turned away well over 2,000 Valedictorians. Thank you!" -Y.R., parent of ABC student accepted to 9 top-tier colleges


"Boot Camp was the most incredible experience. It made me push myself into thinking about my future and prepared me to send in all my applications. I am so thankful that I got the help I needed at Boot Camp because it made my application process effortless once I had completed my essays. I think that the colleges were able to clearly see my goals and ambitions through the writing of my essays. I believe this helped me have a very successful application process." –P.K., Application Boot Camp student

Barnard Class of 2022


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Acceptance rice 2025 university rate

Rice releases regular decision results, accepts record number of applicants


By Savannah Kuchar     3/30/21 6:12pm

At 5:00 p.m. today, the Rice University Office of Admission released regular decision results. This year, Rice gave a record number of admission offers to 2,749 applicants  from all 50 states and 68 countries, according to Vice President for Enrollment Yvonne Romero da Silva. 

Romero da Silva said that this record admitted student cohort, which includes the 478 students admitted last December through Early Decision admission and the QuestBridge National College Match program, was a result of the recently announcedexpansion of the undergraduate student body. 2,346 total students were admitted last year, including 440 early decision applicants.

“This meant we could invite more talented students from all over the world to study at Rice,” Romero da Silva said. “We admitted more Texans, more U.S. students outside of Texas and more international students and look forward to the diverse voices and perspectives arriving on campus this fall.”

Despite the increase in the number of students admitted, the acceptance rate this year was 9.3 percent, slightly higher than the record low 8.7 percent set in 2019. The offers released today represented just nine percent of the 29,523 applications received by the admissions office, a 26 percent increase in applications compared to last year’s 23,443

Romero da Silva said she attributes the increase in applications in part to Rice’s test-optional policy. Of the students accepted in this round of admission, 20 percent did not submit SAT or ACT scores with their applications.

“We read each student's Rice supplement essays and really value when students can convey the elements of Rice that are special — the community, our culture of care and engaged students and faculty,” Romero da Silva said. “Many students picked up on these aspects of Rice and concluded that Rice really feels like home. We want students in our community who value being a part of our community.”

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According to Romero da Silva, Rice was among its peer institutions in seeing this rise in applications.

“Rice, like many other highly selective institutions, saw a significant increase in applications this year,” Romero da Silva said. “We also completely revamped our web pages and marketing campaigns which really helped illuminate the parts of Rice and the Rice community that make it so unique.”

Aditi Buch, from Plano Senior High School, said she was nervous waiting for the results this afternoon.

“When that confetti came … oh my god, it was like I could let my breath out for the first time in a week," Buch said. "I’m so thrilled to be a part of the Rice Class of 2025 and I can’t wait to meet all the incredible people joining me this fall.”

Amanda Saving from Richardson, Texas said she was also very excited to get her acceptance today.

“Rice has been one of my top schools throughout this past year, and I’m incredibly excited to have the opportunity to join the community next fall,” Saving said. “I’m so grateful to have the chance to meet such an inclusive and diverse group of students, and I can’t wait to get to know everyone if I attend.”

Romero da Silva said she believes the incoming class of 2025 will also be happy to matriculate into a “largely normal fall semester,” based on the email sent out by President David Leebron to the Rice community today.

“We envision most classes being delivered in person, most university housing being fully occupied, and a relaxation of our COVID-19 policies such as gathering size and perhaps even the mask requirement (subject to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),” Leebron wrote. “While we must prepare for different circumstances and adapt if the environment changes, I am optimistic that we can deliver the robust high quality in-person educational experience that our faculty and students enjoyed prior to the pandemic actions we began taking just over a year ago.”

According to Romero da Silva, all of the admitted students events held by the Office of Admissions will remain virtual, as they were last year.

“This year, admitted students will have the option to sign up for self-guided campus tours on five weekend days between April 3 and May 1,” Romero da Silva said. “Students will be required to register for a specific slot, sign in on campus, and agree to abide by the campus COVID protocols that have been in place. We are thrilled to make the opportunity to visit campus available to our admitted students.”

3/30/2021 at 8:07 p.m. The story was update to clarify the number of total accepted students and include quotes from admitted students.

3/30/2021 at 10:57 p.m. The story was update to include an additional quote from Yvonne Romero da Silva.

Sours: https://www.ricethresher.org/article/2021/03/rice-admits-record-number-of-applicants-during-regular-decision-admission
Rice University Ranking and Acceptance - Scholarship

U.S. News & World Report Posts 2022 College Rankings

gradcapsairHere's our initial list of reported overall admission rates for the Class of 2025. Results are now available for Amherst College, Barnard, Boston College, Boston University, Bowdoin, Brigham Young, Brown, Bucknell, Chapman, Claremont McKenna, Colby, Colgate, Colorado College, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Davidson, Duke, Elon, Emory, Fordham, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Hamilton, Harvard, Haverford, Johns Hopkins, Lehigh, Macalester, Middlebury, MIT, Northeastern, Northwestern, Notre Dame, NYU, Oxford at Emory, Princeton, Rice, Swarthmore, Tufts, Tulane, University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, Vassar, Villanova, Washington & Lee, Washington University in St. Louis, Wellesley, Wesleyan, Williams and Yale.  Latest year application totals are available for many more.

Bookmark this page as we'll update frequently as more institutions report results. 

Click Continue Reading for the list.

Sours: https://www.collegekickstart.com/blog/tag/Rice

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Ivy Coach College Admissions Blog

The Rice University Class of 2025 admissions statistics are in the books. In all, 29,523 students applied to Rice University’s Class of 2025 — through both Early Decision or Regular Decision. This same figure stood at 23,443 for the Class of 2024, marking a 26% surge in applications this year. But in spite of a record application tally, Rice’s overall admission rate this year of 9.3% was higher this year than two years ago when the overall admit rate settled at 8.7%. So what’s to explain the surging applications this year but a slightly higher admission rate? Well, look no further than Rice choosing to expand the size of their incoming class, which was announced back during the fateful month of March 2020. In March 2020, Rice reported its plans to expand its student body from 4,000 students in fall 2020 to 4,800 in fall 2025 — or a 20% increase.

Rice Releases the Percentage of Students Who Applied to the Class of 2025 Without Test Scores

As Savannah Kuchar reports for The Rice Thresher in a piece entitled “Rice releases regular decision results, accepts record number of applicants,” “[Vice President for Enrollment Yvonne] Romero da Silva said she attributes the increase in applications in part to Rice’s test-optional policy. Of the students accepted in this round of admission, 20 percent did not submit SAT or ACT scores with their applications. ‘We read each student’s Rice supplement essays and really value when students can convey the elements of Rice that are special — the community, our culture of care and engaged students and faculty,’ Romero da Silva said. ‘Many students picked up on these aspects of Rice and concluded that Rice really feels like home. We want students in our community who value being a part of our community.'”

Rice Fails to Release the Percentage of Students Who Earned Admission to the Class of 2025 Without Test Scores

And while that’s nice that Rice’s Vice President for Enrollment Romero da Silva reported that 20% of applicants did not submit test scores — which of course means that 80% of applicants did choose to submit test scores — how come she didn’t express the percentage of students who were admitted to Rice’s Class of 2025 without scores? It would be just as easy to release that data point to the public. After all, no one is questioning that one can apply to elite universities like Rice without test scores under “test-optional” policies. We’re questioning if these schools are actually valuing applicants with great scores as equal to applicants with no scores. Short of releasing the percentage of students who earned admission to Rice’s Class of 2025 without test scores, it seems VP Romero da Silva thinks we were all born yesterday.

Congratulations to Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to the Rice University Class of 2025 with your test scores!


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